After i sent Nomgcwabe that picture i was hoping to get a text back but i didn’t instead i got something that i wasn’t expecting at all. I am very disappointed because i was hoping he would remember what he is missing and decide to rethink whatever is going on in his big head. He used to worship my dick. He couldn’t get enough of it. What is it this dude has that i and my husband don’t? the fact that he was able to have fun with us today means that we can be able to change his mind but i don’t know how we are going to do that after what he just did.

I was telling my husband about what happened.

Me: I sent him this picture. He blocked me

Todd: What got into him? Why did he decide to move to Peace City if he didn’t want to continue with what we used to do?

Me: We did continue yesterday even though he made us his bitches then left. I feel used

Todd: baby what i do not understand is him wanting so bad to move here! What did he expect? Us to forget that we used to have sex together? He came here because of us. Maybe we should find a way to remind him about the good times

Me: I thought sending him my dick photo was it i mean you remember how he couldn’t get enough of it?

Todd: We have to find a way to break them up

I looked at him is he serious

Me: Todd i was blocked when i made my first attempt to win him over are you sure that wouldn’t be too extreme? What if he resent us for causing the break up? Then what? What are we going to do when he decides that he doesn’t want to see us anymore?

Todd: You are right let’s just go to the dinner see how that works out. If we don’t get through him we meet him tomorrow and have that meeting we planned. We have to talk about what happened in the bathroom earlier

Me: I know let’s find clothes to wear for tonight

Todd: I cannot wait! Let me first check if he didn’t block me too

Me: Yeah please do

Todd: Damn it! 

Me: He did?

Todd: The boyfriend has to go. We have to make him feel less of himself! We have to make him see that he doesn’t belong in our world 

Me: First step is getting there and see the kind of a person he is

Todd: i agree


I have made plans to meet Todd and Ntsika tomorrow to introduce my boyfriend to them but after what happened i realised that i cannot introduce them at least not yet so i just sent them a text message telling them that we should meet first. I am not going to lie my boyfriend noticing that i had sex was very embarrassing for me. He caught me red-handed and i feel so awful that i had to lie and make him feel like he is crazy for insinuating that i had sex. I don’t think he bought it. The fact that he insisted on taking the walk just shows this man is upset and he knows he was cheated on. How do i look at him knowing that he knows something is going on? Why did i even entertain Todd and Ntsika’s madness on the same day my boy was arriving? I feel so stupid.

Anyway i was talking to him. He came back from the walk. I didn’t think he was going to speak to me but he did. I was in the kitchen cooking.

Kulungile: It smells nice

I looked at him and smiled.

Me: thank You. i decided to cook more for tomorrow. I don’t want us to cook tomorrow and you are going to work. You will come back tired and i have to go do some shopping 

Kulungile: Nice

Me: I just want us to be happy. If it was for me i wish you worked here. I just want to be close to you all the time.

Kulungile: In this short period of time working for that firm i made a lot of money for them. I am close to making partner. I cannot leave and go start afresh for another firm

Me: I know it was just a wish babe. I know how respected you are there

Kulungile: That is why i just cannot drop them. 

I smiled

Kulungile: I will go take a bath. I am tired

Me: Okay babe

He walked away and disappeared. My phone rang. Todd is calling

Me: Maybe i forgot one last thing.

I said declining the call i blocked the number i went to Ntsika’s number and blocked it. I put my phone on the counter

Me: So nice and quiet already 


I am really happy Kulu stopped by my work today. If he didn’t i don’t think i would be here at this restaurant right now with this girl. I have been single for almost six months now. Ever since i broke up with my ex of five years i haven’t really showed interest in going out dating. This to me seems new and exciting at the same time. I decided to act on what Kulu said to me. He is right. I cannot take a girl i hardly know to another town to party before i get to know her. I know we will get drunk there and when drunk people get to share a bed a lot of things happen and i don’t want to wake up regretting what will happen that night. I know something is going to happen. This girl has been watching me and smiling at me and she would even fight to be in my team when we have to do surgery. I know she is into me and i kind of like the idea of being chased. I have been doing the chasing. It is nice to see that someone is attracted to you without you having to convince them. I am excited.

Nomzekelo: Thank you for beating me into it or was this your plan all along?

I smiled and looked at her. The waiter came to us with our drinks.

Waiter: Your drinks ladies your food will be ready shortly

Me: Thank you

He smiled then walked out

Me: What was my plan?

Nomzekelo: i asked you out you said no only for you to ask me out an hour later

Me: I didn’t say no i told you i had to go to a party a party i asked you to be part of. It looks like i asked you out on two dates you must be a special lady

She smiled then took her glass of wine

Nomzekelo: I feel special

Me: I am glad. Honestly we had a bad day we needed this. So i thought why not ask you out and get to know you while trying to forget this day ever happened

She sipped again then put her glass on the table. She put her shoulders on the table with her hands on her chin. She looked at me seductively 

Nomzekelo: Then know me

I chuckled then took my glass and sipped

Me: Just tell me about you

Nomzekelo: Doc you are failing to impress me. I hate that question

I laughed. 

Me: you hate that question the same way i hate when someone i like calls me Doc

Her eyes widened

Nomzekelo: So you like me?

Oh shit! Why did i say that?

Me: I am sorry

Nomzekelo: why are you sorry? I like you too

I sipped my wine again

Me: You do?

Nomzekelo: I am very shy person but i made a fool of myself and asked you out when i realised that you are not noticing me at all

Me: I am sorry about that i never thought i would ever go out with a co worker

Nomzekelo: You are a doctor and i am a nurse

Me: But we work in the same hospital

Nomzekelo: They don’t have to know

Okay that kind of set me off. When i date i date you because i could see a future with you. When you want me to be your secret that kind of gives me the idea that you just want fun. I think the question my friend wanted me to ask is really important and i am going to ask it straight up. I will not go around in circles.

Me: And if we get serious? Are you looking for fun or a relationship?

Nomzekelo: i want a relationship but i know a beautiful woman like you cannot be single. I asked you out knowing that you might be dating

Me: Beautiful people are the loneliest people you would be surprised. Anyway you are gorgeous too that proves my point

She smiled and sipped her wine

Nomzekelo: I guess that was me trying to find out if you are dating or not

I smiled

Me: I am single and ready to mingle

She let out a sigh of relief

Me: I want to ask you something but i don’t know how i am going to ask it

Nomzekelo: i am an open book ask away

Me: Are you bisexual or a lesbian?

Nomzekelo; why do you ask?

Me: If i tell you before i get my answer your answer might be a lie just to make me like you. So answer my question first

If i tell her why i ask she will try to be exactly what i am looking for. I don’t want someone who is going to sacrifice because i know the sacrifice hurt the relationship along the way. Be what i am looking for so that we don’t have problems in the future

Nomzekelo: In high school i dated boys but i wasn’t happy with them. When i got to nursing college that is when i lived my truth and honestly sex with another woman is the best for me so to answer your question i am gay.

I smiled

Nomzekelo: i guess judging by that smile i passed the test?

Me: I guess you did

Our food came. We thanked the waiter. He walked away

Nomzekelo: See? That tell me about yourself question is not necessary and it is a turn off. Our conversation is flowing and we are slowly starting to get to know each other

Me: What do you know about me so far?

Nomzekelo: You seem like a loyal partner who knows what she is looking for

I chuckled

Nomzekelo: So ready to answer my question?

I smiled at her


I have decided to stop fighting my boyfriend. I mean we are grownups. I cannot fight him because of a pre-cum. What do i tell someone when they ask what we are fighting about? I cannot say that i saw a pre-cum i believe if my boyfriend is doing something behind my back i will find out about it and then hell will break loose. I can see he is trying and i don’t like fighting. I appreciate his efforts but i still think something happened today. 

I am done bathing. I went back to the living room. I saw him setting up the dinner table.

Me: First dinner in our new beautiful home. 

Nomgcwabe: I know right? And i am excited for our house warming party. You haven’t told me who you are inviting

Me: Not many people just Star and a date of her choosing

Nomgcwabe: She is still single?

Me: Hopefully not for long. Girls love that girl. I have always been the single one

Nomgcwabe: I am glad we found each other

Me: Me too

I kissed him

Nomgcwabe: Let me go get the juice and glasses

Me: Need help

Him: No baby just sit

I smiled then pulled out my chair and sat. I made sure i sat at the head of the table. I hope he doesn’t mind since this house is his. I saw him coming back with a tray with juice and two glasses He put them on the table. We heard the doorbell. He looked at me

Me: That is weird because only you and i know this house. Who could possible that be?

He smiled

Nomgcwabe: I am as confused as you are baby but i will go check. 

He walked to the door. I will dish up for myself. We didn’t invite anyone and i am hungry and tired i don’t have no time for guests. He opened the door. I heard whispering. I tried listening attentively it seems like he doesn’t want them to come in i don’t know why he is whispering. This is the reason i don’t trust him. He just always lies and act like a victim. A partner who wrongs you then when you react they manipulate the situation and make you look like a bad guy is toxic. I love him but he keeps doing this. I am hoping he will grow up and change. I stood up and went to the door. He was blocking the way.

Me: Baby are you letting your friends in or not?

He turned around fast and smiled at me he quickly looked at the couple

Nomgcwabe: Come on in guys! The more the merrier right?

The one who is a bit feminine walked in and smiled at me. I know him because i have seen the pictures. He is Todd

Todd: So this is the famous Nkululo?

Me: Kulungile

Todd: Yeah! He mentioned your name in passing

What the hell is that supposed to mean? Nomgcwabe closed the door. The straight dude looked at me. I think this is Ntsika

Ntsika: Ntsika we have heard a lot about you right baby?

He said looking at his husband who just shrugged his shoulders. I sense some drama tonight. I faked a smile looking at Ntsika

Me: Well i heard nothing about you boys. 

Nomgcwabe looked at me giving me the “really” look. I shrugged my shoulders. They both looked at him the same way he looked at me

Me: You came right on time for dinner boys please sit

They looked at each other

Nomgcwabe: Baby can we go get extra plates for the guests?

Me: Of course babe

I know he wants to confront me i mean two plates don’t need a mob to carry them. We got to the kitchen he turned around

Nomgcwabe: You heard nothing about them!?

Me: Nkululo? I heard your name in passing? The fuck is that?

Nomgcwabe: Lower your voice baby!

Me: Prince if there will be drama in this dinner tell me. You know i am gay but i cannot stand gay people because of this bullshit!

 Nomgcwabe: There will be no drama baby they are just sarcastic and funny

Me: You know no joke makes me laugh that is why i don’t watch comedy

He swallowed hard

Me: You will find me at the dinner table just pray i don’t stab one of them while you are here looking for plates

His eyes widened i walked out of the kitchen. 

Me: Ndehlelwa yintoni ngoku? (The fuck is going on?)


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