< Priscella >  

I watched every single half naked girl and boy one by one walking inside the elevator. I feel like the number Cleopetra gave me was incorrect. I wouldn't be surprised if I would be told there were 50 of them. What is Wrong with my brother. Why can't this boy do anything right ? I am so angry at him right now. I don't think i have energy to speak to him. By the way I haven't seen him. I heard him shouting from the pool. I am sure he is speaking to the head of security. I heard the voices coming closer and closer.  

Sonia: Wow! Girl I don't think you could trust EJ with the house. I think at this point I trust Cleopetra more than him :(  

Me: Why didn't he go to Durban and have this party at the beach This is our home ! :(  

He appeared from the kitchen. Oh his show is here. He is followed by cameras.  

Elton: What the hell Priscella ?   

Me: What the hell? Are you really asking me that?   

Elton: Weren't you the one who said I should lie low ?   

I laughed then looked at Sonia. I looked back at him  

Me: Do you call bringing 100 strangers in our home lying low? _ Elton: Don't exaggerate! They were 56 !   

Me: Oh My God! Imagine that! How ungrateful can you be Elton?  Elton: Ungrateful? You act like I am not entittled to anything in this house !   

Me: Hey little brat! I was in court fighting for you while you were here partying in our home. Inviting people here! What if they stole  

EJ? _  

Sonia: Elton you're really acting like a child. You're 21 now. Your sister was in court today you don't even care to ask how it went. The first thing you said was " What the hell " You know exactly What you did was wrong. Why do you bring strangers in a private home like this?  He sat down  

Him: I was trying to forget everything that's happening you guys decided to ruin all that!   

Me: Don't be stupid. Tasha would be so happy to see you feel sorry for yourself because of what she did to you! Don't act crazy! Alcohol is the reason you got drugged by your girlfriend!   

Elton: Did you have to remind me   

Me: Someone had to say it. You asked me for money. I gave you money to go shopping not take a family bus and bring strangers in our home Damn it EJ! _  

He stood up  

Elton: Okay I am sorry !   

The elevator opened. A guy carrying his shoes walked in  

Him: EJ help a nigga out with taxi fair. They don't want to let us into the bu.... __♂  

I took off my heel and threw it at him. He ran back to the elevator. Me: You're not going a cent from my brother and he is not going anywhere ! _  

Guy: _  

The elevator closed.  

Elton: I am going shopping. I told you akere?   

Me: You wasted that time when you went across this town inviting people. You're not going anywhere. I want you to clean this whole mess   

Elton: That will not happen! You're not my mother Priscella  He walked to the stairs.  Me: Junior _ He turned around Elton: What!?   

Me: Hungani was found not guilty. I am only getting half a million from your ex. I thought I would hire a cruisesheep for you and your close friends. I wanted you to take a holiday from Durban to  

Mozambique _  

Elton: :D _  

I dialled Algebra's number  

Me: but since you're behaving the way you do disrespecting me and the efforts I make to ensure you're taken care of. I decided against that 


Elton: Come on si...._  

Algebra answered  

Algebra: Hello ma'am  

Me: Algebra go to HR. Tell them whoever is Handling Our charity  

funds should come to the penthouse immediately __  

Algebra: Alright ma'am  

I hung up  

Elton: Are you giving away that money to charity ? :( _ Me: I don't need it. My bank account is full. akere I have a real career? I am a CEO of this company. I get paid a lot Mr TV star   

Elton: _  

I looked at Sonia  

Sonia: :)  

Me: Let's go wait for our lunch at lounge friend   

I walked to the living room Sonia followed me. We left EJ standing there. I am sick and tired of him. We sat down. I turned around. I saw  Elton. Slowly walking up the stairs  

Sonia: Are you really giving the money away ?  _  

Me: Yes. He is getting on my last nerve. Nothing i do is appreciated by my brother. My mother ruined him   

Sonia: Honestly Junior don't want to grow up. He is acting like a teenager :(  

Me: He is not going anywhere this holiday   



< Nomaxabiso >  

I underestimated the power of ancestors. Growing up at home as a princess I have never soon anything like I see with ancestors of the Ndengana family. Our healer just protected my family. They never appeared out of no where predicting things and revealing secrets. That probably the reason I lost my virginity. I am ashamed that I lied. Honestly I never believed this could ever happen. I knew I was gonna get married to Masixole but I never really trusted the process. I thought he might hate me and say he doesn't want me and in this day and age no one is forced to marry anyone they don't want to marry. When I got older. I think when I was 24. I saw how handsome  Masixole was. I looked at my boyfriend. He honestly never stood a chance. When I agreed to date him which was when I was a teen I told him I wasn't his forever. That is why when I got pregnant I aborted the child. If I didn't my family was gonna discover my secret. I never really thought that I was gonna be bursted like this. My parents are so ashamed to call me a daughter. I made a lot of mistakes growing up. I messed up a lot. When I got pregnant I ended things with my boyfriend. I told him I was preparing myself for marriage. He is even married now to another woman. He is a mine worker. I  

don't see him anymore.  

Anyway I don't know how to apologise to my parents. I am such a disgrace. My question right now is Will the ancestors forgive me since i confessed to my parents? Am I ever gonna get married to the king now that I just told my parents I am not a virgin. This is a mess. This is more embarrassing than it was when the King confronted me about my virginity. That man saw I wasn't a virgin. How many humiliating events are coming for me? I feel like it's over for me. I am back at home. I don't have a man. I am a useless princess. My peers will laugh at me. While I was sitting crying. I saw mom and dad walk in. They came straight to me. They look angry and disappointed as expected.  

Me: _  

Mom: I can't even look at you. Nomaxabiso you're damaged goods!  


Dad: What goods? She is useless! This girl is not pure!   

Me: I am sorry. I know I humiliated the family. Please forgive me _  


Mom: I will never forgive you. What if their ancestors don't want you? All our investments will go to waste. What got into you Nomaxabiso!   

Me: _ _  

Dad: Here is What is going to happen  I wiped my tears. I looked at father.  

Father: That boy who broke your virginity is going to pay for the damage he did to you ! :(  

Me: What do you mean he is going to pay ? __  

Mom: He means just that! You have no shame ! if I were you I wouldn't even open my mouth! :(  

Dad: We want a cow from that family ! :(  

Mom: Two cows! He had no right to sleep with a royal princess ! :(  

Me: But he is married. And he married my best friend I can..... __  

Mom: Tell me something......... ? :(  Oh boy Me: 


Mom: Were you sleeping with him while He was with your best friend ? Your friend has been with that man for years! :(  I looked down  

Dad: You have no shame! To think you were my pride and joy! :(  

Me: I am sorry daddy __  

Dad: After We get those damages. You are going to go to the Royal house to apologise to them for lying. You will tell them you have been sleeping with men all your life ! :(  

Me: It was one man da.... __  Dad: Does that make it right? :( I stood up. I looked at both of them.  

Me: If you go to that family my friend will know and she will be mad at me. She will even laugh at me and tell everyone in this village. I 

will be a laughing stock __  

Dad: You should've thought about that before betraying us. You care a lot about what people say. You were not scared to betray us! You  deserve everything coming your way ! :(  

Me: __  

Dad: Right Nomfunzelo? :(  

Mom: What you said my husband :(  

They walked away. I don't know what to do when my own parents are ganging up on me. I betrayed my friend. I was sleeping with her boyfriend. She was okay with me being around him because she knew there is no way I would have sex with him since she knew I was a virgin waiting for my prince. She had no idea We were sleeping all along. My phone rang. I looked at it. It's Masixole. I threw if away. I can't speak to him. I just can't.  



< Nontorotyi >  

Only Zinyovile can take me out of this. She is the only person who can help me get away with this. I will do whatever she wants me to do. I am prepared to do anything. I am desperate. I need my marriage. I cannot lose my husband or my daughter. This is a tough situation. I don't know what to do. I don't know how I am going to face those two evil women. I am sure they are waiting for me. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to get away with this. That is why I need this woman. I hope she doesn't ask me to kill anyone though. Her requests are always impossible to accomplish. I promise this time I won't go against her will. I am going to do what she wants no questions asked. Anyway we just got to this house. I didn't think I would set my foot here so soon after She betrayed me. This woman made me leave knowing she didn't help me. She played me. I shouldn't trust her but do I have a choice? This woman don't like The Queen. I don't like the Queen. I do believe we can form an alliance. I believe if anyone can take down the Queen it's us .  

Zinyovile: It's just a dream just forget it :(  

Me: What ? _  

Zinyovile: You and I taking down Nomakhosazana? :( I forgot she also read minds. What a gift she has.  

Me: It's just an idea. Zinyovile you're a powerful Healer! :D _ She stood up. She looked at us then smiled.  She looked at her bag with bones  

Zinyovile: I am powerful yes but not More than Zinza-Zenja's son _ Sabonkolo looked at me.  

Sabonkolo: Zinza-Zenja ? _  

Me: Zinza-Zenja is Gedleza's father :(  

Sabonkolo: Oh........_  

Zinyovile took her bag. She came back. She went down on her knees so hard. She started shaking her bag calling her ancestors. She went  on for a minute. She looked at me. She opened the Bag  

Zinyovile: Blow :(  

I did  

Zinyovile: Again  

I did again. She started crying Zinyovile: 

Yohh!!!! Yoh!!!  

Her entire body was vibrating. She was crying hitting her hand on her thigh  

Her: I am listening! I am listening my ancestors talk to me.....  Betrayal! betrayal!!!_ I looked at my sister  Me: Betrayal? _  

Zinyovile: Hayi hayi Hayi!! __  

She stood up and started walking around crying. She kept saying " No"  

Zinyovile: Hayi mna ndiyabhideka! ndiyabhideka! ndiyabhideka __  

She was crying saying she is getting confused  

Me: Talk to us. What is it? _  

She looked at me. She looked at my sister. She sat down. She took her stick. She pointed at Sabonkolo  

Zinyovile: Your husband is too loyal to the royal house _  

Sabonkolo: _  

I looked at Sabonkolo  

Me: See What I just told you ? :(  

Sabonkolo: What did he do? _  

Zinyovile cried and cried. She looked at Sabonkolo  

Zinyovile: It's what he is about to do not what he did :(  

Me: What is it? :( _  

Zinyovile: Hayi ndiyabhideka mna ndiyabhideka! Hayi hayi! 


Me: Zinyovile. I am not here for Siqalo! I want to know what I can do to make sure my secret don't get to my husband's ears or at least if it does he can't divorce me. Do you think you can do that ? __ Zinyovile looked at me.  Zinyovile: Poor woman _☹  

Me: What is it Don't tell me there is nothing I can do __  

Zinyovile: There is But the question is..... _  

Me: Yes ? __  

Zinyovile: Will you do it ? _  

I mumbled. I don't like this I can just tell. Even the person who is about to say this look nervous. Imagine how nervous I am right now. I looked Sabonkolo  

Sabonkolo: Anything to save your family sis _  

I looked at Zinyovile  

Me: I will do it. Just name it _  

Zinyovile sat back. She leaned on the wall. She looked at me straight in the eyes.  

Zinyovile: Convince your husband to find a second wife :)  

Me: What!? _  

Zinyovile: A woman who is going to give him an heir _  

Me: __  

No! no! no! NO!!!! No can do!  



< Judge Nomakhosazana >  

So apparently....according to the Ancestors we have a weapon to use against Nontorotyi. This is going to help us make sure she is in her place at all times. I cannot wait to see her face. She is such a coward for a troublesome woman. If it was me who had a bastard child and she knew about it we were never gonna hear the end of this. This woman was gonna come and laugh at me. I knew this secret is not the Kinda secret you just tell the family. As a royal house there are things we cannot share more especially if they might hurt or humiliate the name of the family. Nontorotyi is in trouble and her pride is preventing her from coming to us and talk. I am sure she figured out that we know. I thought perhaps she'd come and negotiate a deal. Or Maybe she knows we'd never make a deal with her. I mean she is a devil in a dress that one. Earlier I got a call from Siqalo. I asked him to follow his sister in law. I hope I won't regret this. I don't expect Siqalo to be loyal to me instead of his sister in law but I am warning him. I want him to dare betray me. I am going to fire him right away. He told me they crossed the Mthatha Dam River heading to  Mqanduli. I want him to follow her until She gets to her destination. I want to know her plan. Now that we know she made my brother in law believe he was Ngejiwe's father we have to make sure we know her next step. Now that she knows we know. We have to be prepared for anything. My brother in law's wife don't give up. She doesn't know when to stop. She is a fighter. A very dumb fighter. If I were her I would just humble myself and just wait for the punishment. 

Whatever she is going there to do I am curtain that it has something to do with us discovering the truth.  

Anyway enough about Nontorotyi. We have a lot of things to do. Way better things. My son is leaving tomorrow. I am going to court Wednesday. I need to go prepare myself in my husband's study. I stood up.  

Me: Guys let me go look at this case :(  

I was sitting with my son and the princess  

Princess: Before you go Did any of you get a call from Nomaxabiso?  

Do you think we should call ? _  

Zwelicacile: She didn't call me but I want to call her _  

Me: I don't think that is a good idea son. Remember we disappointed that girl. I would advice you to call her when you have good news for the girl :(  

Princess: Good news? _ I sat down.  

Me: Zwelicacile must go to Johannesburg and do what the ancestors asked him to do :(  

Princess: My Queen the ancestors didn't ask him to do anything. What they said was when he decides to take a second wife he must ask permission from that girl. I don't think getting there and tell that girl this will be a good idea. Remember he has to tell her everything before asking her _  

Me: We made a deal with the Zidenge family. What will they think of us? We have to do everything we can to make sure that Your first wife agrees. This wedding has to happen :(  

Zwelicacile: Mom I never gave Priscella a wedding. If anyone is having a wedding here is me and Priscella. There is a lot Nomaxabiso needs to do before she thinks of being my wife :(  

Me: Do you know we are in this mess because of you ? That girl proved herself to this fam...._  

Zwelicacile stood up  

Zwelicacile: With all due respect my Queen... We both wronged the ancestors. She also has a secret she is keeping from us. She is the one who is delaying things not me! :(  

He walked away. I looked at Princess Nomagampompo  

Her: Sisi he is right. Gedleza said they both wronged the ancestors.  We know what King Zwelicacile did. What about your daughter in law? What did she do ?  

Me: Yeah...... _  

I heard my phone rings. I looked at it. It's Siqalo  

Me: It's Siqalo! _ Princess: 


I answered and put him on speaker  

Me: Talk to me __  

Siqalo: Your highness they arrived to their destination  

Me: Siqalo you keep saying they! they! Who is with this woman ?  

:( __  

He exhaled  

Siqalo: My wife your highness  

Princess: _  

I shook my head in disbelief  

Me: Siqalo your loyalty to the Royal house is appreciated. Now find  out whose house is that and why they are... ___ Siqalo: 

My Queen I don't think you gonna like this.....  

I don't think so either. I felt nervous. I looked behind me I sat on the couch.  

Me: Whose house is tha.....!? __  

Siqalo:........ ( tu tu tu tu tu )  

I think he ran out of airtime. He can't do this to me. Not now! I want to know  

Princess: Call him maybe he ran out of airtime _  

I dialled his number. It took me straight to voicemail  

Me: Dammit voice mail!!! _  

" Maybe I might help " We turned around. It's Gedleza  

Me: Please take me out of my misery. Who is this person? _  Gedleza: Follow me :(  

He walked to the door. Princess Nomagampompo stood up. No one asked why or where we are going. We just followed him. We walked out. He walked to the left. He headed to the back of the Mansion. He took something and started digging. He didn't go down too deep. We saw him asking us to come see.  

Gedleza: You want to know what Nomaxabiso did to earn the ancestors trust?  

Me: I don't think i want to know tha..... :( _ Gedleza: 

I think you do my Queen. Come!  

We went closer. He pointed to something that was wrapped in a paper.  

Gedleza: Someone wanted to poison you my Queen using this.  

Nomaxabiso saved your life :)  

Me: Who would want me dead ? __  

Gedleza stood up remember he was on his knees digging . He looked at us.  

Princess: Who is it ? _  

Gedleza: Two people who hate you the most in this world. One is holding an old grudge The other one..... :)  

Us: _  

Gedleza: She just despises you :D  

I looked at Princess Nomagampompo scared. I felt tears falling down my cheeks  

Me: __  

Princess Nomagampompo looked at Gedleza  

Princess: Just tell us already!!! :( _  

Gedleza: One holding an old grudge. The other just hates you :) Me: Give me the names! I swear I will murder them with my bare hands!!! 


Gedleza put his hands together. His hands made a sound like the sound when you slap someone.  

He looked at us. The hands were still joined together.  

Gedleza: They joined forces to take you down My Queen :)  

Me: __  

Princess: Damn it! Gedleza just speak already! What should we do to stop this !!!  

Gedleza: _  

He laughed so hard looking at both of us. I got scared. He came closer to me. Our noses met How dare his nose touch mine? I am the Queen! He was breathing heavily. He was not smiling or laughing anymore  

Gedleza: You have the weapon! Use it! _  

He vanished. We looked around he was no where to be seen.  

Princess: Wait a minute...... ? _  

I looked at Princess  Me: What is it ? __  

Princess: Nomaxabiso had something on Nontorotyi..... _  

Me: Nontorotyi is trying to murder me ? __  

Princess: She is not working alone. She is working with the person  who is holding a grudge...... :) _  

I let go of my lower body. I sat on the green grass  

Me: Who is she ? __  Princess: Or He ? _ Me: 



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