~ Londeka ~

Him: Are you gonna open this door!? 

I wiped my tears 

Me: Coming!

I hold the door handle the tears streamed down. I looked up 


I Opened the door 


Me: I am sorry

Him: Why did you lie you us Londeka ?  

Me: We are going straight there? 

Him: You thought I came here to chitchat? 

Me: I was drunk I was joking. I didn’t mean to! 

I said walking back in leaving him at the door.  

Him: You were joking? Is my mom your friend ? 

Me: Man up! Why are you always mama this mama that? I was gonna tell you the truth but you and your mom made a big deal out of it. And I didn’t want to lose you. I love you

Him: You love me? Love make you lie? 

Me: I am sorry Tell me did you fall in love with the idea of dating Lawson’s daughter or with me? 

Him: I fell in love with you! You ar….

Me: Then why are you leaving me after you found out I wasn’t Lawson? 

Him: Because you lied! I can’t be with a lair! 

Me: What is your name?  


Me: What is your name? We both lied here. Don’t come to my flat and shout at me 

Him: Londeka I came to take my mother’s ring 

Me: Tell her we are engaged! She is not getting this ring!

Him: My mother spent a lot of money for you. She wants it back 

Me: Your mother is a gold digger. I am starting to think you are too. She did all those things because she thought she will be repaid 

Him: I am not a gold digger ! I can’t date a maid! 

I looked down. 

Me: You can’t date a maid but you can make her pregnant! 

Him: What are you talking about? 

Me: Tell your mother you gonna be a father 

Him: What? That’s not my baby! 

Me: What? I have never slept with anyone in this village. I slept with you. I am pregnant with your baby 

Him: No no no! You are lying. This is one of your stunts I am not falling for it! I am not going to let you trick me 

I took the card. I gave him 

Me: I am carrying your baby we gonna get married 

He threw the card at me. He opened the door 

Him: You are sick!  

Me: i….

He shut the door in my face . I put my hands in my head 

Me: He is going to marry me or I am laying charges 

~ Lithakazi ~

I don’t know what I would be without my mother. If she died today I don’t think I’d be alive right now. My mother is my everything. She protects me. She provides for me she makes sure I have everything I need. If anything happened to her I don’t think I would forgive that woman. I don’t know why she is wasting her energy trying to protect her son. Qaqambile is not a teenager. He is old and he can take care of himself. I want to see the look in her face when mom and I go there to announce my pregnancy. She won’t get rid of me that easily. She will have to deal with it. 

Mom: Tomorrow you should go to the clinic 

Me: To do what? 

It’s good to see her smile earlier she really scared me. My poor mother almost died. She was scared. I still think she shouldn’t have gone there but I can’t say that to her.

Mom: To check if you are not pregnant

Me: Don’t you think it’s early for that?  

Mom: The sooner we know the better  

Me: I will go tomorrow let me go buy airtime 

Mom: Okay don’t take long 

Me: Okay Mama 

I walked out. I went to the shops. I bought my airtime. I heard someone call my name. I turned around 


Just the man I wanted to see . It’s Qaqambile 

Him: Is your mom okay?  

Me: She will be thank you for saving her life 

Him: Anyone would’ve done that I am sorry mom did that to your mo…

I shut him up with a kiss. He broke the kiss 

Him: What the fuck!? 

Me: Bab…

Him: Baby? 


Qaqambile: Lithakazi

you know where we stand we just help each other no strings attached L

Me: I want to be more than that! 

Him: Then go find someone else to give you what you want because I don’t see that happening between us. We have no future 

Me: How can you know if you don’t try? 

Him: You not my type your type is out there waiting for you okay 

He winked and tapped my shoulder then walked away 


I heard men laughing I looked behind me some boys who were smoking at the shop were laughing at me. I wiped my tears . I walked home 

Me: Only Pregnancy can help me right now 

~ Nomandla ~

I just finished cooking. My mother has been looking at me. This is uncomfortable. Tomorrow I have to go to the clinic and test. If I am pregnant. I am aborting this baby. I can’t have my mother looking at me like this. What will people say when my own mother looks at me like this. I can see she is judging me. I took a glance at her 

Mom: ….. ? 


This woman sees through me. I felt hot. I balanced on the table. I was standing dishing up . I felt more hot the room was moving. I closed my eyes then opened them. I couldn’t see.

Mom: Nomandla 

Me: Mama 

I felt her touch my hand

Mom: Are you okay?  

Me: I feel hot I think I catching flue 

Mom: Go lie down. I will take it from here 

I quickly went out of the kitchen. I went behind the house I threw up everything that is ate at Lawson’s house. I sat down I was breathing heavily the cold wind was doing me good. I am really hot . 


~ Qaqambile ~

I am sick of this place. I am sick of these girls throwing themselves at me. I need to be single now. Londeka can be pregnant but she will never be my Queen. I will marry a smart educated girl. Lithakazi Nomandla and this Lawson wanna be can go to hell. I got home. I opened the door I didn’t close it. I went in  mom came from the kitchen.  

Mom: My ring 

Me: She doesn’t want to give it to me ma

Mom: What!? 

Me: She is Pregnant she says she won’t give me the ring because we are engaged. I don’t want her. I just got pissed and left after she told me about the pregnancy 

Mom: So my R6 000 ring is paying her damages?  


Mom: How do you know she is carrying your baby ? 

Me: I am n….

“ who is pregnant? “ said a familiar male voice behind us. We turned around 

Me: Tata?

Mom: Sanuse ?

Dad looked at me 

Him: Who is pregnant?  

Me: It……

Mom: No one Xa……. 

Dad: I am not talking to you wena! 



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