When we started this process of having a baby with this woman my prayer was for a good relationship between us. I don’t know how will this go and i don’t want her to feel like we are controlling her or anything. I just want her to understand. I want her husband to understand how important this is to us. We take this woman to see a doctor when she is working at the taxi rank. Don’t tell me her husband sometimes calls her while she is working and ask to see her. I just feel like he did this on purpose. He knew she wasn’t working and that made him do what he did. He cannot be selfish when we are paying them so much money. We already paid them half of the money we are supposed to pay them. I am sure they have never seen R125 000 before but because of us they did so for him to do this means he doesn’t get it. He doesn’t see how serious this to us.

I am so grateful Nomgcwabe put our differences aside and decided to come with me when Ntsika couldn’t come. I really needed support. My husband was right. He doesn’t take nonsense. He is not a patient person like me. i didn’t want him to come and ruin this for us.

Nomajewujewulana: masithengeni kalok bahlali iApile yi R5 onkqiyoyo nabo bakhona nama chips (Let’s buy people. Apple is R5 we also have Russian and chips)

Me: Nomajewujewulana

She turned around i smiled at her

Me: Two apples for me and my friend please

She smiled then took two apples and washed them and gave them to us. We thanked her. I took out R20 and gave it to her she reached for her wallet

Me: Keep the change

Nomajewujewulana: Enkosi bendingazi uba sinomhlangano namhlanje? (i didn’t know we had an appointment today?)

Me: No! we don’t 

I am Venda i understand a bit of IsiXhosa. My name Todd is taken from Todani. She smiled. I can see she is not comfortable seeing us here. I don’t know why she doesn’t want to see me. How will she be when i will want to see her every day? I don’t even know why she is still working here when we paid them so much money. With that kind of money she could’ve opened a spaza shop at home. I don’t think i will like her standing up selling at taxi rank when she gets bigger. I hope she knows that.

Me: I wanted to talk to you about yesterday

Nomajewujewulana: Is there something wrong?

Me: Not really but i want to talk about you leaving like that…

Nomajewujewulana: I told you my husband wanted to see me

Me: I know that but you need to speak to him. Doctor’s appointment is very important to us because it is when we get to bond with our baby. I am sure when you are working here he doesn’t randomly ask you to come home or does he?

She shook her head no

Me: Then why is he doing this? He is treating us like we didn’t pay for this. We don’t want much from you but all we want is for our time to be respected. It will just be few months when the baby is born you will be all his and you will be smiling all the way to the bank

I said tapping her shoulder smiling. She looked down smiling

Nomajewujewulana: I know and i will speak to my husband

Me: Please do

She smiled

Guy: Can i get Russian please?

Me: Let’s leave you to it okay?

Nomajewujewulana: Thank you for coming to talk to me

Me: Any time dear

We walked away heading to my car

Nomgcwabe: She is not even showing yet but i can tell she is bored by you already. This lady couldn’t wait for us to leave

Me: I know and that scares me

He looked at me

Nomgcwabe: How?

I smiled faintly

Me: Story for another day

Nomgcwabe: Are you okay?

Me: Yeah

I looked away then quickly wiped my tears. I looked at him

Me: Just overwhelmed

Nomgcwabe: It is going to be okay. She just needs to learn more about what is required of a surrogate. 

Me: Yeah. I need to get her pamphlets 


I am glad we are done with work this year. I need to just sit at home and give my garden attention. I just came home. It is not even ten yet. We went to work to give children reports. We are done for the year. This has been a very challenging year. We thank a God we are still alive.

I was getting out of the car when i saw NoLast hanging her underwear and towels on her laundry line.

NoLast: You are home early Mheza! (Neighbour) 

Me: There wasn’t much to do. We closed today

NoLast: oh? I am coming over!

She quickly walked to her gate. I chuckled. I know exactly why she is coming here. I walked to my house and i opened the door and walked in

Me: Nontwayikho boil water NoLast is coming

Nontwayikho laughed. Nontwayikho is my maid

Me:  i cannot wait to hear today’s gossip

Nontwayikho: She knows things about everyone even kids she knows who they are dating

who is fighting with who. She is too old for this

Me: When she is confronted she says her house is next to the road she doesn’t go asking for gossip. People come to her yard and tell her

Nontwayikho: She…

We heard a knock at the door. I smiled then went to open

Me: Mheza

NoLast: Mheza i don’t have sugar. When i saw you i had to use this opportunity. I need a cup of coffee

Me: In this heat?

NoLast: Mheza your coffee always has milk. That is why i love coming here for a cup

I chuckled. Nontwayikho came with our cups. I will have it too even though it is hot outside

Me: Thank you Nontwayikho

NoLast: Hee! Is Kulu still here?

Jesus Christ don’t tell me this woman has gossip about my son!

Me: No he left

NoLast: Hey OKulu

Me: What do you mean “oKulu”? What did he do?

She took her cup smiling. She sipped on it

NoLast: My daughter and Nonkenyana’s daughter were talking

Me: What were they saying?

NoLast: That your son only has men on his Facebook. 

Me: O-kay?

NoLast: Not just men. He has handsome men only! No girl on his Facebook. My daughter went on and said he never accepted her friend request

Me: Kulu has never had friends here at kuGogozayo if not at Mqanduli as a whole. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t want to talk to anyone around here

NoLast: Mheza that is not the point

I put my cup on the coffee table

Me: What is the point?

She looked at me

NoLast: Ntombi? (girl) No girls at all on his Facebook? Not a single girl at all? Just good looking men! Hayi No if you ask me

She clapped once

NoLast: Tjo!

I am not going to ask her anything. This conversation is over

Me: Nontwayikho i need to go put on comfortable clothes. Come take your coffee

NoLast: But we were…

I walked away leaving her sitting there sweating from MY COFFEE!

NoLast: Ingaba yinto endiyithethileyo bethu? (Is it what i said?)

Nontwayikho: Hayi andazi Mam’NoLast (i don’t know)   


Judge: Thank you Advocate Gordon. Advocate Zidlele your last words?

I stood up then looked at my client. I looked at the judge

Me: Thank you my Lord.

He nodded 

Me: My Lord i don’t have much to say except that i demand my client’s release today. I have provided every evidence i can find to show that advocate Gordon’s client is not emotionally stable. I showed you a footage from the traffic lights where my client hit his car. That situation was beyond his control. I showed you that the only reason Mr Lewis got my client arrested and demanding money from my client for the damage that was caused in his car is because he has been having financial problems. Even his former boss provided a letter for us! Even neighbours testified in this court saying there is always shouting at Mr Lewis house! I called his doctor and he confirmed that he is suffering from depression that was caused by him losing his job. This man is broke and broken. He is trying to make money out of my client. My lord my client was driving to work that day he had no intentions of running over that man’s car! someone who should be in jail for this is the man who crossed traffic lights when he shouldn’t but he is not here. He is dead. Why put a blame on my client for something that was done by the man who died at the scene? Mr Lewis says he had an argument with my client prior to the accident…

I looked at Advocate Gordon

Me: Advocate Gordon failed to bring witnesses that were there to see that. They have nothing on my client and the footage we watched in this court shows my client turned the car because he was fearing for his life

I looked at my client

Me: This man has a job; this man is a father. He has a wife at home. He doesn’t deserve all of this. He doesn’t deserve to rot in jail because this man lost his job. Before i sit my Lord. My client is willing to squash everything that he could do to the police for wrongly accusing and arresting him for this but he can only let it go if now he walks out of this caught with his family and go home.

Judge: Thank you Advocate Zidlele. We will deliberate and come back in an hour. The court is adjourned. 

I bowed then looked at my client and smiled. I looked at Gordon who gave me death stare i winked at him


I was talking to my friend sitting at a restaurant. He was really good today. We are having late breakfast. We are going back in for the verdict then i will go home and rest. I really hope my friend wins this case too. Things are promising though. I mean he is done all he could for his client.

Me: Your client is very unhappy with what happened to him and i can see how scare the wife is

Kulu: I will not forgive myself if i lose this case

I chuckled sipping my cappuccino

Kulu: what?

Me: When i am sad after losing a patient you say i am too hard on myself but look at you now. You are in your head i can see how worried you are. You did a great job out there. Why aren’t you happy?

He looked down

Kulu: It’s not that

Me: What is it then?

He exhaled. Please don’t tell me they are still fighting?

Kulu: Nomgcwabe’s friends came over for dinner uninvited

Me: What?

Kulungile: There is just things that make me question everything

Me: Things like what?

Kulungile: Moving in together and agreeing to let him move here but then again. He is not my husband and i cannot tell him what to do hell he is not even my fiancé 

Me: What happened?

Kulungile: They walked in and already they had nasty attitude. One said he heard my name in passing. He didn’t know me and then they started attacking me and my role

Me: As in you being a top?

Kulungile: Yes they said it is not fair for him to date me.

Me: What!? Did Nomgcwabe let them do that?

Kulungile: Friend they came to attack me. He tried to stop them but you know when someone has discussed something with people not knowing they would come to you and confront you? that is what i felt about this whole situation. I feel like he talked to them about not being happy with my role

Me: Why he never mentioned it? I mean he approached you! and you two met on the black and yellow app. Someone write their role there don’t they?

Kulu: He knew and he had no problem with it. Friend i feel like they have this hold over him and i sensed that they are jealous of our relationship

Me: Oh My God i hate them already!

Kulu: Then they asked me how i feel about 3sum with a couple

Me: The hell?

Kulungile: I told them how i feel about it.

Me: what did you say?

Kulu: That it is disgusting to join a couple and have sex with them i said it is evil and it gives us gay people a bad name

Me: What did they say?

Kulu: They said that is what they do. They invite people in to have sex with them. I still told them how i felt. They were offended and we started fighting

Me: Physical fight?

Kulungile: No just exchanged words

I pushed my slice of cake. He looked at me

Kulungile: What is it?

Me: I lost my appetite!

Kulungile: Star!

Me: Friend yesterday he disappeared when he was supposed to wait for you. He came back with a pre cum! Then later his friends are jealous?

Kulu looked at me

Me: What was Nomgcwabe’s reaction when they asked you about 3sum?

He started thinking. I saw his eyes widen. Oh boy do i even have to ask? He pushed his slice of cake my way too the same way i did to mine. I saw him grab his car keys and squeezed them.

Me: Friend

Kulungile: He choked! He choked on his drink! He was caught off-guard! He didn’t expect them to say that!

Me: Oh My… friend do i have to say it?

He looked away

Kulungile: No you don’t

Me: Kulu what are you going to do?

He chuckled then turned and looked at me.

Kulungile: I have a plan

Me: Do i even have to ask?

Kulungile lost his smile looking at me

Kulungile: You will be the first to know when my plan is in motion

Me: I don’t wat to be them right now

I said looking at him worried. I saw a tear escape his eye. He swallowed hard probably thinking about what he will do. He then looked at me. I could feel my tears threatening to come out.

Kulungile: Nam Futhi. (Neither do i)

He looked into space. I have seen him furious before but not like this. Why did i open his eyes? 


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