~ Mr Lawson ~

Me: Baby what are you guys doing here? 

Her mom: Is that how you welcome your guests!? 

Me: Sorry! Come on in 

I kissed her mother’s cheek and everyone else. They were 5 of them 

Ellen: I missed you my baby 

She hugged me 

Me: I thought you were coming tomorrow 

Her mom: And leave this town without seeing my son in law? Never 

Me: I am happy you guys are here 

Am I? No I have a poor girl in my bloody car! I am pissed as hell at them for being here 

Her mom: Let me go to the guest room. I am tired 

She can’t go there! The room is a mess 

Me: No! No! Just sit here! Baby make them coffee. I will go change the sheets 

Ellen: Oh that’s sweet of you honey 

I ran up the stairs. I went to that room. I opened the windows. I made the bed. I looked around if there’s anything suspicious. I closed the door. I called Nomandla

Her: Hello 

She was whispering. My poor baby. 

Me: Just relax. I will drive you home when they are gone to bed 

Her: Okay 

She said with a crying voice 

Me: Please don’t cry 

She hung up. I opened the door I closed the windows. I went downstairs. I found Her mother standing with her coffee

Her: I will finish this in the guest room J 

Me: Okay mom 

She walked upstairs with others. I turned around Ellen was standing behind me 

Her: :p 

Me: ………..

Her: Let’s go upstairs

Me: Go baby I will find you there 

She came to me she kissed me 

Her: Baby early in the morning I am leaving. I am not letting you off my sight

Me: I will come up baby 

Her: What are you gonna do downstairs. Let’s do it together 

Me: I want coffee 

Her: My poor husband I should have made you a cup come !  

She pulled me to the kitchen.  

Me: …………..

We made coffee. I had to drink it. I didn’t want coffee. We went to bed after that. She was all over me. I don’t know how many times we had sex. She was cuddling me all night. She was not letting me go. The poor girl is gonna sleep in the car tonight. 

~ Qaqambile ~

It’s very cold tonight. I couldn’t sleep alone. I had to find a local girl while Londeka is on her moods. I can’t sleep alone. I know all the girls in my village love me. The only girl I ever loved here is Nomandla it’s a pity we had to break up. Anyway I just had sex with this girl 

Her: Why you don’t want us to date? 

Me: I told you I wanted someone to warm up my bed. Stop asking questions 

Her: admit it you enjoy our sex 

Me: Do you want to go home? 

Her: Fine! I am sorry 

She looked the other way. I laid my head on the pillow with both my hands on the back of my head. I looked up. I wanted sex. I got it now I am disgusted by her. 

Me: …………

~ Nosukile ~

Me: Odwa!

He raised his head. I am waking up the poor boy. Its 4am in the morning. He sleeps with Nomandla. 

Me: Where is Nomandla?  

Odwa: She washed and left Makazi ( aunt ) 

Me: What?  

Odwa: When I came to sleep she was already gone 

Me: You are telling me she didn’t sleep here!? 

Odwa: Ewe Makazi (yes auntie)

Me: I have to go to Nomboniso’s house! She said she ended things with that Xaba boy! 

Odwa: Why uvuke early auntie? ( why are you up so early aunt? ) 

Me: ………

I didn’t expect that question 

Me: I couldn’t sleep boy 

Him: Oh 

He covered himself. I have to go to that Xaba house now! I went to my boyfriend. That’s why I am up early. 

~ Nomandla ~

I heard a knock. I opened my eyes damn I can’t believe he didn’t come! I Slept in his damn car! I can’t believe it’s already Sunday morning. I quickly unlocked the car. It’s Mr Lawson 

Me: ……..

He got in the car 

Him: Lie down baby 

I looked at him fuming with anger 

Him: I am sorry okay 

He pulled me I lied my head on his thighs crying. He started the engine brushing me with his other hand. He drove out.  

Me: I slept in your car!  

Him: I know baby. My wife was so suspicious. She couldn’t let me go 

Me: I am not coming here again!  

Him: We will go spend a one night  at Coffee Bay every week. I can’t take these risks anymore 

Me: …….

Him: You can sit up now

I sat up I wiped my tears. He gave me couple of hundred notes 

Me: So much money? 

Him: It’s my way of saying sorry. Go to town and buy you something nice. I want to drop you here I can’t be seen in your neighbourhood here is R10 to hick 

Me: Thank you 

Him: I love you bye 

I walked out of the car 

Me: Love you too

He turned the car around. I didn’t go down on the main road. I took a shot cut home. I can’t be seen walking down the road. I counted the money. 

Me: R 1 500 :

Wow I will have to keep this till month end. My mom will be suspicious and ask questions I don’t have answers for.  

~ Mrs Xaba ~

“ Nomboniso! Nomboniso! Nomboniso! “ said someone shouting my name outside waking me up in my beauty sleep . I stood up. I wore my morning gown. I went out of my bedroom. I opened the kitchen door 

Me: What is it Nosukile early in the morning!!!? 

Nosukile: Open the gate! Your son has my daughter!! 

Me: What?  

Nosukile: Open this gate or I will jump!  

This old woman is crazy as for her daughter I will break her neck if I find her in my son’s room 

Me: I am not Mrs Xaba now?  

Nosukile: Yey mfazindini akhos’eSikolweni apha vula!!!! ( hey woman! We are not at school open up! ) 

I opened the gate. I left her there heading to my son’s room 

Me: I will kill that little slut if I find her in my son’s room! 

Nosukile: You will go through me mistress! L 

I hit the door my son don’t sleep in the main house. He has a six corner room on the side 

Me: Boy open up!!! 

“ mom what are you doing here!? “ said Qaqambile inside 

Me: If you don’t open up I will breakdown this door!   

Qaqambile: Okay! Okay! I am coming! 

Nosukile got at the door too 

Me: Open up!!!

The door handle turned. He opened the door. I pushed him out of the way . You won’t believe this!  

Me: Lithakazi? 

Lithakazi: MS Xaba I can explai…… 

Before she couldn’t finish Nosukile started laughing 

Nosukile: He he he ! Ndaze ndakuva zwindini! ( I can’t believe this )

I looked at Nosukile 

Me: Uhlekani kewena? Iphi ntombi yakho? (and what are you laughing at? Where is your daughter? )  

Nosukile: …….


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