~ Nomandla ~ 

I can tell her the part of the truth but not the whole truth. She suspects that I am sleeping with Mr Lawson. If I tell her this is a gift from Mr Lawson she is going to over react and insinuate that I am sleeping with him for real. I have to lie and lying will make her back off I see she had a bad day today.   

Me: Oh this is my money  

Mom: We know it is yours where did you get it? 

Me: From Mr Lawson  

Mom stood up clapping her hands  

Her: She was right!  

Me: Mom!  

She looked at me  

Her: What Nomandla?  

Me: Are you gonna ask what this money is for or you will side with your friends and conclude that I am sleeping my boss ?  

Her: Tell me why is he giving you money ?   

Me: You remember I was late this morning right?  

Her: Yes because you sneaked out and went to sleep with that Xaba boy!  

Oh that’s why she is grumpy. Who told her?  

Me: No! Our chat took forever I told you I was late but you wanted to talk    

Her: Talk!  

Me: The girl I am working with live in Lawson’s back flats. So I was asked to choose between staying where Londeka is staying or getting a monthly taxi fare. I chose taxi fair. I want to live with you guys if you have a problem with this money I can take it back and pack my bags and go live there   Mom: No Baby I am happy you didn’t agree to that. People were gonna talk again  

Me: Exactly!  I looked away  

Me: ……………. 

I hope Mr Lawson is not up to something. Because if he is I will be in trouble with my mom and her nosey friend. She’d go around spread lies about me.   


~ Qaqambile ~ 

I love Nomandla but I can’t have a girlfriend of mine working as a maid. I am in varsity. I know she is poor but working as a maid at her age? No. I love her so much but I just wish she had the same life that I have. Yes I am ashamed to have a maid girlfriend. I am sorry I know this sounds selfish but I can’t have a girlfriend of mine working there. I will try convincing her again but if she doesn’t want then I will have no choice but leave her. I headed home when she left me standing  

Mom: I want to speak to you!   

Me: Old lady what’s up?   

Her: Nosukile’s daughter!  

Me: Mom give me a break   

I walked away  

Her: Hey wena!!! 

Me: Mom do you want me to go back to Mthatha because I can do that now!   

Mom: No boy  

Me: Then this conversation is over  

I went to my room. Mom is such a snob . I knew she would never approve our relationship.  


~ Londeka ~ 

I am always the first person to arrive because I live close to work. I am busy opening all the windows for fresh air. Mr Lawson is about to go to work.   

Mr Lawson: Londeka!   

Me: Mr Lawson :D  

I ran to the living room  

Me: Mr Lawson :D 

Him: Tomorrow you can take a day off  

Me: Nomandla don’t know everything sir she can’t work alone :D  

Mr Lawson: No she is not coming too I told her  

Me: Oh okay  

He walked away  

Me: Mr Lawson  

He turned around   

Him: Yes Londeka?  

Me: Thank you for the day off Mr Lawson  

Him: You guys work so hard you deserve it 

Me: Thank You Mr Lawson :D  

He walked out  

Me: You are so nice today   

I didn’t say that out loud 


~ Nomandla ~ 

I woke up a bit later than I used to I have money for taxi now I don’t have to wake up early.  

Me: Odwa go buy bread I need change  

He took the money. He went out  

Mom: Will it be enough for the month why are you using your money for bread?   

Me: Mom

I don’t have to wake up early.  

Me: Odwa go buy bread I need change  

He took the money. He went out  

Mom: Will it be enough for the month why are you using your money for bread?   

Me: Mom in two weeks time its month end  

Mom: Okay. Let me make coffee then  

Me: I won’t eat. I don’t want to be late  

Her: Okay baby  

Odwa came back with bread  

Me: Get ready for school you will eat when You are done. I am leaving mom!!!!  

Mom: Okay babe have a good day!  

Me: Thanks you too guys!   

I took my bag. I went out. I headed to the stop to catch a taxi to work.   

“ Nomandla! Nomandla! “ said someone behind me. I looked at them  

Me: I am late for work Qaqambile  

Him: I just came to apologise  

Me: Does that mean you support me?   

Him: I always support you  

Me: And my job?  .    

Him: Why don’t you work at the supermarket at least sit at the till or check slips not work as a cook!  

Me: Wow  

I saw a taxi. I stopped it. I got in. I sat down. I looked at him through the window  

Me: ………… 

He shook his head he walked away. I always told him if my life embarrasses him he can leave me but he doesn’t! I don’t know what he wants from me.  


~ Londeka ~ 

Nomandla just arrived. I guess she learnt her lesson. She won’t be late again.  

Me: You are early today 

Her: I don’t want to be called to the office again  

Me: Yeah I know what you mean. Every time the Lawsons sit me down I always expect the worst but they are a good family good people  

Her: Yes let me go get ready for the day  

Me: Okay girl  

I turned on the kettle then waited for her to come back. Since tomorrow it’s our day off we should go to the beach and enjoy ourselves. I just hope she agrees she looks like someone who doesn’t like going out though. I hope she agrees . She came back  

Me: So what are you going to do tomorrow ?  

Nomandla: I will come to work as usual  

Okay? Mr Lawson said he told her we not coming tomorrow what is she talking about?   

Me: So we are working tomorrow?  

Nomandla: Londeka tomorrow it’s Thursday! We are working  

Me: Hihihi I thought it was Friday  

Nomandla: You love weekends girl!  

Me: He he he don’t judge me girl!  

I looked away  Me:………. ?  

Mr Lawson what’s going on? I have to find out. Clearly this poor girl knows nothing about this or maybe he forgot to tell her? No something is up. Why would he want her alone here and why did he lie to me?   


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