It's been 9 months since my Aunt got arrested this was disturbing me! I couldn't visit her NO ! I couldn't look at my aunt so defeated and I am sure she is happy that I never visited her. I can't go see her like that it would break her! My Aunt is 8months pregnantI can't believe she is going to give birth in jail. The only thing I have been doing was just writing her letters.  I am sure she appreciated that because I wrote her 2 times a month.On Thursday  December the 18th it's her trial. I am so scared they will give her a life in jail. It's Thursday now and I am going to Pretoria with my grandmother and my girlfriend. Nattie is no longer a virgin now. we had sex when she visited me in Durban. Today I am at my Aunt's house when I want to spend time with Nattie we come here.I can't spend time with her at my house it's crowded with 2wives.yesdad married Aunt Funeka (Funky)...

Rhabaxa: boy boy.

Me: bra Rough how are you today?

Him: I am good boy. tonight I will be joining you and Madlamini! Please book me a ticket too I will give you the money .

Me: that's great. Auntie will appreciate having you there! 

Him: I would never miss this day boy.

Nattie walked in...

Me: hey baby.

She smiled ...

Her: Good day Mr R.

She came to me for a kiss....

Rhabaxa: Queen Elizabeth how are you? 

Wellhe calls Nattie that...

Nattie: ha ha ha! I am good thanks Mr R.

Rhabaxa: that's good. let me leave you guys. 

He walked out Ngqwadiza went to see her family so it was only Rhabaxa in the house .

We heard Rhabaxa's car leave I went to lock the door...

Nattie: Not now baby.

Me: what baby?

I went to her I put my hands on her waist I went to her ear. I played with my tongue there! I know that turns her on she let out a soft moan...

Her: oh yeah babe 

Me: you like that huh?

I whispered that in her ear...

Her: yes baby!

I lied her on the couch she was wearing a short dress I slide my hand inside her underwear I put a finger in her Vjayshe moaned softly. I took off her dress I started kissing her neck while squeezing her boobs .they were tight I could tell she was already in the mood! I went down on her I licked her and she was moaning calling out my name while she pushed my head on her. I could tell she was about to cum. I stoppedthen went up on her lips. I started kissing her we were both naked she got on top of me. she went down to my already rock hard Dshe started sucking softly and I let out a moan.she was working her magic lips on me and it felt great. I then stopped her while she was still on top of meI tried to insert myself....

Her: babywhere's the condom?

Me: I don't have it baby.come onwhere's the condom?

Me: I don't have it baby.come on we will buy morning after pill.

She nodded I went in for the dear life.I entered her while she was still on top of me she started  moving slowly then she upped the pace. I was busy squeezing her small but sexy assshe is so good at this I turned her around.I layed her on her back then entered her again. I moved fast and we both came....

We were both out of our breath...

Me: Let's go shower baby. that was good :p

Her: you were good Mr Ndamase :p

Me: Don't ever forget that! I don't want any man near you.

Her: yes sir!

Shethat walking upstairs naked...


A lot has happened. I found out that Zethu was cheating on me I dumped her in June when I got home! I met the boy she was dating and the boy confirmed it I dumped her at that instant but the girl can't stop chasing after me! 

I moved onI am dating Universe My neighbour 's step daughter. I met her when I accompanied my sister visiting May in prison. I love that girl she is beautiful and feisty. I love that in a woman and my sister loves her they are best friends and that's great for me. I meanmy sister is very important to me.Her happiness means the world to me.

I was sitting at home with my little brother playing Video games ....

Pride: So brother Carlos you are a Doctor now? 

Me: yes boy do you want to be a Doctor? 

Pride: Hell no! I won't listen to them.

My brother is old now he even say such words "hell no! " ?....

Me: Who are you talking about?

Him: Rents! Because they are Doctors they want us to be Doctors. 

Me: you don't have to be if you don't want to. why don't you talk to them and make them understand ?

Him: I am not talking to anyone.I will be an I.T specialist .

Me: wow boy! where did you get that? 

Him: I love computers brother Carlos and my teacherMrs Naidoo told me that I can be that.

Me: awesome. we should tell the parents together. I will support you.

Him: Really Carlos?

He said that then came for a hug...

Me: I am not Carlos to you.

Him: I apologise Bhuti...

I smiled ...

Me: that's my boy.

My little brother is a big boy now. Oh guys I am done with my medical studies and I will be working in few months.

{Sis MAY}

I can't believe it's almost 9months in jail! It's been peaceful inside the inmates were good to me and my babies are growing inside of me I am pregnant with 2boys.I am excited and scared at the same time. I am disappointing my kids and that breaks my heart. While I was sitting in my bed thinking about my life and the trial tomorrow I was disturbed by the guard opening the bars....

Guard: May Ndamase you have visitor! 

I stood up with my big belly! These boys are big and kicking so hard they want to come out!

I went out! I didn't go to the visitor's area. I went to the Questioning room.that was weird when I got there Mr Botha (remember my Pretoria lawyer? )was sitting there.the old man has been doing a lot to help me but he failed. I know he is good and I appreciate his efforts but I am going to Jail :'( ....

Me: Mr Botha :)

He took off his glasses then stood up.

He hugged me he then sat opposite me facing the door I sat my back facing the door...

Me: Why am I here?

Him: I had to see you before the trial tomorrowwe have to discuss a few things.

Me: yes?

Him: I didn't want us to talk here! I need some privacy with you. Emily and your daughter called me they asking for a private time with us.

Me: I wonder what's wrong... 

Him: I have no idea.

Me: Thank you for everything I know you tried but the evidence is gonna incriminate me.

Him: I feel helpless. I want to help you so bad May that's why I feel like I failed you.

Me: you didn't fail me Mr Botha you did not fail me.

Him: I was thinking how about I ask the court to postpone till you give birth.

"That will not be necessary " a familiar voice said behind me it was Emily and Universe. Emily was catwalking waving a brown envelope. What is going on here? I am confused....


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