I came back from School to the news of the arrest of Sis May! I can't imagine how she feels right now! This is not right! That woman would never survive jail! I have to go to Pretoria first thing tomorrow.I have to convince my parents first! My dad is home for a change.we have been spending lot of time together as family lately.  

I got home Auntie NomaBhaca (our maid) was busy with her daily chores...

Me: Afternoon Auntie Noma.

Her: afternoon baby.

Me: Is Pride back yet? 

Her: Yes I just bathed him. he went to bed.

Me: This kid loves sleeping.it's 2:45 in the afternoon .

Her: Let him be.he is still growing he needs his beauty sleep.

Me: he is too old for that Auntie anyway let me go change.

Her: okay sisi.

She continued with what she was doing.I went up to my roomI found Pride on top of my bed busy with my laptop...

Me: What are you doing!?

I snatched it from him...

Him: I am bored.

Me: you have tv in your room.why don't you watch cartoons? Worse you don't even know the password! 

Him: I love computers Nattie. I want to study them.

Me: Your parents won't allow that.

Him: Why?

Me: everyone is a Doctor here! Carlos is going to be one too and I too am expected to be one. 

Him: That's Boring :(

Me: tell that to Mom and dad.

I went to my closet I have to change and go to our Neighbour! I am scared of that man who stays at Auntie May's house but now I have to go and ask him about this May thing.I am really worried. I finished I came back to the room...

Me: I will be back Pride.

He jumped out of bed...

Him: I am coming with you :)

Me: I am not going to town.

Him: I didn't ask! 

This boy though! ....

Me: wow! Finelet's go.

Him: After you My lady .

He said showing me the way.I just shook my head then went out...

Me: Auntie we are going to May's house we will be back.

Her: okay come back earlyPride didn't eat lunch.

Me: he can stay and eat

Him: im not hungry! 

Me: we will be back in no time. 

Auntie NomaBhaca nodded...

We went to May's house.we knocked. the new lady of the house opened...

Her: Hello :)

Me: hi.can we come in?

Her: yes.

We went in. the house is still beautiful and clean inside out even with May's absence...

The scary guy stood up....

Him: Hey bo Takalani

Me: hello I am Nattie. this is my brother Pride.

Him: I know you .

He knows me!?...

Me: okaycan we talk? 

Him: Sure.sit down!

I went to sit on the couchwith my brother next to me...

Me: When are you visiting Auntie May? I am worried about her and I would like to go too when you go

Him: what is wrong with her?

Me: you didn't hear?

Him: Hear what? 

I took out my phone I went to the news site I gave him the phone...

Him: just tell me Nattie I don't have time to read this!

Okay he was a bit harshthis guy really cares about May...

Me: She got arrested for murdering 3 people.

Him: What!? He stood up ran upstairs.

Okay where is he going? After 5minutes he came back with a sport bag...

Me: are you leaving now?

I said that standing up...

Him: I can't stay here. I have to go to Pretoria.

That was disappointing for me because I can't leave now...

Me: are you driving? 

Him: I will take a plane 

Me: you can't go there let's first check if there are any  available tickets .

Him: how do we do that?

Me: I will check for you.

I took out my phone I check online and there are about 10 available sits for 8 pm flight...


Me: you can go buy a ticket but it's leaving at 8pm.

Him: Dammit! Okay thank you baby girl.let me go call Hammer.he is gonna go take me from the airport. 

Me: okay we leaving now.

his Wife: okay baby thank you for telling us.

I just smiledwe left when we got home dad was home...

Me:Hey dad.

Him: hey babywhere were you guys?

Pride: Auntie May's house.

I gave Pride that look! He is too forward! ...

Dad: Nattie I don't want you going there again. what were you doing there? I don't trust that thug.

Me: I went to ask about Auntie May's arrest I want to visit her.

"You are not going anywhere " a voice said behind me it was mom. I turned around ...

Me: Come on mom

Her: No baby! No! such people are bad influence! You need good people around you.people who are a good influence.

Me: she is a Doctorthat makes her good influence .

Dad: Enough! Your mother is right! She is a criminal and she is dangerous to the core! 

Me: I can't believe you dad! you want to be the only person who is close to her!

I said that walking upstairs...

Dad: get back here!  

I ignored him! I know he likes May.I don't know why he says bad things about her!..


My two favourite women came back. we had dinner early because I decided to spoil them. 

We just got out of a showeryes we took a shower together! I love Chariceshe is a good woman.she puts up with my Nonsense! I love women who go for what they believe in and my fiance is that woman and that turns me on...

Her: I am a lucky woman.

She said that lotioning her body I went up to her I kissed her neck...

Me: I am the lucky one

She smiled at me showing her dimples! I kissed her.my phone rang.

Her: let it ring baby.

I ignored itI lifted her up made her lie on her back.I got on top of her. I started kissing her and massaging her boobs my phone rang again...

Me: it may be important.give me a second babe.

She looked sad my phone rang again...

Me: it may be important.give me a second babe.

She looked sad I know I have been a jerk but I am not leaving her tonight. I want to change I checked the caller ID it was Rhabaxa...

Me: Rough guy?

Him: hey man. I want you to come fetch me at Airport around 9pm 

Me: I can't man. I am spending quality time with my Fiance :p

I saidlooking at my girl.she smiled...

Him: What? are you crazy! Your other girlfriend is in Jail and you are busy playing happy family! 

Me: Call Universe. I can't do it man!

Him: Futsek! (fuck off)

I hang up I am getting married in a month time. I have to act like a man and that means I have to focus on my woman right now. 

{Sis MAY}

What is going on here? I hope my Crazy step daughter didn't do something to this woman.why did she faint after I mention universe's name ?

The police man came back with nurse Nomgqibelo and they took her before they could walk out Universe stopped them...

Her: Not  so fast! Pour water on her.  she must wake up and take off those fuckin handcuffs off my mother.she is in pain here!!!...

Nurse: Miss this is a hospital.things don't work like thattalk to these gentlemen I have to do my job as a nurse and that is to help the sick people.

Universe: fine go!

They went out...

Me: Universe baby go get us coffee.

Her: okay mom.

I want to tell Emily about her husband expecting a child with his PA I mean she is supporting me.it's the least I can do for her...

Me: Emily there's something I want to tell you I wanted to tell you this but I didn't have time to come to your place.

Her: what is it darlingit sounds serious.

Me: it is.

She sat down then looked at me....

Me: the other day I overheard Gregory talking to Charice.

Her: Yes?

Me: Charice Is Pregnant with your husband's baby

Her: what? :'(.

Me: I am sorry friend I wanted to use this information on my own time to get my man back but because you such a good friend. I couldn't hide it from you.

Her: You can't believe what happened today.

She said that wiping her tears...

Me: what? 

Her: I caught them having sex in his office.

Me: What ? this thing is still going on?

Her: yes he says he needs help. he is addicted to sex.


I looked down because I have been sleeping with him too and I kinda noticed his addiction...

Me: So what are you going to do?

Her: I forgave him! I am stupid right? 

She said laughingly  with tears coming out...

Me: No you are not! You are a strong woman! You can't lose your man to a cheap slut!

Her: I told him when he has cravings he must come home! I won't have him in a rehab somewhere! I don't want to be the talk of town.

Me: that is true baby.

Her: I can't believe he is still lying to me! Why he didn't tell about the pregnancy? 

Me: Men!

Her: Guess what? 

I looked at her...

Me: what? 

Her: I am not going to confront him.

Me: what? why?

Her: you wanted to use that information right? 

I nodded...

Her: I will try to get you out of jail. we will take that woman down together! 

Me: Oh my God.I don't know what to say I was worried you'd be mad and go tell Hamilton.

Her: No dear. that's your ticket back to your man.

Me: But Emilydo you think I will get out of here? 

Her: With me by your side you will :)

Me: Thank you :)

We hugged universe came back with 3 cups and gave two to us.

Her: ladies now I have to go to that ugly Nomalanga woman! 

Me: baby whatdo you want from her?

Her: Didn't you see? My name freaked that woman out! I have to face my enemies! If she is one I have to know now so that I can protect myself.

Me: you are right but promise me one thing.

Her: what is that? 

Me: Don't beat the woman.

She laughed..

Me: I am serious baby! I have a business outside. if you get arrestedI could lose everything. 

Emily: she is right baby don't do anything  violent.just go talk to her!

She walked out! I can't wait to find out what is it that made this woman angry! Universe's phone rang. she left it next to meI looked at the caller IDitwas Rhabaxa I just got emotional! This boy was doing everything for me! I didn't get my hands dirty! ...

Me: Rhabaxa :'(

Him: Boss is that you! 

Me: yes it is me .

Him: Thank God you're  out!

Me: I am not. I got stabbed inside now I am at the hospital! 

Him: What!? What did I say to you! I told you I can do the job for you everywherewhere was Hammer? Did you get your hands dirty now boss!? What is the job of that boy hee!

Me: I know I messed up!

Him: Ask Universe to send a driver to the airport. I am going to kill that Boy!

Me: Please don't touch Hammer!

Him: did he come see you? 

Come to think of it! Hammer didn't show up that's unlike him ....

Me: Maybe he will come tomorrow.

Him: that boy told me he doesn't care! He said he is spending Quality time with his fiance .

That cut me deep! I dropped the call! Cried my eyes out...

Emily: are you okay? what happened? 

Me: He doesn't care Emily! He just don't care!

Her: who? 

Me: Hamilton! Apparently he said that to Rhabaxa a boy who works for me.

Her: what!?

Me: Do you know what makes me mad? He is with that low life slut!

Emily stood up fuming with anger! She went to the door then came back with her left hand on her head...

Her: That bloody! Whore! We have to act fast!

Me: We have to think.we can't rush things.we gonna mess up!

She sat down...

Her: I just wanna strangle her.

Me: Calm down dear.we will do this. 

I don't want to kill ChariceI wanna Humiliate her in front of her precious in laws.


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