~ Lithakazi ~

I respected Mrs Xaba as my former teacher but after what she just did to me right now? This makes me lose the little respect I had for her. That woman is crazy. I was looking up to her because she is the only person who made it in our village. After that beating I am looking for a new role model. That woman is no longer my role model. She is a crazy Ratchet woman. She is not different from my mother. She is just like any other village grown woman. A loud crazy Ratchet.

Mom: What happened to you? Why are you wet? 

Me: Take a guess

Mom: She is at the supermarket. Don’t tell me she is back so soon?

Me: We fell asleep. We were woken up by a bucket of water…….

Mom: She poured water on you? 

Me: Yes and she beat me up 

Mom: That’s it!!

Me: Mama don’t!  

I ran after her she picked up a stick. She looked at me 

Her: You dare follow me!  

I moved back 


She started running again.



I ran in. I took my phone. I called Qaqambile. He didn’t pick up 

Me: Mxm! 

I hung up 

~ Londeka ~

Me: Your mother couldn’t wait to tell you everything 

I said throwing my phone on the couch. I am not taking his calls!

“ is that Qaqambile? “ said a voice behind me I turned around 

Me: Nomandla 

Her: I am sorry girl

Me: Who is Qaqambile?  

Her: Mrs xaba’s son 

I looked away 

Me: So he also lied to me? 

I looked at her 

Nomandla: What did he call himself ? 

Me: Ciko 


Me: ………..

Her: Sorry. I didn’t mean to laugh. It’s just that this is Such a unique name 

I took my phone 

Me: We both lied! Now we are even. We can continue with our relationship 

Nomandla: Girl you are still a maid. That woman won’t allow her son to date a maid 

Me: And you know that how? 


I took my phone I walked away . She is just jealous. She must focus on sleeping with her boss and stay away from my business.  

~ Mrs Xaba ~

Qaqambile: I am sorry mom 

His phone rang he looked at it. He switched the phone off 

Me: Who is it?  

Him: No one  

Me: Okay.  Qaqambile I lost R10 000 

Him: Sorry mom. 

Me: There’s nothing special about that rude Lawson man. I don’t know why I wanted to be close to them 

Him: What did he say? 

Me: He doesn’t want to give me my money back Qaqa!!! 

Him: The poor man didn’t ask you to spend your money on Londeka. You did that from the goodness of your heart! 

Me: Goodness of my heart? What am i? 

Him: …….

Me: A President ? 

Him: It’s not his fault!  

I went to him 

Me: Yeah you are right about that it’s not his fault!


Me: It’s your fault!!!!!

Him: I didn’t say do those things for her. I even begged you to stay away from the Lawsons you still went there!

Me: Do you think we’d know she is nothing but a poor slut if I didn’t go? 


Me: You dated a maid! you came here with her and lied to me!

Him: I didn’t know mom! 

Me: Go get my ring! 


I was breathing heavily talking on his face

Me: Now Boy!!!!!

Him: I have to go change I am wet 


I went to the kitchen. I took out orange juice from the fridge. I poured it in a glass. I gulped it I poured another one. I put on my kitchen table. I put both my hands on the table  

Me: My ten thousand rands!!! 

~ Nomandla ~

I followed Londeka. I want to hear this. Her lie is bigger than his I don’t know why she thinks he is going to forgive her. I can’t believe she still wanna be with him after she lied to his family . I guess she doesn’t know the woman she is dealing with here. Anyway I listened.  The phone was on speaker 

Qaqa: How could you?  

Londeka: You lied about your name. I knew who you were! I had to lie because you lied too 

Lies! She didn’t.  So many lies between these two. I don’t see any future between them. I kept on listening 

Qaqambile: Tonight I am coming to your flat to get the ring !

Londeka: You can’t do that!

Him: It’s over between us! 

Londeka: You promised to mar….

She looked at her phone.  

Londeka: Did he just hung up on me? 

She fell. I ran in 

Me: Londeka!!!

I got to her. I kneed down. I shook her

Me: Oh my god she fainted!!! 

I stood up . I was pacing up and down 

Me: Think Nomandla!  

I took her phone. It’s locked. I ran out. I bumped into Mr Lawson at the door. He hugged me . 

Him: What is going on?  

I broke the hug 

Me: Londeka fainted! 

Him: What?

Me: She was on the phone she fainted!!! 

I stood up . I was pacing up and down 

Me: Think Nomandla!  

I took her phone. It’s locked. I ran out. I bumped into Mr Lawson at the door. He hugged me . 

Him: What is going on?  

I broke the hug 

Me: Londeka fainted! 

Him: What?

Me: She was on the phone she fainted! 

I said running back in. He carried her. 

Him: Follow me you are coming. I will leave you guys at the clinic 

Me: Okay Mr Lawson!

Him: You have to stop calling me that 


We ran out. We got to the car. He put her at backseat . I went in too. He drove off. The clinic is not far. Londeka really loves Qaqambile. She faints because of him?. We got to the clinic. He carried her in. The nurses came running. They took her in 

Nurse: Mr Lawson what happened to her 

Me: She fainted! 

They opened a door and shut it in our faces. I looked at Mr Lawson 

Me: Is she gonna be okay? 

Him: I don’t know. Let me go to work. Call me when she wakes up 

Me: Okay 

He walked out. I sat down on a chair Next to the door. I stayed for about 30 minutes. The door opened. I stood up a nurse came out 

Her: what are you to her again? 

Me: Friend and a colleague is she okay?

Her: She is speaking to a doctor you can come in 

Me: Thank God she is awake! 

I ran in she was sitting up straight looking upset

Doctor: Yes you are pregnant


Londeka: But how come doctor ?

Doctor: Well you had unprotected sex 


Stupid question. Londeka looked at me a tear escaped her eye


Londeka: But I thought you are the one who is pregnant? 

Me: Me!? No ways ! I am not pregnant I can’t be pregnant 

Londeka: You are glowing your breasts are getting bigger 

Me: No! I am not pregnant!

Doctor looked at me 

Him: Why don’t we test you also?  

I moved backwards shaking my head 

Me: No she is the one pregnant you confirmed it doctor!!! 

Doctor: Okay no need to be worked out

I looked away 

Me: I can’t be pregnant


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