~ Nomandla ~

I just arrived at work. I am not in the mood to work today. I don’t know why maybe it’s because of what happened in the morning at home. The vomiting I hope it stops soon. This is going to make my mom suspicious. I was smiling at everyone at supermarket heading to the house. It’s like everyone can see I am pregnant. I am so paranoid right now. If Londeka can see it. Who else noticed?  

I heard someone running behind me. I turned around 

Thobeka: Hey friend! 

Thobeka is a old lady I like her. She has been nice to me. I am surprised by what she calls me today. When did I became her friend?  

Me: Hi   

Her: You look good 

Me: Thank you 

Her: Yesterday you stayed for more than an hour in Mhlekazi’s office what were you doing there? 

Me: ………….

Oh no! they noticed? I have to make up a lie fast before I get in trouble. I looked at her 

Her: ………….

Me: Oh in the afternoon? 

Her: Hihihi yes 

Me: He asked me to clean the boxes in his office

Her: Oh you were dusting them ? 

Me: Yes 

Her: Okay dear. I thought maybe you got a bursary or something :D 

Me: I would love to get that but no. I never talked to him about my education. I am scared of that man 

Thobeka: Ain’t we all girl? See you later! 

Me: Later 

I turned around . 

Me: Oh boy 

I walked fast to the house. I opened the door. I walked in 

Me: Londy 

I was looking around. My phone rang. I looked at it. Its her 

Me: Girl! 

Londeka: Girl I am late but I am on my way now! 

Me: No problem  I will boil water right away 

Her: Thanks!  

She hung up. I thought about what just happened 

Me: ……. ?

People are getting suspicious. I am not going to that office without Londy ever again.   

~ Mrs Xaba ~

That girl knows I hate her. She will never eat my food. I am angry because I am running out of this poison and I am very anxious right now. I want her gone. I can’t have a bulldog like me in my house. I can see she feels at home in my house! She enjoys seeing me angry. She knows I want to poison her. It’s only a matter of time she tells my husband. And I don’t think she would hesitate to rat me to my husband. I think I need to stop this before anyone gets suspicious in my house. I don’t want to lose two important men in my life. I live for Qaqambile and Sanuse. I love them and I hate that Sanuse sees I am not the nicest person to people he sees I don’t treat them well . That is not a good thing for a husband to pick up. 

Me: ………….

“ are you okay Mrs Xaba? “ said a voice behind me. I was standing outside alone 

Me: Yes! I am great 

It’s my colleague 

Her: Are you sure?

I furiously walked to the toilets . Tears running down my face. I heard her heels. She is following me

Me: Just worried about mom she is always sick! When we heal this! Another thing comes 

Her: Oh honey we need to pray for her. So where is she? I can go with you to your home over the weekend 

I looked at her. 

Me: ………….

My mom is not sick! She is perfectly well

Me: She is not in Cofimvaba 

Her: Where is she? Don’t tell me your brother took her to  Cape town with him? 

Me: That’s it! She is there! My brother always take my mom! That’s why I am so emotional. I wish I could be there for her you know 

She hugged me 

Her: I know babe 

I rolled my eyes 

Me: ………….

I have serious problems! You know nothing! Can you put a bullet in my daughter in laws head? No! So you know nothing bitch!  

~ Narrated ~

We see Londeka running in everyone at supermarket were shocked to see her as makoti. Some were smiling some shocked. She ran to the house. She walked in. She was out of breath. She threw herself on the couch.

Nomandla came from the kitchen 

Nomandla: Wow! You look amazing Londeka! 

Londeka stood up. She just hugged Nomandla Nomandla was shocked by this 

Nomandla: Okay girl you are scaring me 

Londeka broke the hug 

Londeka: I have been horrible to you. You care so much about people but people treat you like trash. I am one of those people 

Nomandla: I thought we got over that? 

Londeka: When you warned me about My mother in law I thought you were jealous. To see you so happy for me. It Makes me……

She broke down 

Nomandla: Hey what is going on. What happened? 

Londeka wiped her tears fast 

Her: I will tell you everything but not now. Let’s go to the supermarket

Nomandla: Fix your face you don’t want to mess up your glowing face 

Londeka: Am I glowing?  

Nomandla: You are beautiful girl

Londeka: Can we be friends? 

Nomandla: I thought we were friends? 

Londeka: I am a bad person! I was pretending. From now on I have your back. All your secrets are safe with me

Nomandla: Thank you! Please take the muffins. I will carry the tray  

Londeka: Okay 

They headed to the office. They knocked and walked in 

Mr Lawson: Morning guys 

Londeka: Morning Mr Lawson  

Lawson looked at Nomandla 

Nomandla: ………….

He looked at londeka from head to toe 

Him: Wow congratulations Londeka. Did you tell Ellen about the good news

Londeka: I will call her today Mr Lawson 

Lawson: Thank you for breakfast 

Them: Pleasure Mr Lawson 

They went to the door 

Lawson: Nomandla a minute!  

Nomandla: When I come to take the tray please 

Him: Okay 

The walked out 

Londeka: Why did you do that ? :

Nomandla: Thobeka is suspicious. She saw me here yesterday. After we knocked off. I came to see Mr Lawson. She asked me why I stayed that long I said I Was cleaning 

 Londeka. They are so nosy you have to be careful  

Nomandla: Yea…..

“ Londy! “ they turned around. That’s Fefekazi running to them 

Londeka: Hey 

Fefekazi: can I have a minute with you? 

Nomandla: You will find me inside 

Londeka: ………….

Nomandla left londeka looked at Fefekazi waiting for her to talk

Fefekazi: Tell me

your colleague. What was she doing in Mr Lawson’s office alone yesterday? 

Londeka: She was cleaning I was late today I can’t afford to miss any more minutes of work Let me get back to work

Londeka walked away 

Fefekazi: Who is your husband?  

Londeka turned around 

Londeka: Qaqambile Xaba 

Fefekazi: ………….

Londeka walked away 

Fefekazi: Wai…..

Londeka was already disappeared 

Fefekazi: That means one thing right…..? 

Fefekazi was looking around 

Fefekazi: Sanuse didn’t tell me he was coming back. Nomboniso’s vagina is suddenly better than mine now!? 

“ You are sleeping with Sanuse? “ said a voice behind Fefekazi she turned around fast 

Fefekazi: ………….

Thobeka: ………….

Fefekazi: Londeka is hiding something I know it! She was very secretive! 

Thobeka: ………….

Fefekazi walked away fast before she is asked more questions 

Thobeka: …….. ? 

~ Londeka ~

Nomandla is right. These women are suspecting something. She must be careful from now on. Those women will tell Mrs Lawson. We are getting along pretty well now. I don’t want her to get fired. It would be sad to see her go. She is a nice person. It took me a long time to see that. I just told Nomandla everything that’s happening in my house. When I say my house I mean The Xaba house. She is shocked to hear these things 

Nomandla: She is going to kill you. What are you gonna do? 

Me: I will talk to Tata I will tell him. I will stay in my flat weekdays when Qaqambile is gone then go home over the weekends 

Nomandla: And my house is very close to yours. Come eat at my house 

Me: You are right! I don’t know why I didn’t think that yesterday. I was really hungry 

Nomandla: You are welcome anytime 

I looked away 

Me: ………….

I can’t say I am not worried this is risky. I just hope that dog dies because if it don’t Qaqambile is going to hate me more. He will think I am trying to mess things up between him and his mother 

Me: ………….

Nomandla: It’s okay 

Me: I am scar…..

My phone rang. I took it. It’s Qaqambile. I answered fast 

Me: Baby? :

Qaqambile: ………

I heard hiccups. Is he crying 

Me: Baby are you okay?  

Nomandla: ………….

Qaqambile: Baby I am sorry I didn’t believe you the dog is dead! 

I let go of the phone Nomandla ran to it. She picked it up. I searched for the couch. I sat down 

Nomandla: What is it?

She looked at my phone 

Nomandla: Qaqambile are you still there?

Me: …………. 


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