< Judge Nomakhosazana >  

If the case was not postponed tomorrow I was gonna be expected to go to court. I am really happy they decided to postpone it even though I was mad when I heard it was postponed. Imagine going to court to solve a case that is so personal to you when the day before you found out you were betrayed by everyone you trusted. How can they do this to me ? How could Princess Nomagampompo stab me in the back after everything we've been through to make sure this family stayed together? After how Hlohlesakhe was mad at me for not discussing the car with him. I am surprised he was an accomplice as well. Why does it look like I cannot trust anyone in this family? I am mad! I am angry I don't know how to deal with this. I don't know how to handle the truth that they keep throwing in my face. They keep saying my husband loved that woman. How did they expect me to feel when they said that ? Did Nomagampompo expect me to shut up after what she said ? I am angry so angry that I doubt I will ever forgive them for this one. I have been so good to everyone in this family. None of them see how much I love this family. They don't appreciate everything I have done for them. I am really disappointed. My son is leaving today. I didn't want to beat up people or Slap my sister in law the day my son is leaving. I didn't want that. I wanted him to leave seeing his family happy not this.  

Anyway I know the kids don't understand why I did what I did and I  feel like I should sit them down. I am glad Nontorotyi daughters were not with us when this happened. They went to take fresh veggies from the project. I am happy they were not here. I am heading to my son's room. I hope I find all of them there. I knocked then walked in. They are all here. I am surprised King Zwelicacile haven't packed anything. Why do I feel like he doesn't want to leave?  

Me: Guys I want to speak to you all _  

They looked at me and stopped what they were doing. Nomgcwabe is angry with me I can see that.  

Me: Before I tell you about what happened out there I would like to apologise to you Nomgcwabe and Phonqa for witnessing that....  

I sat on my son's bed.  

Me: You know I love and respect your mother. She is my sister in law and she is older than me. Slapping her is not acceptable at all. I am not going to justify my actions. I was angry and disappointed in her for betraying me. You boys know how close we are. I don't keep things from your mother. She doesn't keep things from me.... well so I thought...... :(  

Nomgcwabe: What did mom do? _  

Me: You're young but I feel like you deserve to know this..... While your late uncle was alive I used to work out of town a lot. I was hardly home. One day I got a break. I decided to come home and I arrived here. I couldn't find your uncle. I saw his car packed next to the house behind the mansion. The old houses out there. I went there  and I found him having sex with that woman :(  

Nomgcwabe: _  

Me: That woman was our healer at the time. I felt betrayed I felt disgusted. I was angry. I kidnapped that woman and tied her up in her house. I wanted to punish her :(  

I stood up. I walked around the room. I looked at them  

Me: I was gonna punish her _  

Phonqa: _  

Me: I told your mother where I hid The healer. I told her because I  

trusted her ! :( I sat down again..  

Me: This morning I found out that She ran to Sgaqa and Hlohlesakhe after i told her. Sgaqa asked her and Hlohlesakhe to go rescue her and  help her cross the Mthatha Dam river :( I 

shook my head just by thinking about it.  

Me: I remember when I found out she was gone. I was with your  

mother. Your mother was so shocked __  

I felt a tear  

Me: She acted like she knew nothing! She acted like she was surprised as I was. When I realised she was gone. I was so scared. I thought she was gonna go to the police and report me. Your mom and your uncles watched me scared having sleepless nights. They didn't tell me what they did! I lived years of my life asking myself what happened to that woman __  

Zwelicacile: Where does Siqalo come in ? _ I looked at him.  

Me: They asked him and Sabonkolo to take her to Mqanduli. They all knew. What makes me mad is the fact that I asked Siqalo yesterday.  

He lied to my face ! __  

Nomgcwabe: _  

Me: The reason I lost it is because Princess Nomagampompo said her brother loved that woman that is why she saved her. How could she say that to me ? __  

Nomgcwabe: I apologise for my mom. I know I was young when my uncle died but I know how close she was with him. I get why she did what she did but what I don't understand is why they didn't tell you  

the same day they helped her escape _  

I stood up  

Me: They wanted to keep it a secret. Royal house and secrets are one. You guys should know that. You can't know everything that is happening in this house. I just wanted to tell you what is going on. I want everything to be normal. Princess Nomagampompo and i will fix  

our problems when we are both ready :(  

Phonqa: :) _  

Nomgcwabe: We appreciate you for talking to us :) _  

I smiled. I looked at Masixole  

Me: Shouldn't you be packing ? :)  

Him: I won't leave with anything mom. I will just call the driver to be ready to take me to the helicopter. It's on its way now :)  

Me: We will be waiting downstairs :)  

Zwelicacile: Okay mom :)  

I walked out. Tomorrow I have to go visit my husband. I need to talk to him. He has a lot of explaining to do. Even though he can't answer me but he must hear how I feel.  



< Narrated >  

After Brendan spoke to Poor Algebra who was so scared. He went back to his wife and pretended like everything is okay. Sonia thought maybe Algebra reacted the way he did because he was seeing a celebrity. Little did she knew that these two have met before. It looks like Algebra and Brendan had an encounter and only them can explain what is going on or what happened between them. It looks like Priscella saw through them. Poor Sonia didn't notice anything. It looks like Priscella is getting closer to closing her investigation. Anyway we see Brendan and Sonia standing up. They just finished eating.  

Sonia: Thank you so much for the lunch honey. I didn't realise how hungry I was :D  

Brendan: Only the best for my beautiful wife :p  

Sonia: You're the best husband in the world  :)  

Brendan: I like the sound of that :p  

He said biting his lower lip walking to her. He put his hands around her waist. He leaned for the kiss. Sonia looked around.  

Sonia: I have to close the blinds honey. we can't be seen doing that :D  

She attempted to go to close them Brendan grabbed her wrist. He pulled her closer and kissed her. He broke the kiss  

Brendan: we can't do this here. I am late I have to go back to work :) Sonia: Oh....  

Sonia walked away. She seemed disappointed  

Brendan: I promise I will make it up to you baby. We sleep in one bed don't we ? :) Sonia turned around.  

Sonia: You're always tired and you're working now so...... _  

He pulled her closer  

Brendan: I promise I will make it up to you..... :p  

He made sure she could feel his private part  

Brendan: Can you feel that ? I want you honey but I am late :p Sonia: Okay fine I will wear something sexy tonight :p Brendan winked at her. He kissed her cheek then walked out.. Sonia: Honey why don't you go give Algebra an autograph. He seems like a huge fan :D  

Brendan: Next time honey :D  

He walked away Sonia lost her smile. She closed the door Then leaned on it.  

Sonia: I can't believe you son of a bitch still turn me on when I know the things I know about you _  

She turned around and looked at him walked away ..  

Sonia: _  

We see Brendan get into the elevator. He made phone call. Someone answered  

Person: You hung up on me what do you want ?  

It's Isaiah He is mad at him for hanging up on him when he called the other day.  

Brendan: I was at work yesterday you know that. Please meet me at your house right now :( _  

Isaiah: You can't expect me to jump whenever you want to see me!  

Brendan: I am begging you. I have only an hour please  Isaiah: I am driving him  

Brendan: Good. I will see you in few minutes :) _  

The elevator opened. He walked out and headed to the parking lot.  


At Seputla Towers in the parking lot. We see a security guard speaking to Elton. It looked like they were having a heated argument about something. The poor man looked nervous. He kept looking around while speaking to EJ. Ej: Come on man I got this! :D  

Security: I am not sure EJ. I don't want to lose my job. I can't keep doing this. You said you were going to do this once but you keep on coming to me. I can't keep doing this :( _  

EJ: I got this. I am cool man. I don't take it a lot. I just wanna have fun you know. Just trust me I got this. Here is R500 rands. I will give you a R200 when your guy comes with it :)  

Security: Fine! this is the last time. I swear if you come back again I will go to Ms Seputla and report you !  

Ej: Relax ;)  

He walked away dialling a number.  

Ej: Hey brother in law what's up ? :D _  

Masixole: I am good EJ. I take it your mom told you ?  

Ej: She told me. Thank you so much brother in law. I owe you one 

:D _  

Masixole: She did tell you that you will only leave after Christmas I will just do the booking now  

EJ: Yes she did. Please book immediately. I don't want to be told its fully booked :) _  

Masixole: It's already done. You're leaving 26th December. Please don't tell your sister about this  

Ej: I wouldn't dare :D _  

Masixole: I hope you will have my back also when I tell your sister something that I have been hiding from her EJ's eyes popped out. He stopped walking .  

Ej: What is that ? :( _ _  

Masixole: Don't worry. It's not something too bad... at least I hope it's not but I will tell her when I get back later today  

EJ: Well as for my support. It will depend on what it is that you're hiding from my sister  

Masixole: I just hope you your mom and sister will understand why I did what I did  

EJ: Bro this sounds hectic? __  

Masixole: I will see you later  

Ej: Sure __  

They hung up. EJ stood there thinking. He might act like a jerk sometimes but he really cares about his sister. He is nervous about this  

EJ: ......... _ _  


Sonia is at her office. She is angry. She feels mad that she is still in love with this man and she was willing to sleep with him after everything. You see These two hardly have sex and Brendan excuse is that he is tired and all so Sonia really missed feeling special. She felt good about herself when she felt the chemestry and how Brendan couldn't take his hands off her. That made her forget that he lied and humiliated her to the papers. This made her forget that very soon she is divorcing this man that she has to switch off her feelings for him and move on. She knows she can't spend even a day feeling something for Brendan after they got Divorced. She knows Brendan don't deserve her feelings and her love. In her mind she wish she could forget him the day she divorces him but is it that easy ? How do you switch off feelings because of something your partner did? She knows right now it is still anger. She knows it will be hard for her to forget this man. She also fears what will people say when they find out she was married to a bisexual man. In her head she really hopes Brendan is sleeping with a woman in that house not Isaiah Norman. Because of her anger she is prepared to humiliate herself by putting the truth out there but will she be able to handle it ? We all have to wait and see.  

Anyway we see her stand up. She put her hands on her desk. She looked into space.  

Sonia: I can't believe I still love you __  

She removed her hands from the table. She went to the tissues. She wiped her tears.  

Sonia: I can't believe I almost slept with you __  

While she was crying and wiping tears Her cell phone rang. She turned around and looked at her table. She took her phone and  

answered. She started sniffing before speaking  

Sonia: Hello :) ___  

PI: Ma'am your husband just arrived at Isaiah's house..... Sonia put her hand on her mouth. She couldn't believe it. She got more emotional..  

Sonia: ___  

PI: Isaiah Norman arrived first. The Agent told me since I was following your husband. so few minutes later we arrived also. He is inside now Sonia chuckled  

Sonia: This son of a bitch left me here saying he was late for work! 


PI: I will bring the video to you later  

Sonia: Please :( _  

She hung up then sat down  

Sonia: He said no to me to go sleep with another man ? _  

Sonia ran to her handbag. She took out a mirror. She looked at herself in the mirror. She flipped her hair. It looks like this makes her lose her self confidence. She thinks something is wrong with her. She was starring at the mirror crying and trying to see what is it that is wrong with her for her husband to do this to her.  



< Priscella >  

What the hell happened 30 minutes ago? Call me paranoid but what I saw is something to question. I feel like what Sonia said is not it. Algebra knows something and he is going to tell me what it is. I saw how Brendan couldn't wait to walk out of the office. He literally dragged Sonia out of my office. As for Algebra. He looked shocked and terrified instead of being happy to see The actor. I have been trying to call Algebra. It's been over 30 minutes. I called someone else to clean the mess he caused. He is not taking my calls and I don't like that. He is being unprofessional. I am not happy about that because I am his boss. I don't have work for him. I just want him to get here so that he can tell me what is going on with him and Brendan.  

Anyway I saw Brendan leaving Sonia's office earlier. I thought maybe she'd come and update me but no. She didn't come. I hope she is okay. I know pretending is not nice at all. I heard a knock coming from my door. I looked up it's Uncle Kobus. I wonder why he is here. Me: 

Uncle :D  

Him: Hey. What's up with Sonia. She is burying herself with work. She didn't even see me pass through her office :)  

Me: Maybe she has a lot of work to do today. She just had a lunch with Brendan :)  

He didn't look happy to hear that.  

Uncle: This has to end very soon Priscella. I want my daughter to leave that man and..... _ He looked at me Me: And what uncle ? 


Uncle smiled. What is he up to?  

Me: What is going on ? :D  

Uncle: I managed to convince Hunter to come work in my company and he finally agreed :D  

Me: Wow :) _  

Uncle: I asked him to go to Namibia to fetch my grandchildren. I want him to surprise my daughter :)  

Me: But uncle you know Sonia hurt Hunter. You can't expect him to take her back :D  

Uncle: I know it's just that I am worried. Ever since my daughter found out about who her husband is

She didn't show any hurt or anything. I am worried when the story breaks she will be a mess. I want Hunter to be there for her and besides Hunter own a few properties in the country. This is going to be easy for him to be close to his business :) Me: Yeah you're right :)  

Uncle: I just wanted to tell you that and I hope you finish this soon I smiled  

Me: If things go as I expect them to I think today I am closing the investigation :)  

Uncle: New information? :)_  

Me: I can't talk about it now :)  

Uncle: Okay. Let me go home. Keep me updated :)  

Me: Okay uncle :)  

He walked out. I called Algebra. His phone rang. after few rings he answered  

Algebra: I am sorry ma'am I am coming  

I hung up. He must come and tell me what is going on. I sat down and waited for him to come to my office. We see Algebra at the door  

Priscella: Come in ! :) _  

Algebra opened the door. He walked in.  

Algebra: Ma'am I am sorry for the mess I caused earlier _  

Me: It's okay please take a sit :)  

He looked at me. Algebra is light skinned. Like I said he is coloured. When someone with his skin colour cried You can tell just by looking around his eyes. Even his eyes are red. It looks like he was crying. Something is going on. This boy knows something about Brendan. He must tell me what is going on. When I was about to ask I saw Sonia opening the door of my office. She walked in looking down. My friend is not okay. I moved away from my desk. I went to her.  

Me: My friend is everything okay? _ Sonia broke down.  

Me: Hey what's wrong? :( _  

I looked at Algebra  

Me: Please pour her a glass of water! :(  

Sonia: I don't want water _  

Me: _  

Sonia looked at Algebra.  

Sonia: Can you give us a moment ? __  

Algebra: Of course I will be at my des..... _♂_  

He attempted to run out. I can't let him  

Me: Algebra! :(  

He turned around and looked at me  

Algebra: Yes ma'am? _  

I looked at my friend  

Me: If this is about Brendan..... :(  

I looked at Algebra. His lips started shaking. He was scared.  Me: I think Algebra should stay :(  

Sonia: I don't mean to be rude but I don't wa...... __  

Me: Friend when you walked in I was about to ask him about what happened earlier. I know that was not a reaction from a fan seeing his favorite Celebrity :( Algebra got teary..  

Algebra: That man is a celebrity? __  

Sonia: You don't know that? Which tv do you watch? He is on a soap at YaTV Wait you don't know him? What was that ? __ Algebra: Well at home we are not subscribed to Premium. That's for rich people __  

Me: Then where do you know Brendan Algebra How do you know him and please don't lie to us :( _  

Algebra got more nervous. A tear finally escaped from his eyes. Sonia looked at me.  

Me: Algebra speak to us trust me this could help us. Tell us ! :(  

Algebra looked at the door then walked to the door  

Algebra: I can't __  

Sonia: Don't you dare walk out of that door! _ __  

Sonia ran and stood at the door  

Me: Sonia don't shout at him! you will make him nerbous! let me handle this :(  

I looked at Algebra  

Me: Algebra....... _  

Algebra: __  

He started crying  

Sonia: Wait....... __  

I turned my attention to Sonia. She was crying so hard with her hands on her mouth Me: What is it ? _  

Sonia looked at Algebra  

Sonia: After we walked out of here He wanted to go to the bathroom.  

So he ran after you ? __  

Algebra started crying again putting his hand on his mouth.  

Algebra: __  

Me: For goddess sake Algebra just talk! _  

Algebra: Remember when I told you about my first date when I got to this city ? __  

Sonia: No__  

I saw Sonia searching for a chair. I ran and pushed a chair to her. She sat down. I looked at Algebra so he could continue..  

Algebra: When I got here. I downloaded a dating app.... __ He started pacing up putting his right hand on his forhead. He looked at me.  

Algebra: A gay dating app. I saw this handsome man texting me immediately __  

Sonia: No! __  

Algebra: Of course it wasn't the real person in the picture..I was catfished. I don't know why I don't learn my lesson about online dating __  

Me: _  

Sonia was sobbing while Algebra was crying and talking. Algebra sat on my office couch.  

Algebra: We agreed to meet at a hotel. I was so excited to be in this  city then a day later I scored a date with a hot guy __  

Me: __  

Algebra: I got to the hotel. I was excited. I was told the room number.  I went there when I got in it was a white Tall good looking man but not the man in the picture.... __  Sonia stood up  

Sonia: You slept with him. Oh My God he slept with you! __  

Algebra shook his head no crying  

Me: No? _  

Algebra stood up. He walked around. Sonia looked at him waiting for him to explain  

Algebra: I didn't sleep him...... __ He looked at us..  

Algebra: I couldn't sleep with him __  

Me: Why is that? Was it because he lied to you about who he really was ? _  

Algebra shook his head no. Well I don't know right now. I just wish he could just get to the point  

Algebra: Trust me I would've slept with him if it was only that..... I have dealt with bisexual men before. They are too discreet I understand why they don't want to be seen online __  

Sonia: Why didn't you sleep with him? ___  

Algebra looked at Sonia  

Algebra: He wanted me to dress up like a woman :( _  

Sonia: Oh my God ___  

Me: Oh No _  

Algebra: He bought everything. He came prepared. I just ran out of there. I have never seen that man since. Today was the first day I saw him after that day __  

I went to Sonia. I brushed her back  

Sonia: My husband is sleeping with Isaiah Norman ___  

Me: __  

I hugged her tight.  

Sonia: Ahhhhhh __  

She screamed so hard like someone who was in so much pain. I broke the hug she was holding her stomach  

Sonia: Ahhhhh ahhhhh __  

Oh My God. She is in so much pain.  

Me: Algebra! Call an ambulance please !!! __  

Algebra: _♂__  

Sonia: Ahhhhh ! ahhhh! __  

Me: Friend please breath oh my God what am I gonna do with you __ Sonia: Ahhhh ! __  



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