I have been sitting in this car for almost an hour. This man is not home. I don’t have my own key yet. If i haven’t seen the house imagine how i must be feeling now! i would’ve parked my car in town and waited for someone who is probably out there happy and doing God knows what while i am sitting in the car at our house. I am so angry with him right now and i am going to leave him one last voice mail

Me: You know what Nomgcwabe? Fuck you! if you don’t get home in thirty minutes i will drive back to Star and i will look for a place to stay! If you didn’t want to stay with me you should’ve said so! You knew i was coming dammit! 

I threw my phone on the passenger seat. I walked out of my car and walked around. I saw a white guy walking a dog

Me: Hi!

He stopped and smiled

Him: Hi

Me: i am looking for my roommate. We just moved to this house. We have friends around here a gay couple

Him: Female couple?

Me: No two black men

Him: I have seen them in church

Me: Do you know where they live?

Me: Unfortunately no i don’t. I am sorry

I smiled

Me: No it’s okay thank You 

He smiled then continued with his walk

Me: Where the fuck are you Ndengana? 

I walked to the house and tried to look inside. I cannot see anything inside because of blinds and curtains. My phone rang. I smiled when i saw who was calling

Me: Star

Star: You arrived?

Me: Yes and guess what? He is not home and his phone is ringing. He is not taking my calls!

Star: What the fuck?

Me: In thirty minutes i will come there or i will book myself to a hotel. What i know is i will not sit here and wait for this guy

Star: Wait for an hour at least

Me: You know if i leave i am done right?

Star: That is why i don’t want you to leave. I know how crazy you are

Me: i wish he knew me

Star: Maybe something came up

Me: Star there is nothing more important than me in his life today of all days! This is a special moment! I should find him at home! I should be welcomed by his beautiful smile!

I felt a tear

Star: Calm down! How about i call him?

I hung up the phone then looked around then wiped my tear.


Damn i missed this. I missed them. I don’t know they just drive me crazy! They know how to make me i don’t know. They know how to make me do all these crazy things. I had my eyes closed Todd was sucking me while his husband was fucking him hard Demi Lovato’s Body say was on repeat and the water was running. I felt Ntsika touch my nipples. I opened my eyes and looked at him.

Ntsika: Your eyes on me please 

I looked at him while listening to all the pleasure Todd is giving my dick. Ntsika grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me closer

Ntsika: I am about to cum!

He kissed me so hard Todd took my dick out of his mouth and let out loud moans

Todd: Oh YEAH! Fuck! 

Ntsika: Ahhh! Fuck you baby!

He bit my lips i didn’t mind. He has such soft lips i was having the best time. I reached for the condom that was on the little window in their bathroom Ntsika grabbed my hand

Ntsika: Both me and my husband are on Tenemine pills no need for a condom

Me: I will use condom

Todd: Suit yourself

I pulled his husband up and kissed him while my hand is fingering his ass. Todd was sucking him trying to get him hard. I looked at Ntsika

Me: I missed that ass

Ntsika looked at me and smiled

Ntsika: It is your lucky day

I aggressively turned him around. When i am dominant i know they like bottoming for me. If i am all shy they fuck the hell out of me and i cannot let that happen. I am in a relationship now. This ass is for my man only. I put on condom while fingering Ntsika. He took the lubricant and applied it on his hand then on his hole. My dick was rock hard poking his bum cheeks i am ready to fuck the living daylight out of this guy. He grabbed my dick it was not hard for me to go in These two love sex and don’t be flattered and think you are the only one they use dating apps for hook ups i am never shagging with them without protection. I went in and out slowly then back in he started moaning. Todd stood up Ntsika grabbed his dick and sucked it while his ass is bouncing on my dick i could tell he wanted me to fuck him hard i didn’t ask i went in hard slapping his bum cheeks while pumping him hard

Ntsika: Oh yeah! Fuck me!

Me: You like that?

Ntsika: Yeah! Oh yes! Fuck oh yes!!

I went in hard i just want to cum then get out of here.

Todd: Fuck him!

I looked at Todd while fucking his husband he leaned forward for a kiss once his warm lips met mine i got so hard and hot the next thing i bursted the nut.

Me: Damn! Shit!

He started fucking my dick back I was holding his waist pushing him in shaking damn. I haven’t wanked in five days that is why i shot so hard. I pulled out then went under water taking off the condom. I felt a touch on my butt. I turned

Todd: My turn babe

The devil is a liar! I don’t have energy for this! I haven’t done this with them for like 11 months? I cannot! I walked away

Ntsika: What is the matter? My husband wants some of that ass and i will be next…

Me: My boyfriend must be…

Todd: You not serious right now!?

Me: I am serious like a heart attack

I said grabbing a towel and wiping myself leaving them

Ntsika: The fuck Nomgcwabe!?

I grabbed my undies and jumped on them! I grabbed my pants and jumped on them and picked up my short sleeve t. shirt on my way to the door also picking up my phone

Todd: Prince! 

Me: Oh shit! He has been calling! Bye guys!

I ran to the door. Damn Kulungile is going to kill me


Nomgcwabe just ran out leaving us out of words after he just did what he did to us. Usually when we have sex we take turns. How dare he walked out on us like that?

Me: What the hell was that?

My husband looked at me. He was very pissed

Ntsika: Like bro why do you let me leave work just to get here and fuck my husband when i do that whenever i want!?

Me: Exactly baby! The reason you came back from work you missed him and we wanted to explore all of him!

Ntsika: This relationship of his is going to be a problem to our arrangement! The reason he didn’t want us to fuck him is because he is saving himself for that top dude! Damn i hate labels!

Me: baby we have to talk to him! He has to know that he cannot use us. We must get satisfied all of us! What he did was selfish and it cannot happen again

My husband kissed me then smiled at me

Me: What?

Ntsika: I have an idea

Me: what is that??

Ntsika: Why don’t we invite ourselves to their home for dinner tonight just to meet this boyfriend?

I kissed him then broke the kiss then went to his ear and whispered

Me: I love that idea baby

I licked his earlobe 

Ntsika: Don’t do that you know he will wake up and we will have to go again

Me: I wouldn’t mind that

Ntsika: No can do baby i have to drive to my meeting

Me: Go make yourself look good while i prepare you lunch before you go

Ntsika: Okay babe

He kissed me then walked away he turned around

Ntsika: On second thought why don’t you iron me a clean shirt i don’t think i will wear that one

He said pointing at his shirt on the floor

Ntsika: Don’t worry about lunch i will grab something on the way

Me: Okay

I watched him walking back to the bathroom. I love this man.


I just got home. My boyfriend is livid. I expected that i mean the first call it was an hour ago. Why did i leave even? I should have told those guys no! i don’t know why i did that the same day my boyfriend is moving here. I got out of the car. He didn’t get out of his car. I went to him smiling. He didn’t smile back. I opened his door once his door opened Avril Lavigne’s Tell Me It’s Over started playing.

“I ain’t playing no games

Cause I’ve got nothing left to lose

I’m so tired of circular motions

They leave me dizzy and confused

My heart oh no is not your revolving 


I get stuck spinning and spinning and


Oh till i collapse on the floor

But every time that you touch me

I forget what we’re fighting about

Oh you come and you leave

Shame on me for believing every

Word out of your mouth…”

Oh no! i am in trouble aren’t i? i don’t know what to say. I mean the song itself tells everything he is feeling and that makes me feel guiltier than i am.

Me: Baby i am so sorry

Kulungile: Where were you?

I attempted to say something

Kulungile: At the beach?

Me: Why?

He walked out and switched off the music he shut the door hard then snatched the house key out of my hand and looked at me

Kulungile: Because your eyes are red and…

He looked at me from head to toe

Kulungile: Messy hair and you missed two buttons on your shirt

I quickly looked at my shirt oh shit! I bit my lower lip when i looked up he was walking to the door. I put my hands on my head then ran to him. I found him inside

Kulungile: It’s clear that you were not at the beach

Me: Baby i was at the beach! I went to the pool after that and cleaned myself. I am sorry i didn’t think you were close 

Kulungile: I called you! you shouldn’t have left in the first place! Why did you go to the beach!?

Me: I am sorry baby

Kulungile: Why didn’t you button your shirt right?

Me: I saw your missed calls and…

Kulungile: i have been calling for more than an hour!!!

Me: Baby you see? You start with your insecurities

Kulungile: Don’t you fucking start with that!

Me: Babe you just got here why are we fighting?

He looked at me for 10 seconds then he came closer to me i moved back

Kulungile: Should i be worried?

Me: Why do you always think i am cheating on you!

Kulungile: Because every time i feel like i am being cheated on i am usually fuckin’ right

Me: Well i am not your exes!

Kulungile: Thank God you are not

I swallowed hard. That was not a genuine gratitude. He was being sarcastic. 

Kulungile: I will find my way to the bedroom

He walked away before i could say anything. I sat down

Me: Shit!


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