I am on my way. I don’t like how i left things with my mother. I decided to call my boyfriend and tell him i am on my way. I know he will arrive there maybe two hours before me. I haven’t been to the house now that it is decorated and stuff. When i was there the house was empty. He only sent me pictures and the design in the house he made sure everything is about us from the colours he used to the furniture. We are very different and i am happy that he involved me even though he didn’t give me an opportunity to contribute to buying this house. I don’t want to lie a part of me is worried that if things go wrong he will kick me out or he will always remind me it is his house. I don’t think that would be nice to hear but i promise you he would regret saying that because i would move out it wouldn’t matter if he said it in the middle of the night. That is why you need to be financially comfortable when you are moving to someone’s space. They can be happy while just moved in but you don’t know what might happen tomorrow. I never wanted to depend on anyone that is why i worked so hard and became the lawyer i am today. My boyfriend and i love each other. If he has a house before me why can’t i move in with him when he offers? I mean we have no plans of breaking up in the future. In fact i think we are heading towards marriage but that would take time with me and my family situation.

Anyway i was speaking to my boyfriend on the phone

Nomgcwabe: So how is your mom? I know how close you are

I chuckled 

Nomgcwabe: What?

Me: Mom and i used to be close. Uvele wandidika ndizohamba (She annoyed me just when i was about to leave)

Nomgcwabe: about what now?

I swallowed. This has been a problem in my relationship. He is asking me why i don’t come out now that i am independent. He doesn’t understand my family so now if i confide in him he will remind me what he said to me. I am not ready for that.

Me: No just family drama

Nomgcwabe: If it is about you don’t you think i should know? We are moving in together. We cannot have secrets babe

Me: Okay! You are right! She was telling me about my brother and my half brothers

Nomgcwabe: And their children

Me: Yep

Nomgcwabe: Not a good topic to talk about when someone is moving out. Maybe you should’ve just told her

Me: You see why i didn’t want to tell you?

Nomgcwabe: I said screw my family! Why can’t you do the same?

Me: I don’t know your relationship with your family bra and you don’t know mine with my family

He chuckled

Nomgcwabe: i am “bra” now?

I am not going to continue talking about this. I know we will end up fighting

Me: I just wanted to tell you i am on my way and please do me a favour

Nomgcwabe: What is that?

Me: Don’t meet your friends before i arrive. I want us to meet them together and i don’t want them in my house before i see it

Nomgcwabe: Okay. I am happy you call it your house. It is our home and i want us to grow old here that is if you don’t cheat on me

Me: You know i would never do that to you babe

Nomgcwabe: I guess we stuck together then

Me: Is that so bad?

Nomgcwabe: It is what i have been praying for

Me: I am happy to hear that babe i have to go we are both driving

Nomgcwabe: I am about to enter Peace City i can already see the welcome to “Peace City” sign

Me: That is great babe. Bye

Nomgcwabe: I love you bye

Me: I love you too

I hung up and smiled

Me: I pray for a safe journey Lord


 My job is very difficult. I see things really bad things. Families put their hopes and faith in me to keep their loved ones alive and today unfortunately i couldn’t save a patient. He died on the table and there was absolutely nothing i could’ve done. Seeing the family cry like that really broke my heart. I am in my office right now just sitting alone. It is quiet. You can just tell i just killed someone. I stood up and saw the door open. Nurse Nomzekelo walked in and closed the door.

Nomzekelo: Dr Mvandedwa…

Me: I said call me Star!

Nomzekelo: Please let me call you Doc at least. I am a professional

I looked at her and faintly smiled

Nomzekelo: You did all you could

Me: I should’ve fought for him

Nomzekelo: How? You forget i was in the OR with you? Doc you are an incredible surgeon. That man was going to die even if a doctor from the US did the surgery. You said it yourself. It was risky and that family was not crying because they blame you. They were crying because they lost their son and a brother to those girls

Me: You just never get used to losing a patient

Nomzekelo: It is a pity that it is in the middle of the week

I looked at her.

Me: Why?

Nomzekelo: I was going to take you out just to make you forget all of this anyway why don’t i take you out on Saturday?

Me: Are you asking me out on a date?

She smiled

Nomzekelo: Would you say yes if i were to ask?

Okay i would love to she has been smiling at me for a while now and i like her too but i cannot do Saturday.

Me: I am sorry i already have plans for this weekend

Nomzekelo: What a pity

Me: A friend of mine is moving to Peace city today and they have a house warming party this weekend

Nomzekelo: Which friend? The badass lawyer in Eastern Cape?

I smiled

Me: Yes

Nomzekelo: He just won a case for a good friend of mine’s brother. He is good

Me: He is a very passionate man and he loves being a lawyer. He told me about that case anyway why don’t you come with me? we will drive there on Saturday and sleep there and come back Sunday in the afternoon

Nomzekelo: Are you sure? I don’t want to…

Me: Saturday around 10AM We are driving to Peace City don’t be late

She smiled

Nomzekelo: Okay! I had no plans thank you

I smiled. She walked out and closed the door. She looked at me. I smiled she walked away. My smile disappeared. I sat down. My day is just ruined by the death of this patient but thinking about this coming weekend makes me happy a bit. It looks like a girl will come back with a girlfriend. That part excites me.


My boyfriend’s parents don’t know about his sexuality and that bothers me because i am not in the closet even though i left home

my family knows and they know one day i will marry a man. My boyfriend’s situation makes me ignore thinking about a marriage in the future. I will think about that when he decides to come out and i am willing to wait because i love him and that is the reason i bought a house for the two of us. He is nervous to meet my friends and i get him. It is hard to be him because the only time he is with people is when he is in court representing someone. You see my boyfriend is shy but when he is working you wouldn’t say. When he is standing there fighting for his client he just becomes someone else someone i don’t know but for some strange reasons that side of him turn me on even though i fell in love with his introverted self. I saw a lot of me in him because i myself when i am at home i stay in my room and go be with family when it is time for dinner. In my family they follow a tradition. Breakfast we eat together it doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like eating early you have to be there but thank God that only happens on holidays because even though we are royalty everyone has a career. The queen who is my uncle’s wife is QUEEN and a judge. Mom manages family business my cousin sister is a lawyer her father who is my other uncle is a chief and my cousin brother who is Queen’s son is king so my house is just a chaos but thank God i left. I needed to be me not the prince. I was looking around my house smiling when i saw the door open. This one is crazy why he doesn’t knock?

Me: Don’t you knock?

I said laughing going to him i hugged him

Todd: Why do you expect me to knock when you didn’t call my husband and i and tell us you arrived?

I broke the hug then looked down. I cannot say my partner didn’t want me to meet them without him now can i? if i do they will judge him then the next thing they don’t want to open their hearts to him or give him a chance to be part of us.

Me: I just got in. Anyway how did you know i arrived?

Todd: I was on my way from the doctor when i saw your gorgeous car parked at driveway

I smiled

Me: I was going to call you

Todd: Let me call hubby and tell him you are here. I know he is going to stop everything

Me: Please don’t…

Ntsika: Hey babe

I guess i was too late. Todd looked at me

Todd: Oops! Too late

He giggled then looked at his husband

Todd: Baby look who i am with

He said showing me the screen i smiled and waved

Ntsika: Hey prince 

Me: Don’t call me that i told you i don’t want to be reminded of that life

Ntsika: Sorry boy you look good i think i should take my lunch and come there

Me: I don’t think that is a good idea!

I quickly said that Todd gave me a weird look i smiled

Todd: What the hell is going on?

Todd looked at a photo of me and Kulungile. He picked it up then showed his husband then looked at me

Todd: Is it because of him?

Ntsika: I don’t know why he is still dating that guy

Me: Guys please if you are not going to like my boyfriend we are going to have a problem!

Ntsika started laughing

Ntsika: Prince you are still confused!? Remember when we met you?

Todd: He was top! We showed him a good time! He became a versatile which is the best thing that ever happened to him!

He said giving me the look

Me: This is my life!

Ntsika: What are you doing with a Top guy? Are you happy being a bottom for him? From being a top to down to being fucked by this selfish dude?

Todd came to me and touched my abs

Todd: We made you happy

Me: Stop!

Ntsika: I am coming over!

Me: No! Let’s go to your place! We can’t do this here!

Todd chuckled

Todd: Welcome to Peace City baby

I looked away scratching my head.


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