~ Nomandla ~

I know my mother is shocked. I don’t have time to explain everything. I have to leave. Now that she knows everything. There is nothing preventing me from leaving. It’s time I leave this place and go as far away as possible. I don’t want to see Ellen. I was acting like a victim looking her in the eye while deep down I knew I wronged her. That woman is crazy. She might come here . I told mom everything from how it started and about the money and leaving. I can see she is disappointed but she is trying to be strong for me. 

Anyway I am packing my clothes. I am leaving and she is supportive. I am blessed to have a mother like her. Ryan called. He gave me the number of the guy who got me a place to stay . I am all packed up and ready to go . I looked at mom 

Me: I am sorry mom 

Mom: It’s done Nomandla. Go as long you will be safe wherever you are going 

Me: I thought you’d shout at me or something. You so calm but minutes ago you were angry asking me to tell you the truth   

Mom: I am your mother! I don’t want you to keep secrets from me! Tell me something even if it’s bad! I am your mother I won’t judge you. Yes I am disappointed in you for sleeping with a married man but what can we do now? There is a child involved and shouting at you won’t undo this! 

I hugged her 

Me: Enkosi mama 

She broke the hug. She took my bag 

Her: Go! 

Me: I will send you money when I arrive in Mthatha 

Mom: You will be out there in the world. You can’t be sending me money when you have no job! 

Me: We don’t keep secrets from each other anymore. When I am struggling. I will tell you so please let me help. Your salary is less than a thousand mom 

Her: There’s also your cousin money 

Me: Mom please 

Her: Okay please go! Before people of this village see you! L 

Me: Okay Baby 

I walked out with my bag. I looked at my house one more time 

Me: ………….

I am leaving my home for good. I am starting a new journey a journey I am scared of. This is not gonna be easy. I am scared but I have to do this. I can’t stand the humiliation and being judged by the people of this village. I hope mom will survive it. 

~ Lithakazi ~

“Litha! Litha! Litha! “ that was my grandma. I jumped up. I dozed off in her arms after I found out that mom died. This doesn’t make sense. My mom left for work. I woke up in hospital. This whole thing is confusing me I feel like I have been sleeping for years I don’t know what I will be without my mom. She is my everything. I don’t know life without her. I don’t know what I will be without her. Who is going to support me? I have nothing. I have no one.  

Me: Why did you wake me up grandma!!! 

Gran: You were crying. What was the dream about?  

I stood up. I started thinking. 

Gran: Do you remember anything my granddaughter? 

I looked at her 

Me: ………….

Grandma: It’s okay if you don…..

Me: I remember I just don’t know what it means…….

Her: What are you talking about baby?

I sat down. I looked at her 

Me: It’s like I was chasing someone who was running away from me with something that seemed so precious to me

Grandma brushed my back.  

Her: Maybe it’s losing your mother baby

Me: ………….

I don’t understand why I can’t remember my mother’s death. I need some answers and I won’t sit down until I find the answers. 

~ Ellen ~

As I am speaking to Londeka something came in my mind. I found this girl cleaning the bathroom. She’s done that before she never smelt of sex! I found my husband in the house. My husband don’t come to the house unless he was working and got sweaty. He slept with that girl! He is been doing it for a long time hasn’t he? 

Me: Oh my God I have been a fool 

Londeka: Ma’am?  

I looked at her 

Me: How long were you with your husband that day I arrived? 

Londeka looked away 

Me: Londeka!!! 

She looked at me 

Londeka: I am sorry Mrs Lawson. It was about 30 minutes :’

Me: He had sex with her while you were at the supermarket! 

Londeka: Mrs Lawson. I don’t think that’s what happened. Nomandla is a very respectful girl 

Me: She wasn’t so respectful to me! This answers everything! Her avoiding me every time I come back. Her sudden bad behaviour! 

Londeka: ………….

I sat down 

Me: My husband cheated on me with a black girl? A maid ……..? 

I took my handbag and my car keys. I stood up 

Londeka: Where are you going Mrs Lawson? 

Me: ………….

I am going to find out what is really happening but first I need to talk to my husband. He must tell me what is it that he was doing in the house two days ago at that time of the day.  

Ryan: Baby :D 

Me: Ryan what were you doing in the house that day I arrived? 

Him: Baby that is my house what do you mean? 

He said standing up. 

Me: I don’t have time to play Ryan! What were you doing in the house at that time of the day! L 

He looked at me. I could see he was thinking 

Him: I went to get some files in there 

Wow I hope I am not the only one who remembers what he said that day.  

Me: Do you know what you said that day? 

Him: If you remember what I said why are you as….

Me: You said you were working at hardware!  

Him: So you were testing me! You don’t tryst me! How do you expect me to remember everything Ellen? Yes I was! Then I thought I should go bath and take the file 

I opened the door. I walked out 

Me: Right 

I closed the door. I walked out. I am going to find Nomandla’s home not tomorrow not next week but at this minute! My husband cheated on me. He slept with that little slut. I won’t get the truth out of him but I will get it from that little innocent whore. I want her mother to see the disgusting girl she raised 


My marriage had ups and downs. I can’t believe I am about to say this but I will because it is the truth. I am glad we went through that because it made us stronger. We love each other more than before. Yes Ryan finally told me that he slept with that girl. Nobody knows where she went. Three months ago when I went to her house her mother said she took all her clothes and left. Nobody knows where she ran to even my husband. I am glad she is out of our lives for good. We found a nice girl. I trust her. She is working with Londeka. That girl is helping me find out where Nomandla ran to 

~ Mrs Xaba ~

What can I say? I get away with everything. I got away with everything I did three months ago. That little girl don’t remember nothing. She was so shocked when she was told Qaqambile has a wife. Speaking of my son. He doesn’t call me. His wife don’t come home unless My husband force her to. My relationship with them is not good at all. I am willing to give them time. I hope they will forgive me. About Fefekazi losing her job yes she reported me to My husband. I showed my husband my face. He saw she attacked me. He believed me over her. That bitch is unemployed. She doesn’t make a living. She must thank government for giving her grand for her three children. Nobody gets in my way and walk away unharmed. You wrong me I come for you. There’s nothing more to report about my life. I am still a teacher. We buried Nozazi everyone moved on. We forgot about her. I hope her daughter did too. 

~ Londeka ~

It has been a long three month. Mrs Lawson is convinced that Nomandla was having an affair with her husband. I am still lying in her face. Mrs Lawson trusts me so much. It is hard for me to lie to her. I don’t know for how long will I keep doing this for Nomandla. This woman took me in and changed my life. She doesn’t deserve this from me. I love Nomandla so much

she saved my life when my mother in law was trying to kill me. I can’t betray her. I betrayed Mrs Lawson by sleeping with her husband. One friend I haven’t betrayed is Nomandla and I want it to stay that way. I betrayed Mrs Lawson once. I have been looking her in the eyes all these months. I can keep this secret to. I am going to choose my friend over my employer. I hope it doesn’t backfire in future. My relationship with Qaqambile is amazing. The weekends I promised to spend in Qaqambile’s house I am spending them in Mthatha. He is not ashamed of me. I told him everything about me. He still loves me. I am so happy right now. And I am grateful to my mother in law for hating me. She really made us stronger she brought us closer to each other. I am 5 month pregnant now. Life is amazing. We are expecting a baby girl. My husband is very happy he can’t wait to be a dad. As for Nomandla? The last time I saw her was when I walked into her speaking to Mrs Lawson. I don’t know where she went. She changed her number and That makes me wonder if I am that important in her life like she is to me. You can’t disappear and not tell your friend. Mrs Lawson hired Lithakazi. I thought I was a snob that girl takes the cup. She undermines me. It’s like I found her here. She is close to Mrs Lawson more than me and I don’t like that a bit and I am scared of her because she is a witch. Mrs Lawson hasn’t been the same since this Nomandla drama. She doesn’t give me attention. Her favourite employee is Lithakazi. It’s Litha this Litha that. I want my husband to finish when he is done. I am going to stop working here. Things are not the same anymore. Nomandla ruined things for me. I just wish she could contact me. I miss her.  

~ Nomandla ~

I don’t know where to begin. I moved to Mthatha I was scared I didn’t know anyone here well I still don’t. I don’t really like people or should I say I am not good and socialising? Well you can decide which one because I don’t know. What I know is I am an introvert. I am in Varsity yes you heard right and I am 5 months Pregnant. Mr Lawson pulled some strings. I got accepted at WSU. I am following my dreams. I am a university student. I live in one of the most Expensive flats in town. My life is good right now. Mr Lawson makes sure he comes at least Three times a week but at night and leave in the morning around 4:30 so he can be home when the supermarket opens. Mthatha is not far from Mqamduli. We are good. He is very supportive. He supports me and my family. Life has been amazing. I haven’t contacted Londeka because I am scared. She must be manipulated by Ellen and tell her where I live. I can’t take that risk. I have seen Qaqambile around campus. We don’t go to the same campus though. I guess he went to visit a friend. I made sure he didn’t see me. I don’t want anyone to know where I am. They could ruin my life. I want a better life for me and my family. If Ellen would find out I would end up dropping out. I passed all my first tests. I mean I am not doing anything. I don’t have friends. I don’t do anything I just stay at home and go to classes. I wouldn’t have any reason for failing . I know what I came here for. I met a man who was was willing to make my dreams come through. I know sleeping with a married man is wrong and I have no excuse for doing it. I pray to God every night to forgive me even though I am still sleeping with the man. At least admitting to your wrongs count for something right?

~ Fefekazi ~

Things are very hard for me. Grant money is nothing when you have three children. I feel like I failed my children. My salary from the supermarket contributed a lot in my house. My two kids had pocket money all the time when they go to school now I don’t have nothing. I tried finding other small jobs no one wants to hire me. Nomboniso told everyone what I did. I am the talk of this village. No one wants to hire me. Wherever I go people are talking behind by back. I am a laugh of the village. Today I don’t have anything to cook for my children. Thobeka wants nothing to do with me. I can’t go ask for something to cook and she is act work. I was standing looking around my house 

Me: ………….

The door opened. My son walked in 

Him: molo mama :D 

I wiped my tears fast 

Me: Yes boy hello:D 

He threw his back pack on the chair. He ran to the pots. He opened each and everyone of them 

Me: ………….

He turned around. He looked at me 

Him: Mama I am hungry you didn’t cook? 

Cook what? We don’t have food. We finished the groceries. I don’t have a cent in my wallet. My kids are going to die of hunger.  

Me: I will be right back baby! 

I didn’t wait for him to say a thing. I slammed the door behind me. I leaned on it. I looked around 

Me: I should have done this a long time ago! 

I let go of the door. I headed to the Xaba house. Sanuse is acting like he doesn’t have a responsibility. I am hear sweating everyday trying to make a living. This is his fault as much as it is mine! He calls himself a man what kind of a man who don’t take a responsibility for his actions?  

I arrived at his house. I hit the door hard 

Me: ………….

The door opened. Sanuse is in live. His wife is at school.  

Sanuse: What are you doing here? What if my wife finds you here?  

Me: My children are hungry! We don’t have food to eat……! 

Him: Don’t you have a boyfriend!? My wife wil…..

Me: She is the reason I don’t have a job! 

Him: You assaulted my wife! This is your fault! Don’t ever set your foot in my house again do you hear me? 

With that said he attempted to slam the door in my face. I blocked it 

Me: Does Nomboniso know two of my youngest kids are yours? 

Sanuse: ………….

Me: Does she!!!!? 


               The End!


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