~ Qaqambile ~

I have been waiting for my mother. I saw her coming she turned the car around and went to Lithakazi’s house. I don’t know how and when they became friends. Just the other day. I saw mom on top of that poor woman with a knife now they visit each other like nothing happened? I am really angry at my mother. I am ashamed to call her my mother. She is a witch. I didn’t want to Mary Londeka but she is carrying my child. Even if she wasn’t she doesn’t deserve to die.  When she was planning to kill her did she think about her grandchild or she doesn’t care about my child? The days of listening to her are over. I am done being controlled by her. The dog died in front of the house. I want it to be the first thing she sees when she drives in. Speak of the devil. I heard her car. I walked out . She smiled 

Mom: ………….

Me: ………….

She stopped the car. She walked out of the car 

Mom: Good afternoon my boy 

I looked at her I shook my head. I walked in. I heard her high heels making noise coming in. I sat down 

Mom: I just greeted you! 

She threw her handbag on the couch. 

Me: Well it’s not a good afternoon to some of us L 

Her: Why is that? Is everything okay? Did that londeka girl do something to you? I swear I will get rid of he….

Me: What do mean when you say you will get rid of her mom?  

Mom: ………….

I stood up 

Me: What are you going to do? 

Mom: I will expose her for who she is! 

Me: Who is she? 

Her: I will convi………

Me: Shut up mom!!!!

Mom: Is that my boy raising his voice at his mama? 

Me: You will poison her right mom ? 

Mom: Oh my God! She is already turning you against me! 

Me: You tried to poison her at Dinner yesterday. She didn’t eat the food. When dad wanted her plate you slapped it! I feel so stupid that I didn’t notice this yesterday! 

Mom: That girl is lying Qaqambile! I swear to you! With that girl in this house. Our lives will never be the same  

Me: I wanted the coffee you made “ specially” for her 

I said creating brackets in the air 

Mom: ………….

Me: You ran out with it. You threw it away  

Mom: I didn’t run! You had your coffee 

I looked outside through the window 

Me: I watched Our dog lick the coffee on the grass 

Mom: ………….

I looked at her she removed her hands from her mouth. She tried to act strong.  

Me: I took a chair. I sat outside. I watched it die 

Mom: Oh My God 

Me: Dad’s dog is dead it ate something that was meant to kill my wife and my unborn child 

Mom: Baby please! Don’t tell your father. He will kick me out! Please my baby. I am so sorry. I promise I will not do it again

She went down on her knees crying 

Mom: He will divorce me baby

Me: Did you think about your grandson? 

Her: I was trying to protect you baby! I swear 

Me: Protect me from what? Londeka is not a monster mom! The monster here is you! And I hate you! 

Mom: Baby you don’t mean that 

Me: I mean it! I hate you! I hate how disrespectful you are to me and my choices ! Barging into my room like that! You respect my space! I am a man! 

Mom: Please don’t tell Londeka. That girl is going to tell my husband please my child please baby give your mother another chance

Me: She knows she is the one who opened my eyes. She is the one who told me these things 

She stood up 

Mom: You see she is trying to …..

Me: Mom! You did poison her! What do you suggest she should have done? Eat your poison and die?  

Mom: No

Me: She showed me the dog licking your coffee. She said if I don’t believe her I must watch that dog. I didn’t believe her. My mother is not a witch! She couldn’t do something so cruel and heartless! .I thought she was being paranoid L 

Mom: I am not a witch ba…

Me: Yeah right! Go throw that dog away. I am not going to do it  

Mom: Promise me you won’t tell your father

Me: I won’t L

Mom: Thank Y. ..

Me: Not yet 


Me: You don’t come to my room ever again! You don’t ask Londeka to go to the river. You do one of those things. I tell dad 

Mom: Thank you baby 

Me: L 

She ran out. She took a rope. I guess she is going to use it to pull the dog. This woman is a witch. I thought I could trust her but I was wrong! I don’t know my own mother. I don’t know the woman she gave birth to me. 

~ Nomandla ~

Right now I don’t care what happens. I am telling Mr Lawson about the pregnancy. I am scared I won’t lie but it has to be done. I can’t keep it from him forever. I am on my way to take the tray we left in the morning. I saw Thobeka looking at me. I sighed. I went to her. She is old but I am not going to keep quiet. I will confront her. I don’t like people gossiping about me. I don’t know she can’t mind her own business and leave me alone 

Thobeka: ………….

Me: It seems like I have to report to you every time I go to Mr Lawson’s office. We left a cup and a tray. I am came to fetch them 

Thobeka: What are you talking about girl? 

Me: Sis’Thobeka you are old I respect you and you and I we not friends. I know you think I am sleeping with Mr Lawson L

Thobeka: What?

Me: Don’t act surprised your friend asked Londeka the same thing you asked me 

She looked down 

Me: It’s not my fault your friend can’t do her job well. I went there to clean! 

Thobeka: I am sorry we were just curious :

Me: Don’t you think you should focus on what you paid to do and stop minding my business? 

Thobeka: Nomandla! 

Me: I wonder how will he feel when  I walk in that office crying saying two old women are accusing me of sleeping with him 

Thobeka: I need this job please don’t! 

Me: Londeka is pregnant she can’t do everything. You should ask before you  start gossiping  ! 

Thobeka: Not Gonna happen again! 

Me: I need my job too it would be really sad if Mrs Lawson would hear this and fire me 

Her: I know :

I walked away 

Me:  ………….

I knocked at the office. I opened the door. I walked in 

Lawson: Hey 

I closed the door. I leaned on it 

Me: I can’t stay people are starting to ask questions 

Him: What questions?

Me: They saw me yesterday. I had to lie and say I was cleaning that’s why I stayed long 

Him: okay I just mis…

Me: There is something I want to tell you

Him: What is it? 

I took out ClearBlue. It was in my apron pocket. I put it on his table. He took it and looked at it 

Me: ………….

He looked at me 

Him: You are pregnant baby? 

I sat down 

Me: Yes! How can we be so stupid! I work here I get pregnant with a white child. People are going to talk ! Why didn’t we use condom 

Him: I know please calm down! 

He took bottle of water. He gave it to me 

Him: Drink 

I took it. I drank half of it 

Him: I will make a plan. This is gonna be your last month working here 

Me: Are you firing me? 

Him: No! You won’t be at home either. Can you leave me I want to think I will call you when I thought this through okay? 

Me: Okay 

He stood up he took the tray. He gave it to me 

Him: Go before they get more suspicious

I attempted to turn around. He put both his hands on my shoulders. I looked at him 

Me: ………….

He leaned for a kiss. We kissed for few seconds. He broke it 

Him: I love you 

Me: I love you too 

He wiped my tears. He opened the door. I walked out. He closed it. I looked around 

Me: That went well 

I walked down. I looked at Thobeka 

Me: ………….

She looked down she continued with what she was doing. She is weighing things. Making bunches of potatoes onions and tomatoes so she watches everything that’s happening around here.  

~ Mr Lawson ~

My family is very racist. They don’t like black people at all. I grew up with that too. But as I became older and wiser as a business man. I got to know black people because I work with and around them everyday. I realised there was nothing wrong with them. But my family will never understand because they don’t want to give black people a chance. Imagine telling them I made a black girl pregnant. It would be a war. I love Nomandla. I want the best for her. I want her to go to school next year and further her studies. For now I want her to lie and say she is working on one of my businesses in mthatha. I have Shares at KFC but I don’t want her to work. I want her to just relax and focus on her pregnancy. My wife and I have been trying for another baby for a while but no luck. I can’t ask Nomandla to abort. I want another child. I want a baby boy. I am praying she gives me one. I stood up. I called someone. 

Him: Mr Lawson 

Me: Hey Jacob

but I don’t want her to work. I want her to just relax and focus on her pregnancy. My wife and I have been trying for another baby for a while but no luck. I can’t ask Nomandla to abort. I want another child. I want a baby boy. I am praying she gives me one. I stood up. I called someone. 

Him: Mr Lawson 

Me: Hey Jacob I need you to find me a flat to rent that has bathroom bedroom lounge and a kitchen 

Jacob: Here in Mthatha?  

Me: ………….

Him: Let me go online and check please hold on

Me: Alright 

I was walking around the room 

Him: There are beautiful flats but they are not in a good neighbourhood. They are big beautiful. This one has a toilet inside a shower in the bedroom. It’s neat. The kitchen and living room are in the same room but separate 

Me: That sounds good how much a month?  

Him: R5 000

Me: Is it available?

Him: Yes updated the information yesterday. It has a bed and furniture 

Me: I will send you money go pay for it immediately. The person is going to move in next month 

Him: The first payment is R6 000 R1000 they will get when they move out 

Me: No problem 

Jacob: Talk soon 

I hung up. I sat down 

Me: Ellen I am sorry sweetheart 

~ Mrs Xaba ~

I don’t know how to feel at this point. Londeka knows for sure I wanted her dead. How do I look at that girl. How do I face her everyday when she knows I wanted her dead? I don’t think she will ever want anything I cook. I don’t think she would eat my food. I am done trying to get rid if her. There is a lot to lose. What if it was my son or my husband who died of this poison? I am accepting Londeka as my daughter in law. I will try and love her as my own child but I have a problem. I need to deal with Nozazi first. God will have to forgive me on this one. My husband can’t find out about this. That woman and her daughter will make sure he knows that I tried to kill Londeka. 

Anyway I am pulling this dog to the forest crying. I loved my dog. I don’t know why I was so careless. I should have thrown the coffee in the toilet like I did with that food yesterday. “ Mistress! “ said a voice behind me. I turned around 

Me: Xilongo :

Him: Let me help you I see it’s heavy. What happened to it? 

Me: I don’t know it felt sick 

Xilongo: it was fine yesterday 

Me: Yes that’s why I am surprised I don’t know what killed it 

He walked away with it. I took out hundred rands note 

Me: Xilongo 

He turned around 

Him: Mistress?

Me: I want you to do something for me 

Him: Anything  What is that? 

Me: Nozazi will be at my house around 4pm. Make sure when she is at my house you take your knife wear a balaclava and go get Lithakazi’s phone for me J 

Him: Ey that’s easy mistress! But I need some weed you kn…. 

I took out the R100 rands. He snatched it from my hand he kissed it 

Him: Consider it done 

Me: Remember! Make sure you watch Nozazi leave then go to Lithakazi . When you get the phone go home. I will come get it okay ;) 

Him: Yes Mistress 

Me: You can pull the dog now off you go 

He walked away pulling it. I turned around. I looked at Nozazi’s house. She messed with the wrong woman. I am from Cofimvaba. I am going to finish with her. She will regret blackmailing me  

Me: Assignment two I will do it by myself at 4pm in my house 


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