My impression of Prince’s boyfriend he is cute i would probably smash him but he wouldn’t let that happen. He is a control freak. Obsessed with his partner and he is the type who doesn’t want his partner to have friends whoever he dates always loses friend because of him. He is obviously boring tradition or way too traditional. He is a farm boy who is arrogant and one more thing i observed so far is that my husband and i will not get along with him. They went to the kitchen together. I was talking to my husband

Me: What do you think of him or them together so far?

Ntsika: Nomgcwabe is scared of him. What if he abuses him?

Me: Babe you think…

Ntsika: Sssh! He is coming

He shushed me. I looked at this guy and faked a smile.

Me: I thought you were getting more plates? Oh! I love spaghetti and meatballs! I can’t believe Prince can make it look so good! 

I said attempting to taste it with my finger

Kulungile: Use the fork! Or go wash your hands first!

I looked at him

Me: What is wrong with my hand?

He chuckled

Kulungile: Nothing i just don’t know what you touched before walking in. I think it is inappropriate to do what you wanted to do to food that is for everyone not just you

I laughed

Me: I cannot believe you are fighting me about food!

My husband laughed. Kulungile looked at him

Kulungile: So you think what he just did was okay?

Ntsika: I am just laughing i didn’t say anything man anyway this is stupid

Kulungile: Excuse me?

Nomgcwabe walked in

Nomgcwabe: Are you guys okay?

I smiled

Me: We are getting along very well with your friend

Nomgcwabe: Boyfriend!

Nomgcwabe snapped. I smiled

Me: Sorry

Ntsika: So Kulungile you top?

Kulungile: Are you seriously asking me that right now?

Ntsika: I am just getting to know you man

Me: And your boyfriend told us so we wanted to make sure

Kulungile: Oh you suddenly know me now? A minute ago you didn’t know anything about me

Nomgcwabe: Guys let’s eat!

Ntsika: Do you think it is fair what you are doing?

Yes my baby! Drill him with questions! We are here to know this guy or more like make sure he runs for his life and leave Prince alone. Once my husband asked that question. Nomgcwabe exhaled

Kulungile: I am waiting for you to tell me what you mean?

Ntsika: Nomgcwabe is versatile and you say you top

Kulungile: You seem like you are questioning my role

Me: Here we go again about roles

Kulungile let go of his fork it hit his plate hard everyone looked at him

Kulungile: My boyfriend came to me knowing i am top and another thing i don’t say i am top! I am top!

Kulungile looked at me

Kulungile: You were saying what about roles?

Me: I feel like i don’t get why there have to be roles 

Kulungile chuckled

Kulungile: So cliché 

Me: What is?

Kulungile: Only a versatile person would say that roles are boring and they don’t understand them when they are okay with them being called versatile! Why can’t i be top? Why can’t someone be a bottom? it is a role like yours and you should respect that! what is not fair is a gay versatile man to say he doesn’t get this role thing just being they are horny both sides! Respect my role and i will respect yours! As for my boyfriend and i relationship it is our relationship! It is none of your business!

Ntsika: Dude i am not fighting you!

Kulungile: I am not fighting you too i am just calling you out on your hypocrisy! We don’t know each other but you had the audacity to question my relationship

Me: My husband is not fighting you! he was just asking if it is fair

He looked at me

Kulungile: Honestly speaking i think a versatile guy should date a versatile guy so that there isn’t a confusion or disrespect going on!

My husband and i looked at Nomgcwabe. Kulungile looked at him too

Kulungile: I am not done talking

I took my glass and poured juice i mean where is wine? Why are we having a juice? You know what? I will sip what they have someone is about to push himself under the bus

Kulungile: A bottom should date a top guy but we cannot control who we love

Nomgcwabe smiled

Kulungile: In our case he came to me knowing. We had this discussion and we agreed that we love each other and he is going to respect my role

Me: What about his other needs!? What about you respecting his role too!?

Kulungile: He loves and respects me enough to make me do something i have never done something i have no desire doing

Me: So his dick should suffer? Or you are okay with him getting it elsewhere?

Kulungile: He knows he would never do that!

Ntsika: Does he?

Nomgcwabe: Guys i made a delicious meal! We have to eat!


I don’t know why but i just felt like going to my son’s room and clean it. I know it is late it is just after 6 and i just had my dinner but i just want to clean up. Take a bath and take my ARV’s at 8PM and watch tv. Tomorrow i have to go to work. While cleaning i came across some of his cosmetics. Kids of today. They have cosmetics at home and some where they go this is just a waste of money. I know how Kulu hates when i go to his room but as a mother i just cannot help myself. He is still my little boy. I love cleaning after him. I even do that even when it is clean. I just cannot help myself. I am just a mother.

While checking his cosmetics i was shocked to see a box of condoms that had two missing. I smiled. Next to it i saw a bottle with some liquid. I don’t know this thing. it looks like baby oil. It is thick like gel. I wonder what my son does with this. I read it.

ME: Lubricant?

I know the word because i am educated. I am a deputy principal at a local school. What i don’t understand is what he does with it. When you put oil in a wheelbarrow you lubricate it but what i don’t know is what you do with this one. Anyway i am just happy my son has someone. I need to call Trevor and tell him about this. You see the father of my children and i talk. We are okay. We’ve always been okay. We just no longer seeing each other. I got married to a mine worker who was a good man but he cheated a lot and unfortunately he brought me the disease hence i am taking ARV’s. The virus killed him. I mean i saw him two times a year. I saw him in Easter and in December. He never took ARV’s. 

Anyway i was sharing the good news with Trevor

Trevor: Yes?

Me: So i decided to clean your son’s room. He is seeing someone

Trevor: Why do you think that?

Me: Because i saw condoms and two of them are missing

Trevor: Then why is he hiding that from you?

Me: You know our son; he is not comfortable discussing such things with us.

Trevor: He cannot be a boy forever! He is a man now and he needs to man up

Me: Yeah. I am just happy he is dating

Trevor: Let’s hope he is not tying up his socks with those condoms

Me: Don’t say that!

Trevor: That boy is weak Notsukumetse! You know this and if he was dating he would bring someone home. Why isn’t he doing that? i mean he is working now

Me: I am just happy my son has a girlfriend. Goodnight 

Trevor chuckled

Trevor: Goodnight wait have you heard from your other son?

Me: The one you promised to send money in jail when he calls to remind you wena you ignore his calls?

Trevor: … (Tu tu tu tu tu) (hangs up)

Me: Run like the coward you are! I cannot believe he hung up on me! Trevor will always be a crook.


Me: I asked you that question because i have this curse of attracting bisexual girls who are in it for experiment not in it for love. I got my heart broken a few times but at least my last relationship lasted

Nomzekelo: How many years?

She asked then started eating

Me: Five years

She put her fork down

Nomzekelo: Damn it was serious. I don’t think that one was in it for fun?

I shrugged my shoulders

Nomzekelo: Or was she?

Me: No. i don’t think someone could pretend for that long. She loved me

Nomzekelo: Why did you break up?

Me: She cheated. She said it was a mistake i didn’t believe her. I ended things

Nomzekelo: was it the first time she cheated?

Me: Yes but because of how much i trusted her and the love i had for her to me that betrayal was too much i knew i would never get over it that is why i decided to free her and it was for the best because she ended up dating the person she cheated on me with

Nomzekelo: Okay i think you made the right call it looks like they were going to continue seeing each other behind your back

Me: Yep. The way she was after she met her she was exactly like that when she met me. I knew she was in love that is why i had to accept it and leave her

She touched my hand

Nomzekelo: I am sorry

I smiled at her

Me: It was six months ago i got over her in just a week

She looked at me. I laughed then started eating


I am very uncomfortable with this conversation. I hate that these two are here and i hate that they came here in attacking mode. They act like they care about me but all they are doing now is causing problems in my relationship. I am not happy about this and i am angry that they didn’t tell me they were coming. 

Anyway Ntsika asked if i know that i shouldn’t laid elsewhere. I hate that he asked Kulungile that because it will make him think that maybe i am cheating or they know something he doesn’t know. Todd looked at me. God no! i am trying to talk about food but they are interested in talking about this.

Todd: Do you know you are forbidden from being yourself?

Me: He didn’t put it like that!

Ntsika: But it is like that

He said laughing

Kulungile: Why did you guys come here tonight?

Todd: We are visiting our friend

Kulungile: It looks like you came to attack me!

Ntsika: You are just an angry man. We just want to get to know you.

I took my glass and poured juice

Kulungile: I am not stupid

Ntsika: We didn’t say you were; we are just having a conversation. Where does this defence mechanism come from?

Kulungile: What? Are you a therapist now?

Todd: Can we talk about something else!?

Me: Please!

I am so done with this. I want us to get along but it looks like they came to attack us. I sipped

Ntsika: So Kulungile what do you think about a threesome with a couple?

Oh no! i chocked on my drink and started coughing. I saw Todd smile. What the hell is going on here? Is this why they came here? Todd winked at Ntsika

Kulungile: Baby are you okay?

Me: Yes! I think they are talking about me at home

Todd: Oh poor prince i am sure they are

I gave them a death stare

Ntsika: So my question. What do you think about a threesome with a couple?

Kulungile: I don’t mind single people doing a threesome but once a couple invites someone to join them in a threesome everything about that is wrong

Ntsika: How so?

Kulungile: I find it a white people thing and it is disgusting! Why did you get married if you will invite someone to join you? I think people who do that are…

Ntsika: Before you say that we do it

Ntsika said taking Todd hand i swallowed i felt Ntsika’s foot kicking me under the table. This is so uncomfortable

Kulungile: Well i will be honest with you boys. You are not happy

Todd: We are happy!

Kulungile: That is a big fat lie! That is what you two are convincing yourselves that you are! You boys are not happy! In order for you to find happiness you have to ask someone to be there to spice up your sex life! Not only that is sick and disgusting! It is evil and people like you guys you give LGBTQ community a bad name!

Todd put his hand on his chest shocked. My husband is livid and i don’t blame him but i am also guilty because i have been sleeping with this married couple. Honestly i feel attacked

Kulungile: Every straight person who say we are sick! You are proving them right! I want you two to leave here questioning why you got married in the first place if you cannot make each other happy!

Ntsika: We are happy but it looks like you are the one unhappy dude you are livid

Kulungile looked at the time

Kulungile: Thank you for coming but i think you two should leave!

Ntsika: Are you kicking us out?

Kulungile: It is late

Todd: You have no right to do that!

Me: He does! This…

Ntsika: This is your house not his!

Kulungile looked at me. Oh shit! He stood up then walked away

Me: Babe…

Kulungile: I cannot believe you told them that!

He said walking away. I looked at them

Me: Really guys?

Todd: You are sleeping in the guest room tonight!

Ntsika: Maybe we should sneak in later and get…

Me: You two get the fuck out of my house!!!!

I shouted

Ntsika: Are you serious?

I chuckled

Me: You want me to show you?

I walked to the door fuming with anger i opened the door and threw it to the wall

Me: Get the fuck out bitches!!


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