It's been the worst hectic 9months of my life I thought by now I would be married to my beautiful bride Charice. But unfortunately  that didn't happen in May(month).My dad died on the 29th of Aprilleaving me with a responsibility of taking over the family's empire! I am now the CEO  on multi-million company Kopano construction company. We are the best construction company in the continent.  we build Bridges shopping mall towns and RDP houses .I have the best team in the world the company is doing well. Charice gave birth to our Gorgeous daughter Harmony she is a beautiful girl.She is too white though and I hate that black blood is so week.Anywaywe decided to get married in Decemberyesthis week on Saturday we are getting married. I couldn't be happierit's amazing marrying the woman you love. Charice and I have been together for over 5years and our love had ups and downs but we managed to conquer all. My woman gave birth last month and our baby will be turning a month on the same day as our marriage.  it's amazing! I didn't know my life would turn out to be this amazing!. I am no longer a PI now I left that job.I enjoy being my own boss I own 50% of the company. my mom owns 35 and my Sister Puleng owns 15% and she is still in high school. she is pretty young to get involved with the company right now. Charice is not working we decided that she will go back to school and do her honours in engineering she might join the family business soon :) . It is going to be great working with my woman . I was in my office when I heard the knock from the door....

Me: come in !

My mom walked in..

Her: Mr CEO you are working so hard! 

Me: I have to lead by example mom.

Her: I couldn't agree more but babyyour fiance needs you right now. You guys are getting married on Saturday. She is busy organising everything on her own.

Me: she has a wedding planner mom and you too!

Her: baby I have a day job I have to check things at my rehabilitation centre and my businesses needs me I can't do all that. Go home now  they will understand you are getting married in 2 days .

Me: fine mom.

I closed my laptop....

Her: Let's go home.

I locked my office and told my PA to go home...


I have looked for my daughter everywhere no one have seen her! I mean it's been 9months now

no one have seen her! I mean it's been 9months now I gave up. she is going to come back whenever she feels like it.

I was in my house ready to go see Songezo. He is married but we are having an affair. I am still married too. Vuyani and I are good. I am getting my allowance every month now. He even bought me a new car so things are good but he has another wife so it's only fair if I get some too from the side!

I got out of my room looking everything sexy. I walked down. Funky was with our husband cuddling on the couch.see why I cheat?....

Funky: looking good sister where are you going ?

Me: wouldn't you like to know :(

Vuyani: come on baby when will you guys get along? Can't you see Funky is trying?

Me: Funeka and I will never be friends the sooner you accept it dear husband the better.

I then walked out to my car I drove out. I called Songezo it rang...

Him: Nobuntu 

Me: Hey babe :p

Him: hey ! don't call me that I am married .

Me: boring! I am married too. 

Him: Stop these games. don't just callyou know we text each other.

Me: fine. I am on my way to your house.

Him: you are crazy woman it's 12 pm I have a school to run .

Me: Eish! when are you closing! 

Him: we closed we are marking.

I hang up! I guess I don't have any plans for today :'( ...

{Sis MAY}

Okay I am stressed out! I have a big fat belly 8month pregnant! I don't need no jokes right now! Emily and Universe can't take me out of this one! Tomorrow there's a trial. I have to be on that stand and hear the judgement! I can't wait till I give birth.Mr Botha Is playing with me! I have to start my sentencing as soon as possible . I turned around and looked at these ladies coming in so confident and happy. I have no energyI just down I looked at them ....

Mr Botha: Mrs Smith what do you mean when you say there's no need for that?

Emily: Universeis the door closed darling? :)

This woman has a naughty smile all over her face....

Universe: Yes I hope.Mr Botha no one outside listening to the conversation? 

Mr Botha: I made sure of that

Emily: greatthis darling is your ticket out of here!  

Me: what is this Emily?

Emily: This is a docket file for your case baby.

She said that whispering only us around the table heard.....

Mr Botha: how did you .?

His eyes widened I still didn't buy all this! Emily didn't say anything. she just smiled at Universe....

Mr Botha: Guys go now and destroy it! May tomorrow morning you are going home baby girl :)

My jaw dropped immediately after that I was waiting for him to say something when he looked at the docket file and say I was leaving I didn't know what to do tears were going down!


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