~ Nomandla ~

I walked down leaving Londeka and Mr Lawson. I am heading to the clinic. I have to know if I am pregnant or not. This can’t be happening to me. I can’t be pregnant with my boss’ child. I can’t humiliate my family. I can’t make our enemies happy. This would be the talk of the village. Even the workers would take it to Mrs Lawson. I could lose my job here. If I am pregnant I have to do something to get rid of it before everyone notices. I understand why Londeka noticed. We spend more time together. People in my village hardly see me. I go home late. I stay in doors. I only go out to fetch water. This might change my life for good. I am afraid not for the better. That wonderful woman was too kind to me what did I do to repay her? I slept with her husband and got pregnant. I am also convinced that I am pregnant. I had sex with him so many times without condom. I am not in a pill. If he is fertile then I am pregnant. How can I be so stupid. He has been giving me money. I am saving it. I want to go to college next year. I will get NSFAS loan. I just need money to take care of me when I am there. I will need new clothes I have to buy groceries. My mother can’t take care of that. Now this baby will ruin everything. Will I ever go to college though?  


I saw a pregnant woman going to the supermarket 

Me: Yoh her stomach or so big 

I was breathing heavily with my hand on my chest. I am going to be like that too? I am not going to the clinic. I can’t know. I am not ready to know. 


“ Nomandla “ someone called my name behind me . I know who that is. It’s Mr lawson. I didn’t know his talk with Londeka will be this short. I wiped my tears fast 

Me: Mr Lawson 

Him: Are you okay did you get your phone?  

Me: i………

Him: Don’t tell me you went there at this short period of time? 

Me: I wanted to give you and Londeka some space 

Him: Come  

He walked to the supermarket 

Me: Where a…

Him: Just come!  

I followed him. We went to his office. He opened the door. I walked in. He followed me. He closed the door and locked it. I turned around 


He pulled me closer he kissed me. I put my hands around his neck . We were kissing each other hungrily. He lifted me up he laid me on his desk. He climbed me. He kissed my neck I was letting out soft moans. I just can’t say no to this man. He makes me weak. He went to my underwear. He quickly took it off I wrapped my legs around his waste. I touched his butt. He is naked when did he take off his shorts. I felt him rub Mr D around my Vjay 

Me: Oh yeah 

He entered me 

Me: Oh God no condom again 

He came to my ear..

Him: Are you saying something baby?  

His warm breath made me so weak . I can’t ruin this moment 

Me: No baby :

He moved in and out slowly. He took me to cloud nine. He upped the pace. I was moaning in pleasure. He was doing me so good. He finally cum. I was holding on to him so tight. We haven’t had sex after that night his wife came. I missed this. He pulled out. I let go of him. He kissed my lips. He stood up. I stood up too searching for my underwear. Pulled down my dress. I put my underwear in my bra. 

Him: Tell Londeka she can go home. She needs to rest. When she is gone. You can take a shower 

Me: Okay 

I went to him. I kissed him. I unlocked and walked out and closed the door 


~ Londeka ~

I am trying to get along with Nomandla but she keeps pushing me. Who gave her the right to tell Mr lawson about my business? I should be the one telling people about my pregnancy. Who does she think she is? This girl don’t know her place. Anyway I am still sitting down. I feel so weak. If Mr Lawson was not angry with me. I was gonna ask for a day off. It’s already in the afternoon. There is no work Nomandla did everything. I saw the door open. It’s her 


Her: How are you fee……? 

Me: How dare you? 

Her: Excuse me?

Me: Why did you tell Mr Lawson about my pregnancy? 

She looked down. 

Me: How could you? What if I lose my job!? 

She looked at me 

Her: Londeka who took you to the clinic?  

Me: I am grateful you took me to the clinic but still you had no rig……. 

Nomandla: Mr Lawson drove us to the clinic 

Me: He did? 

Her: Yes! I don’t know what the doctor told him. Maybe he called and  the doctor told him why you collapsed  

She walked away 

Me: I am sorry girl 

Her: It’s fine

Mr Lawson says you can go home and come back tomorrow if you feel better 

Me: Thank you! :D 


Me: So you went back to the clinic to test? 

Her: No it was an excuse to give you guys space. I am not pregnant  

Me: Okay if you say so  

Her: I am not! 

She walked away. I feel bad for accusing her . I see she is angry. I took out my phone. I texted Ciko 

Me: He is not Ciko. What his name again….. ?

I forgot it. I sent a text “ hey baby. I have news that will change both our lives “ 

Me: Sent!  

I brushed my stomach smiling alone. I am going to be a mother.  


~ Nozazi ~

Life is short. It can end in a blink of an eye. Today I am witnessing that it’s sad that I won’t be here to tell because this is done to me. I am dying in few seconds. My life is about to end. There is no way Nomboniso is going to let me walk out of that door unhurt. She is going to stab me to death. I saw the look in her eyes. She doesn’t want to do this but I think she is had enough. I have been I pain in her life. She wants to finish me once and for all. She raised the knife. She aimed my chest. This is the end of me. I prayed to God. I called his name. I praised him. It’s is in his hands maybe this is the way I was meant to leave this world. 


I saw a hand grabbing her arm. Her arm was shaking. She was fighting the person who was holding it. I couldn’t see the person. Did God come down himself to save me? I have to play my part in saving my life 

Me: ……….

What am I gonna do. I looked up. It’s her son. I kicked Nomboniso she let go of the knife. It fell down on her clean tiled floor

Nomboniso: Ouch

I guess I kicked her hard. I quickly picked up the knife 

Me: One step closer I will cut your throat you witch!  

I was pointing the knife at her and her son

Qaqambile: Mam’uNozazi put the knife down!

Me: Move!  

I said pointing at him he moved backwards scared 

Qaqambile: Easy Mam’uNozazi easy 

He had his hands in the air 

Me: You and your mother don’t know me!

Nomboniso: Leave my house!!! 

Me: I am warning your mother !!!!! 

I said running to her 

Qaqambile: Mama run!!!

Nomboniso: Yoh! Yoh!!! 

They bought ran to the living room. I opened the kitchen door. I ran out. I threw the Knife in and ran for my life. I just needed a way out. I almost died here. I don’t want to spend another minute in this house. I don’t want to kill her. I am not a killer. I did that to get away from her.  


“ next time you won’t be lucky! “ that was Nomboniso shouting. Such a coward. She was not shouting when I was there. 

~ Nosukile ~

Nozazi left work before we could feed the learners. She made a lame excuse she said she was coming back but she didn’t. We just knocked off from work. I was walking home when I saw her running.  

Me: What is going on? 

Her: I almost died that woman is a serial killer! 

She was out of breath . Who is she talking about?  

Me: Which woman? 

Her: Nomboniso Xaba! She wanted to stab me if it wasn’t for my son in law I don’t know what would have happened 

Me: Son in law? Don’t answer that. Ain’t you and Nomboniso friends? 

Her: Stop acting! You know ever since my daughter dated her son things have been rocky between us 

Me: Oh thank God my daughter got out while she could :D 

Her: You and your daughter are cowards! Me and my daughter we are fighting for her love! L

Me: I’d rather be a coward than ducking knives in that woman’s house. What were you doing there anyway? 

Her: Uligwala lomfazi! ( you are a coward woman)  

Me: But I am not scared of you! 

Her: Huh? 

I went closer to her 

Me: You heard me!!! 

Her: You would never say this if I had my stick !

Me: Why don’t you go take it and follow me to my house ? 


Me: I wonder what will principal say when I tell him you left early at work just to go and fight with one of his school teachers 

Her: My friend you can’t do that! You and I come a long way 

Me: I can! And I will if you keep insulting me

Her: Okay I am sorry 

Me: I am warning you Nozazi 

Her: Ndixolisile wethu ( I said sorry)  

I left her standing there. I got to my house. My sister’s son is still at school. Nomandla is at work. This child always clean this house. I don’t know what is happening lately. She is lazy. I went to her room 

Me: Look? She didn’t make her bed! What is wrong with her? 

I started cleaning her room. I took her blankets I put them on a chair. I took her sponge. I put it down I cleaned the Base. A plastic fell. I picked it up 

Me: What’s in here?  

I checked what was wrapped inside it. What the hell is going on in my house . I let go of the paper it fell down 

Me: So much money? 

I picked it up. I sat on her Base. I counted the money. I finished. I stood up 

Me: R11 450 rands for a taxi fare ? 

I turned around. I looked at this money 

Me: You will tell me why that white man gives you so much money! 


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