This story is based on two families. The Ndengana family A Xhosa royal family from the rural areas of Sdabadabeni in the Eastern Cape and The Seputla family a Tswana wealthy gold mine owning family. We will introduce other families as the story proceeds.  

Love This thing called love is a devil itself. It clouds you. It makes you stupid. It makes you blind that you can't read between the lines. It can deceive you and leave you all heartbroken when you finally decided to stop being an idiot and discover the truth.  

How do you get out when you're already caged in and there is no coming out of the situation because you're already ruined? This is a situation I am in right now and I don't know what to do. I know this you've heard before but I am the evidence of it. When you grew up having everything

Money and success there's always something missing and you always make wrong choices when it comes to love. Money will never buy you love. I make good choices when it comes to the boardroom and business but when it comes to my love life things are just falling apart and the sad part is I thought I had everything under control. I thought I was one of the lucky rich ones. I didn't think my day was coming and coming sooner than I imagined.  

My name is Priscella Seputla I am 26 years old. I am a CEO of my family Gold mine. I am sure you're asking why I am a CEO at such a young age well my father died and someone had to step up. My mother is hardly home. She deals with international business. We have Offices in Chicago United States so she spends almost all her life there. I have a younger brother. He is 20 years old and he cares less for the family business. For a boy you'd expect him to be hungry to take over but he doesn't care about that at all.  

What is it about uncles? In this case I am not sure whether it's them or it's the influence from their wives but what I know is something is wrong with uncles more especially royal uncles. What is it about them that makes them think they are entitled to everything? This is a common thing in the royal family. When the brother of the chief is given the throne to keep it warm for the chief son until he is older they always accept and promise to know their place but when that time come whereby the chieftaincy has to be given back to the rightful person there is always a fight. Why is that? This happens everywhere. I really blame my passion for what I do. if I wasn't so busy with my Career i would've been a chief till my son finished his studies. We always had a great relationship with my husband's brother and his wife. We were so close till the topic of returning what belongs to us came then things changed. It looks like getting back that chieftaincy is going to be a fight but I am ready. I am doing this for my late Husband Nkosesizwe.  


My name is Judge Makhosazana Ndengana the Queen of Sdabadabeni Village in a small town called Ngqeleni. I am the biggest and most ruthless Judge in surrounding towns if not the entire Province of the Eastern Cape. When you do what I do you have to be feared and strong. I am all that as a results nobody dares to bribe me when I am dealing with a case. You're guilty I send you straight to jail with no questions asked. I have only one child and his name is Zwelicacile. My husband died a chief. My son Zwelicacile was going to take the reigns from  his father but because to me Education is everything I wanted him to have a degree then come home and be the chief but now it looks like I made a big mistake. You have to sit and relax as I make sure my husband's wishes come true.  

I wish I never agreed to any of this. I wish I never committed myself to anything. I should have waited until I was older to make such decision with my life. I wish I had a choice to make the decision myself. Maybe if I did I wouldn't be here today feeling guilty and lying. Maybe I should've been honest to her. Maybe I should've just told her the truth. How do you tell the love of your life that? What if after you tell them they leave you? What can you possible say to make them understand why you didn't tell them about this? These are the questions I lived with all these years. Some people think I am happy. 8 years seemed too long. I thought when it finally comes I would have strength to stand up for myself and do the right thing. What I think right for myself.  


My name is Masixole. I am 28years old. I can't tell you more about me because I am an open book yet mysterious if that does make sense at all. Telling you about who I am would be a spoiler for the entire journey so I would rather be just Masixole right now and don't be confused. Masixole is my real name. Anyway I studied mine engineering. I finished and graduated 3 years ago. I work at Seputla mine as a COO of the company. My journey starts when I just married the love of my life and after that problems kept coming and coming but you have to come back to find out what problems I am talking about.  





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