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~ Nosukile ~

What is wrong with children of today? That boy was dating my daughter how can Lithakazi do this to my daughter? Nomboniso acts like her son is a million dollars how do you explain what he did? Exchanging friends? He is cheap. Now starting to think he didn’t deserve my daughter. His mother keeps going on and on about how poor my daughter is and how his son deserves a better woman. You can’t deserve better when you behaving like that boy. This really shocked me seeing Lithakazi there. But I enjoying seeing the look on Mrs Xaba’s face . Anyway now I just got home. I have to find out where  my daughter slept last night. I feel bad that I had to go tell the xabas that my daughter didn’t sleep at home. They will never stop calling her cheap. She will be really mad to know that I went there.  

Nomandla: Mama 

Me: Oh you are back 

She looked down 

Me: Who is he? 

Her: Not Qaqambile. You asked me to dump him I did 

She took the bucket she walked out 

Me: You will get pregnant you can’t change men like Panties! 

Nomandla: Mama you treat me like I am a teenager. I am old I can take care of myself!

Me: Hmm 

She walked away . I folded my arms watching her walk away. I don’t want to give people of this village something to talk about.  

Me: I hope you can take care of yourself 

~ Nomandla ~

I am not going to be asked where I come from at the age of 25. Mom needs to chill. I know how to take care of myself. I respect her and her wishes. I broke up with Qaqambile because she wanted me to she must be happy I moved on. I deserve to be happy too.  I was walking to fetch water from the river. My phone rang. I took it out 


It’s Mr Lawson . I answered

Me: Hey 

Him: How are you babe ? 

Me: I am good thanks how are you?  

Him: I am good my wife is leaving today 

Me: Oh okay

Him: You can come if you want?  

Me: No I am never coming to your house at night. I will see you at work tomorrow 

Him: I understand it’s okay 

Me: Thanks 

Him: Talk later I love you 

Me: I love you too

He hung up. I saw Lithakazi with a bucket in her head she was coming from the river 

Me: We need to talk 

She went pass me 

Her: About what? 

Me: Don’t walk away you know what I am talking about 

She ignored me I went to her. I pushed the bucket. It fell 

Lithakazi: What the fuck!? 

Me: We need to tal……

She slapped me so hard on my face. I grabbed her hair I pulled it trying to hurt her.

Her: Let go of my hair !! 

She pushed me I slapped her she grabbed both my hands I was fighting her trying to take her hands off mine. She kicked me 

Me: Ouch 

I fell on my butt. She came running to take advantage I kicked her

she fell. I ran to her I sat on her chest. I punched her face so many times. She was kicking trying to stop me . “ Nomandla stop this!!! “.  Said someone pulling me up. I looked at the person it’s Qaqambile 

Me: Let go of me!

I pushed him. I took my bucket. I walked away 

Him: Really!? Ain’t you guys old to be doing this? 

I turned around 

Me: Ain’t you proud two grown women fighting about? 

Him: ……….

Me: I wonder what happened to Lawson’s daughter! 

I walked away . He ran after me 

Him: Please don’t tell my girlfriend!  

I walked away I didn’t reply to that 

~ Londeka ~

I got a call from Mrs Lawson. She wants to see me. I am so nervous. I hope Mr Lawson didn’t tell her what we did. That woman trusts me with her life. She would be really disappointed in me if she’d find out I had sex with her husband . 

Mrs Lawson: Darling! You are here 

Me: Yes Mrs Lawson good morning 

Her: Morning darling I wanted to see you before I go 

Me: I didn’t know you were back? 

Her: We came back last night my mom wanted to see my husband 

Me: Oh :

Her: Please help me make breakfast darling 

Me: Okay Mrs lawso…

I saw Mr Lawson coming in 

Him: Morning Londeka 

Me: Morning Mr Lawson :

I said looking away. This is so awkward . This man slept with me on Saturday. Now he is smiling acting like everything is okay?  

~ Nozazi ~

Me: Nosukile Mrs Xaba wants to see me I wonder why…….. ? 

Nosukile: She is your friend I don’t know why you seem worried ? 

Me: You are jealous because I am friends with a teacher! L 

Nosukile: I was gonna be jealous if it was one of other teachers. It’s Nomboniso. We live with her in this village there’s nothing special about her just go gossip that’s what you are good at anyway 

She walked away 

Me: The Nerve!!  

“ Nozazi!!!” said a fuming voice behind me. I turned around 

Me: Oh Mrs Xaba :

I ran to her. 

Mrs Xaba: …………

Me: Is everything okay Mistress? :

Her: What I said to Nosukile about her daughter goes for you too! Your daughter must stay away from my son! 

Me: They are dating? That’s wonderful news! Our friendship will be stron…..

Her: Shut up!! You and I are not friends and we will never be friends! L 

Me: Oh…..

I said looking down disappointed 

Her: Honey no offence but you and I we different. I am a teacher you are cooking for learners do you see the difference? 

Me: Yes mistress 

Her: Your daughter can’t be with my son. My son is dating Lawson’s daughter so tell her to stay away from my son or I will make her! 

Me: I will….

Her: Right now I am going to the Lawson’s to talk about the future of our children 

She walked to the staff room leaving me so disappointed . I looked away 

Me: As much as I hate to admit it but Nosukile is right about you! 

I didn’t say that out loud though. 

~ Nosukile ~

I saw Mrs Xaba speaking to Nozazi. Those two are inseparable. She left her standing alone. I went to her. She looked really sad.  

Me: What were you talking about? 

Nozazi: None of your busine……. 

Me: About your children sleeping together? 

Her: How do you know? 

Me: Because I was there when your daughter was told to leave 

Her: Children love each other! Why separate them?  

Me: Funny you didn’t say this when Qaqambile was with my daughter? 

Her: Not everything is about Nomandla! Your daughter is a maid and I am sure she is going to serve Nomboniso tea today hihihi  

I will act like that didn’t offend me but the part of serving tea today caught my attention. She walked away 

Me: Wait Nozazi 

She looked at me 

Her: ……..

Me: So Nomboniso is going to the supermarket? 

Her: Yes to talk about the future of their children. My daughter is not good enough for her son! You should have seen the smirk on her face when she said that 

She walked away . I looked at Staff room door. So today she is going to get a surprise of her life. I saw her coming out with her handbag. This woman is going to the supermarket to socialise. Who is teaching our kids? . I went to her 

Me: Mrs Xaba :

Her: Who is Nomandla sleeping with now? 

Me: Not your son thank God 

Her: You speak as if my son is bad news 

Me: He is not he is just attracted to poor girls that’s why I like him a lot 

Her: Goodbye I am late! 

Me: Where are you going mistress?  

Her: Not like it’s any of your business but I will tell you anyway…..  

I folded my arms with a silly smile in my face waiting for her to make a fool of herself 

Me: ………..

Her: My son is dating Mr Lawson’s daughter. I am going there to introduce myself 

I giggled 

Me: Hihihi you must be excited! 

Her: Oh trust me I am. My son is finally dating a girl of his calibre 

Me: My daughter and I are so happy for you Mrs Xaba 

Mrs Xaba laughed 

Her: That one is going to make me coffee in just…..

She looked at her wrist watch 

Mrs Xaba: 15 minutes hihihi 

She got in her car. She drove off making a silly giggle. I turned around. I looked on thin air smiling 

Me: You are in for a surprise Nomboniso 


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