Things between Vuyani and I are great! I am moving to Mthatha Permanently! As for Nobuntuwe don't see eyes to eye. I don't care really! I am marrying her husbandwether she likes it or not. We did go to the vacation at Hole! It's a beautiful place I enjoyed myself. 

We just got backwe were too busy to watch TV Vuyani received a call from his sonhe put it on Loud speaker....

Vuyani: Boy?

Q: Hey dad how are you?

Vuyani: I am good boy I just came back from a vacation I really needed a break.

Q: good for you. 

Vuyani: Are you okay boy?

Q: I am not okay dad this Auntie thing is bothering me.

Vuyani: What thing? 

Q: you don't know? Read Wednesday news.

I was so curious that I couldn't wait for Vuyani to browse the net. I did it myself! I couldn't believe what I saw.May killed all my friends!...

Me: This Monster! ��������

Vuyani was checking in his phone...


Him: Hey! that's my sister don't call her that.

Me: she killed my friends baby :'(

Him: I am sorry but what happened to innocent till proven guilty? We're not sure if she did it.

Me: Trust me she did 

Him: you don't know what she's been through!

Me: No excuse to kill people though.

He didn't say anythinghe was silent...

Me: I need to pack and go babe.

Him: where are you going? 

Me: Pretoriato drop the papers to my husband.I wasn't lying I want to be with you.

Him: I know babe :)

He went up Nobuntu came to the lounge from the kitchen..

Nobuntu: Why don't you leave for good!?

Me: Excuse me?

Her: you are excused! How much do you want?

Me: what are you on about?

Her: I know girls like you! What do you want from my husband? 

Me: His heart and he's already given it to me. 

I left her there! And before I went to the vacation I made sure I delete Mfazwe's number on her phone I knew she might call him and that would really ruin my plan. I want to look Mfazwe in the eye when I give her the divorce papers...


I still had Nomalanga against the wall! I am expecting the answer right now! And I am so happy for oncemom is not stopping me.

I was pressing a bit hard on her neck! When a nurse walked in!....

Me: Bad timing nurse! Bad timing! Couldn't you wait outside for a second! ��

I said that letting Nomalanga go she coughed I guess I pressed harder than I thought! She went for a bottle of water...

Nurse: it's time for you guys to leave I think my patient needs to rest now I brought her medication.

May: Guys.you can go now.

Me: Mom don't let this make you soft! You are getting soft now and I am not having it! 

Her: I know baby I just need some strength. I am tired. I will be fine tomorrow .

Me: Don't let them drug you check the medication you are a Doctor! 

She just smiled at me I don't like her when she's like this! She looks helpless!!!!!!

We walked out it was me Emily and Nomalanga...

Me: Nomalanga I need my answer. you see my mum is weak :(

Her: I am not doing that! You know I am a....

I didn't wait for her to finish...

Me: woman of law! I know that just do this once!

Emily: And dear you won't be the first to break the law.

Noma: You too want this! I thought you are a respected woman in this town.I can't believe you too support this madness )!

Emily: when my friend is concerned  I can do anything! So don't you dare judge meyou left a child! 

Her: your emotional blackmail won't work with me! I take my job very seriously! 

Me: Then I will never forgive you for abandoning me!

Noma: I feel bad for what I did! I survived being without you. so you not being part of my life won't make a difference !

The nerve of this woman!...

Me: You are the worst evil person I have ever met in my life :'(

Her: I am sorry baby! This case is very high profile! I don't want to get in trouble. please understand! 

Me: I will never understand.get out of my face!

Rhabaxa walked in we were still standing in the passage..

Him: Evening.Is everything okay?

Me: everything is fine. please take me homeyou will see mom tomorrow because she's resting now :'(

Him: hey.I have never seen you cry don't start now!

He is right! I wiped my tears quickly then I looked at Nomalanga...


Me: I hate you! I don't want to see you again. Let's go guys.

I saidlooking at Emily and Rough Guy...

Me: Rough Guywe have to find the woman who stabbed my mom.

Him: I am with you on that one! Nobody messes with boss and gets away with it.

Emily: She is inside guyshow will you do it!

Me: easy! we pay someone inside she does the job for us.

Emily nodded..

Her: see you later guys.

Us: later.

She went to her car we got to our driverhe drove us home...


I didn't leave yesterday. I woke up the next day and took a early flight to Gauteng . I got to Pretoria at 9:30. The divorce papers were already drawn up. I went to my lawyers' office. 

I knockedthen opened ...

Me: Good morning Mr Morake.

Him: Morning Mrs Mfazwe please sit.

I sat down I don't want to be called that anymore. I will soon be Mrs Ndamase...

Him: I am so sorry about your divorce .

Me: it's okay! I am fine I mean we had no children together it was going to be emotional if I had kids.

Him: But still Mrs Mfazwe it's not easy.

Me: Thank you Mr Morake .

Him: it's drown up and everything is there!

Me: Thank you! I have to go.

Him: Good luck.

I just smiled then walked out! I am going straight to the station now. I drove there.in 15 Minutes I was at the station.Violathe receptionist came to me running.I was so confused I looked at her from head to toe...

Her: Mrs Mfazwe you are not allowed here!

Me: Sobecause I was fired..can't I open a case? Go answer the phones or something.

Her: Your attitude! That's why you don't have a job anymore.

She saidwalking back to where she is working I followed her.

Me: Viola!

She got frightenedI guess she didn't know I was following her.

Her: OMG! You scared me!

Me: you are also a cowardlook here little girl! Do not mess with me. I can sit outside and wait for you finish working then kick your ass. don't you dare try test me.

Her: I am sorry :'(

I left her there I bumped into Nomalanga...

Noma: What the hell are you doing here!?

Me: My husband works here! 

Her: do whatever you came for and leave.we don't need the likes of you here!

Me: Of course boss lady :)

That bitch!

I got to Mfazwe's office...

Me: Good morning.

Him: Baby! I missed you!

He came running to me I blocked him...

Me: Please sit down.

That was disappointing for himhe looked down then went to sit down I handed him the divorce papers...

Him: what is this?

Me: Please sign that.

He opened the Brown envelope...

Him: Divorce papers!��

Me: Please don't waste my time :(

Him: Baby it was a mistake! It was a moment of weakness.I am so sorry!

Me: I want a divorce 

please don't make this hard for me.

Him: I am not signing this!

Me: oh yes you will!

Him: one mistake Funeka! You throw this on my face!?

I sat there with my hands folded on my chest...

Him: Who are you sleeping with?

Me: Excuse me! You are the one who cheated I want a divorce!

" a Divorce!?"

Said a voice behind me. I turnedit was Nomalanga...

Me: really? What happened to respect.I know you are the boss in this station but that doesn't give you a right to barge into other officers' officers! You have no class woman!

She slapped me so hard on the face she is no longer my boss. I am going to beat her for so many things right now. I got up. I punched hershe kicked me in my stomach. I coughed then went running to her. I tried to slap her she ducked ).I lost balance and I fell down she got on top of me.she punched me repeatedly. Mfazwe came running...

Him: Nomalanga stop it!!!!

Her: Divorce this bitch!!!!

Him: I can't do that! 

Her: so you are using me? :'(

Him: You sleep with Funky's brother! You have no shame.

Me: what is going on here?

Him: baby it was a once off thing.

I slapped him then took my bag when I was about to walk out Nomalanga blocked my way...

Her: You are not leaving until  he signs those papers.I love Mfazwe.I want him to marry me! 

Him: Hell no! I don't want you.

I was just standing thereso confused like a lost puppy. I don't want no more punches from Nomalanga she is tough . So this is why my brother didn't wait for me to gather more information about May he was working with Nomalanga and having sex with her while at it!


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