We live in a very small but beautiful city called PEACE CITY. We heard that it was gay friendly and there are gay churches and pastors around so we thought you know what? Why don’t we move there and start afresh? Don’t get me wrong being gay in South Africa is not too bad but there is something about this city. Here you can hold hands with your man and everyone who passes by you will just smile instead of whispering and giving you funny stares. We wanted that. Since we have been married for so long we thought the only place we want to start a family has to be this place. I love how beautiful it is out here. I love the smell oh i forgot to mention that this city is a port town meaning it is near the sea now you cannot blame me for gushing over it. 

Anyway we just left the doctor’s office. Our surrogate went her way. We are planning to have a child together. She is already pregnant with our child. We are just happy because we wanted this so bad and we saved a lot of money to get at this point. It was not easy but we are happy that we are here and she is pregnant.

Ntsika: I think her husband should respect our time. For him to call her and ask her to come home while we are with the doctor is just disrespectful!

Me: They forget that we are paying them. I will call her and meet up with her later

Ntsika: Please do i mean i had to leave work we want to bond with our child and see if he is fine or not. The only place we can bond with our baby is if we have doctor’s appointment and that special time cannot be disturbed by a bored husband!

My husband is upset that we had to do everything quick with the check up because the husband called and asked her to come home. Maybe we shouldn’t have used a married woman. It looks like our plan to use someone who had a child before backfired on us.

Me: I remember when we met her she cried when we told her how much we were going to pay her

Ntsika: We are paying quota of a million because we really want to have our biological child and the amount we paid shows how much we want this. They have to respect us

Me: I am sure they respect us babe i mean this is Peace City. Everyone understands

Ntsika: Todd these people are not from here. They came here to work

Our surrogate husband is a garden boy. Our surrogate is selling vegies and fruits at the taxi rank. They really need this money.

Me: Communication is key babe. We are going to fix this. I will talk to her

He looked at me then chuckled and focused on the road

Me: Are you excited to see Nomgcwabe?

He smiled and looked at me again. He focused on the road

Ntsika: I know we both are

I chuckled then looked out of the window. Of course we are. Nomgcwabe is a friend of ours who just moved here today.


I am sure a few of you know me but for those who don’t know me here is a little background about me. I am a prince. I come from a royal family. My mother is a princess. She gave birth to me and my little brother out of the wedlock. The reason for me to move to Peace City is because of everything i hear from my friends about that city and because of my friends of course. It is easy for me to move because at a young age i didn’t pay much attention to being a prince because i knew somehow i was going to be a disgrace maybe not a disgrace to the family. Maybe disgrace is a strong word i just knew that i was never going to be acknowledged as a prince because of my sexuality but they accepted me and my sexuality. We know accepting is one thing but being seen as a man is another thing. I know they are not happy but because they love me they had to accept me. Them grooming my little brother just shows they don’t want me to be part of all that is happening at home because they know i will not end up with a woman so i decided to do everyone a favour. I left anything that involves me working with or for the family. I just want peace of mind. I got a job at Peace City and i am moving there with my boyfriend who is working for a firm that is not far from Peace city so he can drive back and forth every day. I am excited about the move and i hope my boyfriend is as excited as i am and i pray he kind of get along with my friends who are a married couple. I was speaking with my boyfriend. He is going to find me there.

Me: So have you packed yet?

Kulungile: Yes i think i will be on my way shortly

Me: Great 

Kulungile: And you? where… i am sorry i will have to call you later

He hung up

Me: Great! his mother or a sibling might’ve walked in on him! 

I threw my phone on the passenger seat then continued with my journey


When you live with family and you are in the closet your phone has to always stay locked

i think i will be on my way shortly

Me: Great 

Kulungile: And you? where… i am sorry i will have to call you later

He hung up

Me: Great! his mother or a sibling might’ve walked in on him! 

I threw my phone on the passenger seat then continued with my journey


When you live with family and you are in the closet your phone has to always stay locked when you speak on the phone with your partner make sure the door is locked. I cannot believe i forgot to do that.

Mama: Yehake Kulungile wacima iphone ndisongena kwenzekani? (Why did you drop the call when i walked in? what is going on?)

She said folding her arms. I smiled

Me: No! nothing mom! I just…

Mama: Andikufundiselanga ukuba ukhumshe xa uthetha nam! (i didn’t give you education so you could speak English when you speak to me)

I cleared my throat

Me: I am… i mean uxolo mama (sorry mom)

She smiled

Mama: Sowukulungele uhamba sana lwam? (are you ready to leave my baby?)

I smiled

Me: Ewe mama

Mama: Good and i hope when you come back you will be telling us good news

I looked away

Me: Look who is speaking English now

Mama: What was that?

I turned around

Me: No nothing…

She lost her smile i swallowed hard

Me: Okay i am sorry it’s just that you didn’t want me to speak English

She fixed my golf shirt

Mama: When mama speaks Xhosa we speak Xhosa okay?

Me: Ewe mama but i feel like you are speaking to an 8-year-old. I am a lawyer

Mama: You are not my lawyer! 

She went to my travel bag and lifted it up then put it down she then looked at me

Mama: Anyway i was saying when you come back i hope you will be telling us you met a beautiful girl 

I chuckled

Me: Right

I said looking away

Mama: What!? Your brother and your half brothers…

I turned around fast before she could finish! This is exhausting 

Me: They have children with different women all over South Africa! I know that because you keep reminding me every day! Mom i don’t want to have children i cannot support!

Mama: You are a lawyer! What are you talking about?

Me: The fact that you and father always tell me the same thing! it’s like you guys want me to sleep with multiple women to prove that i am a man!

Mama: I don’t know why you are so worked up! Just find one woman

Me: Why are you so bothered by my life!? Mom dad never supported me and my brother and the half-brothers you are telling me about. I am sure they went through the same and some of them he got them while he was with you! why are you trying to make me be like your ex!?

She looked at me fuming with anger

Mama: It is time for you to leave son!

Me: Goodbye mom

I picked up my luggage then attempted to walk out

Mama: I am not getting my goodbye kiss?

I exhaled then turned and looked at her. How do you kiss someone goodbye when she looks so angry and intimidating like this woman? I smiled then went to her. I kissed her cheek

Me: Take care mama

I leaned back to see her reaction. This woman is still looking angry no smile at all? I took my last luggage and did the walk of shame to the door. I headed to the front door passing the living room. I have to get out of here before she says another thing that will upset me. I put my bag in the trunk then closed and went to my door. I opened the door. I walked in then looked at my home for the last time. I started the engine and drove out. I guess you don’t blame me for moving out?

Me: That was intense.


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