~ Londeka ~ 

I have to call Nomandla. Maybe Mr Lawson told her before she left today. I can’t assume there is smoke without getting my facts straight. I don’t think Mr Lawson wants her that’s why I have to make sure. I mean between Nomandla and I he would go for me. Nomandla is a farm girl. She has no style. She is just a sweet girl. I just finished washing myself. I took my phone. I dialled her number. It rang  

Nomandla: Hello Londeka ! 

Me: Hey girl!  

I stood up I was walking around the room. I don’t know how I will get what I want out of her but I won’t end this call without getting what I want.  

Nomandla: I didn’t expect your call  

Me: I miss you friend!  

Nomandla: I will see you early in the morning !  

Me: hihihi I can’t wait  

Her: Me too girl  

A knock came at the door  

Me: I have to go girl   

Her: Bye!  

I hung up  

Me: Mr Lawson what are you up to ……? 

I went to the door I opened the door. It’s one of the tellers at the supermarket. She is also from East London. I told her we are going to Coffee Bay Beach tomorrow before I learned about mr Lawson’s agenda. 

Me: Chomie!  

Her: Hi girl tomorrow we are going to the beach right ?  

Me: About that…….. 

I showed her in  

Her: I am looking forward to this please don’t tell me you changed your mind?   

Me: Mr Lawson wants me at work tomorrow. I can’t go friend I am sorry  

Her: I was so looking forward to this but I will go with other girls ☺  

Me: Enjoy guys  

She went to the door  

Her: I am sorry  

Me: No it’s okay   

She walked out. I closed the door. I rested my head on the door  

Me: I have to watch Mr Lawson and Nomandla  


~ Nomandla ~ 

It was very nice of Londeka to call me last night. She has been sweet to me lately that makes me look forward to work now that we get along. I just hope we won’t fight again. I am a peaceful girl. I don’t like fighting.   

“ hey Nomandla! “ I heard Qaqambile calling my name. I walked fast. I don’t want to talk to him. He is a snob just like his mother. My mom told about what Mrs Xaba said to her. I will leave her son alone. I thought I was too fast but he caught up with me  

Him: You are too fast hey I guess it’s your long legs   

Me: Some of us have cleaning and cooking jobs to do we don’t have teachers and solders as parents  

I said that walking  

Him: Where is that coming from now? 

I stopped walking. I was at the stop now waiting for the taxi  

Me: Your mother ask my mom to tell me to stay away from you I think it’s time I send that same message to your mom :’(  

Him: She said that!?  

Me: She must tell your mom I said you must stay away from me  

Him: You know I love you  

Me: But you don’t love my job ?  

Him: Hey that job  

I saw a taxi I stopped it. I got in. I didn’t looked at him. I looked in front of me. The taxi took me to work. I arrived in 15 minutes it’s not far.  I paid and got out of the taxi. I headed to the Lawson’s house. I went to the door. I knocked then went in. I didn’t see anyone in the living room. I went to the kitchen. I found Mr Lawson having coffee sitting in a high chair  

Me: Mr Lawson?  

Him: Hey morning Nomandla how are you?  

He never has coffee in the house . What is going on ? 

Me: I am good Mr Lawson

how are you?  

He never has coffee in the house . What is going on ? 

Me: I am good Mr Lawson how are you?  

Him: Good  

He stood up  

Him: I will be helping the guys offloading the bags of cement please don’t send me coffee ☺ 

Me: Okay Mr Lawson 

He walked away  

Me: Mr Lawson ? He turned around  

Him: Yes?  

Me: Where is Londeka?   

Him: Oh I asked her to help at the supermarket. Don’t call her she is very busy ☺  

Me: Okay Mr Lawson  Him: ……….. 

He smiled then walked out  

Me:………. ? 


~ Qaqambile ~ 

Me: Mom what did I say to you about meddling in my business?    

She sipped on her coffee she gave me the cup. I took it  

Me: ☕_ 

She took her cell phone car keys and handbag she went to the door.   

Mom: What are you talking about Qaqa?   

I sipped on her coffee.  

Me: What did you say to Mam’Nosukile?  

She put her handbag at the back seat. She went to the drivers seat 

Her: I asked her to tell her daughter to stay away from my son  

Me: Why mom?  

Her: She is a maid!  I looked down I hate that too  

Her: Do you love her job?   


She started the engine 

Her: Have a nice day son  

She drove off 

Me: this woman  

I sipped again in her coffee  

~ Nomandla ~ 

The time is 10 am I can’t lie  I am really lost without Londeka. I miss her I am so bored in this big house. I heard the water in the shower. Mr Lawson is done helping the workers . I will make sure I don’t get anywhere near the shower. I don’t  want the repeat of what happened the other day. Anyway I just finished ironing Mr Lawson clothes I am eating a sandwich. I heard water stop. I stood up. I poured myself a glass of juice. I drank all of it. I saw Mr Lawson coming to the kitchen he was half naked. He had only a towel around his lower body. I washed my glass. He went to the fridge. He has abs for days. He is a fine man but he is my boss. I have to avoid looking at him.   

Him: Can you pass me a glass please  

Me: Yes Mr Lawson  

I took a glass. I went to him . I passed the glass 

Me: Her…….. 

The towel fell. My eyes went straight to his penis. I hid my face with both my hands attempting to run away  

Me: Mr Lawson I am so….. 

He grabbed my arm. He pulled me closer. He had both his hands around my waist  

Him: Don’t apologise : 

Me: …………. 

I felt his hard six pack against my tummy He leaned for a kiss  

Him: It’s okay :p 

Me: Mr Lawson  

Him: ………….. 


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