~ Qaqambile ~

It looks like dad get along with Londeka. I left them and headed to the kitchen to check if mom is okay. She was crying. I don’t know what is wrong with her. I can’t believe dad went and bought those things without speaking to me. I fail to understand this man. 

Me: Mom are you okay?  

She stood up wiping her tears. She walked to the pots she opened the first one and hit the lid on the pot. She went to another and did the same thing. 

Me: Mom can I see your nail?  

Her: What nail? My nails are short! 

Me: ………….

She looked at me 

Me: ………….

Mom: I can’t believe you agreed to marry her! 

Me: I had no choice. Do you want me to quit school? 

Her: No! 

She opened the fourth pot then closed it 

Me: That was the only choice I had 

Mom: Have you ever heard of condoms ? 

Me: It’s done mom! You can’t lecture me about that now! 

Mom: I don’t know when is your father leaving! But I promise you one thing. You deserve a hiding! 

“ I am transferred to Mthatha you know what that means right?  “ said dad coming in 

Mom: You are back for good? 

Dad kissed my mom’s cheek 

Him: Yes sweetheart  I will travel to Mthatha every morning. Isn’t that great? 

I looked at mom 

Me: ………….

Mom: I guess it is 

Dad: ………….

Me: ………….

Dad: I am proud of you son. I hope your mother is too 

Mom: ………….

Dad walked out 

Mom: ………….

~ Nomandla ~

Me: Mom Lithakazi is so confident that Qaqambile is gonna marry her 

Mom: She said that?

Me: Yes she said she is going to be his wife soon 

Mom: Maybe after finding out the truth about that girl. They decided to give her a try 

Me: Good luck to her 

Mom: Are you okay about this?  

Me: Yes I am no longer with him

Mom: I don’t understand you children of today. She is your friend what is she doing with your ex?  

Me: I don’t know mom let me go to my room 

She clapped once. I walked out. Opened the door “ Nomandla “ said a familiar voice behind me. I turned around 

Me: Qaqambile what do you want here? 

Him: I need to speak to you please!  

Me: I have nothing to say to you! 

I walked in. I attempted to close the door. He blocked it 

Him: Just two minutes! 

I opened the door 

Me: Talk! 

Him: Please talk to Londeka for me? 

Me: Is this about my work? 

Him: It’s about me i…..

Me: Londeka and I don’t talk about our personal stuff. We talk about dishes! Coffee cleanin…

Him: This is not a joke!

Me: Who is laughing? 

He breath in and out. I folded my arms. He walked around the room.  

Him: I would rather be married to you than to tha

Me: Wait! Don’t you dare involve me in your mess! I don’t want you! I don’t like your mother she doesn’t like me! And I feel sorry for whoever you gonna marry because she will be marrying a mama’s boy who will be following whatever his mother tells him!  

Qaqambile: I didn’t come here to be insulted 

Me: You came for help you are not getting it from me. You are sleeping with my friend and my colleague now you come here for advice? 

Him: Mxm!

He walked to the door. He opened it.  

Me: Londeka is a beautiful girl. Congratulations 

He slammed the door behind him

Me: ………….

~ Lithakazi ~

I am on my way to Nomandla. I want her to borrow me some money. I am going to the clinic tomorrow. I saw Qaqambile coming out of her room.  


So they are still sleeping together!? That bitch is always acting like she is God. She is a slut!  

Me: Qaqambile 

Him: Lithakazi 

Me: Are you sleeping with her? 

Him: Who? 

Me: Nomandla! I saw you coming out of her room 

Him: Not everyone is like you. She doesn’t throw herself to men.we are not dating she doesn’t sleep with people she is not with I can’t say the same about you though 

He walked away 

Me: Mxm 

I clicked my Tongue. I walked to her home. I knocked once. The door opened

Nomandla: Qaqambile I said no……..oh it’s you 

Me: What did he want? 

Nomandla: It doesn’t concern you! 

Me: You are sleeping with him! 

Nomandla: I would never sleep with him even if I wanted to 

Me: Why is that?  

Her: He slept with you you are my friend well…..

She said down 

Nomandla: I thought you were! 

Me: ………….

Nomandla: I don’t sleep with people who sleep with my friends 

Me: What did he want then? 

Her: He asked me to talk to Londeka for him 

I sat down I looked at her 

Me: About what? 

Her: He doesn’t want to marry her I guess his dad is forcing him to 

I stood up this can’t happen. He can’t marry her 

Me: He can’t marry her! 

Nomandla: I thought you were soon to be his wife? 

Me: That’s how it suppose to be! 

Nomandla’s phone rang 

Nomandla: It’s her please don’t speak 

Me: Okay 

Nomandla: Londy? 

Londeka: Tomorrow I will be Mrs Xaba!  

Me: L 

Nomandla: What? 

Londeka: After this dinner we are about to have. I will wear makoti clothes ! 

Nomandla: Congratulations! 

Londeka: thanks and Later!  

Nomandla looked at me 

Nomandla: It looks like you will be the second wife 

Me: Please help Qaqambile 

Her: I told him I can’t 

Me: Please

Nomandla: She is carrying his baby she deserves to be his wife!  

Me: What about me! I am your friend! 

Nomandla: Friendship didn’t stop you from sleeping with my ex! Don’t play that card with me. Go fix your mess

that’s what I told your boyfriend! You love each other right! ? 

Me: ………….

Nomandla: Right!? L 

Me: Yes! Of course he loves me! 

Nomandla: You will find a way to get back together. You don’t need my help 

Me: You are useless! 

Nomandla: Leave

I walked out. She slammed the door. I wish I knew how to send lightening! I swear I would start with her then that Londeka!. I can’t poison Nomandla ! I know she would never eat my food. Mom’s witchcraft is weak. She only has poison. Not everyone want to eat our food. 

~ Narrated ~

At Xaba’s house. We see Nomboniso walking around in the kitchen with an aromat container in her hand everyone is sitting in the dining table waiting for the food. She dished up on the kitchen table after that. She picked up her phone. She dialled a number 

Nomboniso: ………….

Lithakazi arrives at home she finds her mother sitting down with her phone in her hand. She was waiting for the update from Mrs Xaba 

Lithakazi: And?  

Nozazi stood up she went to the window. She opened the curtains. She looked at Mrs Xaba’s house.  

Nozazi: Amagqobhoka ayitya nini dinner?

Lithakazi walked to her mother she also looked at Xaba’s house 

Lithakazi: Rich people eat at six mom 

Nozazi looked at Lithakazi 

Nozazi: I would be hungry by 9pm 

Lithakazi: Hihihi  Me too mama 

Nozazi looked at her phone 

Nozazi: It’s almost time 

She was pacing up and down hitting her head with her cellphone. She looked curious nervous and worried 

Lithakazi: Anything can happen tonight you know that right? 

Nozazi: Tell me something I don’t know 

Lithakazi: We should murder Nomandla 

Nozazi looked at her daughter then on thin air shaking her head in disbelief 

Nozazi: You think I never tried? 

Lithakazi: You have?

Nozazi: That girl is strong. She doesn’t like everyone. It’s not easy to send things to her

Lithakazi looked disappointed she sat down 

Lithakazi: Londeka is going to be their daughter in law after dinner  

Nozazi: How do you know that!? 

Lithakazi: She call……

Nozazi’s phone rang. Lithakazi jumped up 

Lithakazi: Who is it? 

Nozazi: It’s her

Nomboniso: Answer! Answer! 

She was walking around the kitchen waiting for Nozazi to pick up the phone. 

Nozazi: Is it done ?

Nomboniso: No! I need instructions! 

Nozazi: What is that?  

Nomboniso looked around then focused on the phone 

Nomboniso: Lisetyenziswa njani!!!

Nozazi: Oh! Just pour it in her plate! 

Nomboniso: All of it!? 

Nozazi: Half of it in case you mess up!  

Nomboniso lowered her phone. She looked in the living room. She was watching her husband son and soon to be daughter in law talking and laughing  

Nomboniso: It’s now or never! 

She put four plates in a tray. She poured the poison in Londeka’s plate. She breath in and out 

Nomboniso: :’( 

She wiped her tears 

Nomboniso: This is it!   

She walked to the living room she headed to the dinning table.  

Nomboniso: Dinner is ready 

Sanuse: Oh?

Nomboniso: Yes honey 

She started giving them their plates 


~ Londeka ~

This woman is focusing on my plate. She looks nervous. Nomandla’s words played in my head . “ Be careful. That woman will never accept you. You are a maid! “ I felt a tear. I quickly wiped it 

Tata: We usually dish here on the dinning table what changed? 

He said digging in

Nomboniso: I wanted us to see each other when we talk we have a new addiction to the family besides Bringing everything here gives me a lot of work 

Tata: You are right my wife

Tata looked at me 

Him: Your food is getting cold my daughter is law 

I can’t eat this food . I put my hand on my mouth pretending to be holding back vomit

Tata: Are you okay? 

Me: My baby don’t like some type of food tata 

Nomboniso gave me intimidating look

Nomboniso: ………….

Me: ………….

Nomboniso: Try it darling it’s delicious 

Tata: my wife is a good cook 

Me: No it will come up let me just drink water

Tata: More food for me then 

He took my plate Nomboniso jumped up Nomboniso: I am thirsty 

She reached for the juice she slapped the plate it fell on the floor and broke 

Tata: What are you doing? 

Nomboniso ran to the broken plate 

Her: Sorry baby I was taking juice. There’s more food in the kitchen I will dish for you when you are done with this one!

Tata: Okay 

Nomboniso: I am so clumsy hihihi :

She looked at me 

Nomboniso: ………….

Me: …….. ? 

This woman wanted to kill me!  

Tata: You are missing out makoti 

Me: Hihihi it’s okay Tata 


Me: ………….


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