~ Nomandla ~

I was still looking away thinking about this. Not a single day we used a condom. What is is wrong with me? What am I to Mr Lawson Ellen? I am not his wife I should have used protection. I can’t afford this. I can’t have a baby. Not a white baby. This will prove what Nozazi has been preaching about me. 

Londeka: Nomandla?  

I turned around. I looked at her and doctor.  

Me: I had my periods last week. I haven’t had sex since doctor do you think I am pregnant?

Him: No you can’t be pregnant 

I looked at Londeka


Londeka: …….. ? 

My phone rang. It’s Mr Lawson. 

Me: I have to take this 

I walked out. I closed the door 

Me: Mr Lawson? 

Him: How is she ?

Me: She is pregnant we are coming back

Him: Wow congratulations to her. Someone is coming to fetch you guys 

White people and babies. He is happy she is happy the baby few minutes ago he was angry at her. 

Me: Thank you Mr Lawson :

Him: Later 

He hung up. I turned around 


I didn’t have periods last week. I am lying. Londeka can’t know I am pregnant. I have to do something. I need to find out if I am pregnant first then make a decision. 

~ Qaqambile ~

I am about to go see Londeka. I just finished freshening up. I went to speak to my mother.  

Me: Mom where am I gonna sleep ? 

Mom: Don’t be dramatic Qaqambile. Your father built us a big house. I don’t know why you sulking. You have a bedroom in the main house don’t you? 

Me: I do but when I want to… you know what 

Mom: When you want to sleep with a maid? I will beat the hell out of them! 

Me: Mom I am done with Londeka! 

Her: So are you talking about Lithakazi? I don’t think she will set her foot in my house again after what I did to her

Me: Mom who do you want me to be with? 

Her: Your Varsity girlfriend! Leave these village girls! 

Me: She is from Lusikisiki

who do you want me to be with? 

Her: Your Varsity girlfriend! Leave these village girls! 

Me: She is from Lusikisiki I don’t even know when the strike will end! 

Mom: Your mother has money. You can ask her to come here 

Me: The same mother who just lost 10k? 

I walked to the door. I saw her shoe hit the wall I turned around . She was trying to hit me


She took off another one. I ran out. I walked out of our yard laughing . I saw Lithakazi’s mom holding a stick. I greeted her and passed. I went to the stop. I got there. While I was standing waiting for the taxi 

Me: No….. ? 

Nozazi is going to my house to attack my mother. I ran back home 


~ Mr Lawson ~

Nomandla and Londeka arrived. I think it’s time I go speak to her. She is not sick. She is pregnant. She can’t get away with what she did. I walked to my house. I got in. I saw Londeka sitting on the couch. She stood up fast when she saw me.  


Me: Sit 

Nomandla: I forgot my phone at the hospital. I have to go take it 

Me: It’s not stolen now?  

Nomandla: No Mr Lawson I don’t think anyone would steal a R100 phone besides I left it in that ward. I will be back

She ran out. I looked at Londeka 

Londeka: I am sorry Mr Lawson 

I sat down 

Me: For what exactly? 

Her: For breaking your cup 

Me: And? 

She looked down 

Her: Mr Lawson I was drunk. I was shocked when I was told that I said I was adopted but I couldn’t changed my story In fact I tried but they didn’t want to listen 

Me: Listen here Londeka I am telling you this for the last time. Stop obsessing about being part of this family. I have one child! My litter daughter is in East London. Stop calling yourself a Lawson! 

Her: Yes sir it won’t happen again 

Me: Good!

I stood up. I walked . I stopped then turned around 

Me: I hear you are expecting. Congratulations 

Her: Thank you Mr Lawson 

~ Nozazi ~

Nomboniso is really testing me. This woman think she can beat my daughter up and get away with it just like that? She is disrespectful. How can she beat my daughter? . Lithakazi has a mother. I am not letting that woman get away with this. Thank God her son is gone. I am going to deal with her accordingly and no one will stop Me. I want to see if she is all the talk or she can fight. I knocked at the door with my stick.  


She opened the door 


She attempted to close the door I hit her hands she ran in leaving the door open

Me: Yemfazi ndini umbetheleni umntwanam? ( woman why did you beat up my daughter) 

I said hitting her back she was running to the kitchen 

Her: She didn’t tell you ?

Me: Are you gonna sleep with your son!?

Her: She is not his type!  

Me: What do you know about type when you have a ugly husband like that!? 

Her: Stop hitting me!!! ?

Me: From now on you will respect me! 

I said hitting her with a stick. She turned around she grabbed it and pulled it to her. She is powerful. I moved closer to her. She broke my stick. She grabbed my washing ( blouse). She pulled me closer. She pushed me to the corner of her built in kitchen. She put her hand in the sink and came up with… Wait no! I can’t die . She came up with a big knife. This woman is evil she is going to kill me


Me: No! No! No! We can talk about this

I said raising my other hand with the other trying to take her hand off my blouse

Nomboniso: I warmed you and your daughter!!! 

She raised her knife high

Me: Please don’t kill I am begging you


She pointed her big knife  to my chest. I raised my hands 

Me: Oh Thixo wasemazuluwini! Wena waqhawul’imisedare yase Lebanon! Ndincede bawo! Thethelela mdali! (praying) 

Nomboniso: Goodbye Nozazi 

Me: Yooooh!!!!!!!! 


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