I went to this woman i have to know if she is a threat in my life I will take her out as soon as possible! See one thing about me I am untouchable.I know  the police would never get me! I don't live here I am from Mqanduli I am studying in East London I always take care of myself! I got my back . I am always paranoid and that helps me in a way because I don't get close to people. I have to like you then I will get closer to you on my own terms!

So I got in this ward Nomalanga was sitting on a bed busy getting dressed. 

Me: see who decided to come back to the world of living.

I said that sarcastically .

I went to sit next to herthen I looked at nurse Nomgqibelo...

Me: Is she okay?

Nurse: Yes! she is okay it was a panic attack. she is ready to go home now.

Me: great then. that mean her and I will have a little chat.

I said that looking at her in the eye...

Her: What do you want to know? 

She looked uneasy.she was a bit nervous ..

Me: don't you dare try that with me! 

Her: why are you like this?

Me: how should I be? You heard my name the next thing you faint .what do you want me to think? Woman if you don't answer me I will kill you right here right now! Woman of law or not I will take you out and disappear do you hear me?

Her: What happened to you? Who raised you?

Me: that woman you have handcuffed on that ward? That strong woman there raised me and you know? what she did I can do worse.

Her: this child!

She said that clapping her hands once..

Me: Did I sleep with your man? I have to be prepared for a war!

Her: Universe you are 21.you can't date men I date.

Me: waithow do you know my age?

She looked down!..

Me: talk dammit!

Her: Fine let's go to May.

Me: Stand up.I want answers.

We walked out on our way I tapped her shoulder..

Me: we will take the handcuffs off my mom while we at it.right ?

Her: May is a conwoman! The sooner you accept that the better!

Me: And you are the perfect police woman right? 

Her: You so feisty! You remind me when I was your age.

Me: I guess you were the ugly version of me then.

I said that flipping my hair she just laughed. 

We got to mom's ward..

Me: I came back with her!

May: Great.she must tell us what is going on!

Noma: Who is your husband May?

Me: That's none of your business! 

Noma: please Universe :(

May: John.

Nomalanga sat down with tears on her eyes..

May: No ways! No Nomalanga. don't tell me you are the woman who ran away!

Me: Can someone tell me what's going on here! 

Noma: I didn't run away!

May: Dammit! You did! My husband was a broken man when I met him! He was alone taking care of the baby stop lying.

Me: No! Mom tell me this is not my mother! Because if she isI am going to kill her :'(

May: baby calm down! 

Me: mom don't tell me to calm down! 

I spent my whole life asking myself why my mother hated me so much! I can't believe this woman Is my mother! How could she!? How could someone be so heartless leaving your child with your their father only!? Fathers can't change nappies! I know my dad did a great job with me but still a man can't raise a child alone.

I just sat down! I respect my step mom when she says something I respect her.Emily came to meshe was brushing my back! I don't like cryingmy step mom always told me that Big girls don't cry. we Mqhekezweni women don't cry.We don't show people our weakness but now I just broke down  I couldn't control it. Nomalanga stood there crying she would dare come near me!

" she can be in Hospital but this is still a prisoner boss I think you need to leave"..

Said a voice at the door.It was detective Mfazwe..

Him: waitwhat is happening here? Boss why are you crying? 

She didn't answer thatshe kept on crying ..


The driver took me to May's house I got there and it was around 8pm I asked the driver to wait for me. I needed to take a shower then go to the Hospital no! I will go to that Hamilton boy first! He is disrespectful! He can't do this.We always have each others backhe wanted to be part of the team. he can't back down now! Never!

I took a quick shower I went to back to the car adn we drove off.he took me to Hammer's apartment apparently he said he knows to place...

Me: I hope it's not far man.I have to go try my luck at the Hospital.

Driver: it's a town house it's not far.

Me: Good!

We got to this house

we packed outside and  I went inside the yard.I stood at the doorstep and  knocked...

"Coming "

 Said woman's voice. she came then opened for me it was an old woman...

Me: hi ma'am.

Her: yes...

She said looking down on me.She looked disgusted by me...

Me: Can I come in? 

Her: Who are you? we don't open for thugs. what do you want?

Me: I am not a thug I am Hammer's friend.

Her: What? My son don't make friends with your kind.

She said banging the doorit shut on my face I guess this Mrs Kopano I got pissed I pushed the door. I got in...

Me: I am not here for you.I came for your son Hamilton!!!!?!!

Her: Young boywho do you think you are ? coming to my house making nose at this time! This is a quiet neighbourhood!!!

Me: I might be from the ghetto but I have never seen a quiet Neighbourhood in town! It's loud everywhere here. so ma'amget me your son!

She slapped me across the face Hammer came running I punched him he fell down...

Me: every time I get a slap from your mother I punch you boy!!!

Mrs Kopano went to his son running. A young coloured woman. Came in...

Her: what is going on here?

Me: Ask your brother.

I said pointing at Hamilton...

Her: He is my fiance!!!!! 

Me: Last time I checked he was dating May and I am leaving with him now? 

Her: you can't leave with my Man. May is a criminal.

Mrs Kopano : my son is not going anyway.

she took out bread knife..

Me: Wooooo! Ma'am don't do that! Don't even try it.

Her: Or what? 

She said with the knife pointing my direction..

Hammer: Mom please. you guys give us some space.

Mrs Kopano: No baby we can't leave you with this thug!  

Me: This thug rescued him! Did he tell you he was kidnapped two weeks ago?

I said looking at all of them Hammer looked down...

Me: That woman is lying in that hospital bed pregnant with your child! She risked her life to save your ass now when she needs you!!!! You are nowhere to be found what are you playing at boy? 

Mrs Kopano: Who is in Hospital now!?

Hammer: May got stabbed in Jail.

He said that looking down...

Mrs K: hehehe(laughing).serves her right! She must die there .

Hammer: Mother!

Me: You are no different from her. don't you dare judge her! She risked her life for your son! But your son couldn't protect her! What kind of a man is your son!?

Mrs K: I am nothing like that killer! My son can't be with a woman my age never!

Me: you are just like her because you raised a knife at me a minute ago. 

She threw the knife on her kitchen counter ...

Mrs K: I am nothing like that woman!

The door opened a tall old man walked in...

Him: What is going on here? Hamilton? 

He said looking at Hammer..

Hammer: Dad this is my friend

he was just leaving. 

He said that looking at me with pleading eyes I gave him the "I will get you!" look..

Me: Good evening Kopano family :)

I walked out ...

{Sis May}

"I can't believe John Mqhekezweni was shuttered and broken because of this trash! He never showed me no pictures of the woman! This is getting interesting.I might as well  fake sickness so that I can stay here! I don't want to go back to jail.I just don't want to. I miss home! I miss my own bed! Instead of going to Jail I would rather stay here in Hospital I mean the drama here is never ending" .I said to myself.

Me: NomalangaI don't want to know all of this because My husband is here now he can't defend himself! So please when you and Universe are both calm please organise a meeting and tell her what happened but my baby girl knowswe told her the story.

Her: Fine I think I need to go.I'll be in touch.

She stood up Universe stood up too...

Universe: Not so fast woman of law!

She then looked at detective Mfazwe...

Universe: Do you mind?

Him: what? 

Universe: Do you mind giving women some privacy?

Him: Hell no! You have been here for so long! 

Universe: Okay fine! Emily and mom please check meI think I got discharge. please check my Vagina.

She said that pulling down  her jeans detective ran out Universe pulled up her Jeanthen closed the door.we were all laughingshe wasn't. she then went to Nomalanga pushed her to the wall. she had her hands on Nomalanga's neck.

I didn't wanna get involvedI knew baby girl is up to something... :p

Universe: You have 2 options woman! It's either you help mom escape or you steal the papers of case and burn them! Before the court caseWhich one is it going  be? 


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