~ Fefekazi ~

That son of a bitch was sleeping with me the whole December. He comes back now and at like I don’t exist? He doesn’t tell me he is back? I went to the toilet. I took out my phone. I called Sanuse.  

Sanuse: Fefekazi Make it fast I am at work  

Bastard! He doesn’t even say hi? 

Me: You are gone already!? 

Him: Gone? Gone where?  

Me: Bleomfontein! Isn’t Bleomfontein where you work? 

Him: I work in mthatha and I don’t appreciate your tone! You are not my wife!  

Me: Does she know you are sleeping with me?

Him: Was sleeping with you! not anymore! 

Me: The nerve! Are you breaking up wit…

I looked at my phone then put it back next to my ear 

Me: Sanuse? 

Sanuse:…… (tu tu tu)  

Me: ………….

He hung up on me. He met someone else. Now I don’t matter anymore. 

~ Nomandla ~

Qaqambile: Nomandla is that you ?

Nomandla: Yes she is shocked. What did you say to her? 

Qaqambile: Is she okay?  

Me: Yes she is fine are you okay Londy?  

Londeka: Tell him I am fine 

Qaqambile: I can hear her 

He hung up I sat next to Londeka 

Me: What is going on?  

Londeka: You remember the coffee I refused to drink? 

Me: Yes the one the dog licked from the grass ? 

Londeka: The dog is dead friend 

Me: No! This woman is a witch! I didn’t know educated people can be like this too?! 

Londeka: if I didn’t get that advise from you. I’d be dead right now  I owe you my life  

Me: You saved yourself I was not there. I am really happy you listened 

Her: …………. 

I feel sorry for her. I am just glad I got out of that drama on time. Mrs Xaba is a monster. This poor woman is going to die because she is not educated?  Wow that woman is crazy 

~ Lithakazi ~

My mom just arrived home. She is from school. I want to know what happened. Why is that Londeka girl still alive. Unfortunately I am not pregnant. That one is disappointing. But I am not worried. We have a recording. We are going to force her to get rid of Londeka then I am in. I will be Mrs Xaba and the only one. We will see if she will find a witch to kill me too 

Me: Mama did she tell you why she didn’t kill her? 

Mom put the left overs she got from school on the table. We won’t cook today. This is a lot of food.  

Her: She was avoiding me I could see that. Every time she saw me she walked the other way  

Me: That’s her driving to her house call her and tell her to turn the car around 

My mom took the phone. She called her 

Mom: Nomboniso we have a problem 


Mom: Just turn the car around and come! It’s an emergency! 

Me: J 

Mom hung up I saw the car turn around 

Me: ………….

Mom: She says she is on her way.  

Me: I am looking at her 

She will regret the day she beat me up 

~ Mrs Xaba ~

This is better be good because I am running out of options. A part of me wants to give up but if they have plan B for me I am open to that. The way I am so desperate I can do anything to see that girl gone. My son can’t be with any of them. I am really hoping they have something for me. This morning I was so sure she was gonna have that cup of coffee. I don’t know why I expected her to eat anything after what I did in the morning. If my husband would know I went to their room. He would kill me.  

Anyway I just arrived at Nozazi’s place. I got out of my car. I went to the house. 

Nozazi: You were avoiding me today 

Me: No

I was busy. So what do you have for me? 

They looked at each other. 

Me: What is it? 

Nozazi: You don’t have anything to tell us? 

Me: No 

Lithakazi: Wow 

Me: What is going on? 

Nozazi: “ Thank you she is dead! “ that’s what we want to hear! 

I sighed 

Me: She is very much alive. She is at work as we speak 

Lithakazi: You didn’t do it? 

Me: Nozazi why are we discussing this in front of the child? 

Lithakazi: So I wasn’t a child when you came here for help? 

Me: Your child is disrespectful! What happened to that little girl I taught aeIou!? 

Lithakazi: What you did to her at your house changed her! She has no respect for you! Now tell us what you did! 

Me: ………….

I am so shocked by how this girl speaks to me. I looked at her mother thinking she might say something 

Nozazi: Why is she alive!?  

Lithakazi: Why!? 

Me: There is something I don’t understand here? Why is it that you guys are the ones who are furious about this. I should be the angry one in this room?

Them: ………….

Me: Why? 

Nozazi: Nomboniso did you poison her?  

I sat down 

Me: That girl hates me! She doesn’t want my food! I am giving up! I am stopping all this! 

I stood up. I looked at them 

Me: Thanks but no thanks! I am done! I am accepting her as my daughter in law. Have a good day! 

I attempted to go to the door. Nozazi grabbed my arm. I turned around 

Me: ………….

Nozazi: You are not going anywhere!  

Me: Excuse me?

Am I missing something here? What did I do to them? Somebody tell me maybe I forgot. I don’t remember doing anything or maybe her poison can’t go to wastewhen you said you will kill you should do it?   I don’t know right now. I was just looking at them. They were not the friendly two I walked into. They are angry and ready to eat me alive  

Nozazi: You have a daughter in law and that Londeka girl is not one get rid of her so that you can be happy with your daughter in law 

I looked at her she was smiling. I looked at Lithakazi 

Lithakazi: ………….

Me: And who is this Daughter in law of mine? 

Lithakazi started playing with her braids. I looked at her mother 

Me: No! 

Nozazi: Yes 

Me: The reason I don’t want Londeka is the same why your daughter can be with my son! My son is going to marry a girl from the city! Educated city girl! Not your……

Nozazi: My what? 

I was moving backwards. She was approaching me

Me: Your daughter will never be my son’s wife ever! 

Nozazi looked at Lithakazi. Lithakazi took out her phone 

Nozazi: We will see about that. Hit it baby!  

Lithakazi: ………….

She started playing something on her phone. Oh my god. It’s my voice. These witches recorded me. I underestimated them!  

Me: ………….

Nozazi: Are you okay FRIEND? 

She said that with sarcasm. She knew I used her. She knew I was lying when I said we were friends. I didn’t know they are this smart. I have to make a drastic decision and I am afraid it won’t be good for them.  

Me: You used me! 

Nozazi: No FRIEND you came to us right? 

Lithakazi: And we grabbed the opportunity with both hands mama! 

Me: You bitc……

Nozazi: Watch it! You don’t want us to take this to Sanuse now do you? 

Me: Of course not! 

I was pacing up and down with my hands in my head. This is frustrating. I try my best to get my son a better future. I always fail. He always ends up with poor women!  

Nozazi: Can you stand still and stop walking around! You are making us dizzy

I have a plan. I stopped pacing up. I looked at them . I wiped my tears 

Me: I think I have a plan ladies Lithakazi is gonna be my daughter in law 

Lithakazi: ………….

Nozazi: What plan is that? 

Me: You Nozazi come to my house this afternoon when my husband arrives. We gonna keep talking about how well raised Lithakazi is and how she would make a good wife for my son. Then I will find a way to get rid of Londeka after that. He will not look anywhere else for a girl to marry our son. He will choose you hihihi  

I said playing with Lithakazi’s cheeks . She was giggling too. She looked at her mom

Her: I like it mama what do you think? 

Nozazi: Me too! I can’t wait to have dinner with you guys  

Me: Great! Let me go home! 

Nozazi: Bye 

I walked out I closed the door. Immediately when I walked out. I got rid of that fact smile . I went to my car. I started the engine.  

Me: We will see who will have the last laugh


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