You must be kidding me! This girl is still standing there. I was asked to show her around. I stopped walked. I looked at her . 

Me: What are you doing there! Follow me!  

She was teary she came to me  

Nomandla: Londeka please stop treating me like a child! We are both helpers here! You asked me to follow you from the living room to the kitchen you didn’t show me anything there you left me there standing now you ask me to follow you again? :’(  

Me: Okay sorry! I forgot let’s go back. I am sorry it’s just that I don’t like slow people :D  

I really forgot I wanted to show her something in the kitchen  

Me: This is Mr Lawson’s cup we take coffee to him in the morning and at 11am. You can’t make him coffee in any cup. He loves this one okay   

Her: Okay  

I went to the spoons  

Me: You choose whichever spoon he doesn’t mind but the spoon should be on the tray not in the cup when you serve him okay?  

Her: Okay  

I warmed water  

Me: We will have to take coffee to him in few minutes ☺  

She was nodding smiling  

Me:  When you take the coffee to him make sure there is no drop of water in your tray. He is such a neat freak  Her: Okay  

Me: Let me go get us aprons  

Her: Okay  

She walked away.  


~Mrs Lawson~ 

Me: Hey honey the girl you asked me to hire has arrived :D  

He was busy on his computer. He stood up. He came to me  

Him: That’s great

I am sure Londeka is happy. I mean our house is too big to have one helper ☺  

Me: I know honey   

I kissed him  

Me: Let me go help customers downstairs  

Him: What time are you leaving?  

Me: This afternoon honey   

Him: Alright baby  

I walked out. I pumped into one of our employees  

Me: :D  

Her: …… 



Londeka came back with aprons. I had my hands on the counter. She looked at my hands I saw the look on her face was unfriendly. I took my hands off the counter Her: Look what you’ve done! I cleaned that this morning  

Me: My hands are clean though?   

Her: Look at your fingerprints! They are drown on the counter! Mrs Lawson hates that!   You don’t touch! The wall counter! Anything in this house! As you can see everything is shining L 

Me: Oh sorry  

Her: Dear don’t mind me. I am just too strict :D  

Me: And a bad teacher  Her: Excuse me?  

Me: Mrs Lawson said show me around not shout at me for doing things you didn’t tell me not to do! If you said 

I shouldn’t touch I was not gonna touch. I am not stupid Londeka communication is important   Her: Wow sorry girl 

Me: …….  

Her: Take the cups I will bring water  

Me: By the time we get there the tea will be cold  

Her: They have a microwave in the office  

Me: Okay  

We took everything. I had the coffee. She had biscuits . We went to the Supermarket.  

Londeka: The office is at the top over there!  

Me: Wow Okay  

We went up. She knocked. Then opened the door.  

Londeka: Good morning Mr Lawson :D  

Me: …….. 

This man is feared in this village . He is one intimidating man. I am really scared of him. He is in his late 30s or early 40s he is not old but you know how black people are we respect and fear people with money even if they are not old. I went in. This office is very small. There are too many boxes. Inside. Londeka was talking to the man I was looking at him not where I was going. I tripped and fell with a tray that had coffee.   

Londeka: What the…. ?  

Me: Ouch  

Londeka: You see Mr Lawson!? You shouldn’t have hired a village girl! Please fire her!  

Me: I am so sorry sir I will buy the glasses month end when I get paid please don’t fire me! 

Londeka: When you get paid!? This is your last day! Girls like you don’t last here! 

She looked at Mr Lawson who was fuming with anger  

Londeka: Such a clumsy farm girl!   

Mr Lawson:  

Me: I am so sorry Mr Lawson  


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