My Boyfriend is angry with me. We didn’t talk about it last night. He didn’t want to talk to me. I am not letting him go to work until we talk about this. I told my friend i wanted to buy a house here. I don’t know why he is angry. He should be angry at them for saying it wasn’t his house because whenever i talk to him i say our house.

I just found him in the kitchen eating cereal 

Me: Can we talk about what happened last night?

Kulungile: I love you so much and fighting all the time is not what i want to do. I have to shower i have an important case i have to close today

He said putting the bowl in the sink

Me: Baby 

He didn’t turn he just exhaled.

Me: When i wanted to buy this house i told my friends that i was planning to buy it. That was before i asked you to move in with me. They know it is my house because i told them i wanted to buy it. It is not like i told them to embarrass you or anything. I didn’t know we were going to live together at the time

He came to me and kissed my lips then attempted to walk away. I grabbed his arm

Me: Baby you need to stop kissing me to assure me that you are okay. I want you to say something

Kulungile: Your friends’ intentions were to hurt me and they succeed. I am sorry that i overreacted. It wasn’t really your fault. Forgive me for being mad at you in front of them

I smiled

Me: I am also sorry i couldn’t control them. They have big personalities. You and i we are not like that

Kulungile: You cannot control those two and thinking about how we are going to go forward it makes me sad for you because after yesterday i don’t think i like them and there is nothing you can say about them that would change how i feel about them at this point

He stole a kiss then walked away fast. I could tell he didn’t want me to say anything after that. A part of me don’t blame him but another part of me wants to see my friends and my partner get along but another part of me is not sure. If they can ask my man about such questions in front of me knowing they make me feel guilty and uncomfortable what next? Are they going to tell him straight up about what happens between us? I think we have to end things.


I was getting ready for work and my husband was just lazing around as always. He is not working this week. I am an architect and he is an interior designer. You can see we do things that are almost similar. He decorated our house and bought the pieces we have and he did the same for Nomgcwabe’s house.

Todd: you are leaving early today

I looked at him. He is sitting on the couch that is in our bedroom. We use it when we want to read or just relax. He had a cup of coffee that i made him.

Me: I have to go to the site then a meeting at ten

Todd: You are so busy my love

Me: And i will be busy all morning. I will be free maybe around 12PM

Todd: i will miss you baby

I looked at him and smiled

Me: I will miss you too baby. So what are you going to do today? 

He rolled his eyes and sipped the coffee

Me: What!?

Todd: I am meeting our selfish Surrogate and i want her to speak to her husband! That man needs to stop being a dick and understand that we have rights to have his wife all to ourselves for the nine months of the pregnancy! I don’t get why he is so selfish

Me: Honestly baby better you than me. 

He looked at me 

Me: I would lose it. You are the soft hearted between us. You are the perfect person to speak to a pregnant woman

He exhaled

Me: It is early weeks and we cannot lose a baby we wanted so bad

He stood up

Todd: You are right. Things are just happening for us. The blessings are just pouring. I mean we are also meeting the adoption agent soon

Me: Yes! I cannot wait for that too. Baby it is a Social worker not an agent 

Todd: Whatever she is!

I laughed. Not only are we pregnant we are also adopting a baby girl. This is exciting but i know it is not going to be easy. The process is insane.


I don’t want to sound like a broken record but i will keep saying this. I love my boyfriend i mean i wouldn’t have asked him to move in with me if i didn’t love him. When you love someone you open up to them and speak your mind about things you don’t like. Yesterday was a huge disaster i agree and my friends really came to attack him but i didn’t like what he said when he told them that a versatile guy should date a versatile guy. What is he saying about our relationship? Am i wasting my time with him? He cannot go to work until he answers this. 

Me: You look good babe

He smiled 

Kulungile: Thank you

Me: Ready for work?

Kulungile: As you can see i have all my weapons here

He was talking about his gown and a briefcase.

Me: i am sorry about everything that happened yesterday

Kulungile: Babe we both apologized what is going on? 

He said laughing 

Kulungile: Anyway it looks like you will run out of apologies because your friends will not stop attacking me. What happened yesterday was an attack and i feel like they will continue doing that

Me: If they continue doing that then they are not allowed to come to our home

Kulungile: We will see when that happens. Nomgcwabe i am not trying to accuse you of anything but from where i am standing and anyone who would be in my shoes would also feel like they were sent by you to try and change me

Me: What!? No! i didn’t do that!

Kulungile: i am not saying you did. All i am saying is it looks like that and if you didn’t then you discussed it with them

Me: I just told them you are top and they had their opinions about it and their opinions don’t matter to me

He smiled at me

Kulungile: i am happy to hear that babe

Me: But…

He looked at me

Me: What you said about a Versatile guy and who he should date

Kulungile: What? You have a problem with that?

Me: I won’t lie it set me off

Kulungile: But i also explained our bond and how we got together baby. You knew what i was and you were okay with it. I don’t know why you have a problem with a statement i made defending myself when i was being attacked! A statement that wasn’t wrong by the way

I looked down

Kulungile: why do i feel like they are in your head and they make you doubt us and what we have?

I looked up fast

Me: Baby i don’t doubt us!

He took his briefcase and his gown. He came to me and perked my lips then wiped them i guess he left something on my lips.

Kulungile: i hope so babe

I swallowed hard. What is that supposed to mean? He doesn’t believe me when i say i don’t doubt us? He walked to the door. I love him. Todd and Ntsika are the last people i would let influence me. All i wanted was an explanation which he gave me.


Tonight i will be doing a very important surgery. I will be operating our mayor who has appendix. I take my job very seriously that is why i make sure at least about six hours before a surgery i take my medical books and go through the procedure. It doesn’t matter if i know it to the T I just want to make sure nothing happens. Today was no different. I will be operating a very important man so i should be resting but i have to go to my office and read at least for an hour or two.

I was speaking with Nurse Nomzekelo

Nomzekelo: You should be resting what are you doing here?

Me: Morning to you too

Nomzekelo: i am sorry

Me: It’s fine. I am just here to clear my head and this book will help me do that. It will be just for an hour or two

Nomzekelo: Oh okay then but you have to be fresh for tonight

Me: It is not even 8:30AM yet i will sleep from 12PM to 16:00

Nomzekelo: I thought you said you were going to clear your head for an hour

Me: After this i have to go support my friend in court

Nomzekelo: Oh wow! Good luck to him

Me: I will tell him. Have a good day nurse

Nomzekelo: You too Doc

I smiled then walked away heading to my office.


We are going to have a housewarming party and when that day comes i want things to be good between me and my boyfriend i don’t want us to be cold to each other in front of our guests. We just got a new house. This fighting is not healthy. We were never like this until i decided to move to a city with my friends. I am starting to regret my decision. I don’t think i am strong enough and i feel like Todd and Ntsika know that and they are going to use it every chance they get. I don’t want to lose my man. I don’t know what to do right now.

About an hour Kulungile left i heard the doorbell. I don’t know who could that be so early. I walked to the door and opened

Me: Oh hell no!

I said attempting to close the door

Todd: Relax! I am not here to talk about yesterday!

Me: What do you want Todd?

Todd: Ouch

Me: I will not ask again

Todd: Please accompany me. I need to see our surrogate at taxi rank

I just looked at him

Todd: Please i need a friend right now

Me: Come in


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