< Priscella >  

Oh finally it is Tuesday morning. I left my house so early. I don't want to bump into my brother. The tension in the house is just too much. He created this tension. Everything he does is annoying me. I don't know what to do anymore. I am mad at him. He is so childish. I don't know what these girls see in him. Maybe Tasha was right. He is just a boy. He will be played by girls if he carries on like this. Oh another thing that excites me besides my husband coming back today is learning that Isaiah is into men. Which means he is the "Girl " Who has been sleeping with Brendan or since there are wigs involved maybe there is a girl who lives there. The only thing that is holding me back from telling my journalist this is because of the wigs and bras. Who wore them? This is why somehow I don't believe Isaiah is the one who was sleeping with him. I know Sonia is desperate to end this whole thing. I don't want us to rush this. I want us to be sure about everything. I don't want what if's. Wigs panties and bras raises that suspicion that is why I am blocked from moving forward with this investigation or closing it. I called the guy to start digging again. I hope we get the answers we need..  

Anyway I have a busy day as usual. My man is coming back afternoon. We miss him a lot at home and at the office. I am glad he is coming back. Anyway while working I heard my phone. It's a video call. I exhaled  

Me: I swear mother. If this call is about your brat I will hung up :( I answered after I said that.  

Me: Hello Ms Refilwe :)   

Mom: Hi sweetie you look great :D  

I flipped my hair  

Me: Thanks mom what are you doing at this hour ? :)  

Mom: I have insomnia. You know it's 2:09 am here :D Me: Yes I was surprised to get your call :)  Mom: Baby let's talk about your brother......  

I exhaled again  

Me: I was hoping we won't :(   

Mom: Can you reconsider your decision to give the money away? I heard a knock. I asked her to come in. It's the girl from our foundation offices.  

Mom: Priscella I am speaking to you !  

Me: Wait Refilwe ! :(   

I looked the girl  

Me: Yes good morning dear. Here is the cheque of R500 000.00 rands please go put it in the foundation account :) Mom: Priscella!!!!  

Girl: Alright ma'am :)  

Me: Bye :)  

She walked out. I looked at my phone  

Me: Mom you were saying? :)   

Mom: I am not smiling with you! Run after that girl and tell her you're joking ! :(  

Me: I am not joking mom. I made a decision :(   

Mom: How could you do this to your brother !  :( _  

Me: We are all working for it. He must work hard and take himself to a holiday! :(  

Mom: Well since you're wasting money. I demand you write R400 000 cheque for my son from the company money. He is going to a holiday ! :(  

Me: Why don't you come to South Africa and write the cheque yourself mom? :(   

Mom: Take that back Priscella !  :( Me: 

I don't have time for this  :(  Mom: 

Hey I am still talk.....  

I hung up. I threw my phone on the table. When my brother hit rock bottom. I will remind mom every little thing she did ruining that boy's life. I meant what I said. I am not writing any cheque infact I will make sure the cheque book is locked up in the safe. I saw Sonia and uncle walking to my office. I smiled. Just the people I need to make my day.  

Me: :D  

I raised my hand indicating that they open the door and walk in. They 

walked in. I stood up. Me: Good Morning :D  

Sonia: Morning babe :D  

She kissed my cheek. I went to uncle He kissed my cheek as well Uncle: Girls I am late what's up?  

Me: Isaiah Norman is into men :) _  

Uncle looked at me hoping that I will say I am joking  

Uncle: How did you find that out ? _  

Me: He asked my Secretary out on a blind date :)  

Uncle: So this means that son of a bitch is Sleeping with Isaiah  Norman ? :(  

Sonia: That is what I am thinking as well father :(  

Me: Let's not jump into conclusions here :D _  

Uncle: Explain to us why would he go there with all these sex things 


Me: We still need to find things that explain the Wigs Bras And panties. We have to have something solid please guys let's be patient.  

I am begging you :) _  

I looked at Sonia  

Me: Did you manage to pretend ? _  

Sonia: I hate you for making me do this Priscella ! :( _  

I let out a sign of relief  

Me: Thank you so much for not confronting him friend. I promise you. I got this :) _ Sonia: Do you really? __  

Me: Please friend don't cry. We can't us suspicions. We have be sure about everything. I asked the PI to follow both Brendan and Isaiah _  Uncle: Okay guys keep me updated _♂ He ran to the door.  

Me: Bye uncle have a productive day :D  

He walked out. I looked at Sonia. I opened my arms. We hugged .  

Me: I am sorry _  

Her phone rang. We broke the hug.  

Sonia: It's that bastard _  

Me: Answer! _  

Sonia: Hi honey :) __  

Me: :)  

Sonia: Okay I will be waiting :) __ Sonia hung up. She looked at me.  

Sonia: He said I shouldn't eat lunch. He wants us to eat together He will bring lunch :(  Me: Nice :D  

Sonia: Oh shut up! :(  

Me: :D  



< Judge Nomakhosazana >  

I was hoping when my son leaves today I will be cheerful and all that. I don't want him to leave me grumpy. I don't want him to run away. I want him to come back. I don't know how that boy thinks that is why I have to make sure he is always happy in this house. Now that is impossible because I just found out bad news about the case. I am so mad. I don't know why they are doing this. I didn't want to be angry at them. I don't want them to suspect that the case is personal to me. I  

cannot risk that. Yesterday I prepared myself for it. I locked myself at study all evening that is why I didn't even go check on Nontorotyi. Do you really think I would let it slide like I did with her bastard child? No This is my life we are talking about. That woman tried to kill me and today she is going to pay. I want to find her when she least expect it. She will have me for breakfast. I am also angry that no one knows who helped Nontsingizi escape when I kidnapped her. Anyway I am with my sister in law and my son. I want to tell them about the news regarding the case.  

Zwelicacile: So what is it that couldn't wait till breakfast mom ? :) Me: The court date for the woman who killed your aunt is postponed for the 14th of December :(  

Princess: What ? Why ? _  

Me: They have a lot of things going on now. I feel bad for them. I am glad I am on leave :(  

Zwelicacile: At least on the 14th I will be there with you :)  

Me: it will be a day before your wedding :(  

Zwelicacile: Mom stop being indenial. It's unlike you. There is no wedding on the 16th !  

I forgot all that. I have a lot on my mind.  

Me: King I will book your ticket shortly. I completely forgo..... :) _  

Zwelicacile: No my Queen no need :D  

Princess: What do you mean no need? You're no longer leaving ? _ Zwelicacile: I called our Pilot to come fetch me this afternoon with a helicopter :)  

I looked at his aunt  

Me: I didn't know we had a helicopter ? :) _  

Zwelicacile: My wife do mom. Her helicopter with fetch me afternoon :)  

Me: Wow _  

Princess: Wow indeed _  

I stood up  

Me: In that case let me go to the chief's house :(  

Princess Nomagampompo stood up So did My son  

Zwelicacile: What are you doing there ? :D _  

I looked at him  

Me: Let's just say whatever I will be doing there will need your father's sjambok _ Zwelicacile: What? _  

I furiously walked to the study. I heard someone running after me  

Nomagampompo: Are you seriously going to whip my brother's wife  

? _♀_  

She said running after me. I turned around  

Me: What if it's what the ancestors want sisi? _  

Nomagampompo: Sis..... _  

Me: Sisi Nothing Nomagampompo! _  

Nomagampompo mumbled sweet nothing. I continued with my journy to the study. I turned around then raised my finger.. Me: And don't you dare think of calling her for hands up...... _☝  

Nomagampompo: _  

Me: Wait right there _  

I opened the door. I looked for the Sjambok. I took it then walked out.  

Her eyes popped out when she saw it  

Me: You're older than me but I swear....I am going to drag your panties from your waist down to your ankles then whip your arse!! _ I furiously walked passed her. I headed to the front door " Can someone tell me what's going on in this royal house? " That was my son probably speaking to her aunt. I was already walking out passing Siqalo at the door. Me: _  



< Narrated >  

Still at the Royal house. King Zwelicacile was surprised to see his mother so worked up walking out with a Sjambok. He knows this doesn't look good at all and he knows his aunt knows very well what is going on. He stood there looking at Princess Nomagampompo waiting for her to explain to him what is going on. Princess Nomagampompo looked nervous. She was not sure whether she should tell him or not. She shook her head then walked away  

Princess: No! I can't! :( __ King Zwelicacile ran after her.  

Zwelicacile: No! You're not going to walk away! I demand you tell your king what is going on ! _  

Princess Nomagampompo turned around. She looked scared.  

Princess: __  

Zwelicacile: Auntie talk to me :( _  

Princess: Do you remember the day you found Nontorotyi washing your mother's feet? _  

Zwelicacile: Yeah. That was strange _  

Princess: Well your second wife forced her to :(  

Princess Nomagampompo walked to the living area. King Zwelicacile followed Her  

Zwelicacile: Nomaxabiso ? Why? _  

Princess continued with her journey to the living room.  

Princess: Because she had something on Nontorotyi. Something we knew nothing about :( The Princess sat down..  

Princess: Yesterday we found out the truth __  

Zwelicacile: What is it ? _  

Princess: Nomaxabiso saved your mother's life. She stopped Nontorotyi from poisoning the Queen using a poison that was given to her by..... __  

The Princess cleared her throat. She stood up. Zwelicacile stood up as well  

Zwelicacile: Who gave Aunt Nontorotyi a poison to kill mom? __  

Princess: Your father's ex lover _  

Zwelicacile: The witch? Her name is Zinyovile right? _  

Princess: She is not a witch She is a healer _  

Zwelicacile: She tried to kill my mother! She is a witch! :(  

Princess: _  

Zwelicacile: I hope mom gives Nontorotyi a beating she deserves. She is been so disrespectful :(  

Princess: _  

Zwelicacile: Let me go get dressed for breakfast :(  

The King walked up the stairs. He disappeared into the bedrooms.  The Princess took her handbag. She walked out then got in the car. She tried to start the engine nothing worked. " No need. I am already here " said a voice behind her. Princess looked at backseat through the rearview mirror. She exhaled Her: Oh Gedleza you scared me __  

Gedleza: I apologise my princess. Talk to me _  

Princess: I am scared. Last night i betrayed the Queen. I came to tell you so that you won't rat me to her __  

Gedleza: You did that because you were protecting the ancestors.  

Let's be honest.... _  

Princess: __  

Gedleza: I can feel it in my blood. Chief Nkosesizwe and Zinyovile were soulmates. Their souls were like this   

He said joining his two fingers together showing their bond. .....  

Princess: Say that to the Queen __  

Gedleza: The thing is

Your father was fond of the Queen _ Princess: Gedleza you were so young then. You have no idea! My brother couldn't leave Zinyovile. He loved her so much that is why he saved her and went and hid her where she's staying now __ Gedleza: The Queen can't know this _ Princess: __  


At Hlalwini village in Mzonyani At Zidenge house. We see  Nomaxabiso sitting with her parents. It looks like she wants to talk to them about something. She looked nervous because she was not sure if they will agree to this.  

Shosholoza: I am late for work start talking! :(  

Nomfunzelo looked at her daughter as well. It looks like She feels the same way her husband feels.  

Nomaxabiso: I know apologising won't fix anything I did.... _ Shosholoza: Get to the point ! :( Nomaxabiso sat up straight.  Nomaxabiso: I spoke to the king. Since I ruined everything. I feel like it is my responsibility to fix things. I will go away for a few days. We are meeting at a hotel. I want to tell him everything before I tell his family... _  

That seems like a lie. We didn't see her call the king. What is she up  

to? Nomfunzelo looked at her husband  

Shosholoza: We have to go ask for damages from that family!  

Malingene must pay ! :(  

Nomaxabiso: I think we should put that on hold father I think since we have to wait for The king's wife to approve we still have time. How about we wait for Malingene to come back. Today it's 3rd of  

December. Mine workers are coming back for festive _ Nomfunzelo: She is right. He has to be there when we go my husband :(  

Shosholoza: Fine. So when are you leaving to see the king ? :(  

Nomaxabiso stood up  

Nomaxabiso: Today father. I am going to pack now _  

They nodded their heads. Nomaxabiso walked to the bedroom. She dialled a number. Person: What do you want?  

Nomaxabiso: Malingene we need to talk :( __ Malingene: Talk !  

Nomaxabiso: In person I am coming to Gauteng right now. I will arrive tomorro....  

Malingene: Are you crazy? My wife is...  

Nomaxabiso: Your wife is here I know she is not there I will see you tomorrow :) __  

Malingene: But yo....  

Nomaxabiso hung up the phone. She looked at her bag then smiled.  

Nomaxabiso: :)  



< Nontorotyi >  

Oh God. I didn't sleep last night all I was doing was pray. I was praying that Nomakhosazana and Nomagampompo don't come to my house and I was also grateful that I found my husband home still with no clue about my secret. My kids are back from Boarding school. The only person who is not home is Ngejiwe. She didn't sleep home. My husband didn't wanna come to bed. He was waiting for her in the living room all night. He came to the bedroom in the morning and took a bath. He didn't say a word to me. I don't know why I have so many problems at the same time. Ngejiwe didn't sleep here last night. I don't know why she is acting like this. I don't know why she didn't wake up early and come home. Why all of the sudden she is acting like a loose girl. She knows she has to stay pure till marriage. I really pray she is still a virgin.  

Anyway I just made breakfast. I want my husband to eat before he goes to work. I saw him walking to the living room.  

Me: Right on time :D  

Hlohlesakhe: Nontorotyi You didn't go to work yesterday :(  

Me: _  

Him: Even today you don't look ready for work. What is Wrong with you? Why do you do this? :(  

Me: Yesterday the family had a meeting. Usually on such days we don't know go to wor........ :) _  

Hlohlesakhe: You're talking about the meeting you didn't want to be part of! You were not there! :(  

Me: My love..... _  

Hlohlesakhe: Women in this house do as they please what to you want from Me? _  

Me: Is this still about me not going to work or we are talking about our daughter? _  

Him: Ngejiwe is starting to be disrespectful! Who does this? A royal princess sleeping out ? :(  

I looked down. Oh how I wish she was a princess my dear.  

Hlohlesakhe: You're the reason she does this! :(  

Me: But my love this had nothing to do with me!  :(  

Hlohlesakhe: Where were you yesterday? :(  

Me: _  

Hlohlesakhe: Your car looks dirty. It's like you went somewhere far! When I got to work I didn't find your sister there! You and Your sister will lose your jobs if you carry on doing what you doing ! :(  

Me: We will never be absent again I promise _  

Hlohlesakhe: Then go get dressed! I am not leaving without you! :(  

Me: My love you are a chief. What do you want at the project? :) _ Hlohlesakhe: I am going there to watch people like you! People who don't take their jobs seriously because they think they are family! :(  

Me: _  

Hlohlesakhe: I am waiting go! :(  

Why is this man so grumpy today  

Me: And the food? I made breakfast :) _  

Hlohlesakhe: I said...... :( _  

We heard a knock at the door. I quickly looked at the door. I am scared. What if it's someone summoning us to the Royal house.  

Me: _  

He went to check on the door. He opened the door.  

Hlohlesakhe: My Queen? Come on in. I have never seen you here in a long time :D _  

Oh My God. This is worse than I imagined. She came here herself? what is this woman doing here. I looked at her. She walked in and looked at me. She was livid. Oh lord not now  

Me: __ Nomakhosazana: 


She looked at my two daughters who just walked in  

Nomakhosazana: Kids go to the Royal house. Notiniphu made a delicious breakfast. I will catch you with you there :D  My kids stood up excited. They ran out.  

Hlohlesakhe: My Queen is everything okay ? :) _  

Me: __  

Oh My God. She is here to expose me. I am doomed right now. I am losing my husband My house and my daughter. What will I be without them? What will my children say when they hear I tried to murder the Queen ?  



< Narrated >  

Hlohlesakhe: My Queen is everything okay? _  

The Queen didn't answer The chief. Her eyes were at Nontorotyi who was dying of guilt and nerves. She got glasses in her eyes. She looked scared. The Queen walked straight to Nontorotyi. She pulled out her Sjambok. Nontorotyi raised her hands and screamed moving backwards. She tripped on something on the floor. She fell on her back. The Queen whipped her so hard repeatedly. Nontorotyi was down helpless covering her face kicking her legs. We see the Chief 

running to The Queen Nontorotyi: Help Me!!! __  

Hlohlesakhe: What the hell!! _♂__  

He ran to the Queen. He grabbed the Queen from behind. The Queen turned around and pushed Hlohlesakhe Hlohlesakhe fell. She whipped The chief so many times  

Hlohlesakhe: Nomakhosazana what are you doing !!!? :( _ Nontorotyi stood up and grabbed DVD bag from the wall unit. She threw it at the Queen. It hit the Queen from behind. The Queen turned around boiling with anger  

Nomakhosazana: _  

Nontorotyi turned around scared attempting to run away. She hit the wall with her face and fell. She was not aware how close she was to the wall.  

Nontorotyi: Ouch __  

The Queen turned around. She saw the Chief attempting to stand up.  She kicked him the big belly man fell again. The Queen put the  Sjambok down then grabbed the entire couch and carried it. She put it on top of Hlohlesakhe.  

Hlohlesakhe: What are you doing! Stop this ! __  

The Queen ran to another couch. She went and put it on top of The chief. She turned around with Nontorotyi's punch on her face the Queen turned red. She felt that punch from Nontorotyi..  

Nomakhosazana: You have some nerve _  

The Queen said fuming going straight to her. Nontorotyi turned around attempting to run away. She tripped on the Sjambok That was on the floor. She fell. The Queen pulled up her dress. She pulled down her underwear Nontorotyi: Yooooh__  

The Queen put her foot on the back of Nontorotyi's neck. She was face down. She picked up the Sjambok and had no mercy on her arse with sjambok  

Nomakhosazana: I warned you woman! What do you want from Me huh? __  

Nontorotyi: Forgive me ! Please have mercy on me my Queen __ It was like the Queen was deaf. She didn't listen to her crying and begging her to stop  

Nomakhosazana: How did you know where Nontsingizi lived? __ Nontorotyi didn't tell her. She was just crying for help.  

Nomakhosazana: speak! __  

Nontorotyi: Yoh! yoh yoh!!! _  

Nomakhosazana: I said speak!!! __  

She was whipping her arse hard. everywhere She hit her on her bum it left red marks  

Nontorotyi: My sister ! My sister told me ! _  

Nomakhosazana: Who told her? how did she know where Zinyovile lived? _  

The Queen wasn't just talking She was still whiping her arse. Nontorotyi: Siqalo told her! Siqalo was asked by my brother in law to take her and hide her there :( The Queen looked shocked by this.  

Nomakhosazana: My husband asked Siqalo to do that ? __  

Nontorotyi: He didn't want you to know where she was gonna stay 


The Queen stopped Whiping her tears streamed down her cheeks. She was furious. She felt betrayed.  

Nomakhosazana: __  

" Sisi these sofas are heavy! Help me! " that was The chief speaking under the two sofas that were on top of him. Nomakhosazana went to him. She pushed the sofas off him with her foot They rolled away. He was struggling to stand up. He must blame his fat belly  

Hlohlesakhe: What was that ? Why did you do that to my wife. You're going to pa..... _  

Nomakhosazana: Ask her why I did it! __  

The Queen looked at Nontorotyi who was looking at her scared  

Nontorotyi: __  

Nomakhosazana: If you don't tell Hlohlesakhe what you did to me..... __ Nontorotyi: __  

The Queen raised her Sjambok. Nontorotyi hid her face.  

Nomakhosazana: I will be back to start where I left of __  

Nontorotyi: __  

The Queen walked out of there slamming the door hard.  Nomakhosazana: _  


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