~ Nosukile ~ 

I am at school busy cooking. One of the learners came to me telling me that Ms Xaba wants to see me. Teacher Xaba is from this village. She teaches at this school. I went to see her. Maybe she wants me to do something in her house.  

Me: Ms Xaba :D  

Her: Nosukile unjani? ( how are you)   

Me: ndiyaphila Ms ☺ ( I am fine)   

She was marking papers.  

Her: I want us to talk about your daughter  

Me: My daughter? Okay Ms  

I pulled a chair  I sat down  Me: What about her ?  

She lowered her glasses .  

Her: Please ask your daughter to stay away from my son   

Me: Ms Xaba?   

Her: My son is in varsity. He is educated. His father is in the army. I am a teacher. I am expecting a girl who sleeps with my son to have educated parents! She must be educated and come from a good home. I am not saying your home is not good but my son and your daughter!?  

Me: u mntwanam akanamakhwenkwe Ms Xaba! (My daughter has no boys ms Xaba  

Her: Your daughter came out of my son’s room with my son this morning!    

I looked away  

Me: That’s why she was late for work?  

Her: What was that?   

Me: No! I am just surprised. You say your son is in university. How come he is not at sch…. 

Her: Walter Sisulu university is strike. He is back home! I don’t want to see your daughter in my house again 

Nosukile L  

Me: I will talk to my daughter Ms Xaba  

Her: Good you can go L  

She pulled up her glasses and continued marking  

Me: ………….. 

I walked away. Nomandla! What are you doing with that son of a snob!  I went out furiously. I headed to the kitchen. I saw Nozazi coming to me. Remember the woman who asked me about my daughter dating Mr Lawson? That’s her .  

Nozazi: What did Ms Xaba want to talk about?  

Me: She was ju…..  

Nozazi: ebesithi intombi yakho mayohlukane no Qaqambile? (Asking you to tell your daughter to stay away from Qaqambile) ?  

Me: Nozazi! Do you have to know everything?  

Nozazi: hayi! Ekuseni bendiyochama ndambona uyanyana wakhe nentombi yakho bephuzana ( no! This morning I went to pee. I saw her son and your daughter kissing)  

Me: Hayi besingathethi ngalonto! Hlukana futhi nam Nozazi! ( no! We were not talking about that! leave me alone Nozazi)   

She clapped once then walked away talking  

Her: Izolo ibiyindoda yomlungu namhlanje nguQaqa?  Heeeee! :D. (yesterday it was a white man now it’s Qaqa?) 

Me: ……………. 


~ Londeka ~ 

I want to know what happened at Mr Lawson’s office. Nomandla is taking forever. I saw get coming in  Me: ………… 

Her: :D  

Me: At least you came back smiling 

Her: I didn’t get fired thank you  

Me: Of course I told you so what did he want to talk about!?  

Nomandla: Huh  

Me: Mr Lawson  

She took a glass

she poured water from the tape. She drank. I was looking at her waiting for her to tell me  Her: He asked me why I came to work late I didn’t expect that question and I didn’t have an answer for it   

Me: What did you say?   

Her: I told him I overslept. He said it shouldn’t happen again  

Me: You didn’t talk about what happened earlier?  

Her: I tried he avoided it  

I went closer to her  Me: So how big is he?  

Her: How Big?   

Me: Down there in his underwear  

Her: Londeka!  

She hit me playfully. We laughed. Today there is no job. The house is clean. We will cook and gossip. I am glad we get along now.  


~ Nomandla ~ 

It’s just after work. I am walking home. I heard someone running behind me. I turned around its Qaqa what is he doing here  

Me: What are you doing here?  

Him: I came to my friend here then waited for you to knock off  

Me: Oh  

Him: Last night you didn’t want us to talk about this stupid job of yours can we talk now?  

I walked away fast. Qaqambile is my on and off boyfriend. He is my boyfriend when he is here. When he is at 

Varsity he forgets about me. Now he wants me to stop working for the Lawsons because I am his girlfriend. He says he can take care of me. He is not even working  

Me: …………. 

Him: You are young! You can’t be a maid!   

Me: I don’t have parents like yours. I don’t have money to go to school what do you want me to do? :’(  Him: I will take care of you  

Me: Will you give me the R3000 the Lawsons are giving me every month? :’(  


Me: I told you I am not good enough for you. You said I was now you say you can’t have a girlfriend who works as a maid! You are ashamed of me  

Him: I am not! There are other jobs you can find  

I kept walking I left him standing  

Him: Nomandla ! 

Me: ………. 

Him: Baby  

Me: ……..  

I ignored him. I walked home I turned around  checking if he is following me. He was no where to be found. I finally arrived at home.   

Me: Hello mom  

Her: Hello  

My mom has a bubble personality but today she has something in her mind. She is not happy at all. I put my bag down.  I looked at my cousin brother  

Me: Odwa yiza ne shirt yakho ye sikolo ndizoyihlamba ( Odwa bring your school shirt I will wash it )  

Odwa: ndiyihlambile (I’ve washed it )  

Me: Okay let me polish your shoes  

I went to take polish. I am trying to avoid mom. She wants to talk to me about something.  I kneed down to pick up Odwa’s shoes. I dropped the R500 Mr Lawson gave me. I looked at mom.  


Odwa: Yoh! Imalengaka? Ubuyithathaphi? ( Yoh so much money where did you get it ? )   

Me: I……… 

Mom: Yes where did you get it Nomandla?  



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