~ Nozazi ~

After I spoke to Nosukile I ran to my house like Nomboniso was still running after me with a knife. I got in I threw myself on the floor and broke down. I almost died in there.


Lithakazi: Mama! 

She ran to me and kneed down 

Her: What happened?  

Me: I hope when I am gone you will remember me

Her: Mama what is going on? 

Me: My child I cross bridges for you. I will do anything to make sure you are happy today shows that 

Her: Mama I know that but I don’t know where this comes from. What Happened at Mrs Xaba’s house ?  

I sat up straight 

Me: She was pinning me on the wall with a knife in her hand Lithakazi she was about to stab me !! 

Lithakazi: No mama!

Me: If it wasn’t for Qaqambile your mother would be dead now 

Lithakazi stood up 

Lithakazi: Qaqambile saved your life?

Me: Yes baby 

She looked away smiling 

Lithakazi: I have to go thank him mama :D 

She said taking a jacket attempting to leave. I stood up fast. I grabbed her arm

Me: You are not going there! 

Lithakazi: Why not!? I wanna thank her mothe…

I slapped her so hard on her face she hold her cheek looking at me 

Lithakazi: Mama? 

Me: I am traumatised! I just told You that woman was chasing me with a knife now you want to leave me and go there?  

Lithakazi: I am so sor…

Me: I am your mother! I need you Baby…


I took both her hands 

Me: Baby you will meet that boy in the streets! You don’t have to go there! I don’t want to lose you okay 

Her: Okay Mama  

I pulled her into a hug

Me: You can call him and thank him. That woman is dangerous 

My baby is not going there I don’t want to find her in a pool of blood. Nomboniso is dangerous.

~ Mrs Xaba ~

Nozazi just left I was pacing up and down. What did she make me do? I almost stabbed her. I almost killed a person. Oh my god what is happening to me. I am losing it. I looked up 

Me: I am sorry father

Qaqambile: Mom why did you do that? 

Me: it was self defence! 

Him: A knife? !

Me: That woman was hitting me with a stick! I had to stop her! 

Him: What if she goes to the police? 

Me: I didn’t stab her I didn’t even lay a hand on her who will believe her?  You!!? 

Him: Mom you are out of control! 

Me: Son you are on your way to get my ring from Londeka Lawson!!! 

I said pushing him out of my house and slamming the door on his face. I leaned on the door I went down still leaning on the door. I sat on my bum


~ Nomandla ~

I didn’t go to the clinic. I am scared to know. I can’t be pregnant. I just can’t be. Anyway I am on my way from work I am walking home. I just got out of a taxi. I saw Qaqambile coming to the stop to take a taxi. He is going somewhere. I wonder where or maybe he still loves Londeka after this?  

Me: ……

Qaqambile: You let me believe Londeka was Lawson’s daughter Why?  

I shook my head in disbelief 

Me: You people in this village think I am your punching bag don’t you? 

Him: Why didn’t you tell me? 

Me: Where was I when you met her?


Me: I am not your keeper! What you do with whoever you do it with is none of my business! L 

Him: You should’ve told me! I acted like a fool in fro….

Me: I know I remember every minute of it! I remember you saying you found the one! A varsity student. I remember that pretty well and I must say it was so good to see you and your mom act stupid! L 

I walked away 

Him: Nxa!  


I furiously walked home . I am so sick of the Xaba family. I don’t know what they want from me. I didn’t go to the main house. I went straight to my room passing the kitchen door. Mom was sitting next to the door 

Mom: Hey! Come here 

Me: Not now mama!

Mom: Now!!!!!

She shouted I turned around 

Me: Okay…… ? 

I went to the house. I got in 

Me: ……….

Mom: Why are you so disrespectful?

Me: I am sorry mom. I pumped into Qaqambile

I turned around 

Me: Okay…… ? 

I went to the house. I got in 

Me: ……….

Mom: Why are you so disrespectful?

Me: I am sorry mom. I pumped into Qaqambile he was confronting me about Londeka 

Mom: Nomandla what is going on in my house? 

Me: I wake up and go to work I don’t know what’s happening around here 

Her: You mean you wake up early and leave your bed not made is that what you trying to say? 

Me: I was late ma 

Her: I don’t like your attitude lately! You are lazy! Moody! And clumsy! You at like a pregnant woman! L 


Pregnancy again?  

Mom: Are you ? 

Me: Mama! 

Her: It’s a simple question! 

Me:  Me?  No! 

She took a plastic. She threw it on the floor 


Oh no that’s my money. I felt a tear I looked away and wiped it fast . I looked at mom 

Me: That’s my money mom!

Mom: Nomandla Nyembezi 

Me: Mom?

Mom: Where did you get so much money? 

Me: Mom when we are not busy in the house we go help at the supermarket and get paid daily. That’s why I have that money.  The reason I worked there was because I wanted to go to school. I am saving it for school  

Mom: Nomandla I am old not stupid! In this house your help around you buy yourself clothes where did you get R9 500 in two months ? 

Me: Mom you remember I still get the R500 transport I don’t take taxi some days I am trying to save why you don’t trust me 

Mom: Is Lawson giving you this money? 

Me: What? Mom why don’t you go to him and ask? I worked for that money ! 

Mom: Fine

Me: Mom believe me. I want to go to school. I will do everything I can to further my studies 

Mom: I appreciate that my child. I just don’t want you to be taken advantage of by that man!  

Me: What do you take me for mom come on! 

She stood up she gave me my money 

Mom: I just hope you are telling the truth. Baby there is nothing stay hidden forever!  

Me: I know 

Her: Good! I don’t want a baby I want a degree! 

I walked out . I stood out side. I looked around then touched my stomach 


~ Londeka ~

Ciko just called. He is on his way I can’t lie and say I am not scared. I am really nervous. I don’t know how this gonna go. I don’t know how I will look at him. He will be looking at a maid not a rich girl I told him I was.  


I was pacing up and down. I am so scared of him. What if he beats me up. What if he tells me how poor I am. How he wants to marry a better woman an educated woman. What am I gonna do? I am pregnant with his child!. I have to be that girl for him even without education  

Me: Oh my God 

He can’t reject me. I am still the beautiful Londeka he fell for except I don’t have white parents.  I heard a knock at the door I Turned around. I looked at the door . I wiped my tears 

Me: Who is it? 

“ Qaqambile! “ 



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