~ Qaqambile ~

I am so happy my dad is home. He works in Bleomfontein . He stays there for 6 month. Having him at home is great . Mom don’t treat me like a boy when dad is here. I have my freedom now. Mom is always in my business. Ordering me around. When dad is here I feel more of a man. He respects my room. He respects my space and mom is not allowed to order me around. My father don’t take nonsense from anyone even mom knows it . What my fathers says goes. No one questions his decisions.  

Mom: My husba…..

Dad gave her a hand 

Dad: I know you don’t want him to tell me this go to the kitchen men have to talk! 


She went to the kitchen dad looked at me 

Him: Who is she? 

I looked down 

Him: Qaqambile?  

Me: Londeka she works at the supermarket Tata  

Him: Where is she from?  

Me: Hey dad…. 

I sat down he sat down too

Me:  I am not sure that girl is crazy. She lied to us

Him: what did she say ? :D 

Me: She said she was adopted by the Lawsons only to find out later that she is their maid 

Dad put his hand on my shoulder laughing 

Him: I think I like this girl. Invite her for dinner tomorrow 

He stood up then  walked away

Me: Tata?

He turned around 

Dad:  Londiwe is invited to dinner tomorrow 

Me: But da…

He got in his room and closed the door. I had my hands in my head in frustration 

Me: Her name is Londeka not Lon…..

The door was already closed. I kicked the couch 

Me: Ahhhh dammit! 

Mom came running 

Her: What is it? 

Me: Dad wants to invite Londeka for dinner tomorrow 

Mom: What!? 

Me: Yep 

Mom squeezed the glass she was holding 

Mom: I wish I could just poison him once! 

Me: Hey! That’s my dad! L

Mom: You know I don’t mean it! 

I sat on the couch 


~ Nomandla ~

My door opened. Mom walked in with my plate. She came next to my bed. 

Me: You didn’t have to mom 

Her: How are you feeling?  

Me: I bought med lemon and grandpa. I am feeling a little better now 

I am lying. I want her to think I have flue.  

Her: Okay here is your food 

Me: Thanks I will sleep early today. I don’t want to wake up late and leave my room dirty 

Mom: Good

She walked to the door. She turned around and looked at me 



She smiled then walked out 

Me:……. Okay?  

I took my phone. I called Lawson 

Him: I was about to call you 

Me: Oh really?  

Him: Yes how are you?  

Me: I feel sick 

Him: Are you okay?  

Me: I will be fine. 

Him: Come spend a night with me 

Me: Baby …..

Him: Ellen won’t come please 

Me: No I can’t baby. Mom is suspecting something is going on between us 

Him: Why do you think she is suspecting something?  

Me: She saw the money I am saving 

Him: Ha ha ha 

Me: what is funny? 

Him: How can you save money at home? Don’t you have a bank account? 

Me: Do how do I get my salary? 

Him: Oh yeah Tomorrow go to town and open saving account. You can’t keep money at home it might be stolen 

Me: Okay 

Him: and I won’t give you money anymore. I will just send it to your card 

Me: Okay 

Him: From town you will come straight here right?  

I rolled my eyes 

Me: Yes 

Him: I love you 

Me: I love you too 

He hung up. I hugged my pillow smiling 

~ Qaqambile ~

Why would dad wanna see Londeka? I don’t understand him sometimes. I want to move on and forget that girl. I can’t do that with dad home. I hope he is not staying for long. That girl should know where we stand. I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around. It’s mom 

Her: did you call your girlfriend? 

Me: She is not my girlfriend! 

Her: Well it looks like you don’t have a choice…

Me: Yeah

I just wish dad stayed in Bleomfontein 

Her: You don’t love this woman?  

I looked at mom 

Me: She lied to us. She can’t be trusted! 

Mom smiled 

Her: I agree with you and I don’t think she is your type 

Me: After tomorrow I will make sure she never set her foot in my house again  

Mom sat on one of the chairs around the kitchen table 

Mom: What’s the plan?

Me: I will tell her I want nothing to do with her 

Mom: Do you think that will make her stay away?

Me: ….. 

Mom: You want my help?

Me: What are you gonna do?  

Mom: Leave that to me call her and tell her we cant wait to see her 

She walked out

Me: Where are you go……

She slammed the door before I could finish 

Me: ……. ?

~ Nozazi ~

I saw Nomboniso coming to my house. I ran to Lithakazi’s room. I barged in 

Lithakazi: What’s wrong mom? 

Me: That woman is coming to my house? 

She stood up fast 

Her: Mrs Xaba?  

I grabbed the Broom 

Me: Yes 

I walked out she ran after me. A knock came at the front door 

Lithakazi: Mom don’t beat her let’s hear her out!

I looked at her I breath in and out. I didn’t open 

Me: What do you want Nomboniso? 

Nomboniso: I came in peace please open the door! 

I looked at Lithakazi she nodded her head yes . I opened the door.  


Nomboniso: I came in peace 

She said giggling with her hands in the air 

Lithakazi: You wanted to kill my mother now you come here smiling and laughing like everything is okay ? 

She looked at me 

Her: I am sorry friend I wanted you to stop hitting me with that stick. I was not gonna kill you J


Her: Come on old friend 

She was smiling this woman is going to be my in law let’s make peace 

Me: Come in 

She came in. I closed the door then turned around.

Nomboniso: You and I have been friends for years. You get me. There is no woman in this village knows me like you know me please my friend forgive me 

Lithakazi looked at me 

Lithakazi: …….

Me: You wanted to kill me! 

Her: I was not gonna kill you you are my best friend! I love you can you forgive me? 

Lithakazi: Mrs Xaba what do you want?  

Nomboniso: Straight to the point I love your daug…… 

Me: Ufunani!!!? (What do you want!?)

Nomboniso: Idliso (poison)  



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