Vengeance Comes Back And Bite You



I don't know why love is this unfair! I am a respected business womanI have the life and almost everything that I need. People see me and my husband as this 'perfect' family! I also thought we were perfect until a receptionist called me :'(

 I can't believe my husband is doing this to me.Sleeping with his PA at the work place!? That is low and so unprofessional! I thought I married a honourable man! I don't know who Gregory is anymore! That man I found naked having sex with his PA is not the man I married!

Charice walked out running.wellI don't have energy for herso I let her go. I will deal with her later now I have to deal with this dirty man called my husband! 

Me: I can't believe this :'( 

I said that going to the couch I had to sit down because this is really heartbreaking for me! I feel weak betrayed defeated and humiliated by this whole situation! 

I don't know what to do anymore! I am the kind of woman who has a  reputation that matters most! I don't want any detail of my family issues displayed in public! I am mad that a second person knows about this! Receptionists love gossip and I am sure this is all over the building right now!

Gregory came to make buttoning his shirt...

Him: baby I don't know what is happening to me :'(

He was crying! I don't know if he is crying because I caught him or he really do need help. I can't do this right now! I have to digest all of this! This is too much

Me: Who are you?

I said looking down on him.he was on his knees crying holding or should I say hugging both my legs 

Me: Stop that! Stand up and sit here.

I saidpointing at the space in a couch next to me.

He stood uplooking as embarrassed as ever.yeshe should be! He is a disgrace!

Him: baby I need help! I am addicted to sex.

"what?" I said to myself.I was shocked to hear that! Yes he might be right because he has too much stamina when it comes to sex! I even stop him or leave our roon and go sleep in the spare room because he doesn't get tired! I didn't know it is that bad

Me: when did this whole sex craving thing start?

Him: it's been a while my wife please I need rehab or something please help me.

"That will never happen!" I said  tl myself again."Who's reputation is gonna be dragged down by the press? NO!" I continued. 

Me: No! we won't consult any rehabilitation centre.forget!

He looked at me surprised.

Him: Please don't divorce me :'( I love you so much. I can do anything to make things right again.I can't  imagine my life without you. 

Me: I am not going anywhere Gregory but I don't want to be the talk of this town so we gonna do this togetherit's going to be fine. 

Him: what are we going to do?

Me: whenever you feel the urge to have sex come home and if I am out of towntake a plane and come to me! I am your wife I should be the one satisfying your needsnot some bloody PA Gregory Smith!

I uttered these wordsyelling.

Him: I am so sorry baby.


His phone beepedI was so certain he has received a message.He took it out then screamed in excitement .

Him: Yes! Yes! Yes!

He shoutedjumping up and down.


Me: What is it?

He showed me.Oh god! my friend is arrested and my husband is happy about it!? This man is unbelievable! I thought he let this go!

Me: Really? are you happy that my friend got arrested? does that really make you happy?

Him: Baby this woman killed Beauty! She has to pay for that!


I shook my head in disappointment. 

Me: Were you sleeping with this Beauty?

He looked down I slapped him so hard on his face.

Me: you disgust me! 

I saidwalking out.

Him: I am sorry.Emilywhere are you going? 

I turned aroundwhere are you going? 

I turned aroundI was very pissed off. Anger was written all over my face.

Me: I have a friend in Jail I am going to Bail her.

Him: what!? No you can't do that. 

Me: wellstop me! 

I stormed out banging the door behind me. I love May she is a powerful womanso fearless.when I am with her I feel confident! I feel fearless! She makes me see things in different ways.I will break a leg trying to bail her.It will be worth it in the end.  I know she has no one by her side right now.People will laugh at you when you are down and the thought of picking you up will never cross their minds.I am a good friend and today I will show her that our friendship means a lot to me.


I was taking a nap on the couch when I heard the door bell ring. I stood up went to the door! I found this beautiful white lady standing at our doorstep.

Her: Afternoon :)

Me: hello please come in.

She walked in...

Her: Go freshen upwe need to go.

Me: Who are you? 

Her: Oh where are my Manners! I am Emily Emily Smith May's friend.

Me: oh okay.where are we going? 

Her: Darling switch on the TV.your Aunt was arrested few minutes ago!

Me: What!

No! This can't happen to my mom.not now!!!!

I went to switch on the TV.

God! I stood thete in shock.All news network were talking about mom and her pictures were all over the TV. they were calling her Serial killer.My heart sank like a sail-less boat...

Me: Oh My God :'( I will be back.

I went upstairs to freshen up. I came back after a few minutes. 

Her: Do you have her Lawyers number? 

Me: No I don't :'(

Her: don't worry we will find it.For nowlet's go to the station! 

We ran to her car! This woman really cares for my mom it's funny I never heard her (mom) speak about her! Anyway I just ignored that!


I approached home! I can't believe Mrs Smith caught me having sex with her husband! Oh my God ! I have done things but this one takes the cup!

I am pregnant with that mans' child! I don't want my boyfriend to know it! I am supposed to be married next month! Here I am still sleeping with married men! My boss  for crying out loud! I got home and packed the car.I opened the door and got inside.I found Mrs Kopano cooking Hammer was just watching tv.

Mrs Kopano: you came back early! Is everything okay?

Me: Yes momI am okay.I just felt dizzy .

Her: did you go to the doctor?  

Hammer came in..

Me: yes :) I faked a smile.

Her: and what's up with the smile? what did the doctor say?

Me: I am pregnant! BabyWe are pregnant!

Hammer was so shocked but happy at the same time! 

Him: what? Wow baby.

He hugged me his mom joined us.I broke the hug.

Her: How many Months? 

Me: it's just 2weeks mom

I lied.I am I am 7 weeks pregnant I had to! I had unprotected sex with Hammer 2weeks ago so I had to be smart .

Hammer kissed me.

Her: wow! that's great news.I'm happy for you.The weddings' date being next month was a good idea! You not showingit's still early.

While we were happy talking we heard May's Name on the news.we all turned to look "yes that bitch finally got arrested!"I said to myself.

Me: Finally! they nailed her!

Hammer's mood changed.

Him: excuse me! 

He took his car keys.heading to the door.

Mrs Kopano: you are not going anywhere! Your woman just told you she is pregnant now you are leaving her like that!

Him: May needs me.

He walked out! 

Me: I will always come second.I just have to live with it.

Her: Not while I am still alive dress up.we are going to a Sangoma!

{Sis MAY}

I woke up in some unfamiliar environment! I was lying in bed I looked around.Damn! Everything came back! I got stabbed I am in Hospital.

Me: My baby!!!! 

I screamed and when I was about to stand upmy left hand was handcuffed with the bed :'( .I started crying! next to the doorthere were about 4 Police man with guns on their hands! Am I that dangerous? I am just a woman. they don't have to be here! I don't even know why I am handcuffed! I don't run away from my problems I face them! 

Me: Take this off me!.

Police1: You are a prisoner!.

Me: I know that dammit! There's four of you here I won't run away!.

Police2: We can't trust a serial killer .

I screamed.I can't allow this to happen to me.this this is uncomfortable! A nurse walked in! It was Nomgqibelo...

Me: Nomgqibelo :'(

Her: Evening :)

Me: is my baby okay :'( ?

Her: you mean your babies :p? 

Me: what?

Her: your twins are okay Doctor .

Me: Oh my god I am pregnant with Twins :'(

I lied on my backI started to cried! My babies are gonna be born in prison.I disappointed them! They will hate me for this! This is making me emotional because I am a twin too! But my twin died at birth! I can't believe my life right now. it's like I am dreaming! I got arrested I didn't spend a second there I got stabbed.now I just received the best news that will change my life forever! I broke down Nomgqibelo was brushing me! The door swing open Emily and Universe walked in. They police officers tried to block them but they were not backing down! I didn't know Emily had such bravery in her.


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