~ Lithakazi ~ 

My mother’s plan is amazing. I didn’t think of this. I love Qaqambile. What a better way of trapping him than a beautiful little baby? We will be tied forever whether he or his mother likes it or not . His father will force us to get married. That man is very traditional. This is a perfect time. Qaqambile won’t be here for long. What a better way to have him all to myself than spending time with him while everyone is at school. I arrived at Qaqambile’s house. I heard loud music coming from his room. 

Me: …………

I headed to his room. The door was opened . I walked in. This bastard is dead asleep. I slowly closed the door. I took off my dress. I slowly went to his bed. He is so sexy with his shirt off . He was only in his shorts.  


I played my hands on his six pack. He opened his eyes I was already sitting on his private area

Him: The fuck? 

I shook my butt around his Mr D. I felt it getting big in his shorts. I leaned for a kiss. He didn’t fight it. He let me kiss him. I felt his hands touch my panties. I pulled out of the kiss. I smiled at him 


He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a kiss. I helped him take off my panties. I don’t know how he took off his shorts he was naked already. He grabbed both my butt cheeks. I grabbed his Mr D 

Him: Let me get a condom 

Me: I am in a pill baby 

I said kissing and bite his ear teasing him. I felt him inserting himself 


I smiled. What I was hoping for is happening. I can’t wait to be pregnant. I can’t wait to be Mrs Xaba  

~ Nomandla ~

I can’t believe Londeka decided to go alone. When I said I don’t mind staying behind while she’s going to Mr Lawson’s office I was lying. I am angry as hell. I miss mr Lawson and this girl has an agenda or strategy. I don’t know what it is but I know she is up to something. She is trying to separate us. I can’t wait to see what she will do at 11 am when we have to send him lunch. Mrs Lawson left a lot of dirty clothes with sand . I am busy washing them. My phone rang. I took it.  It’s my mother. 

Me:  Hello mama

Mom: Nomandla Nomboniso is about to discover who Londa is!  

Me: Hihihi! Londeka mama what do you mean she is about to discov…..

She didn’t tell me finish 

Her: She left here saying she is going there to introduce herself to your boss

Me: This woman is too forward did she talk with her son before doing this? :

Mom: Who cares baby? I want her thrown out of that supermarket. I am waiting for her to come back looking defeated. Her dream of having a relationship with The Lawsons will die today 

Me: Londeka is there as we speak. She sent coffee to Mr Lawson 

Mom: Perfect timing 

Me: Hihihi. Mom I have to get back to work 

Mom: Bye baby! 

I hung up I shook my head laughing. I don’t want to be you londeka today. What were you thinking? Lying like that? This girl don’t want to accept her life. She thinks she is better. That’s what I noticed about her when I got here. She carried herself like she was their last born. I feel sorry for her though. The embarrassment she put herself in poor girl. She will feel ashamed of herself every time she sees Mr Lawson  

~ Mrs Xaba ~

Principal just left  I came out I saw the lady who went to “ Mhlekazi “ as they call him.

Her: I have been looking for you 

Me: Sorry dear I have been looking around 

Her: Mhlekazi is waiting for you in his office 

Me: Thank You 

I confidently went to my future In laws office with a smile in my face 

Me: ………….

I knocked at the door then opened 


Mr Lawson:……. ?

Me: Hello Mr Lawson 

I gave him a hand to shake he didn’t take it. He just showed me the chair. I sat down 

Me: Thank you

he didn’t take it. He just showed me the chair. I sat down 

Me: Thank you how are you?  

Him: I am good thanks

Me: I am Mrs Xaba…… Nomboniso Xaba 

Him: Hi 

Me: I am Qaqambile’s mother 

Him: And I’m suppose to know this Qaqambile? 

Me: Oh maybe your gorgeous daughter hasn’t introduced you guys to her boyfriend. I am the mother of the boy that stole your daughter’s heart 

He started laughing 

Him: ………..

Me: Did I say something Mr Lawson? 

Him: Ma’am my daughter is not even teenager what are you talking about? 

Me: You do have another daughter! 

Him: No ma’am 

Me: The girl you adopted? I mean her! 

Him: Is your son dating one of my dogs? Because the only thing my wife and I adopted is two dogs? 

Wait? Don’t tell me this girl lied to us what if she is not even from here… ..?

Me: No it can’t be! I am supposed to be your in law 

Him: Who is this girl? 

Me: Londeka Lawson 

I was getting teary. I have been Gushing about this girl! Everyone knows I have a Lawson for a daughter in law! now I just discovered She is fraud!?  

Him: Ha ha ha the Londeka I know has been my maid for years 

Me: No! No! She said she’s your daughter. A student at Wits! Doing psychology! You adopted her when she was a child 

Him: Ma’am Londeka didn’t even go to matric 

That was a stab In the heart 


Him: my maids are bringing me my coffee. Why don’t you wait maybe she will explain this to you 

Me: Okay

That bitch will never be with my son! I will make sure of it! Mr Lawson Gave me a tissue 

Me: Thank You 

~ Londeka ~

I want to see if Mr Lawson will have a problem with me bringing coffee alone. I mean it’s just tea. We don’t have to come together. I got at Lawson’s door 


I knocked then opened the door with a big smile on my face. 


Oh my god! I let go of the tray it fell the cup broke. I looked at this woman! Who just became my nightmare 

Me: Mrs Xaba? 

Mrs Xaba: Londeka Lawson!  

I looked at Mr Lawson

Mr Lawson: 

Oh my god I turned around I ran for my life

Me: Oh my God


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