~ Narrated ~

It’s closing time at the supermarket. Two female workers are walking on the tar road heading home.  

Lady1: Did you see Nomandla today? 

Lady2: No I only saw Londeka taking coffee to Mhlekazi alone which is strange why? 

The other lady kept quit. She focused on the road 

Her: She came to work at twelve looking all good like she was going somewhere. She didn’t spend more time at the apartment. She went to mhlekazi’s office and stayed there for more than an hour L 

Lady2: What? Why would she spend so much time with uMhlekazi? She has been working here for like…….? .

Lady1: A month or two we’ve been here for years but we fear that man like we started yesterday 

Lady2: Do you think there is something happening between them?

Lady1: Without a doubt I mean even her getting that job it was questionable! The Lawsons bring people from those fancy big towns to come and work at their apartment. We are only working in that dusty supermarket what is special about her? She grew up in front of our eyes poor like us! That girl is sleeping with him 

Lady2: Fefekazi those are serious allegations! 

Fefekazi: I am telling you Thobeka ! 

They continued with their journey 

Thobeka: You know what? Nomandla likes me……. 

Fefekazi: Londeka likes me. Tomorrow You go ask Nomandla about her long visit in his office. I will ask Londeka J 

Thobeka: Okay but I still think we are wrong about this

Fefekazi: We are just asking we are not accusing anyone 

Thobeka: Okay 

~ Nozazi ~

Lithakazi: So mom now that we have this recording what’s the plan? 

Me: Obvious by tomorrow that Londeka girl will be dead 

Lithakazi: ………….

Me: I want you to go test if you are pregnant we are going there to announce the pregnancy. Sanuse will be happy and suggest marriage. That bitch I call a friend will fight this…

Lithakazi: She will 

Me: That’s where this recording comes in 

Lithakazi: I am listening Mama 

Me: I will force her to accept you if she don’t want to I tell everyone about what she did 

Lithakazi: Let me go fetch water! I can’t wait for this !

She took a bucket. She walked out . It’s good to see my daughter so happy 

Me: ………….

~ Nomandla ~

We just finished eating. It’s good to see my mom back to her old self. I hate the look she has been giving me lately. Today I decided to cook for them they loved the food. I washed the dishes after eating . Now I am going to fetch water. I am lazy but I am pushing myself because I don’t want her to think I am pregnant but sooner or later I have to use that clearBlue in my handbag the lady at that pharmacy advanced me to get this pregnancy tester they say it’s new it tells you how many months or weeks. I have to know if I am really pregnant so I can plan my future. 

Mom: Ain’t you tired? 

Me: I want to go now I might wake up lazy in the morning 

Her: Okay

I walked out and headed to the river. I saw someone at the river. 

Me: I wonder who that is 

I said to myself. The person stood up. It’s the girl I used to call friend. She put her bucket in her head. She approached me 

Lithakazi: If it’s not the ex 

Me: And Who is the current? 

I will smile

I am not letting her get to me. She rolled her eyes  

Her: You mean the soon to be wife? 

Me: Yes who is she?

Her: You are looking at her hihihi 

She walked away giggling 

Me: Interesting 

I shook my head I walked to the river 

~ Londeka ~

We were still standing shocked by what Mr Xaba had on his hands well I was not shocked I was excited! This is my kind of a man. A man of action. I think I will get along with my father in law. This man is really fond of me. I thought he would hate me for what I did but no he doesn’t. I think they didn’t tell him what I did. This woman said she would persuade him to hate me did she mean telling him about what I did to this family? What if he changes his mind and hate me? I can’t celebrate just yet.  

Me: ………….

Nomboniso: Sanuse when did you buy these? 

He had the “makoti” attire. He had beautiful new sishweshwe clothes a mini blanket and black tekkies on his hands 

Tata: I bought these today when you went to work. I decided to go to the supermarket in their clothing shop. I saw these :D 

He looked at Qaqambile 

Him: My son is going to be a father this baby can’t be Umgqakhwe (a bastard) to a strange family don’t you agree son? 

Qaqambile shook his head I saw a tear drop on his felt eye . Nomboniso looked at him she gave him a “ don’t your dare “ look 

Nomboniso: ………….

Qaqambile: Dad I don’t want to get married 

Me: ………….

That’s disappointing but expected. Nomboniso looked away smiling

Her:  ………….

Tata: What did you just say boy?

Qaqambile moved backwards 

Qaqambile: I am young dad I can’t get married I am not ready 

Nomboniso: Tak’aQaqi he is righ…… 

He gave her a hand 

Tata: What’s that smell? Are we gonna eat burnt meal tonight? 

Nomboniso: ………….

She ran to the kitchen to check on her pots. She is really scared of her man 

Me: ………….

Sanuse looked at his son 

Tata: You say you are young? 

Qaqambile swallowed hard. I was next to the door. This man is going to run out. I closed the door 

Me: ………….

Tata: Good makoti 

Me: ………….

Qaqambile gave me death stare 

Tata: Did you think of that when you had unprotected sex? 

Him: No dad 

Tata: After dinner this girl wears these or you take everything that belongs to you and leave my house for good!  

Qaqambile: What!? 

He put the clothes on the couch. He took his phone 

Tata: Or My brother can get you a job in the mines you are a man now you know how to produce a human being. So son what is it gonna be…..? 

Qaqambile: i……. 

Tata: You marry this girl we become a big happy family or You leave my house. I never see you again or You quit school go work underground and support your child!...... See? You have so many options 

Qaqambile: ………….

Tata: Choose son? 

Me: ………….

Qaqambile looked at me 

Him: ………….

Me: ………….

I was crying and excited at the same time. This is tough for him. The only easy way out is being with me and I couldn’t be happier

Tata: Son? 

He looked at his dad

Qaqambile: I will marry her dad

“ Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!! “ said Mrs Xaba in the kitchen we all looked at the kitchen 

Tata: Nomboniso! are you Okay?

Nomboniso: Yes Tak’aQaqi. It’s just that…

Tata: It’s just what woman!?

Nomboniso: My nail broke 

Tata: Mmhmm 

I looked on thin air 

Me: ………….


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