It is a beautiful Monday morning. I am looking forward to start working. Today is gonna be my first day at work. I am very excited. Not everyone gets that job. The Lawsons bring girls from East London where they are originally from so for me to be able to work in their house not at the supermarket. it is a big deal. I am dressed up in my Jean skirt a white t.shirt and my flat red shoes that I bought at jet. I combed my long afro and tied it at the back . We don’t have much at home. My mom work as a cook in a local school she gets paid R750 rands a month. I live with her and my cousin brother who is 10 years old. Both his parents died So his R900 foster grant does help a lot. From it we save R300 rands every month that’s what the social workers asked us to do. Things will be better now that I will be working. I am so happy but not more than my mom it’s like I am going to be a doctor or something her name is Nosukile 

Mom: Khawuzijonge mntwanam! Ndiyazingca ngawe! (Look at you! My Baby I am so proud of you!) :D 

Me: Enkosi mama (thanks mom) do I look good? :D 

I am very insecure. I don’t believe I am beautiful but people like complementing me I even feel uncomfortable when they do. I have a low self-esteem. 

Mom: Umhle baby ( you’re beautiful)   

Me: Thanks :D  

Mom: Baby this is a lifetime opportunity! Those people might like you and help you further your education. Don’t mess this up.  

Mom can speak English in the late nineties she worked for some white family at Coffee Bay  

Me: I won’t mom. I am just happy I will be able to help around the house  

I took my clutch bag and my little Mint mobile cell phone. It has no camera.   

Me: Let me go mom I don’t want to be late on my first day  

She took both my hands  

Mom: Baby you are going to be working in their mansion. Can you believe it! All the girls in this village work in that dusty supermarket not at that big house! They chose you! Please be neat! Don’t embarrass us okay? :D  Me: Mom why did they choose me?  

She smiled  

Her: Go well my baby   

I walked out smiling. I will walk to the supermarket. It’s a 3km walk. I don’t have taxi fare 



I am Londeka. I am from Mdantsane East London. The Lawsons brought me here to cook for them and do all the chores around the house. They trust me that’s why they came here with me. Mrs Lawson told me they are bringing another girl here. I can do with little bit of help around here. I just hope she is not from here. I am sure she is from East London too. Lawsons don’t think girls around here are good enough to enter their home. And I see why this place is very rural.  

“ Londy!” said a voice from the living room. I know who that is. It is my boss Mrs Lawson  

Me: Mrs Lawson! :D  

Her: Come here dear! I want you to meet someone!   

Me: Coming Mrs Lawson  

I went to the living room fast. I saw this girl. Wow I have never seen such a natural girl. I don’t think this girl is from East London at all. 

Me: Mrs Lawson :D  

She put her cup of tea on the coffee table she stood up  

Mrs Lawson: Dear

she stood up  

Mrs Lawson: Dear meet the girl I was telling you about. Her name is Nomandla :D  Me: hi 

We shook hands Mrs Lawson looked at Nomandla  

Mrs Lawson: This is Londeka you guys are going to be working together ☺  

The girl was playing with her hands smiling  

Nomandla: Okay madam  

Me: :D  

Mrs Lawson: hihihi You so sweet Londy please show her around. I am going down to the shop okay? :D Me: Okay Mrs Lawson :D  

She walked out giggling . I looked at this girl  



My impression of Mrs Lawson sweet! Sweet! Sweet! She is a very nice white woman always smiling. The girl I will be working with? She is so full of herself. I could just see she was looking down on me. I looked at Mrs Lawson walking away  

Me: ……. 

I looked at Londeka she was looking at me 

Me: …… 

Londeka: Where you from? L    

Me: From this village Kwaaiman :D  

She looked at me from head to toe. She walked away  

Londeka: I can tell! Follow me  

Wow okay?   

Me: uthetha ukuthini?  

She turned around  

Her: Excuse me?  

Me: What do you mean you can tell?   

She went to the kitchen I followed. She sat on the high chair  

Her: Honey you are too young to act like an old maid!   

Me: I don’t understand why are you insulting me? :’(  

Her: He he he farm girl I am not insulting you I am telling you what you are! :D 

Me: …… 

Her: Did you see Mrs Lawson’s reaction when you called her “ madam “ ? :D  

Me: No  

Her: She laughed at you :D 

Me: What should I call her then? :’(  

She stood up laughing. I have never felt so stupid in my life  

Londeka: Mrs Lawson! That’s who she is! Not madam! Gosh I have never met a girl so slow! L  She rolled her eyes then walked away leaving me in the kitchen  

Me: Oh……. Mrs Lawson  …. 


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