~ Londeka ~ 

I saw Nomandla coming to the kitchen running. She looked like someone who has seen a ghost. I dried my hands  

Me: what is it?  There is a frog in the bathroom?  

Nomandla: I am losing my job today  

Me: Tell me what happened? Did you break something   

She was breathing heavily looking very scared she looked at the bathroom  

Nomandla: Mr Lawson is in there 

Me: Then why do you look scared?  

She came to my ear 

Her: I found him naked 

Me: No! No!  Please don’t tell him I asked you to clean just say you thought he left 

Her: Okay but I can’t face him! When he gets out of there he will want to talk to me  Me: Okay breath in  


Me: And out  

Her: …………. Me: I have a plan  Her: What?  

As much as I am scared for her. I am scared for myself too. I asked her to go there. I thought he left. Nomandla is scared of him. She’ll say I sent her there and  Mr Lawson will think I did this on purpose  Me: Go take the dog for a walk in the garden and come back when he is gone 

Her: Good idea  

She ran out . I sighed  

Me:  ……………… 


~ Mr Lawson ~ 

I didn’t expect to see anyone coming in. I always walk around my bathroom naked. I was really hot. I needed a bit of relaxing. Nomandla caught me at a very awkward time. She is very shy I don’t think the poor girl will be able to look me in the eye again. I will make her life hard around here. She will be fine. I do need to talk to her though. Just to assure her that everything is okay. I was all dressed up. I went to the kitchen .  

Me: Londeka   

She jumped up she was doing dishes  

Her: Mr Lawson  

Me: Where is Nomandla?  

Her: She took Gipsy for a walk Mr Lawson 

Me: Tell her I want to see her in my office   

I walked out  

Londeka: Mr Lawson!   

I turned around  Me: Yes?  

Londeka: It’s my fault I asked her to go clean the bathroom. I thought you already left. Please forgive her..   me   

I smiled  

Me: I am glad you guys get along now. It’s good to see you take responsibility and defend her. Keep it up   

I walked away  

Londeka: So… I looked at her  

Me: So?   

She was playing with her hands  

Londeka: Does that mean she is not in trouble. You don’t want to see her in your office anymore ?  

Me: Tell her I would like to have a word with her in my office  

Londeka: Yoh! Okay Mr Lawson  

I walked out  shaking my head  

Me: :D 


~ Nomandla ~ 

I saw Mr Lawson go back to the supermarket. I went back to the house. I tied the dog. I went in. I need to know what Mr Lawson said. His naked body is in my head. I still see the picture of him naked. How am I gonna work for a man whom I know what he looks like naked? Well only If I still have the job. 

Londeka: He is gone  

Me: What did he say?   

She looked at me. Oh no I am fired. She is scared to say it  

Me: I got fired didn’t I?  

Londeka: No! Not yet! He….. 

Me: He……. ?  

Londeka: Wants to see you ASAP 

Me: Oh  No! 

Londeka: Nomandla don’t worry if he wanted to fire you he could’ve started with me ☺ 

Me: What do you mean?   

Londeka: I told him it was my fault  

Me: Why would you defend me you don’t even like me   

She smiled  

Her: I know I have been nasty. I know you need this job. I can’t forgive myself if you’d get fired because of me  Me: Thank you

you don’t even like me   

She smiled  

Her: I know I have been nasty. I know you need this job. I can’t forgive myself if you’d get fired because of me  Me: Thank you I guess……..  

I walked away. I looked at her. Londeka Take a blame for someone else? I don’t believe her. Anyway I went to the office. I knocked then went in .  


Mr Lawson looked up 

Him: Oh Nomandla  

Me: Mr Lawson I am s…. 

Mr Lawson: Why were you late for work this morning?   

Me: Mr Lawson?  

Him: This morning you were 19 minutes late what’s up?   

He said typing on his computer  

Me: I am sorry Mr Lawson it will never happen again  

Him: Still not answering my question 

Me: I walk from home to work sir. I kind of…..  

He stopped working  

Him: You kind of?  

Me: Overslept. I will set alarm from now on  

He took out his wallets. He took 5 R100 notes  

Him: I am sure R500 will be enough for a taxi this month  

Me: Thank you sir. I will pay you back month end  

Him: You don’t have to  

Me: Sir I can’t accept this  

I said giving it to him 

Him: You see the flats next to our garden?   

Me: Yes Mr Lawson 

Him: Londeka stays there for free. She is not paying. You don’t live far I can’t ask you to come stay here just take the money and use it for taxi fare 

Me: Oh thank you Mr Lawson  

Him: You can go  

Me: Mr Lawson abou… 

Him: Nomandla you are excused  

Me: Okay Mr Lawson  

I went to the door  

Him: Don’t tell Londeka I gave you money okay? It will be our little secret ;)  I nodded I walked out Me: ……..? 

So I shouldn’t tell Londeka about his generosity and we not gonna talk about what happened in the bathroom?  Where is this going? I don’t like this.  



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