~ Nomboniso ~

Nozazi: ……….

Lithakazi folded her arms on her chest. She looked angry as well. 

Her: What is this woman saying to you mother? 

Nozazi: That I am a witch! 

Me: No guys hihihi I have rats in my house I want something that I can use to kill them 

Nozazi: Oh hihihi no we don’t have it 


Me: Okay yhu! Your minds are fast girls 

Nozazi: I am sorry friend we thought you mean the other poison 

Me: Hihihi I am a bible woman. I would never kill.  Stay with god guys 

Lithakazi: Bye

Nozazi: You go with him too 

I walked out. I closed the door. I leaned on the door then whispered  

Me: That’s exactly what I wanted a poison

~ Londeka ~

I am on my way to Mr lawson’s office. It’s tea time and Nomandla is not here. I don’t know why she didn’t tell me she wasn’t coming to work. I won’t even call her. I knocked at the door then went in 

Me: Morning Mr Lawson 

Him: Good day please put it over there

Me: Okay Mr Lawson Nomandla is……

Him: Let’s talk about you how are you feeling today?  

Me: Good Mr Lawson  

Him: You are excused Londeka  

I walked out 

Me: Okay? 

Does he know where she is?  

~ Nomandla ~

I am in town. I did what I came here to do. I decided to save R7 000 rands of the money. I bought myself a few clothes I bought my cousin some clothes too and flat shoes for mom. I bought a few groceries we ran out of. I can’t go to work with these things. I have to go home first and leave these. The taxi passed the supermarket. I paid the taxi . He dropped me at my stop. I walked home. Thank God I didn’t meet any of the noisy neighbours. I left everything in my room. I took groceries to the kitchen. I locked then headed to work. I arrived at work. I went straight to the house. I opened the door. It’s so hot today. I just want to sit down 

Me: Hey girl 

Londeka: You are late! 

I sat down.  

Me: Londeka it’s 12 pm in the afternoon. Yes I am late. Don’t tell me what I know. I went to town L 

Her: In work hours ?  

Me: Yesterday you collapsed. You were given afternoon off. I was not feeling well. I went to the doctor! L 

Her: Okay how are you feeling? 

Me: Thirsty please get me water or juice 

Her: Girl you act like you are the one pregnant 

I don’t know why they remind me about this all the time. I bought the test. It’s in my handbag. I am not ready to take the test.

She went to the fridge. She took out orange juice. She poured me a glass. She came to the living room.  

Me: Thank You

Her: Guess what? 

Me: what?   

Her: Baby daddy called I am invited to dinner this evening 

Me:…….. ?  

I sipped on my juice. I looked at her. Mrs Xaba invites a maid not just a maid. A maid who make her look like a fool? Something is definitely up. I have been neighbours with them all my life.  

Her: What is it? 

Me: They know about your pregnancy ? 

Her: I told him yesterday 

Me: And? 

Her: He was mad at me for lying to him. He came to fetch the ring I didn’t give him. He can’t do that to me!  L 

Me: Sorry 

Her: Don’t be 

Me: ………..

Him: Now they are inviting me to dinner 

Me: Londeka that family will never accept you 

Her: Oh please! You are jealous!  

Me: They came to fetch the ring because you are not what they thought you were! What changed their mind! 

Her: His father wants to see me 

I didn’t know he is back. This is Tat’uSanuse’s idea. I knew Mrs Xaba would never invite her.  

Me: Oh I get it now. It’s not Mrs Xaba who wanna see you 

Her: I wasn’t gonna be invited if she didn’t approve 

Me: Londeka I am not jealous of you I am just looking out for you I broke up with Qaqambile because of my job description. You and I are the same thing! 

Londeka: Ha ha ha ha 


Her: You are joking right!?  

Me: When I say what? 

Her: You? Dating Cik…….

Me: Qaqambile yes! I dumped him because he was ashamed of me! Even his mother didn’t approve because I am a maid  

Her: Honey you are not his type! You should’ve been with him in the first place gosh 

Me: I think I am more of his type than you actually!

Her: What’s that suppose to mean? 

Me: I am not jealous of you. I am just looking out for you. Mrs Xaba would never allow a maid to be her daughter in law 

Her: And you are a better maid than me? 

Me: No I am going to Varsity next year. I have matric and you don’t! 

She looked down 

Her: how do you know that !?  Who told you?  

Me: You’ve been a maid for five yours.your life is not moving . You don’t see yourself anywhere. You are too relaxed! Next year I am going to school what are your plans for next year? 

She swallowed hard 


She was playing with her engagement ring 

Me: You need to stop looking down on me! I am on your side here I want to give you advice….. 


Me: I know Mrs Xaba is against you going there. She has no say in that house when Qaqa’s father is home. Please be careful! When you are there!  

She sat down 

Her: Friend do you think she could do something to me? 

I am now “Friend” ? 

Me: I like you

do you think she could do something to me? 

I am now “Friend” ? 

Me: I like you all I am saying isgo there and open your eyes. Qaqambile and Tat’uSanuse might mean well but the wife? 

I shook my head standing up.

Me: I don’t think so 

I took the glass. I walked to the kitchen. I saw her coming in 

Her: Thank You 

Me: You don’t have to say it if you don’t mean it  

Her: I do 

Me: How many times you looked down on me and apologised? 


Me: exactly 

I walked out 

~ Nozazi ~

Me: Mr Xaba come on in 

Him: Thank you I was passing by I thought I should come and greet 

He looked at Lithakazi 

Him: Hello young lady 

Lithakazi: Hello Tata

Me: I didn’t know you were back?

Him: I arrived yesterday. How are you? 

Me: We can’t complain how are you? 

Him: Good 

Me: Baby make us coffee 

Him: I am not staying. I will see you guys soon 

Me: Say hello to your wife and your boy. He is such a lovely boy  

Him: I know thanks I will send your love to them

Me: When are you leavi…

Lithakazi: Mom!

Me: What ? 

Sanuse: Let me leave you Nozazi there is a family dinner in my house I don’t want to be late 

Me: Sounds like an Occasion?  

Him: I will be meeting a girl who is carrying my son’s child 

Lithakazi: Excu…….


I gave Lithakazi the look she stopped talking . Is she crazy? She is going to ruin things for her.

Lithakazi: I am going to my room excuse me 

Me: You are excused baby 

Sanuse: Okay young lady 

I looked at Sanuse 

Me: Who is this girl? 

Him: She is working for the Lawsons 

Me: You mean Lawson’s daughter? The one he adopted? 

He started laughing 

Him: The girl is just a maid there 

Me: So she lied?

Him: The poor girl probably felt ashamed I will see you later 

Me: Bye bye  it was nice seeing you Xaba 


He walked out. I turned around. Lithakazi was standing outside her door

Lithakazi: What if I am pregnant mama? 

Me: Bab…… 

Her: I can’t be a single mother! 

Me: Did you hear what he said? 

Her: No? 

Me: The Lawson adopted daughter? 

Lithakazi: Oh my god I must kiss Qaqambile good bye she is the one who is preg…… 

Me: Will you shut up!!! 


Me: Yes she is the girl who is pregnant but she is not adopted there 

Her: What are you saying mama?  

Me: She lied that girl is a maid there 

Lithakazi: Mama you are joking right!? 

Me: The poison she came here for……. ? 

Lithakazi looked away 



She looked at me she is getting it now

Lithakazi: So the Rat in her house is this maid?  

Me: Go make some mixture I will call your mother in law

Lithakazi: Hihihi okay mama! 

She ran away I took my phone. I dialled Nomboniso’s number 

Nomboniso: When I called you friend I didn’t mean we shou………

Me: Yizothatha Idliso

Her: What?  

Me: I have your poison 

Nomboniso: I am on my way 

I hung up



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