~ Nomandla ~

Today I am very late. It’s already 8 and I am still at home. I have to get to work I can’t take advantage of my relationship with Mr Lawson me being his girlfriend doesn’t mean I should do as I please he is still my boss. I locked the door then headed to the stop to catch a taxi. I saw the famous boy of the village running after me I thought we were over this running after me nonsense. We both moved on. He moved on with my friend and my colleague I mean Lawson’s daughter  

Qaqambile: So……. 

He said that running after me 

Me: So what? 

I said walking away 

Him: You have a new boyfriend now? 

Me: If you don’t turn around and go back home I will get to work and tell Londeka Lawson you are my ex and you still want me!  

Him: Hey don’t you dare flatter yourself. I don’t do maids I made it clear to you. I was just curious to know the loser you are with now 

A taxi came I stopped it. I got in


I went to work. I don’t know why he keeps coming to me. I broke up with him but still he is bothered by my job. His mother when she sees me. She tells me about myself as if I don’t know who I am or what I am. I am sick of this. We might be poor but we don’t sleep hungry. I really don’t know what is wrong with these people. My life is not interesting I don’t know why it bothers them. I arrived at work. I quickly went in. 

Me: …………

I haven’t seen Londeka ever since the day Mrs Lawson arrived. I don’t even know what Mr Lawson said to shut her up. This is gonna be a long day. We were finally getting along but today I have a feeling we will be back where we started. I breath in and out I attempted to open the door I heard footsteps. I turned around it is one of the workers at the supermarket 

Him: Hello Nomandla Mhlekazi ( sir)  wants his coffee sent to the office now 

Me: Okay 

He smiled then walked away. I looked at the door again 

Me: ….

I opened .

~ Londeka ~

This farm girl is late. Sleeping with Mr Lawson doesn’t make her the boss lady of this house. I don’t care if she tells him but I think she needs to know. The door opened. 

Me: Oh Mrs Lawson you decided to show up 

Her: Excuse me? 

Me: You carry on like this is your house is this the time to come to work?  

Nomandla: I am sorry I am late I overslept I don’t know why you making a big out of this. It’s not like we have a lot to do. Anyway Mr Lawson wants coffee 

Me: Oh I should have guessed you went to him? 

Her: No! I bumped into some guy who was coming here to tell us! 

Me: You know I would appreciate if we don’t talk today. Do your job

I would appreciate if we don’t talk today. Do your job I will do mine! Let’s just stay out of each others space  

She took a tray 

Her: I would appreciate that very much! 

She tried to take the cups I just washed 

Me: I will be carrying the tray! 

She let go of it. She went to take a plate

Me: Mr Lawson don’t eat food this early. You are not going to the Office I am 

Her: Fine I guess I will go do laundry then 

Me: You do that!  

She walked away 

Me: I will make sure you don’t see your boyfriend today bitch

I said that between my lips. I went to the mirror I looked at myself. I look good. I took the tray 

Me: ………..

~ Mr Xaba ~

I just arrived at the supermarket. I was looking around smiling. If things go well I will be part of this everyday. I will be a regular here. I won’t have to go to the queue I will go straight to the teller and be helped 

Me: I am proud of you my son 

“ can we help you ma’am? “ said someone behind me. I turned around 



Me: I am here to see your boss dear 

Her: Let me go tell uMhlekazi 

Me: Tell him it’s a teacher from the local school 

Her: Alright 

She walked up. I saw the principal of my school coming In


I ran and hid behind a shelf where they pack groceries. I said I was going to the doctor when I left. He can’t see me here. 


~ Lithakazi ~

Nomandla is fighting me for a man she says she doesn’t want. She really surprised me yesterday at the river. I never thought the quiet Nomandla would fight for a man. It was so cute to see Qaqambile stand up for me. I am in love with that guy. I just wish one day he will see good in me not the sex toy the dildo he uses when he feels like having sex. I am more of a woman. I can do things Nomandla can’t do for him. Nomandla is clueless. She doesn’t know how to treat or handle a man. I am a better girl for him. I saw the door open

Mom: Why the door is closed ?

Me: Why are you home the kids haven’t eaten yet

Her: I came to speak to you so you slept with that Xaba boy yesterday? 

Me: Mom! 

I walked out I am not discussing this with her.  

Mom: She confronted me!  

I turned around 

Me: Who? 

Her: His mother that woman don’t like you my daughter! 

Me: That woman don’t like any girl in this village 

Her: Baby is this thing serious? I can help you get that boy  

Me: He doesn’t want anything serious  

Her: And you?  

Me: I want him ma but he just wants to sleep with me 

Mom: ……..

She smiled looking away oh boy what is she up to?

Me: Okay……. ? 

She looked at me 

Mom: Her husband might have money and everything but he is a traditional man 

Me: I don’t know where you are going with this? 

Mom: If you could get pregnant he will be forced to marry you 

Me: ………

Her: Think about it baby he is doing his last year in varsity he is going to work. I will be enjoying the lobola they will pay for you and you baby girl……. 

She said putting her hands on my shoulders . I looked at her 

Me: I will be Mrs Xaba :

She laughed. 

Her: Yes baby 

I hugged her. Then broke the hug fast 

Me: I need to get pregnant fast! 

Mom: He is alone now go! ;) 

Me: How do I look?  

Mom: Gorgeous baby 

Me: Later! 

She ran away I was smiling from ear to ear. This plan must work 

Me: It has to work 

I felt one tear escape my left eye. I wiped it 

Me: Nomboniso I just ruined your dream of getting a rich daughter in law 


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