~ Londeka ~

I should have guessed this annoying woman was gonna come here. I wish I came clean the day she walked in on us in her son’s room. I should’ve known she’d do this to me. I wish she called and told me she was coming to speak to my da… I mean Mr Lawson. Who goes introduce themselves to the parents of her son’s girlfriend without talking to the girlfriend?  . She might be a teacher but she is damn stupid. I have never met a stupid woman like that. She cost me a lot. I have to pay the glasses I broke. I have to deal with Mr Lawson. How am I gonna look at him now? I lied and said I was his daughter.  

Anyway I am standing at the door out of breath. I ran from the supermarket that’s why I am so tired. I opened the door. I got in 


I was holding on to the door with my other hand on my chest . I looked up 

Me: Nomandla 

She was standing folding her arms smiling 

Her: Are you okay? 


Her: Okay it’s fine if you don’t want to talk to me

She walked away 

Me: Nomandla!!

She turned around 

Her: Yes? 

Me: Please make Mr Lawson another cup of coffee and take it to him please 

She laughed 

Her: You said you don’t need me in the kitchen. I am still busy with my laundry sorry girl

She walked away I ran after her

Me: Nomandla please! 

Nomandla: What do you want from me?  


Nomandla: I wanted to help you take coffee to “ Mr Lawson “ you said you don’t need my help now y…. 

Me: Okay! I tripped and fell just like you did on your first day here now I am scared Mr Lawson must be mad at me . I just ran out 

Nomandla: ………

What’s up with her and the smirk on her face?  

Me: What?

Her: Nothing 

Me: Nomandla please take coffee to Mr Lawson 

Her: Okay 

Me: Thank you 

She walked away. I sat down on the couch. 

Me: What have I done ?

~ Mrs Xaba ~

How could this girl do this to me! To my son!! . I spent R10 000 rands for what? For a poor maid? Her pretty face fooled us! We thought she was somebody only to find out she is nobody? After I spent Ten Thousand rands. Oh my God I have never felt so stupid in my life. I am not leaving this place without my money. I turned around. I looked at Mr Lawson 

Me: I spent R10 000 rands on that girl

Mr Lawson: Shame why?  

Me: I thought she was your daughter!

Him: Even if she was mine what makes you spend so much money what are you? A millionaire? 

Me: From now on that girl don’t get her pay cheque. You send it to me until I get my R10 000 rands! 

He stood up 

Him: Let me get this straight. ….


Him: You are going to tell me how to pay my employee? 


Him: where was I when you made a deal with her? 

Me: I want my R10 000 rands Mlungu!!!

Him: Get out of my office before I call security!


Him: Out!!!!! 


I ran for my life. This man is scary as hell. I don’t know why I was even excited to have a relationship with his family. I don’t even like him. 

~ Nomandla ~

Me: ………..

I am standing watching Mrs Xaba running out of Mr Lawson’s office. She looks upset. Londeka didn’t trip and fall. I didn’t tell her I knew because she was gonna think I am the reason Mrs Xaba came. The poor girl was shocked to see her mother in law. I walked to the office. I knocked. Then opened the door. Mr Lawson stood up when he saw me 

Him: Oh thank you for the coffee baby 

Me: Stop calling me that here Mr Lawson 

Him: No one can hear us 

Me: I am not going to take anymore risks in your house 

Him: This is not my house 

Me: This is your property anyway what did you do to Londeka’s mother in law?

I gave him the cup

Him: Thank you  You knew? 

Me: You remember me telling you about my ex? 

Him: Yes? 

Me: I was dating her son. She forced us to break up because she didn’t want her son to date a maid and his son was also ashamed of my job 

Him: Did Londeka know your ex? 

Me: No. Mrs Xaba met me the other day she said I will be serving her at your dinner table because her son is dating your daughter Londeka Lawson 

Him: I will deal with her for sleeping around using my last name 

Me: Baby she is ashamed this is embarrassing for her I could see when she got to the house. I left her crying please forgive her 

Him: Why are you defending her? She doesn’t even like you

Me: I know. But I feel sorry for her 

Him: I will confront her but what I will not do is what that woman asked me to do L Me: What is that?  

Him: She says I should give her all Londeka’s pay cheque month end. 

Me: What? 

Him: She says she spent R10 000 on her 

Me: In 3 days of their relationship already she spent that kind of money?  

Him: My question exactly 

Me: She was hoping to get something from you 

He sipped on his coffee 

Him: Poor woman she is a teacher? 

Me: Yes 

Him: Very stupid for an educated woman 

They rubbed this in my face. I am going to do the same to them. They must pray I don’t bump into them 


~ Mrs Xaba ~

I am angry as hell. I have to start afresh and save. I wasted my money. I bought unnecessary things to impress the Lawsons. That Nomandla girl knew about this. She watched me act like a fool she didn’t tell me. I hate her for this. I arrived in my house. I parked my car. I heard loud music coming from my son’s room. I went to my living room. I put my handbag. I went to his room. I opened the door 

Me: ……….

What does this child want from my son? Didn’t I ask her to stay away? I walked out. I took 20 litre of water. I went to his room. I splashed the water on them. They jumped off bed

Qaqa: What th…

Lithakazi: Mrs Xa……

I slapped her so hard on her face she fell on the floor. I kicked her. My son held me back. I pushed him he fell on the bed. I ran to this slut . 

Me: Little Whore! Nondindwa!!!!!!

Lithakazi: Yoh yoh! 

I grabbed her hair I kicked her. She pushed me I fell

Lithakazi: ………..

She ran out .

Me: Msunu!!!!

Qaqambile: Mom how can you beat that poor girl like that!? 

I stood up breathing heavily 


Qaqambile: Mo…… !!

I didn’t let him finished I lost it 

Me: Londeka is a maid!!!!!!! 

I sat down on the chair next to his bed I was crying. Qaqambile looked at me

Him: What did you just say?

I looked down crying 

Him: What did you say mama!?

Me: She has been a maid for the Lawsons for………

Qaqambile: ………..

I looked up trying to prevent the tears from coming out 

Me: She’s been a maid for 5years!!! 

I stood up. I looked at him

Me: My son fell in love with yet another maid! 

He looked away 

Qaqambile: That liar!....

He looked at me 

Me: She fooled us 

Him: She said yes 

What is this boy talking about?  

Me: What are you talking about ? 

Qaqambile: I proposed to her last night 

Me: You did what!!!? 



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