< Nontorotyi >  

Tell me? If you were me were you gonna go back there and demand apology ? Apology for what? I feel like what they did calling me a liar was nothing compared to what they found out about me. I was just being dramatic when I went to the Royal house asking for forgiveness. I feel like I always put myself in trouble. Why did I go there why? I wished I should've stayed at home at least the situation was gonna be less awkward before they knew that I know what they know about me. I feel like now that they know that I know they found the truth things will be hard for me. I had to ask Siqalo to go fetch my bag. Oh My God why these ancestors are doing this to me? Why they are so hard on me. I had no idea the child I was carrying was not Hlohlesakhe's child. When I found out the Lobola was already paid. I was already married to the Royal house. I couldn't have told him. I loved my husband like I still do right now. I had to keep this secret from everyone. My husband was excited. I couldn't bring myself into hurting him with the truth. I just couldn't..  

Anyway I just got to my house. I turned the door handle The door is locked  

Me: Thank God you're not home Ngejiwe _  

I unlocked. I walked in. I closed the door then ran to the kitchen I took a glass. I poured myself waiter.  

Me: __  

I gulped the glass of water. The front door opened. I ran out of the kitchen to the living room Me: Oh thank God it's you! __  It is my sister Sabonkolo. I called her when I left the Royal house. I 

need her. I need her now more than ever. I feel like i am on my own and I will be on my own when those two decide to hurt me.  

Sabonkolo: I came as fast as I could my sister _  

Me: Sis I am in trouble __  

Sabonkolo: Is this about the man at the Royal house ? _  

Sabonkolo said looking around  

Me: Don't worry my daughter is not here. I am home alone ! :( _  

Sabonkolo: Is she at the Royal house? _  

Me: No! She is probably with that commoner! My daughter has a boyfriend in this village :(  

Sabonkolo: Oh it looks like her actions are the ones that will get you  busted. She is not acting like a royal princess _ Me: I am already bursted sis. The judge and Princess  

Nomagampompo know ! __  

Sabonkolo: No! how did they found out ? _  

I sat down. I was crying scared. I wish I didn't left. I wish i stayed and ask what they want. The reason I left is because I was ashamed. I couldn't stay there. I had to leave. I am not the begging type. I can't go there and humiliate myself.  

Me: Bhalisile has a birthmark _  

Sabonkolo: Your daughter has one at the back of her neck where is his ? _  

That made me cry even harder  

Me: _  

Sabonkolo threw her handbag on the couch  

Sabonkolo: No don't tell me __  

Me: same birthmark Same spot _  

Sabonkolo: Oh this is a disastar __  

Me: I know sister! I know ! Those women hate me. They will make sure I suffer. They asked me to go check Bhalisile's neck. They said I should come back after. I couldn't go back sisi. I couldn't _ Sabonkolo: You have to go back ! you have to know their next move. Leaving like that will anger them. They will say you disrespect them and go tell my brother in law _  I stood up  

Me: No! I can't do that :( _  

I took my handbag. Sabonkolo stood up  

Sabonkolo: Where are you going ? _  

Me: You and I are going to Mqanduli. We are going to Msukeni 

village ! We have to see Zinyovile! _♀_  

I ran out. I turned around. She is standing there !  

Me: Are you coming or not ? __  

Sabonkolo: Of course Mntaka mama _♀_  

Me: _♀__  



< Priscella >  

In days like these I wish my father was still alive. My father was a loving man. He loved us but he made sure we don't act like little brats. He made sure we appreciated every little everything in life. He made sure we see how other people live and experience it. We were lucky to have a parent like him who had everything. Having everything didn't make my dad forget where he comes from. He always reminded us where we come from. I think every teaching he gave us he gave it to me only. I swear my brother wouldn't be behaving the way He does if father was alive. My father wanted us to do what he wanted for us. I didn't think he was controlling us because he showed us love. He made sure we had everything we wanted. As a young girl I knew my father wanted the best for me even though some people would think I 

followed my father's dream not mine. I don't care because my father's dream made me the business woman I am. When father wanted me to study this business I thought why not? Why wouldn't you take advise from a billionair and I don't regret following in his footsteps. Dad wanted us to study the same thing and so did uncle De Villiers to Sonia. He begged her to quit modeling and study. She did and now Sonia is a good business woman in her own right.  

I am sure you're asking where I am going with this. My Brother has about thirty people in our house. We are one of the richest families in the country. Everyone want a piece in this empire. Everyone want to hurt us and take everything. If my brother listened to father's teachings he wouldnt bring strangers into the penthouse. He brought Tasha look where it got him? He reached his rock bottom. He is hurting even now because of someone he trusted. He trusted one person. She betrayed him now tell me How can you trust 30 people in your house when one person you trusted with your life betrayed you ? I love EJ. I do everything to make sure he is happy. I fight his battles. Even today I was out there fighting for him when I should've been at work working for the family. While I was there fixing his mess he is in the house turning it upside down. I am pregnant. How will things be when I am big ? I swear I will give birth with my mouth. My brother don't want to grow up. This boy must show us his gratitude. Dad wanted him to study business. He didn't want it. Dad died when he was in 11th grade. That made him ignore whatever dad said. When He graduated high school. He went and did this media nonsense.  

What would our family benefit in that ? We don't want to be famous.  

We want to build an empire and employ people. He went against dad. He will never be mentally stable and he keeps proving that he is not normal. Maybe it's because he ignored my father's dying wish. Anyway I am glad Sonia is here with me. We are in the elevator going up. Sonia is like a sister to me. She knows how to deal with EJ. When there is a crisis in my house. She fixes it like it was her business. I really appreciate her and I am glad I won't be the only one talking to EJ. I am always talking to that boy and he doesn't listen. Anyway the elevator opened.  

Cleopatra: Thank God you're here ma'am _  

Me: What the hell? :( _  

There is clothes everywhere in the living room and the dining area.  

We were looking around shocked  

Sonia: Oh My God. The share holders love stopping by here. Imagine if one of them came here ! :( _  

I looked at her  

Me: Exactly!!! :(  

Sonia: Where are they? :( Cleo: In the pool ma'am Sonia looked at me.  

Me: Let's go upstairs. We can't do this in heels. We need flat shoes to  deal with these morons! follow me :(  

We went to my room. We wore flat shoes. We walked down.  

Sonia: We can't go there with out Anything to get their attention.  

Judging by the clothes there is so many people in that pool! :( _ I took out my phone. I called the head of security.  Security: Hello ma'am  

Me: We need guns and rubber bullets :( _ Him: 

What is going on ma'am?  

Me: I should be asking you! What the hell is going on in my penthouse? There is about 30 people partying in this building with EJ.  

Since when do we let in strangers in this house? :( _  

Him: Ma'am I am so sorry. I will call my security at the gate then come to the penthouse. Are you there now?  

Me: Hurry ! :( _  

I hung up  

Sonia: What did he say? :(  

Me: It's news to him. He is acting like he doesn't know there is a crowd partying in this house! He says we should wait for him :(  

Sonia: Let me have a drink  

I took my phone. It rang I chuckled  

Sonia: Who is it ? :)  

Me: I was about to call Masixole. He is calling :D  

Sonia: Answer :D  

I answered  

Me: Hi baby i was about to call you :( _  

Masixole: Is everything okay ? I was calling to ask what happened in court I exhaled  

Me: Baby I won the case against Tasha :( _ Masixole: So when are you getting 1.5 million?  

Me: Hungani was proved not guilty :( _ Masixole: What ?  

Me: He had people testifying saying he wasn't there when Tasha drugged EJ. Even Tasha agreed he wasn't there :( _ Masixole: 

That's great babe right ?  

Me: He betrayed my brother. I wanted him to pay anyway my brother is having a party in the penthouse. He invited 30 guests :( _ Masixole: Is it happening tonight?  

Me: Now!! I am heading over there to end this nonsense ! :(  

Masixole: He Is hurting babe. He loved Tasha  

Me: Baby we are all hurting for HIM. You don't see us bring strangers  

to the house. EJ is provoking me ! :( _  

Masixole: Come on babe  

The elevator opened. Head of security walked in  

Me: Talk later babe. Oh by the way he is drinking your alcohol :( Masixole: What !?  

I hung up. I thought he said he was hurting. " What " What now?  

Security: Ma'am I am so sorry. Here is what happened...... _  

Me: I am listening ? :(  

Him: The guys at the gate say EJ left with the big bus The one that has the bar and...  

Me: Oh My God _  

We have a bus that has a lounge A bedroom and a bar in it. That bus always have alcohol in it. I am sure alcohol that is worth close to 10 thousand was there. We use it when We are going to a vacation around the country.  

Me: _  

Security: He left with it. He came back. They say they didn't see anyone in it. I guess....  

Sonia: They sat down so that you guys won't see them :(  

Me: The party is over! :(  

I said walking to the pool. He ran after me  

Security: Let us escort them out. You don't have to go there ma'am _  

Me: Do it fast and please make sure that bus don't leave this Seputla Towers. We tell you guys when we are travelling. I don't know why you let EJ use it ! :(  

Security: I apologise ma'am. The thing is it's hard to say no to the family members _  

Me: I call the shots here! You don't go through with anything without consulting me are we clear ? :(  

Him: Yes ma'am _  

He looked at his guys. They ran to the pool. I took phone and called mom..  

Mom: Hello sweetheart how did it go ? :D  

It's a video call. I decided to use my phone. My laptop is at the office Me: Only Tasha was guilty so we will be expecting a half a million from her family :(   

Mom: That's great so what are you going to do with it ? Are you gonna put it in our foundation? :D  

Me: I was gonna surprise your son with a holiday in Mozambique but he is not getting it :(   

Mom: That's so sweet honey. Why not?  

Me: Mom as we speak. About 30 boys and girl are in this house partying. I was called by Cleopatra. Can you believe he brought strangers here? :(   

I saw them coming in screaming  

Me: Look Mom! :(   

I said turning the camera showing her  

Mom: Don't be hard on your brother. He is hurting !  

Me: Mom I am supporting that brat! I went to court for him. I have been there for him why can't he listen? What if this people steal?  


Mom: Priscella you so uptight honey :D  

I shook my head  

Me: I cannot wait to give birth and show you how to be a good parent  ! :(   

Mom: You gonna teach me how to be a parent? Honey who is your mother? I raised you ! look how you turned out! :D  

Me: Mom I chose to be responsible! you didn't do that! if you did Elton would be as responsible. I cannot believe you don't have a problem with bunch of drunk strangers walking around our home !  


Mom: Honey you're pregnant. Please don't upset the child :D  

I cut the call. I looked at Sonia  

Me: Can you believe this ? :(  

Sonia: Mrs S for you :D  

I looked at these whores screaming picking up their clothes Me: Get out of my house before I call the police and report you for a break in 

! _  

They ran to the elevator. I couldn't see my brother and the security guys. I am sure he is talking to them.  



< Judge Nomakhosazana >  

I knew Nontorotyi was many things but I never thought she would do something like this. For someone who is trying to prove that she is a  

better daughter in law for the Ndengana family she sure has a lot of scandals. She has been trying to show everyone that I am this evil person in this family without anything thing to prove it but me with my silence I managed to find something that shows she never deserved to be a royal wife. For me I don't think a commoner should be married to the Royal house. I am not saying that because I am selfish. I am saying that because commoners are looked down at. No one take them seriously so why would you wanna be where you will always be reminded how useless you are to the family? Nontorotyi is a commoner. That alone makes her useless in this family. She can't have a word whatsoever when we are having meetings because she is not a royalty. Since she has been so desperate to be recognised. I thought she is clean. I thought she had no skeletons in her closet. Why would she act so crazy in this family when she knows very well that she wronged this family? She is prooving us right everyday. This woman is not fit to be part of this family. She doesn't follow any rules. It's her way or no way at all. She should've thought about this before acting crazy. If she was a good wife and a daughter in law to this family I don't think she would've been exposed. She did this to herself. She has herself to blame for this.  

Anyway I am so glad Gedleza saved us. I was worried that I will have to convince my sister in law to keep this. The way she was so angry for her brother I was so worried. I am glad she respects the ancestors. 

Now she is calm and she understands why we can't tell the family this. Before this Bhalisile drama I was meaning to talk to my sister in law about something. I need to talk to her so I can take this Ngejiwe drama off her mind.  

Me: Sisi I have been meaning to ask ....  

She looked at me.  

Her: Yes ?  

Me: When king Zwelicacile left us yesterday. He was going to speak to Nomaxabiso about her virginity. He didn't come back to us :( _  

Princess: You're right my Queen. I wonder why? Would that mean  Nomaxabiso is really hiding something from this family? _ I smiled.  

Me: After what happened do you still doubt Gedleza You still think  he is not as strong as his father ? :D _  

She stood up  

Her: No! he proved himself. Now I am asking myself what did Nomaxabiso do to anger our ancestors. I mean they humiliated her.  

She went home without a ring in her finger :( _  

Me: Don't doubt your ancestors sisi. I am sure very soon they are going to show us :)  

Princess: After what just happened I have no doubt. I am positive they will :)  

I took out my phone. I dialled Zwelicacile's number.  

Zwelicacile: Hello my dear queen?  

I smiled. He has been so nice since this Nomaxabiso drama happened. He feels responsible and he is responsible.  Me: Come down we need to talk :) _ Zwelicacile: 

30 seconds I will be there.  

I hung up  

Princess: Before the king arrives _  

Me: Yes ? :)  

Princess: Phonqa _ :(  

I laughed  

Me: Do you really think Phonqa would open his big mouth? :D  Princess: SisI you said " big mouth! " :(  

I exhaled then leaned on the couch  

Me: Out of all the children in this palace. Phonqa is the only child who understands this family :) She looked at me.  

Princess: He is only 13 years old. This is a big secret he knows! :(  

Me: What do you say we do ? Should we kill him? :)  

Princess: No! He is my child! :(  

Me: Exactly sister. He is your child. You told him to never breath this  

to anyone and i am sure He won't do it :D  

She leaned on the couch  

Princess: Oh I hope so. I would hate it if my own son would ruin things for this house :( King Zwelicacile walked down  Zwelicacile: You guys asked me to leave now you ask me to come down. You have no idea how hard it is to walk up these stai....._  

Me: Is your fiancé a virgin or not ! :(  

He put his hand on his mouth looking around  

Zwelicacile: did you have to be so loud mom? :D _  

Princess: and you should've waited until you get down here :D  

Zwelicacile: wow :D  

He walked down. He got to us and sat down  

Me: So? We've been asking ourselve what secret could this girl be keeping. Don't tell me you didn't think about it ? :(  

Princess: or maybe she did tell you that is why you didn't come back to us ? :(  

He smiled then sat down.  

Me: She did! oh my God you don't learn to you? What do you think we are to you? :(  

Zwelicacile: Mom no need to be worked up. I was gonna tell you. It's just that a lot happened _  

Princess: Tell us ! :(  

He exhaled  

Zwelicacile: She didn't sleep with a man ☹  

Me: So she did sleep with something Was it a dog? _ Zwelicacile: 


Me: What ? If you told us I wouldn't be guessing. Just tell us ! :(  

He looked down smiling  

Zwelicacile: It was a vibrator _  

Me: :D _  

My sister in law looked at me  

Her: Sisi what is that ? _  

She could tell I knew what my son was saying.  

Me: Those toys white women buy to satisfy themselves sisi :D Princess: She is not a virgin then ! Wow she deserve everything coming her way and I am ready for her family. They brought us a skank sies :(  

Me: I am ready for them that is why I am so calm about this :( Princess: Sies. She served us food after everything She does in the dark ! :(  

Zwelicacile: She was doing it then auntie. Not anymore :D  Princess: Still! I know your ancestors Zwelicacile. They will deal with her :(  

Me: She was so perfect for this family :(  

Princess: say that again. She fooled us all  

I folded my arms  

Me: She was so conservative just what we need in this family :( Princess: I hope she does fix things and come back I do pray she does :(  

My brother in law walked in. Well Siqalo is not home that is why he just walks in like that.  

Hlohlesakhe: Ebukhosini :D _ ( Greetings royal house )  

I smiled. He is in a Good mood this afternoon  

Me: Ahhh Chief Khabalandile :D  

This is so awkward. We know something he doesn't know. I feel so bad for hiding this from him but we can't do anything at this point. It's what the ancestors want.  

Princess: My chief :) _  

Hlohlesakhe: Where is Siqalo? I am always welcomed by him :)  

Me: I asked him to go run some errands for me :)  

He looked at my son. He took off his hat  

Hlohlesakhe: Ahhh Zwelicacile :D Zwelicacile: Chief Khabalandile :) He sat down.  

Me: We didn't expect to see you here Chief :)  

He sat up straight  

Him: I hope I am not speaking out of turn but I think there is  

something we haven't discussed _ We 

looked at each other then at him..  

Hlohlesakhe: The throne. Now that I am a chief and Zwelicacile a  king. What is going to happen? _  

Princess Nomagampompo smiled then looked at me.  

Me: I am glad you reminded us that. I think we should get you a new throne. That one belongs to this house it can't leave. My father in law sat there.... :)  

Princess: My brother also sat there :(  

Hlohlesakhe: I agree. I think we need to fix the problem with Zidenge first and get the king ordained then after we can discuss my throne ceremony :)  

Me: I totally agree my chief :)  

Hlohlesakhe: Speaking of the Zidenge family Do you think 

Nomaxabiso arrived already ? _  

Zwelicacile: The chauffeur called me. He is on his way back. I guess we have to wait for them _  

My phone rang. I stood up. It's Siqalo calling.  Me: I have to take this :) I walked away answering  

Me: Siqalo ? :( __  

Siqalo: My Queen they crossed the Mthatha Dam river  

Me: Keep following them ! :( __  

Siqalo: I am afraid they might recognise the car my Queen. Me: Make sure they don't! You're driving Zwelicacile's car. That car was in the garage for 8 years. I don't think your sister in law will reconginise it :( _ Siqalo: You're right my Queen  

Me: Keep me updated :( _  

I hung up then looked at the guys in the living room Me: Where are you going Nontorotyi.....? _ _  



< Nomaxabiso >  

I have never been this humiliated in my life. I am old now. I have seen humiliations before but this one? This is beyond Humiliation. I stayed there for weeks. My family told everyone that I am married to King Zwelicacile a chief of Sdabadabeni village. That's what everyone know. I thought so as well till today. Today I was told I don't have the authority that I thought I had in my " husband " Or the Royal family. It turns out I will kneel down to a commoner and ask her permission for everything and that's if she agrees I marry King Zwelicacile. I never thought this could happen to me. Believe me when I say since I was a child. I knew this man was my husband. I  

grew up knowing that. I made some sacrifices there and there. I did 

things I am not proud of because I wanted to make all of that dream a reality. My family assured me I was gonna be his wife. Now I am told I have to wait for some woman I don't know to give me a permission to marry my husband? This is ridiculous. It's beyond ridiculous. I don't know. I should be mad at my parents right now but no I am more embarrassed and humiliated to even feel the need to shout at them. I don't have energy for this. I don't know how I am going to answer their questions. They are shocked to see me. What surprised them more was seeing how big my luggage is. I am back home. I have no promise ring nothing. This could be forever. I might never go back there and that kills me. I have fallen in love with the King even more now that I met him and slept with him. The thought of sharing him or not having him at all is killing me. It scares me. I am praying the ancestors do something. They accepted me to the family. I saved The Queen's life. They must have mercy on me. I really want to be with the King. I want to be his Queen. I dedicated my life to that. I didn't have a normal childhood because I knew i was gonna get married to him. He betrayed me. He must fight for us. He must show me he regrets what he did but I feel like it's too late now. The ancestors demanded that I leave immediately and my family need answers. It's over. I feel betrayed by the Queen and the Princess. They knew The King cheated on me and they decided to keep it from me. I am going to make sure they pay for this. We are taking everything.  

Father: Nomaxabiso what is going on ? :(  

Mom: What are you doing here ? :(  She looked at my luggage  

Mom: What a big luggage? :( _  

I felt tears drops and falling down my cheeks. I sat down on the couch.  

Mom: What is going on talk to us! :( _  

Me: _  

She looked at my father.  

Mom: Shosholoza speak to your daughter! :( _  

Dad: Nomaxabiso we asked you a question! How do you expect us to help you if you don't tell us what is going on?  

I stood up. I wiped my tears. I didn't look at them. Like I said I am embarrassed and a part of me think this is partly my fault. Gedleza said something. He said we both wronged the ancestors so I can't bring myself into looking into my parents faces when I know what I did humiliated the family.  

Me: King Zwelicacile is already married __  Dad: What !? __ I looked at dad.  

Me: He secretly married a girl from Johannesburg now the ancestors say he must speak to his wife and ask for a permission to marry me 


Mom: What the hell? Shosholoza can you believe this! These people lied to us! We were there! They lied to our faces! :(  

Dad: _  

Dad was just standing there fuming with anger. He didn't say anything.  

Mom: Say something Zidenge! Your daughter stayed pure for all her life for that moron! :(  

I looked away and I made sure the corner of my eye is looking at my father. This is not the reaction I expect from my dad. I thought he would be livid like mom. My father is not saying anything. He looks like a man whose mind is far away thinking.  

Mom: Fine! It looks like I am a man in this house! I am going to fix this on my own! I am calling our lawyers. I am taking everything those traitors own! _  

My mother walked away furious.  

Dad: Nomfunzelo!!! _  

My father snapped calling my mom. Her name is Nomfunzelo. Mom turned around  

Mom: Oh? you can speak? I thought you're mut.... :( _  

Dad: Shut up Nomfunzelo!!!! _  

He got so mad. I was also scared now. I could see mom she was scared too  

Mom: _  

Dad looked at me. I looked down. What is on his mind? What is in this man's mind. Why do I feel like he is coming for me ? He is my father. He should be angry and I expect him to try and get answers from the Ndengana family.  

Me: __  

Father: That boy wronged us. He wronged the ancestors and Our daughter here is innocent _  

Me: Exactly dad. I can't be treated this way ! :( _  

Dad: I am glad you said that my baby :(  

Me: __  

Mom folded her arms listening to what dad is saying.  

Dad: If you're really a victim in this then why the ancestors are  

punishing you not King Zwelicacile? _  

I started mumbling words couldn't get out of my mouth. My throat got dry in a second. I looked away Mom: Nomaxabiso Zidenge ?  I didn't turn around.  

Me: Mama __  

Mom: Turn around and look at me !  

Oh My God  

Mom: Now!!!! _  

I slowly turned around they were both looking at me. Mom was breathing heavily. I couldn't look at my father. I know he is ready to eat me alive.  

Mom: Why are you punished when you're not the one who wronged the ancestors? _ Me: Because.... __  

Dad: Because what !? :( Nomaxabiso: 

I am sorry __  

Dad: Nomfunzelo I am going to do something I will regret to this girl.  

She says she is being punished because she is sorry ? :(  

Mom: What did you do Nomaxabiso? _  

Me: I lost my virginity when I was 20 years old __  

Mom put hands in her head and walked around  

Mom: Oh Mesiah __♀  

Dad: What did you just say ? _  

Me: I am sorry. I tried to wait but.....__  

Mom: Who is the boy who did this to you ? _  

Me: Malingene __  

Mom: I can't do this now! I can't look at this girl! Let's go talk my husband _  

They walked away. What the hell? I must die I am already dead anyway.  

Me: That's not all! __  

They both turned at the same time and looked at me. .  

Them: _  

I breath in and out.  

Me: When I was 25 I realised...... __  

Mom: What ? _  

Me: That I was Pregnant __  

Dad: What !? _  

Mom: How come this happened under Our noses! What happened to that child ? :( I looked down  

Me: I had an abortion __  

My mother put her hand on her chest. I could see the anger in my father's face. I disappointed my parents. I am so ashamed of myself.  

Father: _  

Me: I am so.....__  

Mom: Oh My God! You're as loose as they come _  

I broke down  

Me: __  

Mom: What a whore! _  

Mom walked away. Dad looked at me. He shook his head then walked away as well. I sat down Me: I am sorry ___  



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