< Sonia Dr Villiers >  

I really appreciate my friend and my father for helping me But I wouldn't heal or be happy if I didn't play any part in hurting Brendan. I feel like I have to do something as well to help them. I know they have everything under control and I trust Priscella. She is never wrong about something. When she says this is not enough I agree with her. I want her to find enough evidence to nail my husband and Isaiah and I hope when she does my plan will also be finished and ready for action. I know lately I have been busy filming the show in between my office time. That is why I make sure stay in office till five. We normally knock off at 4pm but I take the next hour as well covering up my lacking. Even now I had to steal the PI number from my father's phone. I don't want him and Priscella to know I am getting involved. I know they will be against it. They will think I am going to mess up the plan. I trust my gut. I know I trusted my gut before and it failed me but i have never been so sure about something like I am about this one. I am meeting the PI. Luckily we are meeting here at work just downstairs at Bakery.  

Anyway while walking to the elevator I saw Priscella door open. I looked at her..  

Priscella: Where are you going? :)  

Me: I am going down to the HR offices. I am taking these papers there :D  

Priscella: Okay :)  

Me: Anyway shouldn't you be working? :D  

Priscella: My legs are swollen. I want to stretch my legs and walk up and down the passage :)  

Me: Shame You pregnant thing! You should stop wearing heels friend 


Priscella: Have you ever seen me in a flat shoe ? :D  

Me: Yeah. But only training shoes for gym  :D  

Priscella: Exactly! I can't dress like that here  :D  

Me: But you need to make a plan. Trust Me From a mother to a first time preg woman. You will need flat shoes :D  

I pressed the button. The elevator opened. I walked in then looked at her  

Priscella: Bye I will think about it :)  

Me: Good and bye :D _♀  

She smiled and walked passed the elevator. Shame her little legs are shining. I feel sorry for the poor thing. She is a very active person but now. She is always ready to fight and she is so down. She is not that energetic Prissy I know. Anyway the elevator took me down. I walked out. I looked around. I saw him raising his hand. Well he knows me and that helps because i don't know him..  

Me: Sorry I am late :D  

Him: Its okay it's been only five minutes sitting here :D I said down.  

Me: Can this meeting be between us ? I don't want Priscella and my father to know about it :) _  

Him: I promised you on the phone. It will be between us and I meant it. I hope you don't have another task for me. Remember I can't do anything to ruin my investigation. Your father and your friend are paying me a lot of money and I am very loyal and discrete person :) Me: I know that. They always update Me about everything you find so there is no problem. So did you do what I asked you to do ?  

He smiled. Thank God.  

Him: Those are rented properties. They don't own them so the agents have the masterkeys :)  

I sat up straight  

Me: Excellent. Do you think you can bribe one of those agen...  

:D _  

Him: Ms De Villiers relax it's already done. That lady charged me a lot but because I wanted the job done I had to pay :D  

I smiled. I looked around then at him  

Me: Are you telling me you have cameras already installed in Isaiah  

Norman's apartment ? :D _  

Him: Yes! so what's next. Remember we have to be fast. That lady might be fired if Isaiah could see the cameras _  

Me: Since they asked you to make this your priority. I want you to follow my husband. If he goes there stay outside and wait for him to leave... :) _  

Him: Then after Isaiah leaves the agent goes there and take the cameras  :) Me: Exactly  :D  

Him: I actually asked her to keep an eye and tell me when someone else goes there :)  

Me: I think you need to focus on my husband. Go sit out of the soapie studios and follow him :)  

Him: Let me not waste time But first. Ma'am you have to pay me the money I used to bribe that lady then half of my fee then the rest when  

I am done :) _  

Me: How much? :D  

Him: Mine is R2 000 rands and the money i used to bribe that girl is one point five  

Me: She was greedy wasn't she ? _  

Him: She was :D  

Me: So I will give you R3 500 then when you're done I will give  

You.... :) _  

Him: 2K :) _  

Me: Okay luckily I have my card with me. Let's walk to the ATM :) We stood up. I went to the ATM. I withdrew his money. I gave it to him.  

Me: Job well done :)  

Him: Thanks ma'am  :)  

I smiled. He walked away. I turned around then pressed the button. I walked in up I went. I want a brutal humiliation all over the newspapers.  

Me: Brendan is not ready for this :)  



< Ms Refilwe >  

Being so far away is hard for me. I cannot even speak some sense in any of my children. My daughter is stubborn. I cannot believe She wasted so much money unnecessary. Don't get me wrong. That foundation is mine. It makes money on its own. It doesn't need more money. We have so many sponsors. I don't know why Priscella did what she did while I was on the phone. My children are disrespectful.  

I didn't raise them like that. Their father didn't raise them like that. I am a little too soft on EJ because he lost his father at a young age. He is been surrounded by women all his life. He needs a father figure. Kobus is too boring for my son. He doesn't want to be mentored by him because Kobus is all about business something My son don't show any interest in. Then there is my amazing son in law. He is also a smart man who is all about business. He doesn't have that fun father figure. I don't know what I should do. These kids are going to kill each other. I know Priscella meant what she said when she said I  

should come write the cheque myself. My daughter is as stubborn as her father. She doesn't know when to stop. She is too serious and strict. I won't let her act like a mother to my son. I know how to be a good parent to my son. EJ don't want to be shouted at. Tell him what you don't like about him politely. Don't shout at him.  

Right now I don't have any other options. I can't go to South Africa for that nonsense. I will ask my son in law to do this for me. Priscella won't do this I know. She doesn't change her mind when she says she is Not going to do something she means it. But first I need to start with Sonia. She is the one who is close by. I heard Masixole is not around.  

Sonia: Mrs R!!! :D  

Me: Hello dear how are you. I didn't know you knew my office landline :D _  

Sonia: I wasn't sure. I just saw the US code and i knew My favorite aunt finally thought of me  

Me: I wish it was a friendly call..... __  

Sonia: Is everything Okay in the Chicago offices?  

Me: No everything is good. It's my daughter and son :( _  Sonia: Honestly Mrs R. Your sin is a pain. His sister is trying so hard to make him happy it's like he just looks for something to annoy her. Prissy was planning a very expensive trip for him he disrespected her in front of me. She cancelled everything  

Me: I heard. EJ is a little boy :) _  

Sonia: Mrs R. He is twenty one. He must grow up  

Me: I will come back around Christmas. I will speak to him. I want you to check how much a ship would cost me. I want to do this for my son. When you find out all the expenses. Please book everything for him. I want him to leave after Christmas. I want to see him before 

He leaves :) _  

Sonia: Mrs R You know I love you so much. I am the one who is here. I see how EJ behaves. I can't betray Prissy and do this. I just fixed things with her. I am so sorry  

Me: Well I tried. It looks like the situation with my son is bad :( _ Sonia: Trust me Mrs R. He needs to grow up fast !  

Me: Have a great day Sonia :( _  

I hung up. I have to call my first option. Masixole was my first option anyway. I am disappointed in Sonia. Anyway I called my son in law.  

Masixole: Ndegana  

Me: Hey son. It's your mother in law. I am so late for a meeting I will 

be quick :) __ Masixole: Hello Ms Refilwe  

Me: I want you to lend me half a million and help me book a cruiseship that will take EJ from Durban to Mozambique with his friends. Find out how much it will cost and pay. When I come back I will give you the money :) _  

Masixole: Okay Ms Refilwe  

Me: Thank you so much and please My daughter can't find out about this :) __ He exhaled  

Me: Please ! :) _  

Masixole: Looks like I am being good at lying to my wife. I hate it okay ma'am....  

We lost the connection. I looked at the telephone  

Me: What's that suppose to mean......? ___  

What is he keeping from my daughter? Anyway I took my phone. I texted EJ  

" Your brother in law will take care of everything "  

He quickly typed  

Elton: Thank you. You're the best I love you  

I just read the message. I put my phone in my handbag. I stood up. I have a meeting  



< Nontorotyi >  

Oh My God I thank the Lord that I was able to stand up from the floor. My fear now is how am i gonna sit or sleep again. The pain is too much. I am bleeding. I can't stop crying. What makes me cry even more is the fact that I have to Tell my husband what I did and by the look on his face he is not leaving until I tell him what happened. If I don't tell this man what I did I will get another beating from that cruel woman. How can she be so insensitive about this sensitive Matter? I could lose my family. I could be banned from Sdabadabeni..I have never seen Nomakhosazana so mad in my life. Zinyovile said this. This woman said today early in the morning I will get a surprise. Did 

she mean this beating ? Hlohlesakhe: What was that ? _  

Me: Baby check my bum Please __  

He came to me. He pulled up my dress  

Hlohlesakhe: You need to take this dress off! Today you must stay in doors naked. I will make sure the kids don't come back from Royal house and as for my brother's wife..... _  

Me: __  

Hlohlesakhe: Hold it !  

He was asking me to hold My dress. " Oh My God " Said my daughter walking in. She saw my bum  

Hlohlesakhe: Where have you been ? _  

Ngejiwe: Morning dad I am sorry my battery died. Can you believe my friends from Varsity were at Mthatha Mouth Beach. I was there with them.I am sorry I didn't tell you guys. What happened to mom? :( _  

Hlohlesakhe: I was worried sick about you ! :(  

Ngejiwe: I am sorry dad. You know I am responsible _  

Hlohlesakhe: The Queen came here and beat your mother _  Ngejiwe: What? :( _  

She looked at me. Tears ran out of my eyes seeing my daughter and my husband so angry at the Queen meant a lot to Me but will they still be mad when they learn about what I did?  

Me: __  

Hlohlesakhe: I am calling a family meeting !!! _  

I ran to him. I snatched his phone  

Me: No! __  

Ngejiwe: Why not ? Mom we should be calling the police!!! :(  

Me: No you can't!!! __  

Hlohlesakhe looked me with questioning eyes  

Hlohlesakhe: Before The Queen left she did mention that you know why she did this..... _ I swallowed hard  

Me: __  

Ngejiwe: Mom what did you do ? __  

I looked at her then at her father. I have to Tell them. I can't take another beating  

Me: I went to Zinyovile. I asked her to give me a poison to kill The  

Queen.... __  

They both put their hands on their mouths  

Hlohlesakhe: What !? __  

Ngejiwe: _  

Me: I came back I gave it to Nomaxabiso to do the job for me. I saw her she was not fond of the Queen so I thought I could use her __  

Hlohlesakhe put his hands on his head  

Hlohlesakhe: So Nomaxabiso told the Queen? That's why she spoke 

to you the way she did the other day ? :(  

Me: No ! She didn't tell her but she betrayed me. She started blackmailing me with what I asked her to do. Gedleza is the one who told the Queen what I wanted to do. I am sorry guys. I know I disappointed you __  

Ngejiwe: Why do you hate the Queen so much ? _  

Me: I don't know! that's why I don't want to report her __  Hlohlesakhe: I almost called elders. Do you realised I almost exposed you ? :(  

Me: Yes my love __  

Hlohlesakhe: Do you realise you could be banned ? _  

Me: Yes my love __  

Hlohlesakhe: What the Queen just did was the honourable thing to do.  

She didn't want to humiliate you. She punished you the right way The Royalty way! Now I have to go apologise for you ! _  

Me: I know. I am so sorry __  

Hlohlesakhe: Call a doctor! and don't tell her what happened! :( I nodded my head yes tears streaming down my cheeks. He walked out. I looked at my daughter.  

Ngejiwe: And you want to be taken seriously as a Queen? :(  

Me: _  

Ngejiwe: You keep showing us that you not one of us !!! :(  

Me: Bab.... __  

Ngejiwe: Oh shut up mom! I need to go sleep I had along night :( She walked to her room. She slammed the door behind her.. Me: 

Only if you knew you not one of them as well my sweet girl __ I leaned on the sofa  

Me: Ouch __  

I am in so much pain. I am so scared. I saw my husband's car drives out. I let out sigh of relief.  

Me: At least she didn't tell you about Bhalisile __  

I heard a chuckle behind me. I quickly turned around. It's Zinyovile.  

Zinyovile: That was intense wasn't it ? :) _  

Me: You should've warned me. I am in so much pain _  

Zinyovile: Come on Nontorotyi. I warned you even the universe is my witness. I told you that this morning you will be served. If you took me seriously you would've slept at Sabonkolo's house :)  

Me: I wish I did. My husband is mad at me. My daughter is also mad and disappointed in me. I am just happy Nomakhosazana didn't say  anything about my other you know what........ __ Zinyovile tapped my shoulder.  

Zinyovile: The royal house is not planning to rat you out :)  

I looked at her  

Me: Are you certain ? :D __ Zinyovile: I am sure but....... I put my hands on my head  

Me: That but......... ___♀  

She turned around. She looked at my daughter's room. I ran to the kitchen. I want to be far from her room  

Me: Come! ___  

Zinyovile: ___ We got to the kitchen.  

Me: What about her ? __  

Zinyovile: The only person who is going to risk or burst your cover is  

Ngejiwe _  

Me: What do you mean ? Does she already know? __  

Zinyovile shook her head in disbelief  

Me: Please talk to me ! __  

Zinyovile: No! But use your head woman use it! What could Ngejiwe do to blow your cover ? _  Me: I don't know _♀__  

Zinyovile: Then stay dumb _  

Me: Please don't vani.......!! __  

This Woman! She just vanished on me. What did she mean when she said Ngejiwe will be the one ruining my life? Me: __  



< Judge Nomakhosazana >  

Chief Khabalandile should be respected as the Chief and even I as the Queen I should respect him and every male In this family more especially my husband's brother. Today I forgot that. I think I did that because if I didn't

things were never gonna go the way I planned them. If I didn't put those sofas on top of that man I was gonna be unable to to punish his wife. We are a royal house. When someone do something wrong or disrespect this family they are punished the way I punished my sister in law. The reason I didn't do that to Masixole is because he is a man. Only a man can punish a man with a Sjambok on their bum as for women I am here. I am here to put them in line. I don't think Nontorotyi will ever think of killing Me again. Now the only person I need to deal with is my husband's lover. I am going to deal with Nontsingizi differently. I won't be too nice to her like I was to her accomplice. That woman Made my life a living hell. She is acting like she was innocent in all that. She was sleeping with my husband. I had to teach her a lesson. Right now I am so mad at my husband. I don't know what to do. This man listened to me when I  

was confessing my sins to him. He pretended that he was trying to protect me when he said Nontsingizi got fired. He betrayed me. He took that woman and sent her to live in Mqanduli. I stayed in fear for months worried that she might report me to the police. My husband kept saying I shouldn't worry she would never do that now I see why he was so sure. What do I do with Siqalo? Just yesterday when he came back from Mqanduli I asked him if he knew anything about anyone who rescued Nontsingizi He said no. Now I just learnt he was lying to me. He was the one who sent that woman there. Just yesterday I was thanking that bastard for his loyalty to this family  

Me: I feel so stupid. They made me stupid! __  

Anyway I am furiously walking home. I was not kidding when I said if Nontorotyi don't tell her husband what she almost did to me I will go back there and whip her. I am going to give her another beating til she learns to be honest. I am going to make her the most humble person in this family. I just got home. I found this traitor sitting next  

to the door. He is Sleeping on the chair  

Me: You didn't have enough sleep? _  

Siqalo jumped up. He looked at me  

Siqalo: My Queen I guess....... _  

Me: Stop! I don't want to hear another lie from You! _  

I took out my Sjambok. I whipped him everywhere in his body  

Me: You lied to me you bastard! You lied to me!!! __  

I had no mercy on his body. He ran to the door. He opened It then ran in crying  

Siqalo: My princess help me ! _♂__  

Me: Traitor!!! ___  

I was running after him beating him. Everyone ran from the dinning room to the living room  

Nomagampompo: Sisi Stop! :( _  

She ran to me. She grabbed the Sjambok  

Nomagampompo: Nomakhosazana I said stop!!! _  

I let go of the Sjambok Siqalo was leaning by the stairs hugging his knees scared..  

Nomagampompo: What is Wrong with you ? _  

Me: That bastard was asked by my husband to help Nontsingizi escape !!! __  

Princess Nomagampompo let go of the Sjambok. Her eyes popped out. I looked at her She looked down.  

Me: Oh My God _  

Nomagampompo: I am so sorry! __  

Zwelicacile: What is going on ? _  

Me: Oh My God __  

I walked away  

Nomagampompo ran after me. This traitor. I live with bunch of traitors.  

Nomagampompo: Sisi..... ___  

I furiously turned around. I don't want to hear it.  

Me: To think about it. You and I were the only people who knew  

about where I kept that woman ! __  

Nomagampompo: I know __  

Me: You're the snitch who told my husband! __  

Nomagampompo: I am sorry sisi. I had to! My brother was never gonna forgive me If I let you kill her. You know how much he loved her __  

Oh she wished she didn't say that. I slapped her so hard on her face she fell.  

Me: __  

Zwelicacile: Mom!!! _♂_  

Zwelicacile ran to me  

Me: Don't you dare touch me wena! __  

Zwelicacile moved back  

Zwelicacile: Sorry __♂  

Phonqa: Oh that was a hot one _  

Nomgcwabe looked At his brother  

Nomgcwabe: Shut up wena! :(  

Phonqa: _  

I looked at my sister in law. She was sitting on the floor. Moving backwards holding where I slapped her. Nomagampompo: __  

Me: Don't you ever say that ___  

Nomagampompo: __  

Me: Don't you ever say my husband loved another woman in this house! __  

Nomagampompo: I am sorry. I didn't want to betray my brother. You know I couldn't keep anything from him __  

I chuckled then looked at Phonqa and Nomgcwabe. I looked back at  


Me: Like you were honest about your affair with their father? _  

Nomagampompo: __  

Nomgcwabe: Who is our dad ? :( _  

Phonqa: Mom? _  

Nomagampompo: __  

I looked at Nomagampompo. I shook my head in disbelief. I am so disappointed in her. I clicked my tongue then walked away. I got to my study. I took out a key from the drawer. I went to the safe. I took out a gun. I sat on the chair. I cleaned it  

Me: __  

My phone rang while cleaning the gun. I put the gun on the desk. I took the phone. I don't know this number.  

Me: Judge Nomakhosazana __  

Caller: I knew when you were telling your sister in law You were coming to murder me on Wednesday was a lie...... The nerve  

Me: ___  

Zinyovile: You gave her the wrong day because you didn't trust her! 

You don't trust anyone Nomakhosazana! that's your problem! Me: What do You want bitch? Where did you get my number  

? ___  

Zinyovile: It doesn't matter. I just wanted to say good luck in finding the witch  

Me: I hate you !!!! ___  

I hung up. I put the phone down. I grabbed the gun. I threw it across the room then broke down  

Me: ____  


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