I don't believe in this Sangoma thing but because I want my relationship to workI will do whatever I can to make that happen. I love Hammer ans I will not let this convictthat old woman take him away from me! She controlled him when she was still out in the world! She still has control over him even when she is behind bars? I can't let this go on! I just hope Mrs Kopano's Sangoma helps me! Next month I am getting married! Next month I will be Mrs Kopano! I will not let anything snatch that from me!

So we went to the car Mrs Kopano was driving my car because the car they came with left with Mr Kopano! We were driving to Soweto! It was a long driveI even fell asleep . I felt Mrs Kopano tap me on my shoulder...

Her: wake up.we are here sweetheart :) .

I opened my eyes we were in this yard it was a RDP house and a two (2) room flat.there were so many people outside wearing white and red clothes. We packed the car got out and  !lady came to us smiling...

Her: Mrs Kopano. good to see you again!

She bowed down to show respect ...

Mrs Kopano:Camagu! Is Thongo home?

Her: yes let me take you in.

She took us to the 2 room flat. We got there the house smelled really bad I guess it's because of all the traditional herbs I saw here. We took off our shoes then sat down in a mat.

Mrs Kopano took out a R50 noteshe put it in front of that scary woman...

Thongo: i-Yooooh!

She roared looking downbalancing with both her hands.she did that 3times then took a small bag made of animal skinshe looked at me and then gave me the bag I looked at Mrs Kopano she nodded I took it...

Mrd k: No! Don't touch it blow inside of it.

Oh I am clueless! This is the first time I ever consulted a Sangoma. I blew inside it she started shaking it and then threw the bones  down she took a stick and started pricking and pointing the bones.she then looked at us...

Her: Ma Kopanoexcuse us!

I looked at Mrs Kopano she stood up and left...

Sangoma: What are you doing?

What is she taking about? I came here for love potion she must give it to me and stop asking questions.

Me: What do you mean? 

Her: You can't go on and get married with lies!

Oh God! I didn't comehere   be judged ...

Me: I don't know what you talking about :'( 

Her: the baby you are carrying.

I looked behind me checking if Mrs Kopano is not hearing this...

Me: Please don't tell Mrs Kopano :'( . I will pay you how much do you want? 

She shook her head...

Her: I don't want your money young lady! I will do what you came here for. But don't say I didn't warn you! You are playing with fire! 

Me: Thank you! I came here becau...

She didn't let me finish ....

Her: Your boyfriend is not giving you attention you want him all to yourself  I know that! 

Okay this is weird! How the hell does  she knows that?...

Me: but how... how did you know? 

Her: I am Nomathongo! I knew you were coming today I was waiting for you! 

She took some Zambuk container she poured some red thing in it she told me how to use it then I stood up I went to the door.I couldn't wait to leave that room! The smell was suffocating . When I was about to walk outshe shouted...

Sangoma: Young lady!

I turned around ...

Her: Whatever you do has Bad consequences and know that the truth will always find its' way of  coming out.

I nodded then left! I will not tell him! No he won't marry me if he finds out the baby is not his..


I drove straight to the police station I can't believe that my woman is arrested! Where was I? I was suppose to protect her! I didn't do that! Now she is in jailshe is going to give birth inside hell.. 

I got inside.I went to the bossthe door was slightly open and I knocked once and opened. I couldn't believe my eyes! The boss lady was busy kissing with this guy! I know him.he is the head of security at the hospital. I cleared my throat so as to give sign that i am here...

Me: I am so sorry 

The boss: What the Fuck! 

Me: I am sorry.

She walked back to her desk...

The boss: you don't know how to knock!

Me: I knocked ma'am

Her: did I say come in?

I shook my head as a signal of "no"...

Security : I think I need to go back to work .

Her: Thank you for helping us Nail May :p ;)

The guy looked at me nervous he looked down he knows I am May's friend and I am sure he is so mad that this woman said that in front of me. Anyway he walked out...

Me: I am here to see May.

She laughed out loud...

Her: what are you to that evil woman!?

Me: I don't think that's important right now. 

Her: She got stabbed by her friends in the inside.

 she said that boldly and with joy.she was enjoying the whole thing...

Me: what? You allow knives in Jail!!?

Her: I am not a guard. now

he knows I am May's friend and I am sure he is so mad that this woman said that in front of me. Anyway he walked out...

Me: I am here to see May.

She laughed out loud...

Her: what are you to that evil woman!?

Me: I don't think that's important right now. 

Her: She got stabbed by her friends in the inside.

 she said that boldly and with joy.she was enjoying the whole thing...

Me: what? You allow knives in Jail!!?

Her: I am not a guard. now leave my office!

Me: Which hospital? 

Her: You are not allowed there boy. don't bother!

Me: what? That's crazy. I am going to her! 

I ran out I went to my car! I hoped she is at the hospital she works in . I drove in high speed to the hospital. I was greeted by the annoying Tiff!...

Her: hey sexy! Thank God she didn't kill you too :p

Me: what the hell are you talking about? 

Her: She killed a man in her office. you could have died there too .

She saidlaughingly .Oh my GodI can't believe May killed someone in her office! My woman is crazy! 

Me: where is she?

Her: second floor ward 10.

I ran up I got to the escalator .I received a call from Charice ...

Me: Charice

Her: Hey baby.where are you? 

Me: at the Hospital 

Her: are you okay?

Me: yes I am fine.

Wait why Charice sounds so sexy today. I felt horny while I am on the phone talking to her...

Me: you know what? I can see this person later.I am coming home baby I miss you.

She giggled ...

Her: I will arrive home about in an hour.your mom and I went out.

Me: mmm nice let me go home.I'll  cook what do you feel like eating? 

Her: Surprise me :p

She said that in her seductive voice.what is happening to me!? Anyway I didn't go upI went down with my trouser feeling wet as ever." I have to go home cook for my womanshe is carrying my baby too! I will see May latershe puts herself in this mess."  I said to myself while the escalator made its way down to the first floor. ..

{Sis MAY} 

It is really good to see people who care about me show up at my door. The police stopped them this is really not okay! I need family right nowit is really not fair for them to do this ...

"Let them in "

Said a voice behind them. it was Mfazwe.he looked at me concerned I don't know if he is really acting or he really cares about me...

Universe: Thank you detective. I almost killed a cop.

Detective laughed...

Mfazwe: killing is a solution to everything in your family? 

Universe: Some people deserve to die! 

She came running to me she hugged me...

Her: Is the baby okay? :'(

She broke the hug.I looked at Emily and she all smiles.waitshe smiled at me? Why she is not mad at me? This woman doesn't  want anything bad and I did all of those but she wholeheartedly  opened her arms to hug me....

Me: Thank you :')

Her: Heydon't cry darling we are here for you.

I nodded with tears running down my cheeks. Emily looked at the 5police Men...

Her: Please give us some privacy. 

Police1: That is not going to happen .

Universe: Get the Fuck out! She is in Hospital! Stabbedshe won't escape! 

Police2: She is still a prisoner! 

Universe: Fine stay!

She started taking off her clothes I just laughed Silently. my daughter is crazy. I can't wait to see what she is up to...

Police3: What are you doing?


He saidhiding his face universe was busy taking off her clothes...


Universe: Leave when women ask for privacy! Since you boys don't want to leave I will stay naked in front of you! 

They ran out 

Emily and I laughed...

Emily: Girlyou are crazy!

Universe: that was the only way Mrs Smith.

I looked at Emily...

Me: I am sure you are mad at me for what I did.

Her: hey I am not mad at you! You had your reasons! You are not crazy May. you can't just kill people without reasons ! Friends stick together in good and bad! We will do whatever we can to get you out!

Me: Thank you but I can't get out of this :'(

Her: yesyou can and you will! 

Me: I am sure your husband is happy.

Her: That bastard is happy of course but I am here for you girl! I will find you the best lawyers!

Me: Thanks Emily you are a good friend.

Universe: Who stabbed you?

Me: some woman inside.

Her: what happened mom?

Me: I got there and they asked what I did that got me arrested I lied to them.

Her: what did you say?

Me: shop lifting.

She laughed...

Her: and then?

Me: they saw my face all over the news so she was mad that I lied.she stabbed me! I will get her she don't know who I am.sà

Her: Hey mom don't do anything for now! Get out firstwe don't want anything that is gonna make things worse for you. 

She is right I have to control myself ....

Emily: Universe asked About the baby.are you pregnant? 

I smiled...

Me: yes I am carrying twins and they are okay.

I said that brushing my stomach... 

Universe: Oh god! I am going to be a big sister to two twins!

She was so excited.her excitement was short lived when the station boss barged inyes that's Nomalanga....

Noma: What the hell are you doing here!

Universe: who is asking? 

Noma: little girl I asked you a question! 

Me: Come on Nomalanga this is my daughter and my friend the....

I couldn't finishshe gave me a hand...

Her: I am not talking to you evil woman!

Universe slapped Nomalanga so hard on the face...

Me: Universe!!!!

This child can't control herself. this is a woman of lawshe is going to get arrested! ....

Noma: what are you doing? you little slut! 

Universe: I dare you call my mom evil again you are dead!

Me: Universe Mqhekezweni!!!! (yelling)

Nomalanga looked freaked out when I yelled universe's Name.

She stopped then came to sit on my hospital bed...

Noma: Universe?

She asked with a frown face.I looked at herthe next thing she was down. she fainted! What is going on here?


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