< Nontorotyi >  

I know I am a lot of things. But one thing I don't like is when someone makes me look like a fool. My daughter worked so hard. She did an investigation and got me information about the King. She brought the information forward. They denied and made me look like a liar and a troublesome person. All along they knew what he did. How could they? How could they lie. Why the ancestors don't punish them since it looks like they are doing a great job in punishing people?  

My husband just got home. He is telling me everything. It's him and my daughter. They just told me Nomaxabiso left. That one is making me so happy. I am so happy that woman is gone. Judging by what my husband said I can tell she is gone for good. And there is no way she is coming back. The Queen is not ready for me.  

Me: My love... so Judge called one of her friends and made her lie and say she works at home affairs ? :( Priscella and Masixole got married at Home Affairs?  

Hlohlesakhe: No King Zwelicacile got Divorced. He knew we'd find out when he gets married to Nomaxabiso  

I wonder if this Johannesburg girl knows why she was divorced. I smiled looking away  

Hlohlesakhe: What is it My love ? :(  

I looked at Ngejiwe  

Me: Sweetheart do you know her social media details ? :)  

Hlohlesakhe: Who? The first wife? :(  

Me: Yes. I just wa.... :D _  

Hlohlesakhe: I dare you! Just try and contact her you will be dealt with this time and I am not going to defend you anymore! :(  

I walked pass him  

Me: I didn't say anything about contacting her ! :D  

Hlohlesakhe: You're my wife and I know you! You dare call The  

King's wife I won't protect you when he bans you from this village  :(  

Ngejiwe: Don't worry dad I stole the file and I won't tell mom her names :)  

Me: What were you doing in my stuff ? :(  

Ngejiwe: I gave you that information. You almost got me in trouble with the Queen. I had to burn it :(  

Me: :(  

I feel so stupid. I can't believe I never read anything there. I asked my daughter to tell me what's in there. I didn't read it. I hate myself for being so lazy.  

Ngejiwe: I will be in my room if you guys need me :)  

She walked away  

Hlohlesakhe: I also need to change and go to work  

He attempted to follow his daughter  Me: Wait a second my love ! :) He turned around and looked at me Him: Yes ?  

Me: I.....  

He didn't let me say what I wanted to say. He started talking. This man was ready to walk away when was he planning to say this ? Hlohlesakhe: Ngejiwe told the Queen you went to work and by the look of things you didn't. Why did you lie ?  

I smiled. I looked at him  

Me: Isn't that a question you should be asking our daughter? :) Him: I don't understand?  

Me: Our daughter was trying to protect me from the Queen. I didn't say I was going to work :)  

Hlohlesakhe: Then why didn't you join us at the Royal house? :( I exhaled then sat on the couch. I looked at him. He doesn't understand. This should make him happy.  

Me: My love every time I go there I embarrass you. I try to be civil but I am too opinionated. I can't say yes to everything so I thought I should stay behind so you have a peaceful meeting. I don't want to anger ancestors anymore :(  

Hlohlesakhe: Do you know that staying here also angers them ?  

I stood up shaking my head .  

Me: Baby I don't know anymore. Your ancestors are just impossible 


Him: The next meetings you better be there. If you can't close your mouth Nontorotyi put a tape on it so you won't be able to say anything! :(  

He walked away. I chuckled Me: You're not serious right? :( He looked at me.  

Him: You and the Queen need to fix things. This is ridiculous! You need to grow up! :(  

I am not interested to talk about the Queen. I want to talk to him about something important.  

Me: Okay fine. You're a chief now. Have you ever thought of moving to the Royal house ?  

Hlohlesakhe: Why would I move there ?  

Me: Because it is the chiefs mansion! :(  

Hlohlesakhe: I think we've had this conversation before. Peace is not in your blood woman. You always wanna fight. That palace was built for a premier of this province. That was my father! He left that house to his first born son my brother Nkosesizwe. I have no right whatsoever to claim it. The Queen is my brother's wife. My sister is not married. She dedicated her life to protect this family. The Queen's family and my sister's family belong there. Unless you want us to move there with them ? :(  

Me: Oh hell No! :(  

Hlohlesakhe: Then there is no other way we can live there :( He attempted to walk away. I grabbed his arm.  

Me: Honey! The throne! _  

He looked at me  

Me: Baby I am not trying to start a fight. The royal house has a King. You're a chief. I feel like the throne issue needs to be addressed don't you think? _  

Hlohlesakhe: I haven't thought about that thank you. We need to discuss it _  

I smiled. He came to me and kissed my lips.  

Hlohlesakhe: Thank you my love  :) Me: You're welcome My love  :D  

He walked to the bedroom. I looked around for a spot to put it. Me: The throne in my house :)  

I chuckled  

Me: that will be interesting :)  



< Sonia De Villiers >  

I haven't heard from the guys in court. I just wrapped up my shoot with this lady I was filming with. She is a nice woman. I think she will be my friend on this show. The reason I chose to talk to her is because she was quiet the whole time I was fighting with the other woman. I feel like she is on my side and today she proved that. She proved that she is on my side and I appreciate that.  

Things were easy without my husband. I am tired of him. I am tired of him acting like he loves me and has good intentions about us. I feel like this man makes me his object. I am tired of that. I am glad I was able to open my eyes. I am really happy he is working long hours. I can't stand him. I can't stand the man I sleep with every night in my bed. I learnt my lesson. Never leave a good man for a man who excites you. That excitement turn into something toxic. People change. Better stay with your boring partner no matter what. At least you know that person unlike a man you don't know who will come and promise you the world Only to end up giving you misery. I feel like I am being punished for leaving my ex husband for Brendan. My life now is complicated. I can't walk from marriage to marriage. I feel like my marriage is ending soon. I have to go back to dating game. I am not getting any younger. I am a mother of two. It will be hard for me to find love and someone I trust.  

Me: Wait a minute.... :)  

I saw Isaiah walking in at the restaurant The one i was when they took pictures. I am going to take advantage of this. Brendan is not here. I can do whatever i want. I know my husband don't control everything. He is just a co- producer. I think I have a plan. I looked at my producer.  

Me: Do you know that man ? :)  

Producer: Everyone knows him and how he attacks celebraties in his news paper :)  

Me: Can the cameras roll and follow Me? :) Producer stood up.  

Him: Where are you going ? :D  

Me: You want drama right ? :)  

Him: Yes but you must tell me what's this abou..... :) _  

Me: Trust me :)  

I saw Isaiah order. He went and sat down. I went straight to him. The cameras followed me. I put my hand on the table Isaiah looked at the table then up my hand to my face  

Isaiah: _  

Me: Hi you look surprised like someone who just saw the wife of a man He is screwing Hihihi :D  

Isaiah: Ha ha ha You're funny Sonia :D _  

I sat down giggling. I could see how shocked and how unsettling what  

I just said made him feel. He definitely knows something  

Me: How are You? :D  

Isaiah: I am camera shy. I don't know why you didn't give me a hands up about this :D _  

Me: I thought you wouldn't mind. I am also newspaper shy as well actually but that doesn't stop you from ruining my name now does it? :D  

I said with a big smile in my face. oh my God I am having so much fun right now. I am saying all offensive things with a smile in my face. I like seeing him so uncomfortable like this.  

Isaiah: I am doing my job and I am good at it. I know some people don't like it but it is my job :D _ I lost my smile.  

Me: I am one of those people who don't like it and I am going to make sure I expose you for who you are ! :(  

Isaiah: I don't understand? I am sitting here with your Cameras all over my face. I don't mind because it is your job. why can't you  

understand and respect my job ? :) _  

I stood up  

Me: Because you were not here when my husband Hungani and I were here. Someone took pictures and gave you the information :( Isaiah: I was here! You didn't see me because I didn't want you to see me :D _  

Me: Well Sonia don't believe you honey! :(  

Isaiah stood up  

Him: Well that's your problem ma'am and don't you dare make your problems mine :( Waitress went to him  

Waitress: Your order Mr Norman :)  

He took it then attempted to walk away. I grabbed his wrist. He yanked his arm. I smiled then formed a " lit " sign with my hand Me: 

I am this close to finding out who helped you lie about me __  

Isaiah: Good luck with that :)  

I looked at him from head to toe  

Me: Goodbye bitch _  

Isaiah: Excuse me !? :(  

I walked away flipping my hair. The cameras ran after me. I headed to the parking.  

Producer: What was that ? _♂  :D  Me: That bitch is testing me  :( Producer: Whatever it is I like it  :D I turned around and looked at him.  

Me: I need a favour from you  :(  

Producer: Anything my superstar ? :D  

I looked at his camera men. They were minding their own business. Me: When my husband goes to studio to check on things please show him the one I did with that housewife. I don't want him to see this one with the journalist. That journalist is his friend. If you could can you go to work now and give this last footage to your line producers and editors. I want it to be ready for tv :)  

Him: I will do that :)  

Me: Remember..... :(  

Him: Your husband won't see it. He will be surprised when he watch it on tv :)  

Me: Thank you very much :)  Him: No! thank you :D Me: 


I unlocked my car. I walked in and started the engine.  

Me: You're not the only smart ass Brendan :)  



< Priscella >  

This was too personal to me. This was personal because it involves my brother but most importantly. I was disgusted and still am by Hungani. He knows my brother. He is the last person I expected to hurt him. I wanted him to pay for that and more. I am mad at the law of this country. I am angry at the supermodels who were in that courtroom. I am mad at Tasha and everyone right now. We just got out of court. I won the case fortunately but things didn't go the way I wanted them to go and that's unfortunate. Hungani was found not guilty. His bitches testified and the judge believed him because of their testimony. I swear I hate those women. I hate them for always being there to hurt me. They are the reason I left his arse. Now They are here defending him. Defending a man who didn't think of them when he was sleeping with my brother's girlfriend. I am disgusted by him. By the way the court gave Tasha two weeks to give me half a million. I want it. Like I said I want my brother to go on a holiday using that money. Uncle: That went well :)  

Me: Yeah but I was hoping that man also paid. How can he sleep with Tasha? :(  

Uncle: He did tell the court he did it to make you jealous my dear :) Me: Well they are both stupid because I don't love him. I don't care about him! Tasha lost my brother for good! Their plan was to hurt me and my brother and they did. I wish I could make him pay as well !  


We walked out. We saw him speaking to journalists. When they saw me. They ran to us.  

J1: Priscella how do you feel about what just happened? _  

Me: I feel disgusted :(  

I walked away. They ran after me  

J2: Disgusted how? please explain to us ! :D I turned around.  

Me: I feel disgusted to see two people who hurt my family. We trusted Tasha and invited her to our home because we thought she was a good girl. She fooled us all and I don't want her anywhere near my brother again :(  

J1: Your ex boyfriend was found not guilty how do you feel about  that ?  

Me: Hungani knows my brother's girlfriend. Someone I once loved did that to my brother. He is guilty to me. I feel like he should pay. He is childish man whore who is acting like a high school boy. He needs to grow up! :(  

I walked away. They didn't run after me thank God. My chauffeur opened the door. Uncle walked in  

" Priscella!!!" Said a voice behind me. A familiar voice that I don't  

want to talk to. I chuckled then turned around Me: What do you want Hungani? :( Hungani: 

I want to say I a....  

Me: I don't want your apology. You're disgusting ! :(  

Hungani: Prissy you can't expect me to pay you a million rands for something I didn't do. Did you think I was gonna just give you a million ? :) _  

Me: This has nothing to do with money! :(  

Hungani: It sure does look like it to me _  

I looked at him  

Me: You're not serious right? You think I want your money ? :D  

Him: Babe you were gonna take it weren't? :D  

Me: Don't call me that ! :(  

Hungani: Priscella do you see the things I do to try and be with you? 

Can't you see I love you ? Why do you have to sue me? I know you wanted this money because you wanted to hurt me :D _ This son of a bitch. How dare he? while I was surprised by that the models joined him and started nodding their heads agreeing to what He just said. I chuckled.  

Hungani: You're not happy in that relationship. Let's give people what they want. We were.... _  

Me: Don't flatter yourself honey! first of all I don't want your money.  You know that very well :(  

Model1: Oh please! then you wanted to hurt him? Why don't you stop  

acting like a child and just admit you still love him :D I 

looked at her. How dare she ?  

Me: All of you.... your opinion of me is just like your bank balances 


Them: _  

Me: Insufficient! _  

I catwalked to the car. The chauffeur opened I walked in and closed the door. I looked at them. Hungani was shaking his head in disbelief the girls had their hands on their mouth shocked. Me: _  



< Judge Nomakhosazana >  

After the chaos that happened today we needed to clear our heads.  

Nomaxabiso is gone. My son is leaving tomorrow going to Johannesburg. I feel like we need to talk to King Zwelicacile tomorrow before he leaves. His wife needs to give him permission to marry Nomaxabiso. That girl is royalty. She is a chosen wife for my son. I want her to be my daughter in law. I don't want her to think I am a liar. Yes she is disappointed in me for keeping this first wife thing. I really thought divorce would be enough for the ancestors. I didn't think it doesn't count to them. They allow some western things sometimes they don't? This is crazy. I just cannot believe they took away all that wedding fever. We were so excited. All we have to do now is just wait for the day my son will be ordained. That is the only occasion we will have it seems. I don't think that city girl will be easy on my son. He has a lot to confess to her. The permission thing will be the last thing he tells her about.  

I am under so much stress. The Ndengana family is going to fall apart when the Zidenge family strikes. I have to go to my sister's trial Wednesday. This is too much on me. I feel like my head is going to explode. That is why I asked my sister in law to take a walk with me.  

Me: This is too much :(  

Princess: When Nomaxabiso did whatever she did I was so sure I was  

so sure that she is the one for the king :(  

Me: She will be All we need to do is convince that city girl :( Princess: It won't be easy trust me. It will not be easy. He lied to that girl that is why the ancestors say she is a victim. If The King told her  

who he was then it was gonna be a different story :(  

Me: Yeah :(  

Princess looked at someone. My eyes went to the direction. It's Bhalisile  

Princess: Why is he wearing a scarf covering his neck in this heat ?  


Me: Let's go talk to him. This heat is going to kill this man. Is he crazy? :D  

We laughed about it then walked to him. He went down on his knees and bowed down  

Bhalisile: Your highness! My Queen  :) _  

Me: It's a hot day wouldn't you agree? :D  

Bhalisile: It is very hot my Queen :) _  

He was responding looking down smiling  

Me: Then what is going on? Why are you wearing a scarf?  

He stood up  

Him: No It's nothing my Queen :D _  

Princess: Are you hiding something Bhalisile?_ _  

Bhalisile: No!!! _  

He snapped then stopped himself and smiled faintly. He looked nervous Okay I am concerned now  

Princess: Are you hurt ? did someone hurt your neck ? _  

Bhalisile: Like I said I am fine thank you fo..... :) _ Me: You're a very important addition to the family. Whoever is important to our ancestors is important to us. We want to make sure you're okay. I mean no disrespect by this..... :)  

I went to him. I removed the scarf. He fought me but he was being respectful about it so he finally let go of it. I checked his neck  

Me: Turn around. We have a doctor on standb....... _  

Oh My God. I couldn't finish what I was saying when I saw what he was hiding. I put my hand on my mouth  

Princess: What is it sisi ? _  

She came and looked  

Princess: Why is he hiding a birth mark? :D _  

I hit Nomagampompo's shoulder hard  

Me: Ngejiwe has the same birth Mark! :( _  

Nomagampompo looked at me. She put both her hands on her mouth  

Princess: And same spot! __  

Bhalisile: Who is Ngejiwe? I don't know what you talking about my 

Queen __  

Me: I think you do and your tears show it :(  

He quickly wiped his tears  

Bhalisile: I am not crying . My eyes are so sore  

I grabbed his wrist and pulled him  

Me: I am sure they are. Let's go finish this conversation at the mansion :(  

Princess: Oh my God _  



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