< Judge Nomakhosazana >  

What is going on here? Who is this man who is Bhalisile? Why did the ancestors bring him to the Royal house? Is the birth mark a coincident? There are no co-incidences at the Royal house. Whatever happens it happens for a reason. We have to find out what is going on. I pulled this man like a child walking to the mansion as quickly as I could. No one can blame me. This is unbelievable I am shocked by that birthmark. This is a very sensitive matter. It can't be discussed outside. Who is this man? Is he related to Nontorotyi? Why didn't Nontorotyi mention this to us? Why didn't anyone say anything? Why didn't He Bhalisile tell us anything? To think about this. Sunday on Bhalisile's first day at Royal house he saw Ngejiwe. He said she looked familiar and before that he was staring at her walking out. I think he saw the birthMark now Monday he comes to work hiding his birthMark? If this man had nothing to hide he wouldn't have had that scarf around his neck. He is going to tell me and my sister in law everything right now.  

Anyway we got in. We saw my nephews and the king sitting in the living room.  

Me: Guys please give us a moment :(  

Nomgcwabe: But Auntie The King and I are watching this movie  

:( _  

Me: :(  

Phonqa: You forget who you're talking to Nomgcwabe :D  

I looked at his little brother. Phonqa is a very smart 13 year old boy.  

The King saw how serious I was . He stood up and tapped  Nomgcwabe's shoulder. Nomgcwabe stood up. He looked at me then bowed.  

Nomgcwabe: I apologise my Queen _ His mother looked at me then smiled Me: 

Can you leave now ?   

Nomgcwabe: Of course my Queen   

He and the king walked to the stairs. Princess Nomagampompo looked at Phonqa  

Princess: Actually you're also excused  Phonqa: 

Oh me too ?   I shook my head  Me:   

He ran to the kitchen. I walked to the double couch. I sat down. The Princess came and sat next to me. I pointed to a chair on a distance away from the sofas. He is not too clean to sit on my furniture.  Bhalisile: Thank you my Queen _ He sat down.  

Me: I am not going to ask you again. And I won't sit here and be 

insulted by my cleaner  Bhalisile: My Quee..... _  

I didn't let him talk  

Me: One lie coming out of your mouth a light will strike you hard coming from that throne! __  

I said pointing at the throne. He looked at the throne then swallowed sweet nothing. He looked scared. I saw glasses forming in his eyes.  

He sat up straight. He cleared his throat  

Bhalisile: My Queen I know the chief's wife. I know her from  

Ntsimbini _  

I looked at Nomagampompo  

Me: I didn't know Nontorotyi was from Ntsimbini?  _  

Princess: Neither did I...... _  

Bhalisile: They are originally from there. 23 years ago they crossed the MDUMBI river and went to live at a village called....  

Me: Hlalwini?  _  

He nodded his head yes  

Me: We are listening _  

He looked at us. He kept sucking his dry lips. He looked nervous. It looked like what he was about to say was hard to say. Bhalisile: Nontorotyi was my first ever girlfriend  

Me: _  

Princess: _   

Oh My God? Did Nontorotyi see this man? I doubt she knows. If she knew she'd have made sure he left the Royal house the same day. What is this man telling us ? Is he trying to tell us that he is Ngejiwe's father? I thought He was gonna say his brother not him. The way this man looks. I don't see him with my sister. Nontorotyi is a very classy woman or maybe she is trying to be just to be in my level but the woman I know would've never had a boyfriend looking like this. Then again. It was more than 22 years ago.  

Me: What are you saying to us? _  

Bhalisile: My Queen believe me. I didn't know as well. I remember how she dumped me telling me she was in love with a prince of Sdabadabeni. I was heartbroken but what I didn't know was...... _ Princess: That she was carrying your baby when you broke up?   

He nodded his head. Princess Nomagampompo stood up  

Princess: I can't believe this! :( _  

I stood up as well. I was trying to calm her down. I understand it's her brother who was lied to. I look Bhalisile Me: Does Nontorotyi know you're here? _  

Bhalisile: She saw me when she was here yesterday my Queen _  

Me: What did she say? I am sure it was a shock _  

Bhalisile: She even cried my Queen. I know she left me because I had nothing but seeing her so scared and crying showed how much she loves her husband _  

Princess: She lied to him! to all of us ! __ Me: Sister in law please sit She sat down.  

Me: So what did she say? Is she okay with you being here? _ 

Bhalisile: She wanted me to leave. I told her I can't leave because  ancestors brought me here my Queen _ Me: I want you to promise me something   

Bhalisile: Anything my Queen _  

Me: Don't mention this to anyone. Don't tell Nontorotyi we know about this. Keep on wearing your scarf Only when you're around the  family. I don't them to see what we saw   

Him: Okay my Queen _  

Me: Go back to work   

He stood up. He bowed then walked out. I looked at sister in law. She is angry. I let go of my lower body. I threw bum on the couch  

Me: This is heavy _  

I felt someone put their arm around my shoulder. I looked. It's Phonqa. His left arm was around his mother's shoulder. His face was between us. I smiled then put my hand on top of his hand while it's on my shoulder.  

Phonqa: This is heavy in deed my Queen. What do we do now ? :) Bare in mind This is a 13 year old. I jumped up. So did the Princess . We looked at Phonqa shocked.  

Me: What are you talking about ? _ Phonqa: 

That the cleaner is Ngej....  

I saw the princess jumps to the couch. Her knees were on the couch.  

Her hands covering her son's mouth  

Princess: Don't you dare say a word to anyone!! __  

Phonqa: I can't breath mom _  

She removed her hand  

Me: What did we say about Eavesdropping?   

Phonqa: I am sorry my Queen _  

Princess: Promise us you won't say a word even to your brother!   

Phonqa: I swear on Grandma

This is a 13 year old. I jumped up. So did the Princess . We looked at Phonqa shocked.  

Me: What are you talking about ? _ Phonqa: 

That the cleaner is Ngej....  

I saw the princess jumps to the couch. Her knees were on the couch.  

Her hands covering her son's mouth  

Princess: Don't you dare say a word to anyone!! __  

Phonqa: I can't breath mom _  

She removed her hand  

Me: What did we say about Eavesdropping?   

Phonqa: I am sorry my Queen _  

Princess: Promise us you won't say a word even to your brother!   

Phonqa: I swear on Grandma grandpa and uncle's graves _ Me: Good :(  

Princess: Go upstairs and watch tv with your brothers !   

He walked up the stairs. Princess Nomagampompo looked at me.  

Princess: This child!   

Me: At least he swore Besides the ancestors won't let him say anything :(  

Princess: He can't say anything at least not until we announce this :( I looked away. We are not announcing anything. This is one secret that cannot come out.  




< Priscella >  

I know this will sound like I am obsessed with this but I cannot help myself. I am angry. There are so many things that disgust me about Hungani. This man does everything wrong. Everything he does makes me feel so proud for leaving him. That was the best decision I have ever made. That son of a bitch comes to me with his bitches to confront me? What a joke. How can they think I was doing this to get his money? I don't need money. I make money. I employed thousands of people in the company. Hungani and his bitches live on money they made by pose on Camera's naked. Who do they think they are ? I know how Hungani got his tv gig. He was a model as well. He got that gig because he was discovered as a good looking man. He is working because of his looks. He is not that handsome trust me I know him in person. Don't let that beard fool you. Anyway I am still angry because of what they said. I hated what I said to them. I  

sounded like a snob. I did that because I didn't want to be the one losing the battle. They were attacking me with words. I just needed something to shut them up I got that and I used it. I was the last woman standing. I left their jaws on the floor. I am not going to apologise for my behaviour. They started this. They started it when they didn't respect my relationship with Hungani. Can you believe they were acting like they wanted us together when they were the ones who broke us up. Bunch of whores.  

Anyway I just got to the office. I found Algebra and Sonia talking at passage  

Sonia: Hey friend   

Me: Come to the office guys   

I opened the door. I walked in I put my handbag on my desk. They walked in.  

Sonia: Congratulations friend we saw on social media   

She hugged me  

Me: Thanks   

She broke the hug  

Algebra: You don't look happy ma'am _  

Me: A part of me is happy another part of me is not happy. I feel like Hungani walked off so easily. But I know I won't use the law to fight personal feelings. Yes I am happy he was not part of drugging but I wanted him to pay for betraying my brother but that can't be discussed in court   

Sonia: I am very disappointed in him. I wonder if they will reinstate him since he is innocent _  

Me: He was fired? _  

Algebra: We just saw on social media. He was suspended _ Me: Good!   

Sonia looked at Algebra  

Sonia: Dear can you wash these two glasses. I am thirsty :) He took them then walked out.  

Me: Hungani confronted me after court. He accused me of wanting money   

Sonia: He is crazy! You don't need his money. You did what had to be done   

Me: He was confronting me with his whores. I put them in their place 


Sonia: He is losing his mind. I don't know what he sees on those girls 


Me: How was the filming ? :)  

Sonia: Oh it was amazing! then after we were done I saw Isaiah walked in. I asked the producer and the crew to follow me. I confronted him on camera. He will never mess with me again. I told  him I don't believe him. Someone helped him   

Me: And?  _  

Sonia: He denied everything. I told him I will find out who did  Me: 

Let's not get excited. Your husband might not use that video  Sonia: That's the exciting part.....   

Me: What? _  

Sonia: I told the producer to not sure my husband this. I told him he must show him the part I was with that wife. He agreed :)  

Me: What if Isaiah tells him? _  

Sonia: I didn't think of that _  

Me: Don't worry. You will deny it. You will say you did confront him but cameras were not rolling. When he sees it on TV you will say you didn't know they were filming  Sonia: And he lies to me as well   

Me: Exac..... _  

My phone rang. I took my phone.  

Me: It's CleoPetra let me answer _  

Sonia: Okay :)  I answered  

Me: Hello Cleo :( _  

Cleo: Ma'am I am sorry to disturb you  

Me: Is everything okay ? :( __  

Cleo: Ma'am EJ has about 30 people partying here  

Me: At the penthouse ? __ _  

Sonia looked at me curious  

Sonia: _  

Cleo: Yes ma'am they are swimming and they are drinking Mr  

Ndengana's alcohol  

Me: I am coming! __  

I hung up. I can't believe this.  

Sonia: What is it? _  

Me: Apparently there is a party I don't know of in my house. We have about 30 guests can you believe It? _  

Sonia: EJ ? :(  

I nodded my head closing my laptop.  

Sonia: Let's go stop that! They will steal ! :(  

Me: I know_♀_  

Sonia: He is hurting don't shout at him _♀__  

I know he is hurt but this? This is crazy. I asked him to never bring strangers at home. My brother never listens and that makes me angry. I understand what he is going through but I won't tolarate hiss nonsense.  



< Isaiah Norman >  

What was that ? What happened an hour ago? That woman I saw wasn't the insecure idiotic wife i know. She was confident and so sure about what she was saying. I am really worried now because I can tell she knows something. She is the one who left me speechless this time. I thought she bought the story about me trying to see how much she trusts her husband. I feel like this woman is following me or us around. This cannot be good for either of us and the secret I keep for him. I am sorry but my guilt can't wait for this man to knockoff. I have to see him now. I am at his work place. I hope They are taking a break. I cannot stand waiting. I have work to do. I am tired of this whole thing because I can see it is going to cost me my job. I cannot lose my job. I can't afford that.  

Anyway I am in my car. I texted him. The message went through. I am just waiting for him to respond. I saw him was typing  

Me: _  

I am so nervous right now. I have never felt this way. I am always the one making people feel this way. Celebrities are always uncomfortable around me because I am that kinda journalist. I act like your friend bit once I see something dodgy you do I write about it. I make sure I look at every single step they take. But when the table then and the investigation is done to me I just get so scared. Now I  

can imagine how they feel when that happens to people. This feeling is not nice at all.  

Brendan: * What do you want? I told you I am the one who should text you! *  

I texted him  

Me: Come to the parking lot I know you're on break !  

He called. I answered  

Me: We need to talk about your wife :( _ Brendan: What about her ?  

Me: She confronted me again at the restaurant! She caused a scene  

! :( _  

Brendan: You're a journalist you know how to handle Celebrities who confront you !  

Me: It was different because...... :( __  

Brendan: I don't have time for this goodbye ( Tu tu tu tu tu ) He hung up on me. He didn't even wanna hear the important part. I threw my phone on the passenger seat.  

Me: ...... She confronted me on camera _  

I started the engine. This is his mess. I don't care. I won't even contact him. I hope they don't show him the video and surprise him with it on national tv. He is the one who has a lot to lose here Me: :(  



< Narrated >  

At the Royal house. We see Bhalisile running for his life. It was like he was running from someone. He went and hide behind the tank. He lied down and raised his head and looked at a distance. From a distance we see Nontorotyi walking to the Royal house. You'd swear she was going to a wedding. She was wearing colourful clothes. She was wearing a yellow dress Green blazer and a red big hat. She was smiling. It looks like her visit will be the best. She knows  

Nomaxabiso is not there any more. She has her handbag hanged in her arm  

Nontorotyi: :)  

She got to the house. She was welcomed by Siqalo  

Siqalo: Sister in law :) _  

Nontorotyi: Announce my arrival Siqalo :)  

Siqalo: Right away Sister in law :)  

He walked in. Nontorotyi smiled. She had a smirk in her face.  

Nontorotyi: :)  

Siqalo: You can Come in sister in law :) _  

Me: Thank you Siqalo :)  

Nontorotyi walked in walking like she was on capert or was owning the mansion. When She got in. The Queen and the Princess stood up and looked at her. Phonqa giggled. He walked away leaving them to talk. The Queen and the Princess looked at each other questioning Phonqa behavior.  

Nontorotyi: I feel so important. You guys stand up when I arrive :D  

Nomakhosazana: _  

In Queen Nomakhosazana's mind she was like " You have no idea what we have on you so you better behave " On the other hand Princess Nomagampompo was disgusted by Nontorotyi's presence at the Royal house.  

Princess: :(  

Nontorotyi: What is it ? You guys are acting strange :D They didn't say anything. They just looked at her with their eyes popped out.  

Nontorotyi: If this is the way you guys apologise to a woman you wronged then that's strange :D Nontorotyi looked at the kitchen.  

Nontorotyi: Notiniphu get me a cold drink my darling :D  

She looked at the Queen and the Princess  

Nontorotyi: So...... ? :D  

Princess: Apologise for what!? _  

Nontorotyi: For starters I want you to apologise to me for letting a woman who wasn't even the king's wife humiliate me by forcing me to wash The judge feet! and secondly for calling me a liar when I was telling the truth :(  

Princess: I can't believe this ! _  

The Queen chuckled. She shook her head.  

Nomakhosazana: Nontorotyi before we do that we want you to do something for us :) Nontorotyi: What is that ? :(  

The Queen looked at Princess Nomagampompo then at Nontorotyi  

Nomakhosazana: Go to our new cleaner...... :)  

Nontorotyi: _  

The Queen went to the back window. She looked at Nontorotyi  

Nomakhosazana: He is working over there.... :) _ The Queen turned around.  

Nomakhosazana: When you get to him please remove the scarf on his neck and look at his neck from behind then come back and get your apology :)  

Princess: _  

Nontorotyi: Now? _  

Nomakhosazana: Right away :)  

Nontorotyi looked nervous. She put her handbag on the couch. She walked to the door and out. The Queen and the Princes went to the window and watched her going to Bhalisile.  

Outside We see Nontorotyi walking alone talking to herself.  

Nontorotyi: I wonder what is it on that bastard's neck :(  She headed to Bhalisile. The poor man saw her. He attempted to go hide  

Nontorotyi: I am coming to you! :( She got to him.  

Nontorotyi: Remove the scarf! :(  

Bhalisile: Here ? _  

Nontorotyi grabbed the scarf and pulled it. She turned him around then we see Nontorotyi let go of the scarf looking like someone who just saw a ghost  

Nontorotyi: Oh My God __  

Bhalisile turned around and shrugged his shoulders.  

Nontorotyi: Why didn't you tell me you have a birthmark ? __ Bhalisile: It's a birthMark like you say! I was born with it. I thought you knew about it ! We were together for a long time how come you don't know about my birthMark? :( _  

Nontorotyi: We only met at night you idiot! I didn't know. Oh My  God! Nomakhosazana and Nomagampompo now know ? __  

Bhalisile: I am sorry. I tried to hide it I really did _ Nontorotyi looked away thinking.  

Nontorotyi: Two people at the Royal house will find out....... __  Bhalisile: What did you just say ? _ Nontorotyi walked pass him.  

Nontorotyi: A healer. Some friend of mine who is a healer told me  something like that the other day __ Bhalisile: 



In side the palace. The Queen and Princess Nomagampompo are sitting in the living room waiting for Nontorotyi to walk in. It looks like they are ready to " Apologize " to her. They were just sitting there. No one was saying anything. The Princess looked angry. The Queen didn't show any emotion whatsoever. She was just sitting waiting patiently. Siqalo walked in. The Queen stood up  

Siqalo: Your highness I am here to get My sister in law's handbag _ The Queen looked at her sister in law smiling.  

Princess: What a Coward! _  

Nomakhosazana: Not infront of Siqalo sisi!  

The Queen looked at Siqalo  

Nomakhosazana: There it is :) _  

He took it then walked out. Nomagampompo stood up.  

Princess: She can't leave like this ! :(  

Nomakhosazana: Sisi this is the last time we have this conversation  


Princess: What do you mean My brother has.... :( _  

Nomakhosazana: Your brother can't know about this believe me :( The Queen said that not even looking at the princess. The Princess was livid.  

Nomagampompo: The more we keep secrets from my brother is the more we drive him away from the family. This is a big one __ Nomakhosazana: You're a royal princess. It's your duty to keep such secrets. This secret might tear the family apart so as a royal princess you have to make sure that doesn't happen! :(  

Princess Nomagampompo walked around pacing up and down. She  put her hand on her forehead frustrated  

Princess: I swear my brother won't forgive me this time! __  

The Queen walked to her  

Nomakhosazana: Sisi the ancestors brought that man here for a reason and that same reason is the one that made sure you and I are the ones who discovered the truth. I think we should keep this to ourselves !  

:( _  

Nomagampompo turned around. She was crying  

Nomagampompo: Till when sisi? Till when? My brother raised the  

girl thinking it Was his child. He loves her ! __  The Queen looked around then at Princess Nomagampompo Nomakhosazana: I know he does. I know he loves her. All I am asking you is just keep this a secret and wait for the ancestors next instructions _  

Princess Nomagampompo looked at the Queen. She wiped her tears. " There are no further instructions your highness " Said a voice behind them. They quickly turned around. They looked at Gedleza. Who was on his knees looking down clapping hands.  

The Queen walked closer to Gedleza  

Nomakhosazana: So we should tell Chief Khabalandile? _  

The healer shook his head no. The Queen looked at Princess Nomagampompo giving her the "I told you so" look. But they were both confused though...... They wanted to know what should they do next. The healer looked at them.  

Gedleza: Now you have a weapon to use against Nontorotyi Dimbaza to instill peace in this family :)  

The Queen and The Princess looked at each other and smiled.  

Gedleza vanished into thin air. The Queen looked at Princess Nomagampompo. They touched each other's hands giggling and  happy to hear the ancestors' plan  

Princess: :D _  

Nomakhosazana: The weapon they say? :D  

The Princess looked at the Queen agreeing to what she just said.  

Princess: Mhhmm :)  

The Queen looked away and chuckled Nomakhosazana: 



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