~ Nomandla ~

It’s six in the morning. When I opened my eyes I felt like throwing up I ran out and threw up behind the house. I let all out. My stomach was left empty. I went back to my room. I took water I cleaned myself. I went to my handbag. I took it. I looked at my cousin brother. He is still asleep. I took out the clearBlue pregnancy tester. I have to test now. I need to know. I put it in a pocket of my gown that I bought in town yesterday. I walked to the toilet. We have a toilet outside. It was built by the government. I got in. I peed. And waited in there for five minutes. 

Me: :’( 

I am scared I am not ready for this. I took it. I looked at it 

Me: Positive 

I looked up. With my eyes closed. I searched for my pocket. I took out my phone. I dialled Mr  Lawson’s  number. It rang. He answered in 3rd ring 

Him: sweetheart 

Me:….. ………….

Him: Baby are you there?  

Me: Yes 

Him: What’s on your mind?  

Me: I love you I just wanted to say I love you 

Him: I love you too and I can’t wait to see you Today 

I wiped my tears 

Me: Me too

Him: See you later 

I hung up . I can’t tell him what if he leaves me. What if he asks me to abort then move to another girl. What if I abort then abortion goes wrong. I need to go to college. I have to be successful. My family is looking up to me. I am the only person who can change our way of living. 

Me: ………….

Even if he agrees to support me. How long will I hide my baby daddy for? I have a coloured kid in my stomach. I put the clearBlue back in my pocket. I walked out of the toilet wiping my tears   

Me: ………….

~ Londeka ~

What can I say about last night? Last night was the night my mother in law wanted me dead. Yes I am wearing the clothes Mr Xaba Bought me. I slept hungry last night. I couldn’t eat. I don’t trust this woman. I don’t trust even her water. I am just happy that at Lawson’s house we are allowed to have whatever we want to eat. I will eat there and come here to sleep. I don’t trust my mother in law. I slept in Qaqambile’s room. His father insisted that we sleep in the same room. He looked the other way for about an hour. I felt him touching me. He can’t stop loving me because of what I did. Lying can’t change how he feels his feeling for me can’t disappear over night. We made love. I think we are good. I hope he won’t change during the day when he speaks to that monster he calls mother. We heard a loud knock at the door.  

Qaqambile: Go away! 

Me: Hihihi 

He pulled me closer to him and cuddled me 

Me: ………….

I heard footsteps. The person was walking away. I looked at my husband. His eyes were closed. I laid my head on his chest 

Me: ………….

I can’t believe this. He still loves me. He wants to be with me. I am so blessed. I never thought I would be married right now with a child on the way. I heard our keys fall from the door. I looked at the door 

Me: ………….

The door opened I was still in his arms. It’s mother in law . I can’t believe she went to take her own keys 

Me: Mama?

Her: Hey! I am not your mother! 

Qaqambile stood up 

Him: What are you doing here mom!? 

She looked at him 

Mom: You hypocrite! You are all over her! Didn’t you say you don’t want to marry her? You have your arms all around her tiny body !!! 

I stood up I started dressing up while they are exchanging words. I don’t need this drama. This is a mad house.  

Qaqambile: So dad is gone to work that’s why you come to my room and do as you please? L 

She looked at me. 

Her: Go fetch water from the river ! 

Qaqambile: What? Mom we have two Jojo tanks here! 

Mom: Qaqambile makoti wakes up in the morning and go fetch water from the river! We are not in the city here! 

Qaqambile: But.. 

Me: It’s fine baby I will go

Mom: Don’t baby my son !!! 

Qaqambile: Mom ! 

I walked out. I went to the kitchen. I took a bucket. I saw Qaqambile coming in with his mom. 

Him: How do you expect her to get there. She doesn’t know the river! 

Mom: Look darling 

I looked where she was showing me. I saw women going to the river 

Her: Follow those women 

Me: Okay Mama 

Her: ………….

I went pass her 


I walked out 

Her: Fix your doek! You look like an old drunkard lady!!!! 

She yelled inside 

Me: Fuck you bitch! 

~ Lithakazi ~

It’s early in the morning I usually wake up at 10 am because I have nothing to do but today I had to wake up at 6 because I needed to take a pee so bad. I sat down and did my thing. I stood up and saw a stranger going to the river. 

Me: So they really made you his wife heh?  

I pulled up my underwear. “ nice ass baby! “ I turned around its some Nyaope guy in our village. His name is Xilongo 

Me: Hey go to hell wena Xilongo! What do you know about ass! 

Xilongo: ………….

I went to my mother’s room. I barged in 

Mom: Why don’t you knock? 

Me: How long does your poison take to kill? 

Mom: 1 hour to 2hours why?

I sat on her bed 

Me: ………….

Mom: What is it baby?  

Me: She didn’t kill her ma

Mom: What? How do you know that?

Me: Because that pretty girl is dressed up! She is going to the river to fetch water! She is his wife mama! 

Mom: Then why are you crying? You forgot what we have? 

I stood up 

Me: Mama! I am nobody’s second wife!!

Mom: Baby I am sure something happened. I trust Nomboniso. She is going to make a plan and get rid of that girl. You need to be patient okay! 

I wiped my tears 

Me: Let me go to the river. I will come back wash and go to the clinic 

Mom: That’s my girl 

I walked out. I took the bucket. I ran to the river. I saw her coming back alone. She was approaching me. I didn’t move. She moved. I went to her direction. She took another one. I did the same. She stopped 

Her: Girl are you okay? 

Me: What do you want from my Qaqambile? 

She started laughing 

Her: What? 

Me: Qaqambile is mine! Leave him! He is going to marry me! 

Her: Listen here Farm girl and li….

I pushed her bucket. It fell

Me: What did you just call me?

Her: A rural ratchet girl! 

I attempted to slap her 

Her: I would like to see you try

I lowered my hand looks like I met my match here. She is pretty but can be scary when she is angry 

Me: ………….

She took her bucket. She walked home

Me: I think she is better dead. I can’t have her for a sister wife 

I was talking alone.  I took my bucket

looks like I met my match here. She is pretty but can be scary when she is angry 

Me: ………….

She took her bucket. She walked home

Me: I think she is better dead. I can’t have her for a sister wife 

I was talking alone.  I took my bucket I headed to the river 

Me: She is strong 

~ Qaqambile ~

I had to follow Londeka. She is new here I don’t want her to get lost on her way to the river. She can’t get lost on her way back because this is a rural place. Houses are far from each other she can find her way home . I am just worried she won’t find her way to the river 

Me: Wait? 

She is coming back the bucket is empty. I shook my head laughing 

Me: Mama don’t send East London girl to the river again 

I got to her she looked angry 

Me: What is wrong baby? 

Londeka: Your girlfriend pushed my bucket after asking me to leave you 

Me: Nomandla is my ex not my girlfriend

Her: Another girlfriend! She has braids! Dirty braids 

I put my hands in my head 

Me: Lithakazi! 

Londeka: What is she to you? 

Me: I fucked her a few times I don….

Londeka: Oh my God! You are a whore! 

Me: I know! That’s why I think we shouldn’t be together! We shouldn’t be married 

Londeka: Wait right there smart pants. I love you! I am not going anywhere! I thought last night meant something to you! 

Me: it did come on. Let’s go back to the river we can’t fight on the streets 

She lead the way 

Her: I see no street here! 

Me: ………….

We saw Lithakazi coming back 

Me: I am going to Deal with this bitch 

Lithakazi: Hey boo 

Me: What did you do to my wife? 

Lithakazi: wife ?  

Me: I asked you a question 

Lithakazi: I did nothing 

Londeka pushed her bucket 

Lithakazi: What the fuck? 

Londeka: That was nothing let’s go baby  

Me: ………….

We got to the river. We she filled her bucket. We headed home. We got home mom was dressed up for school. I helped Londeka with a bucket.  

Mom: Daughter in law I made you coffee 

Me: That’s very nice of you mama…

Her: ………….

Me: But  I don’t do coffee 

Her: ………….

Me: ………….

Her: Okay let me throw it away then 

Qaqambile: Let me have it mom :

Mom: Your coffee is on the kitchen table! 

She walked out more like running out she came back. She washed the glass. 

Her: I am going to work

She walked out. I looked outside through the window. I saw their dog licking the grass I guess that’s where she threw the coffee

Qaqambile: Mama is upset 

I looked at him 

Me: Why? 

Qaqambile: You don’t want to eat anything she makes! She is trying you know! 

Me: Then Why everything she makes for me is always thrown away if I don’t want it? First it was your dad he wanted to eat my food your mom jumped up and slapped the plate! 

Him: Are you trying to say my mom is trying to poison you? That was a mistake! Do you think she wants you dead? L 

Me: What do you think Qaqambile? You wanted my coffee. She ran out and threw it away! 

I grabbed his arm . We went to the window 

Me: You see that dog?  

Him: What about it? 

Me: It’s licking the coffee from the grass I am going to shower now and leave… 

Him: ………….

I looked at him 

Me: Let’s see if that dog will be alive when I come back from work

Qaqambile: ………….

I tapped his shoulder. I walked away 


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