~Mrs Lawson~ 

I felt like I had to give Londy that talk. She has been working for us for years she is worried that we might not give her all the attention we gave her when she was alone. I understand that. She is the kind of person who doesn’t like to share her shine.  

Me: Honey you wanted to talk to me?   

He stopped working. He looked at me then stood up  

Him: Sweetheart do you think this is going to work?   

Me: What?   

Him: I wish You were here. I don’t like it when our employees get so comfortable around us . Londeka was firing that girl  

Me: No you are joking right? :D  

Him: She was insulting her and calling her all sort of things I don’t think that girl will be comfortable working with her she is bossy   

Me: I talked to her but I think I need to talk to her again some things you just told me are too much :D  

Him: Please do I am doing the hiring and firing here and when I am talking my employees don’t speak till I ask them to    

Me: I apologise for her baby  

Him: Please talk to her Ellen  

Me: I will  

I walked out. My husband don’t like being disrespected. He wants to be feared. He hates when I am too kind to people. It’s who I am I can’t change myself. He just doesn’t understand where I come from.  



Londeka: Excuse me? 

She didn’t expect me to say that. She came to me   

Me: Please don’t disturb me I came to work here Londeka  

Londeka: Nomandla  

I looked at her  

Me: ………. 

Her: Do you know I could get you fired?  

Me: ……… 

Okay she can’t talk about me losing my job. I need this job. This girl has been working here for years I don’t know where the confidence comes from. She might get me fired. Mom said I shouldn’t mess this up. I need thos job. I will follow her orders from now on  

Me: I am sorry. I want us to get along  

Her: ………. 

Me: I came here to work. If we can’t work together at least let’s focus on our jobs and ignore each other. I need this job Londeka please  

Her: I am sorry. I was wrong for calling you names you are a nice person. I am just not used to sharing this place ☺   

Me: I am not here to take your place. I need this job  

Her: I know I need it too. A hug?  

Me: Hihihi yes   

We hugged “ I love this! “ said a voice coming in  We broke the hug  

Me: Mada…. Mrs Lawson :D 

Londeka: :D 

Mrs Lawson: My husband is worried he thinks you guys can’t work together I am happy to see that you kissed and made up :D  

Londeka: I am a very peaceful person madam

I am happy to see that you kissed and made up :D  

Londeka: I am a very peaceful person madam Mr Lawson must relax right Nomandla?  

Me: Yes  

One thing I noticed about Londeka is that she makes everything about her . I will let her take all the spotlight as long I will be getting my pay cheque month end.  

Mrs Lawson: Guys please iron my clothes. I will leave with them in 2 hours okay ?  

Londeka: Okay Mrs Lawson :D  

She walked out.  

Londeka: Please go to the laundry room and iron those clothes I will go get Mr Lawson a new cup from the supermarket then finish what you are doing now  

Me: Okay   

She showed me the laundry room. I went to the room. So many clothes to iron. I found the iron and ironing board there. I plugged the iron and started cleaning  



I hope my daughter is doing well at work. We need that job. It’s hard at home being a single mother is is not easy. I raised Nomandla all by myself her father died when she was very young. Then my sister died later. I had to take in her son. My job is not paying at all. R750 rands is nothing. Anyway I am at work busy cooking for teachers the other ladies were busy cooking for the school kids. I saw one of the teachers coming to us .    Teacher: Ladies :D  

Us: Hello ma’am  

She looked at me 

Her: Is Nomandla doing well in her new job?   

Me: She started today ma’am  

Her: Oh nice 

She took the carrot then walked away eating it.   

Lady: What New job Nosukile?  Me: She is working for the Lawsons  Her: As what?   

Me: She cooks and clean their house   

Her: You lie? What did you do?   

Me: what do you mean?   

Her: I want to know the name of the sangoma you went to. How did your daughter get that job  

I checked my pots  

Me: Mr Lawson hired her  

Her: I hope she is not sleeping with Lawson?   

I looked at her  

Me: You didn’t say that!  

Her: Things happen. Kids do bad things to get money and jobs these days  Me: I got her that job! My daughter would never sleep with that white man  

Her: The way you so sure!  

She walked away  

Me: ………..?  no my daughter would never do   

I was mumbling alone  



I feel bad a little about what happened at Mr Lawson’s office. The reason I reacted that way is because I was scared. I might be their trusted employee but when it comes to Mr Lawson I am not this bubble. That man knows how to take you down from your high horse. I was scared that he was gonna shout at us. When he looked angry I thought he was gonna fire her I didn’t know he was annoyed by me talking too much. I saw Mrs Lawson coming from the supermarket. I saw her through the window. I ran to the laundry room.   Me: Wow you are done Nomandla? :D  

She was sweating it was a lot of Laundry I get it.  

Her: Yes I am done Londy  

I heard Mrs Lawson’s footsteps. I went next to the Ironing board. I put my hand on the iron so she could see I was the one ironing  

Mrs Lawson: Oh you done ladies!?  

Me: Yes I am done Mrs Lawson 

Nomandla: ……….. I looked at Nomandla 

Me: …………. 

Mrs Lawson looked at the clothes  

Mrs Lawson: Londy I think this and that one need to be ironed again you didn’t iron them well I am leaving in thirty minutes please hurry    

Me: Hihihi those two were ironed by Nomandla :D  

Nomandla: ……… 

Me: :D  

She looked at Nomandla  

Mrs Lawson: You will do better next time okay?   

Nomandla nodded her head yes . Mrs Lawson walked out . Nomandla looked at Me 

Her: Why did you lie? I ironed everything!  

Me: …….. 

Nomandla: I thought we were cool?  

Me: We are! We are cool now go back and do that work you were doing while I am ironing these!  

Nomandla: You said you’d finish Dusting the furniture!  

Me: I was busy with other things   

Nomandla: You didn’t do anything did you?  

Me: …………… 



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