< Nontorotyi >  

My mind is all over the place. I told myself when we left Zinyovile's house I won't speed the car. I had to think but because of stress. I saw myself arriving at my sister Sabonkolo's village. How did we get here so fast. I couldn't think at all. I don't know what is waiting for me at home. For all I know I could be welcomed by my clothes at the door. I could be banned from Sdabadabeni village. I am in a whole lot of a mess. I was trying to kill the Queen of Sdabadabeni. I am so mad that Zinyovile didn't give me a hands up. Sh said Nomaxabiso will go and I will get a break but no Ever since she left it's been problem after problem. Something inside me says I should run away and never be seen again but I love my children. I don't have an income. How would I live without a job or money ? Nomakhosazana knows I wanted her dead She knows I have a child with Bhalisile. That woman has everything that could destroy me forever.  

Me: __  

And I also have to ask my husband to get another wife. I just pray that they don't tell him anything then i will think of a plan to solve this problem without another wife joining my family. I don't think i would be able to share my man and our monthly budget. Anyway while thinking I was driving and crying at the same time. Sabonkolo looked at me  

Me: What? __  

Sabonkolo: What are you gonna do ? _  

Me: I can't go to the Royal house. I am scared. What if I am the one she is gonna kill soon? You heard what Zinyovile said. She said she won't let the Queen kill her so that leaves me in danger. She could kill me 


Sabonkolo: Then we should go to my house. You can't go home !  

:( _  

Me: What will I say to my husband? No! I am going home. All I will do is just make sure I am with my husband All the time __ Sabonkolo called someone.  

Sabonkolo: Still voicemail! Why is Siqalo's phone off ? :(  

Me: That one doesn't know the meaning of family!  :(  

Sabonkolo: Sis don't be selfish. You know the ancestors would kill him if he went against them! :(  

I shook my head  

Me: Everything "me" is Against them. What did i ever do to them?  

All I ever wanted was recognition by the Royal house that's it _ Sabonkolo: I wish I stopped you when you wanted to kill the Queen.  

It was a disaster plan look now ! :(  

Me: I know! :( _  

I stopped the car. We are next to her house.  

Sabonkolo: Before I go What about the second wife? _  

Me: Sisi I need to go home! get out of the car :( __  

She got out of the car. She didn't close the door of the car  

Sabonkolo: This conversation is not over! :(  

She slammed the door. I hit the steering wheel then lied my head on it and cried. I might get home and be welcomed by drama or my bags at the door.  

Me: I just pray they haven't told my husband __  

I felt like someone was sitting next to me. I looked it's Zinyovile. She looked at me then smiled  

Zinyovile: Drive :)  

Me: Thank God you still visit. I was worried you'd disappear for good 


I said starting the engine driving  

Zinyovile: I am here to guide you. All I want is for you to follow what I told you. If you don't then it's up to you. At the end of the day I don't know best I am not God :)  

I looked at. She meant the opposite. This woman knows best. Me: So tell me..... does my husband know yet that I was trying to poison Nomakhosazana? __  

Zinyovile: I don't know why you call the Queen that. She is a Queen.  

Show some respect! :(  

Me: Can you be serious for a second? :( __  

Zinyovile: I am serious !!! _  

She snapped  

Me: __  

Zinyovile: To answer your question no He doesn't know but.... :( _  

Me: Oh No __  

Zinyovile: When he knows Which will be sooner than you think....... 


Oh My God. I am screwed. Zinyovile is smiling while I am crying  

Me: __  

Zinyovile: He will learn about your evil deed in style :D  

Me: What do you mean in style ? What's gonna happen ? __  

She laughed then looked at me  

Zinyovile: Why would I give you a spoiler? _  

Me: __  

Zinyovile: You will be there. You will see for yourself :)  

Me: Oh Lord __  

Zinyovile: It will be tomorrow morning ;)  She vanished. I stopped the car Me: Oh My God __  



< Narrated >  

At Seputla Towers. We see Elton at living room pacing up and down. He looked upset. Maybe he is upset because he messed up on a great opportunity to go to a holiday. He could see his sister was serious when she said she won't give him the money. He was trying to find a way to persuade his sister but he couldn't think of anything. He sat down. He stood up putting his hands on his head. His phone beeped. He looked at it. He walked to the couch. He took his phone. He played the voice mail.  

" Hi EJ it's me... Tasha. I am so sorry for what I did to you. I was drunk. I don't know what got to me. I love you baby please give us another chance. I miss you. I miss us..... " Ej hung up then clicked his tongue Elton: _  

He walked to the dinning area. He sat on a table chair. He opened his laptop. He started calling someone. He was calling his mother.  

Refilwe: Hey sweetie  

Elton: Hey mom how are you ? :D _ Her: I am angry at you !  

Elton: Mom I got a lecture from Priscella not you too ! :( _ Her: Do yoy blame her for being mad at you ? How can you bring strangers to my home? Are you out of your mind ?  

Elton: I was bored mom. That's why I think I could do with a holiday. Please speak to Priscella. She cancelled the plans She made for me because of what I did. She wants to give half a million to charity. Can you believe it ? :( _  

Refilwe: Your sister loves you EJ but you keep disrespecting her. Priscella can't be angry now. Please stop stressing her! Don't do things that upset her. You know How Your sister is! and her condition! She is pregnant  

Elton: Mom can you speak to her? _ Refilwe: 

I am going to hung Ej!  

Elton: Okay mom I am sorry. I promise to do better next time. I won't upset her :) _  

Refilwe: Good. I will speak to your sister. She can't promise you a holiday and not fulfil her promises  Elton smiled  

Him: Thank you mom :) _  

Refilwe: Bye I have to go  

Elton: Bye Mom :D _♂  

He closed the laptop  

Elton: Yes! :D  

The Elevator opened. Algebra walked in  

Algebra: Hi Can I speak to Ms Seputla ? :) _  

Elton looked at The kitchen  

Elton: CleoPetra go tell Priscella she has a guest :(  

Cleopetra: Okay Mr EJ :)  

She walked up. EJ went up as well. Algebra was left looking around standing in front of the Elevator waiting for Priscella. We see her walking down with Cleopetra.  

Priscella: Algebra? What are you doing here ? What happened to your 

date ? :D _ Algebra shook his head  

Priscella: Let's go to the lounge :)  

They walked to the living room. Priscella sat down then looked at  


Priscella: What happened? :D  Algebra: I was catfished :(  

Priscella: What? :D _  

Algebra: When I arrived some guy who was not the guy in the picture raised their hand. I went to him. He lied to me even when we were together. He didn't give me his real name. He gave me a different name. I was helped by photographer who came and called him by his real name :(  

Priscella: So who is he ? _  

Algebra: Isaiah Norman _  

Priscella: You said what? :D _  

Algebra: Isaiah Norman is the man I was with on a date. When I heard his name I had to think. I remember you guys talk about him with Ms De Villiers. He was the man who wrote crap about you :( Priscella: Yes. I didn't know he was Gay. Oh My God. How are we going to trust our men when straight looking men like Isaiah turn out to be gay ? _  

Algebra: He looks straight to you because you're not gay ma'am. To me he is gay as fuck. Do you think he knows I work for you? :( _  

Priscella sat up straight. She didn't think about this one  

Priscella: Do you think he was targeting you because you work for me  ? __  

Algebra: Who knows ? Ever since I got here. Which it hasn't even been a month but he had two articles written about you already. I  think he wanted to know things about you :(  

Me: That bastard _  

Algebra: I put him in his place. He will never mess with me again :(  

Priscella: Thank you for telling me this :(  

Algebra stood up  

Him: I thought I should come up and tell you. See you tomorrow it's late :)  

Priscella stood up .  

Priscella: Ask my chauffeur to take you home :)  

Algebra: Thank you ma'am :D  

He ran to the elevator. He got it  

Priscella: Bye :) _♀  

The elevator closed. Priscella quickly took out her phone. She called  


Sonia: Friend?  

Me: I told you we are close to the truth :) __ Sonia: New information?  

Me: Do you know who was Algebra's blind date ? :) __ Sonia: Who ?  

Me: Isaiah Norman :) __  

Sonia: Shut up! Oh My God wait a minute.......?  

Priscella: Yes he is gay or Bisexual and this could help us. We are close to the truth now :) __  

Sonia: Close ? Priscella we got the truth! My husband is sleeping with that annoying man!  

Priscella: Sonia please don't confront him! Wait please! We have to have every detail. Remember what we discussed with Uncle Kobus. don't confront that ma...... __  

" Sweetheart I am home!!! " Said a voice behind. Oh My God

It's  Brendan  

Priscella: Oh boy it's him ? __ Sonia: 

It's that Faggot!  

Priscella: Listen here! We will talk about this tomorrow don't act weird just pretend !!! :(__  

Sonia: I don't think i can anyway later !  

Priscella: Don't you dare....... Sonia? __  

Priscella looked at her phone. Sonia hung up. Priscella sat down Priscella: Oh Sonia...... you better not ruin our plan _  



< Judge Nomakhosazana >  

Wow! why didn't I think of that slut? That woman slept with a respected man. My husband. I cannot believe she is still seeking revenge on me for what I did. I have so many questions right now and tonight or tomorrow someone is going to answer them and I will  

make sure of it. That bitch slept with my husband. As if that was not a  

humiliation for me She teams up with my sister in law to kill me. if 

they think I will let them kill me they have another thing coming. I am going to kill them before they kill me. Nontsingizi came here to be our healer. She did things we didn't hire her to do. She screwed my husband. What was I supposed to do? I should've kissed her ass? I wanted her dead. I wanted her to pay for what she did to me. Someone saved that bitch. They saved her I don't know who. I 

planned to murder her. She disappeared. Now I know where she lives. Maybe it's time I finish the job I started. You don't know how humiliating it is to be a beautiful woman and see your husband sleeping with an ugly dirty healer behind your back. I was very busy. I was hardly home. Remember I refused to leave my job. While I was away working she and my husband were sleeping together. That killed me. That killed my confidence. I kept asking myself what is Wrong with me. Why her? Why did he sleep with her. This woman brings back bad memories. I am trying so hard to forget those memories. I want to remember the good things about chief Nkosesizwe. I don't want to remember him as a man who didn't respect me. I don't want to remember him as a cheating man but now that his bitch just showed up out of no where. All the hurt just came back. I do believe if there was no Nontsingizi I would've had a second child even a third child. After I learned about the affair and caught them sleeping I was so disappointed in him. I never showed any interest in sleeping with him without protection. Even sleeping with him disgusted me knowing that he was sleeping with our healer. Anyway we just got home from Gedleza. The question in my mind right now is what Gedleza is not telling me. Why he is so scared to tell me everything? He doesn't want to tell me who helped Nontsingizi escape from where I kept her. I know it is not him who doesn't want me to know. It's the ancestors. They are protecting the person who helped her escape. I swear they must keep protecting the person or when I find out there will be hell to pay. I was played for a fool.  

When I confessed to my husband about how I kidnapped that woman and how she disappeared he pretended to be on my side. He suggested that we say to people we fired her since everyone already knew about their affair. I feel like my husband was part of this but I don't want to accuse him. What if he wasn't? I don't want to do that to my husband. I was scared when that woman escaped. My husband was a pillar of my strength. He supported me through out that. He didn't judge me for kidnapping his lover because he knew he wronged me.  

Me: _  

Nomagampompo: What is your plan with Nontsingizi ? _ I poured myself a doubt whisky. I gulped it down. I poured another one then went to the sofa. I sat down still had my glass  

Me: _  

Princess: My Queen? _ I looked at her.  

Me: I want to go to court first Wednesday. That same day I am paying  

Nontsingizi a visit _  

Princess looked nervous. I looked at her  

Me: Not a friendly one __  

She sat up straight. She looked at me.  

Princess: What do you mean by that ? _ I looked at her.  

Me: I am going to ask her who helped her escape __  

Princess: _  

Me: After that I kill her. My husband's gun hasn't fired one shot since he died so I will kill her with her lovers gun. How romantic is that  

? __  

Princess: __  

I stood up  

Me: As for the one who betrayed me. I will do worse to them _  

Princess: _  

I looked at her  

Me: In fact I have a good idea..... :)   

Princess: _  

Me: When I kidnapped that home wrecker. I had a planned to torture her..... so I will do everything I planned to do to Nontsingizi to those who betrayed me __  

I walked away gulping my drink. I put the glass next to the vase on  my way to my study. I have to look at this case one more time. Me: 




< Narrated >  

Still at the Royal house. We see Princess Nomagampompo standing looking like she just saw a ghost. She watched the Queen walk to the study. When she got in and closed the door The Princess let tears run out of her eyes. It looks like she was holding them back. Could this mean she knows something? She looked around then at the window. She saw Siqalo driving in. We see her kicking her shoes. She pulled up her dress. She ran to the door. She walked out then ran to the driveway. She found Siqalo walking out of the car  

Siqalo: My Princess is everything okay? I am sorry about ear..... _ Princess Nomagampompo didn't wait for him to finish explaining. 

She pulled him and ran with him to the back of the palace. She looked around making sure no one eavesdropping or watching. She closed a window that was near them.  

Siqalo: My Princess you're scaring me _  

Nomagampompo: The Queen wants to know who helped Zinyovile  

escaped and she wants to make them pay ! __  

Siqalo: Oh My God _  

Princess covered Siqalo's mouth  

Princess: You don't know anything do you hear me ? :( __ Siqalo: Of course ! So tell. Do you guys already know whose house wa...._  

Princess: Yes we went to Gedleza and I wish we didn't! _ 

Siqalo: This is a tough Situation. Now I regret being a part of this 


Princess: You were following the orders! The only thing you know is the fact that my sister in law and your wife went to see Zinyovile.  

That's it! You don't know anything else ! :( __  

Siqalo: Of course _  

Princess smiled. She had tears in her eyes. She fixed Siqalo's tie  

Princess: Go update her. She is in my brother's study _  

Siqalo walked away.The princess looked around then took out her phone. She dialled a number. The number was written Zinyovile. Zinyovile: After so many years you still have my number. Hello Noma.....  

Princess: Are you crazy? What were you thinking trying to kill my brother's wife ? :( __  

Zinyovile: That woman tried to kill me! She couldn't stand the fact that Nkosesizwe loved me and only me!  

Princess looked around She was angry and nervous.  

Princess: Like we saved you before I am going to save you again and don't you dare think I am doing this for you! ____  

Zinyovile: I know you're doing this for Nkosesizwe. I am listening  Princess looked around  

Princess: I betrayed my sister in law once because my brother asked me to Now I am doing it again and I am only doing it because I know my brother loved you :( ___  

Zinyobile: The entire Sdabadabeni village knew that  Princess Nomagampompo bit her lower lip. She was angry and annoyed by her. She hates what she is doing.  

Princess: The Queen is planning to murder you. She says she will do it Wednesday night but I don't believe She will do it  

Wednesday...... ___  

She looked around again then focused on the call  

Princess: I want you to leave that house!. As we speak she is asking Siqalo about where you live. I want you to leave that house 

immediately!!! :( ___  

Zinyovile: I left an hour ago. If you need me you will find me at My sister in law's house  

Princess: Just disappear! :( __  

Princess Nomagampompo hung up then leaned on the wall. She put her right hand on her forhead  

Me: I am sorry sister in law for betraying you.....__♀  

She looked around then swallowed hard  Princess:..... Again __  



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