~ Nomandla ~ 

It’s been a couple of days working for the Lawsons. My working relationship with Londeka is hot and cold. She is so unpredictable. But we get along now that Mrs Lawson is gone. She can’t impress anyone now that she is gone. Mr Lawson is hardly around. He is always at the supermarket and he doesn’t seem interested in anything that has something to do with us maids. He doesn’t seem like he really cares about us as long we give him his coffee and cook his dinner 

Mom: Ready for work?  


Mom: Nomandla!  

I looked up  

Me: Mom?   

She looked concerned  

Me: You were saying?  

Mom: Ain’t you late for work?! 

I took my phone 

Me: oh God! I am late  

I took my bag  

Mom: Nomandla  

Me: Mom?   

Her: There is a lady at work who says you might be sleeping with Lawson  

Me: What!?  

Mom: She says that man don’t hire people from here to work in his home . I told her I got you that job  

Me: She is just jealous mom!   

Mom: Yes she is….. 

Me: Yes but I see you have something else to say?   

She took my hand. What is wrong with this woman. I am late I don’t have time for this talk  

Mom: Come sit  

We sat down  

Mom: I hope you won’t sleep with your boss because I would be the laugh of this Village   

Me: I would never do that mother!   

Mom: I know baby I just don’t want you to make such mistakes and ruin things. You know people talk  

Me: I know mom don’t worry.  I am late let me go to work  

Mom: Take here  

She gave me R7 rands  

Her: Take a taxi baby  

Me: Thank you mama :D 

She smiled. I walked out. Mom worry too much. I would never sleep with my boss. He doesn’t even look at us. He shows no interest in whatever we do. For her to think Mr Lawson would sleep with me is just ridiculous. That man loves his wife and he is too busy to think about such things. People like snooping into other people’s business  


~ Londeka ~ 

Nomandla is not here. She was supposed to be here 10 minutes ago. I don’t know what is keeping her. I am busy making breakfast for Mr Lawson. I have to report her. She can’t do this. We are supposed to make food together . I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around  

Me: :D  

It’s Mr Lawson  

Him: Good morning Londeka  

Me: Morning Mr Lawson  

I was looking at him smiling. He looked at me  

Him: Is everything okay?   

He took water from the fridge 

Me: Mr Lawson Nomandla is late for work that is not acceptable!  

He looked at his wrist watch he took a bottle of water  

Him: 15 minutes late? That’s not bad   

He walked out.   


I took out my phone I called Mrs Lawson. Her phone rang. She answered  

Her: Londeka I am in class …. 

Me: Mrs Lawso 

Her: ….. (tu tu tu)   I looked at my phone  

Me: Mrs Lawson…. ?  

She hung up on me. “ Mrs Lawson Nomandla is late “ said a voice behind me. I turned around  

Me: …………….. 

Nomandla: Sorry boss I am late

I am late what should I start doing ?  

Me: I was not calling her for that  

She looked at me. Then went to the room to put her bag.  



~ Nomandla ~ 

I am so tired of this girl acting like a child. I am sure she thinks she is their daughter maybe she Need to look at the colour of her skin or go to mirror. She is black. A maid not Mrs and Mr Lawson’s daughter. I put my handbag down. I took my apron. I wore it. I went to the kitchen. She was preparing English breakfast. Mr Lawson prefer it with juice. I went pass her. I took juice from the fridge. I put it in a tray. I took a glass. I put it then waited for her.   


I folded my arms. We are not going to talk. And things are better that way . 

Londeka: I am done let’s go  Me: ☺  

I took my tray. She took the plate and put it in her tray . We went out. Off we went to the supermarket. 

~Mr Lawson~ 

Sometimes when it’s hectic and there’s like two tracks with groceries. I help my workers. I carry groceries and 50 kg maize. I don’t want them to think I am doing this to them because of this and that. I want them to see that I can do this too. I like to help around when I am not busy in my office. It’s hard to connect with my workers because they are scared of me. So when we carry groceries take them inside. It’s fun. I see them laugh sometimes it really makes them happy to see me help them and show them that I can do this myself. This morning was one of those days. When I left the house. I helped to offload some groceries. I am sweaty. I have to go to the house and take another shower. I saw Londeka and Nomandla bring my breakfast.   

Me: You can take it to my office. I will go take a quick shower. I am super dirty  

Londeka: Okay Mr Lawson :D  


I went pass them then headed to my house  


~ Nomandla ~ 

We just came back from the supermarket. We went to feed the dog then went back to the house  

Londeka: Let me go give the cat it’s milk  

Me: Okay  

I waited for her after about 5 minutes she came back. I was in the leaving room. We are about to do our daily duties  

Me: So what should I start doing?  

Londeka: I will do the dishes right now. I want you to go to the bathroom and clean it. I am sure Mr Lawson left a mess in there then we will see what we do after that  

Me: Great then do you think he is done?   

Londeka: Yeah he doesn’t waste time when he takes a shower at this time. I am sure he is back to the office  Me: Okay Let me go clean then :D  

I quickly went to the bathroom. I opened the door I went in I was looking down. I closed the door then looked up . Mr Lawson was naked in front of the mirror I was already inside with the door closed . I was seeing his behind  

Me: Mr Lawson I am so sorry 

He turned around . I saw his penis  

Him:  Nomandla what are you doing her?  

Me: Oh my god! Sorry sir   

I turned around fast I opened the door 

Him: Nomandla!   

Me: …………  


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